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Bathhouse Afternoon Opening

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More than 5 weeks had passed since my last visit, causing my sense of timing to be a bit off. Not only due to eager anticipation, which at times had me riding far too fast, but also due to enjoying a good smoke before leaving. On weekends, the bathhouse opens at 2pm, and parking the motorcycle around 1:50pm meant hanging around for at least a couple of minutes. The bath house opening hours keep me from visiting more often, which is fortunate, since its attractions are impossible to resist, particularly considering how utterly the reality of what happens there replaces pale decades old speculation of what really open group gay sex means.

Though balanced with decades long knowledge of its challenges – apart from the very first visit last fall, I ensure that condoms are always available, if not always precisely when needed, a fact leading to a few missed opportunities that aren’t really the sort of missed opportunity that bothers me in the least. Self-discipline isn’t too hard in my later 40s, even if the attraction of such male to male sex in middle age has overwhelmed the caution of my youth, a revealing reversal in itself. I truly could care less if anyone finds out, at least when actually getting off – and since all the men there share the same basic interests, there is little worry of any of us exposing what goes on, except when we can’t help ourselves from being participants, revealing our shared lust to those best suited to increase and appreciate it.

Though on the other hand, the simple fact that it was almost impossible to restrain myself until an opportunity arose to spend an afternoon at such a sauna certainly indicated that a focused self-discipline isn’t the same as being able to keep myself from getting off with a group of naked strangers whenever the chance arises. The bath house experience is truly irresistible, and now, I know why so many were closed in the earlier 1980s, around the time I had first read about them. Which was also the time I had bought my first gay porn mags, always picking those with threesomes or groups. The same time I was buying Rush to get off with my first girlfriend. The same girlfriend that rimmed me after reading about it in the Joy of Gay Sex, having me lay on my back, legs lifted to spread over my head, giving her total access to my ass, which she then tongued, a heavenly sensation.

Ringing at the entrance, my new black helmet in hand (since unlike all my older helmets, it doesn’t fit in my saddlebag), I knew this was still probably a couple of minutes too early, then paying admittance and getting a locker key went quickly, ended by opening the door for the next visitor, a heavy set man probably in his mid-20s, with a baseball cap.

Sitting at the bar, the cold beer was a nice accompaniment to simply looking around, the sun pouring into the space. The day was nice, if not quite warm and still enough to enjoy spending time at the local nude lake, as I had told my wife, who had something scheduled for that afternoon with her choir.

Everything was gleaming, as another person finished cleaning the glass door to the outdoor area, with its small bubbling fountains and greenery, a couple of recliners, along with a discrete roof arrangement to preserve privacy from the apartment buildings in the area. I was the only customer sitting at the bar at this point, along with the one staff person in his customary white shorts and t-shirt, and a couple of other men in street clothes, including the person doing the last cleaning.

About half finished with my beer, I turned around to see that the free Internet PC was being used by the man I had opened the door for. I upstairs, which was empty except for one man stroking his erect cock in the porn theater area, his towel on the broad bench. I watched for a bit, but the porn on the screen held no appeal at all. Of all the areas in the bath house, the theater room somehow remains the least appealing in general to me, though it is well designed, with three broad tiers of ‘seating,’ providing lots of comfortable space to get off with other men.

I went to the now expected to be empty darkroom, then into one of the private rooms to do a first hit of poppers, another more than nostalgic vice. Technically, today’s not so little brown bottle contained a mixture called Jungle Juice, but the effect is essentially the same, especially considering how the contents have evolved over the years.

Breathing out, then going down to spiraling steps to the basement, I looked in at the whirlpool. With a small but very recent bandaged cut on my big toe, I had already decided that a jacuzzi experience was not really desirable, but the excessively bubbling fountain again convinced me to avoid the place on own its merits. I walked into the steamroom, which was empty. And surprisingly dry, compared to my last experience entering it around opening. After a few minutes, it was fairly clear that on this sunny early fall Sunday, my timing had been a bit off. Going back upstairs to the bar, I ordered a Eryaman Escort second beer, knowing that this meant spending at least another hour here before riding home. And also only the second time that I had done this – getting drunk is not smart when riding, and equally so when getting off with a group of turned on strangers.

