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Beach Blanket Bingo!

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Note: 1) Please remember that unprotected sex can be very dangerous. Only engage in it without protection if you know and trust your lover or if you like things like Russian Roulette. Remember this is a work of fantasy, not reality.

2) This story involves graphic sex between men. If this kind of thing offends you, you’re in the wrong place to begin with.

3) There is a hint of straight and lesbian sex but it’s minor. Trust me.


God, the pain was excruciating! I thought I was being torn apart. I have never experienced anything like the burning, tearing sensation I felt.

Finally the pain ebbed and I fell back, my body limp with relief.

But, let me start at the beginning…

For my graduation present, my parents had rented a beach house for the summer. And they weren’t going to be there after the first week, except for weekends! Party Central as far as I was concerned.

In truth, they rented it for the whole family but they would only be there for a few days at a time. I managed to get a part-time job on the boardwalk so I’d be staying there the whole time.

Only one small problem. They told me two months before and the last weeks of high school were crawling along so slowly. Even the senior prom went on forever. But that was compounded by the fact that my long-time girlfriend, Brooke, broke up with me.

I wasn’t too devastated. I was surprised since our sex was great. But she wanted more and I wasn’t ready to give that to her. I really didn’t want to deal with the whole commitment issue.

This from a guy who dated the same girl for over a year and a half…

Anyway, the big day finally came. I got up slowly, feeling the effects of the graduation party at my buddy’s house the night before. Once I realized what day it was, I managed to get out of bed, showered and dressed without too much trouble.

Saying goodbye to the folks and my annoying younger brother, I headed to the shore. I was getting there a few days early to be available at the t-shirt shop and to air the house out. Of course, I was going to have some fun too.

In the trunk of my old beater was my tote bad with the clothes I figured I’d need, a case of beer Dad bought (he figured at 18 I was old enough to be careful), a bottle of Jack Daniels my buddy gave me for graduation (I gave him some killer pot), and, hidden in my clothes, about a quarter ounce of some harsh but good homegrown weed (the same stuff I gave my buddy).

The house was a small but comfortable, weathered clapboard affair north of the town center. There were two bedrooms, a single bathroom, a kitchen, and a living/dining room. It was across a two-lane road from the beach and about a mile from the northern end of the boardwalk. There was a vacant lot to the south and behind and an unoccupied house a quarter of a mile north. Plenty of privacy for the most part.

It was a bit musty but clean. I opened windows and stood to listen to the surf. That was a wonderful noise to hear as you lay in bed at night.

After unpacking and stashing my stuff in one of the bedrooms (that I’d have to share with the brat when the family was there), I took a couple of hits of weed and walked over to the beach.

It was a wide strand of sand with a small belt of seaweed showing the high tide mark. There was a lifeguard tower a few hundred yards away. The beach apparently wasn’t as isolated as I first thought. There were a dozen people laying out but only one guy foolish enough to try the water. It was still a bit cool and would be for another couple of weeks.

I wandered over by the tower and looked up. The man sitting there was something. He had a finely toned, and tanned body with sun-bleached hair. I couldn’t see his eyes behind his mirror shades but overall he looked impressive.

I said hello and he nodded in acknowledgement. I went on down the beach a bit but my thoughts kept returning to the lifeguard. I don’t know why. I never paid much attention to guys before, beyond the usual comparisons in the locker room. But this guy was in sharp focus in the front of my mind.

I topped a dune, saw the boardwalk and turned to head back. I ended up going by the tower again but the guy was gone. There was a cute girl there instead. I tried to chat her up but she didn’t seem too interested. Her loss, I figured.

The balance of the day was spent stocking the kitchen with money Mom gave me and doing the little bits of cleanup the house needed. I did meet some guys my age downtown and already had an invite to a beach party the next night.

No, I didn’t see the lifeguard.

Not that I was looking.


The next day I went to the shop, the Shirt Shack. It was a fair-sized place that sold tourist shirts, both pre-printed and specialty designs, and beach stuff along the boardwalk near the center of town. It looked likely to be busy enough to make the time pass quickly.

Joe and Bill, the owners, were nice enough bahis siteleri guys. I’d partied with them the year before and that was kinda how I got the job. The fact that they were gay didn’t bother me in the least. And they were devoted to each other and had been since getting together in college ten years before, which I thought was kinda nice.

They didn’t need me until the following Monday so I had a few days to party and sun myself. I definitely was going to take advantage of that.

That night, I went to the site where the party was being held. It was easy enough to find since the bonfire was quite bright. It was just beyond the town limits so the cops wouldn’t hassle us and actually walking distance from the house.

I saw the guys I met the day before and got a beer. There was a nice crowd there and some pretty girls. I saw my bosses and went over to say hello. We talked for a while and I was introduced to some other kids my age; Lisa, Jen, Phil, Joey, Mandy, and Karl. they became the main group I hung out with that summer.