Emptying the glass, the same guy was still at the Internet PC, so I went back upstairs, did another hit from my little brown bottle, now returning to the basement steambath. That was still empty, and still fairly dry without being too hot. A quite enjoyable experience, much more like a truly hot and humid southern day in Virginia or Alabama, particularly the feel of the cool bench and wall compared to the heat of what the steam bath would possess soon enough.

After a while alone, I stepped back outside, rewrapped my towel, put on my glasses, grabbed my black bag with the condoms and jungle juice bottle, and went up the spiral staircase, then walked outside. I enjoy being nude, and wearing nothing but a towel in ‘public’ feels almost unbearably nude in a way that actual nudity doesn’t. Much more erotic, much like the way that several older girlfriends have talked about when going out without panties while wearing a skirt. A feeling I knew to be real at the time, having played with a truly sopping wet pussy, or seeing the wetness left where they had been sitting in public, after having already enjoyed their scent.

By now, feeling really horny, the bathhouse still seemed fairly empty, even after going upstairs again and seeing a couple of towel clad men in the corridors. Doing another hit, my thoughts returned to cocksucking. Re-entering the basement steam bath, it was still empty, though growing warmer and damper. However, the distant sound of the entrance chime was becoming more constant, and as the sauna was not yet really at its designed temperature range, remaining in the steam was not a problem. The bench and wall were no longer cool, but neither had they yet turned hot.

The steambath door opened and closed a couple of times, the visitors remaining uninterested, leaving quickly, except for one tall older man, who coughed as he walked unsteadily over the area. Not everyone visiting a male only sauna is a potential partner for hot sex, regardless of what they might desire, even as it remains a public space.

By now, the steaminess began to reach its normal level, leading me to go back outside to use the rain like shower to cool off a bit – till now, the heated dampness hadn’t made me break a real sweat. Drying off, then going back upstairs to do yet another hit of Rush seemed a good way to spend another few minutes, knowing that the steam room was very likely to be more crowded when I returned, the Rush making me even hornier.

Entering the dark wetness for the third time, feeling incredibly slutty, there were at least a couple of people in the sauna, which had reached its traditional Roman condition of thick steam and constant but not overwhelming heat. I sat in the better lit public area, unlike the last two times at the rear bench, several men entering after me, one coming close to where I sat, left leg crossed over right knee, my hand stroking my half erect cock discretely. His hand was also between his legs, and as he turned to walk back towards the dark area at the rear, my interest was already growing. As was his, apparently.

Rising as he turned back, I now moved towards him, then stood still as he took the last couple of steps to close the distance, reaching out to touch along my thigh. Of course, we both already had our hands on our own cocks, and we were both obviously interested in the same things, even as the details were being explored. My left hand reached out to slide over his chest, which was well covered with straight black hair, and a gold chain discernible in the low light of this section of the sauna.

By now, we were both hard, and he stroked along my shaft, making me moan. My hand slid down along his luxurious dark, uncurled fur, reaching his cock, more on the small side of average, though its hardness was impressive. Which suited me just fine, since till now, I have had real problems taking even a normal size cock deeply into my mouth.

The fogged over glass door spilled more light as it opened and closed at least a couple of times while we began to get each other even harder, not caring about how public our games might be. The apparent fact that being so explicit added to our mutual enjoyment wasn’t necessary to make public, apart from the unstoppable action we indulged in. In some ways, I remain quite shy, but showing off also has a real appeal, one that makes my cock really turned on. And in a bathhouse, this isn’t exactly an unusual trait, as a number of the visitors obviously enjoy the same effect.

By now, he was more than hard enough for me to suck off without him being able to want anything but my mouth sliding down his hot Sincan Escort shaft, though his stroking was making it very difficult for me to actually concentrate on getting the condom wrapper open. Especially when a third man drew close, then reached out and started to stroke my nipple.

Unable to focus on more than two things at once, I gave up dealing with the condom, and reached over towards the other man’s cock. Looking over, the new stranger was much paler than the other man, quite a bit younger, though roughly the same size and build. However, I had been a bit too slow, and after feeling the other man’s hand already moving along this new and quite well sized cock, I reached down and started sliding my palm against his smooth balls.

As the new man’s hand gripped my cock, my right hand slid up against the hairy man’s chest, starting to play with his erect nipple as the third man began to play with both of our hard cocks. When the door opened again, the new man broke contact from us, retreating a bit towards the dark, providing enough of a pause for me to finally open the condom, going to my knees in front of my first hard cock of the afternoon. Sliding the latex sheath over the cock so temptingly near, my mouth could hardly resist going down on his cockhead, though the condom had not unrolled past the flared ridge of his now quivering rod. My lips met the curled ridge of the condom, becoming an active part of unrolling it over his fully erect length, as he began to moan and thrust his hips deeper into my waiting and wanting mouth.

Squatting in the dark, my own hand was playing with my turned on cock, when a hand reached down to again stroke my nipple, forcing moans around the cock filling my mouth. This remains the most exciting game at this point in my life, something impossible for me to not surrender to. Playing with my cock when having my nipple played with has turned out to be completely addictive. Whether done by my wife, or when associating it with gay sex – since first seeing it in those decades old gay group sex magazines. Not to mention having it be associated with the first time I jacked off in public in a gay movie theater area, followed by sitting down and getting sucked by a total stranger in public. Which just confirmed something that had always been tantalizingly obvious – men really get off on getting each other off.

As was again happening, as the three of us began to settle into a comfortable tableau, at least in my eyes – me on my knees sucking a man off, with the other man behind him, his stiffening cock and balls being massaged by both of us. But when the door opened again, the third man moved away, though remaining barely in reach of my hand. In large part because of how I was holding him by his balls while still going down on the other man. When the new visitor walked towards the rear and could no longer see us, it was simple to guide the third part of our threesome back close. His reaction to the door opening was unusual, but at least somewhat understandable – that neither I nor the hairy man cared about being so obvious didn’t mean that everyone is so casual about getting off in public,

My hand took advantage of his again moving near us to slide along his cock, which was now really very large – a surprisingly erotic realization. Though it wasn’t really the largest I had ever felt, its massive dimensions almost tempted me to try to put my mouth around it, in part motivated by the beer which was now providing its enjoyable sexual dimension to what was going on. My stroking appeared skilled enough to keep him from again moving into the darker area, possibly because the other man had used this pause to open one of the sauna’s free packages of lube and spread it over his hand and the cock I was stroking. As the second man’s hand started spreading the lube, my own hand returned to gliding over a pair of now tightened balls, allowing me to focus more attention to sucking the rigid cock filling me, my tongue swirling over its head.

And letting my left hand again trail upwards over the thick hair of the man I was kneeling in front of, eventually finding his nipple, making him sag and moan. Leading him to start twisting my erect nipple gently, the lube changing the sensation as he kept squeezing me almost to the point of cumming while I pumped my cock and sucked him deeper. Loudly and wetly, as always happens after getting so turned on. I could hear murmuring, then felt a hand gliding over mine, still covering and pressing against a hard nipple.

The words became clearer after slowing my hungry sucking, and they were a bit surprising – ‘bear – you are a real bear – my bear.’ Words in the steambath were rare enough, but the very idea of someone being a bear was interesting, especially since I certainly hadn’t thought of him that way. Nonetheless, it wasn’t wrong, and as the words continued to flow, the pale stranger moved behind the black haired man. The words themselves were having Etlik Escort an effect that the simple recognition of how hirsute he was hadn’t – compared to couple of men encountered back when visiting a porn theater, he wasn’t anything unusual, but spoken words can go very far in making my cock really hard, transferring this heat to my mouth’s own aroused efforts.

Efforts likely leading to his shifted position, as he began to moan again. It was impossible not to keep stroking myself, each stroke ending at the most sensitive area underneath my completely turned-on cockhead, giving a public blow job to a man who was almost definitely being penetrated by the very well endowed man behind him. Being fucked by a slippery cock whose shaft didn’t even allow my fingers to close around it when I had been sliding my hand along its length. The bear was helpless front and back, and undoubtedly loving what we were both doing to him.

After a minute or two, the door opened again and stayed open for a while, spilling its brighter white light as a couple of new visitors entered, leading the rear man to again pull back and again head towards the dark. By now, the heat was starting to be very noticeable, so I rose, and then moaned as the first man’s still slippery hand began to move along my cock. When his tongue started licking my nipple as he bent slightly, I looked around, my eyes now completely adapted to the dimness. A new man stepped closer, his cock already hard, reaching up to play with my other nipple while my hand began to explore its third hard cock of the afternoon.

Keeping my eyes open against the pleasure was difficult, but after turning my head, I saw that the massively endowed man had again stopped in a place almost precisely balanced against the light and dark, as if the dark was also to be avoided. I had never experienced anyone so skittish before. He seemed to know what he wanted, but at the same time, didn’t want anyone else to know who wasn’t directly involved. Or so it seemed to me, thinking he may have only visited a couple times till now. Which could also explain the avoidance of the darkness – either known or unknown, what it hid was generally more extreme – and enticingly available – than anything which happened in this area.

On the other hand, there is always a first group in the sauna, and this Sunday, we three, well four actually, were the ones. At least a couple of other men were in the area, hands on their cocks. The basic reason for leaving the heat remained valid, so regretfully, I started to move away. Not quickly, but with a certain resolution – especially considering the two fairly quick beers at the bar making the heat a bit more threatening, much the same way they would riding. But as then the skittish man returned, just in reach of my outstretched fingers, sliding over his nipple as he again slid into the bear’s waiting ass, I stayed a bit longer.

However, already a bit removed from the action, a few thoughts arose. Like how I needed to wait until around 3:30pm to leave to be safe riding home. Or how good it was to have used a condom, because any man being fucked with a bare cock, regardless of how fantastic it must have felt, was being even dumber than someone riding without a helmet or after drinking a couple of quick beers. Self-discipline isn’t that hard when it involves concrete situations. My thoughts also turned to what that meant for the man with the truly large cock – I had been incredibly tempted to suck it, though my lips only touched it a couple of times when he was close, before any lube was spread over along its pale skin. Its size, much like of the man at the gloryhole a few weeks ago, meant that no standard condom was going to be tolerable after getting hard, a concern which I felt lucky not to share.

Still moving towards the door, I saw that the man I had been sucking had taken off the condom, holding it his hand. It wasn’t my problem, but it demonstrated another reason condoms are something that tend to get in the way of hot sex, especially in a place like this.

My cock was still obviously hard walking out, a state that no longer bothers me – it is possible to leave fairly discretely, neither showing off nor hiding just how hot the steamroom was. The third shower area of the four showerheads in the basement’s L layout was still dry, and I saw that the clock over the steamroom door said 2:45pm. I had been here for less than an hour, and still had a fair amount of time to spend at a minimum. Thus making soaping my cock an interesting experience while letting the water cool me, knowing that after finishing here, I would be going back into one of the most erotic areas I have ever experienced.

I made a fast entrance into the steamroom from the shower, cock in hand, opening and then closing the door quickly. After a few seconds, my eyes registered a threesome near where I had been before. Stepping closer, it became apparent that the black haired man was still being fucked – and that the man fucking him was also being fucked by the man whose cock had been the last I played with. Considering my previous experiences with all three cocks, I didn’t hesitate to step near them. Standing next to the man in the middle, already knowing how skittish he was, it was unfortunate that the door opened then, as he moved away, interrupting their primal rhythm.

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