Mandy and Karl were hot and heavy but the others were uninvolved and we got along great. The girls were pretty hot and I hoped to sample their wares before the end of the season. The guys were the types to attract lots of chicks too. (Not that I needed too much help there but, after a year and a half, I was out of practice.)

Later, I came across Joe. Bill was off watering the bushes. Joe nodded past me and whispered, “Better watch out, man. He’s been checking you out.”

I glanced back and saw the lifeguard! His eyes were uncovered and staring right at me. I didn’t know what to do so I just nodded and headed back to the group I was with.


The next morning, I woke up when Jen crawled out of bed. She pulled on the bikini she’d been wearing the night before, grabbed her sweatshirt and kissed me on the nose. “See ya ’round stud.”

I watched her leave, not a bad vision since she looked a bit like Katie Holmes, then I rolled over and fell asleep again, a big grin on my face.

When I did get up, around noon, I pulled on some trunks and headed for the water. It was still cold but definitely woke me up. After laying in the sun for a while, I noticed my lifeguard was sitting in the tower.

When did I come to think of him as my lifeguard? And why?

A little later, I felt rather than saw someone sit next to me on the sand. I opened my eyes to see the lifeguard smiling at me. I returned the smile as I saw myself reflected in his sunglasses.

“Hey, I’m Cal,” he stated as he held out his hand. “I’ve seen you around here recently. And at the party last night.”

“Yeah, I’m just here for the summer. I’m Billy,” I replied as I shook his hand.

“So the whole summer at the beach? Kinda sweet.”

“Yeah, I got a job at the Shirt Shack and my parents rented this beach house over that way,” I gestured over my shoulder.

“The Shack? Cool. Joe and Bill are great guys. I think you’ll enjoy working there.”

“Me too.”

“Hey, there’s another party tonight over there.” He nodded towards the north near where we were last night. “The beginning of the summer, there’s always lots of parties.” Cal laughed, “Hell, all summer.”

“Cool. I’ll be there. Can I bring my friends?”

“Jen and Mandy and the rest? Sure. They probably already know about it anyway. Jen is a real party animal. And a sex fiend, if you get my drift.”

I must’ve turned red, because he said, “I guess you do. Well, gotta go. I need to head down the beach and check out. See ya tonight.”

“Yeah. Thanks, Cal.”

I was amazed when I realized I was staring at his speedo-clad ass as he walked away.


The party that night was much the same at first. Pretty much the same crowd which I’d see most of the summer. Later, there’d be some younger tourists occasionally but the core crowd stayed pretty much the same.

I lost track of Jen but that was okay as we had talked earlier at the Burger Hut (where she worked). We were not a couple or anything, just fuck-buddies if the occasion arose. Which was A-okay with me. I liked her and the sex the night before was great but she was not my ideal woman.

Later I found her interests were more wide-ranging than I thought. Some people started to pair up. Many of them sat further from the fire as they started to make out. Some guys got to third base there on the beach. (Later in the summer, I would see guys and gals going all the way off in the shadows.)

By this time I was nicely buzzed from some excellent pot someone had brought. I wasn’t wasted but I was feeling very good. And I was thoroughly enjoying the party and watching some of the people make out. But I had to remind myself not to stare like a horny loon.

What really caught my eye was Jen sitting, in full view of everyone, kissing the lifeguard who blew me off the other day. I was a bit surprised, and enthralled, and it must have showed. canlı bahis siteleri

Cal came up behind me and placed his hand on my shoulder, “Didn’t expect that, huh?”

“Not really…”

“Yeah, Jen is a nice girl but she likes variety. And Cathy likes brunettes… What about you? You prefer blondes, brunettes, redheads?”

“I’m not picky. I like ’em all.”

Cal’s hand slid off my shoulder but rested on my back near my waist. I didn’t pull away – to be honest, it felt kind of good there. After several long seconds, it fell away, brushing my ass on the way down.

“Same-sex couples obviously don’t bother you either.”

“Nah. If that’s what it takes to make you happy, go for it.”

“Wanna take a walk along the beach?”

I froze for a second. That was the line I used that brought that cute little nympho to my bed. The weed was making me needlessly paranoid – one of the few drawbacks to pot, that and munchies. I mentally shrugged, what the hell? It wasn’t like I couldn’t take care of myself. And Cal, even if he was interested, didn’t seem like the type to force himself on anyone.

Happily I was right.

We strolled along not saying much. The surf was rolling in on our right. After a few hundred yards, Cal stopped at the site of an old beach party. He sat on a log that had been used as a bench near the old firepit. I sat next to him.

“Billy, I want to be honest with you. I’m gay. I like guys. A lot. And I like you.” He glanced at me, I could just make out his features in the dim moonlight. “I think you might like me too.”

I sat there quietly. I had no idea what to say. I could deny it but I know I had been looking at him an awful lot. And he was quite handsome. But I had never thought about another guy that way.

Until this week.

Cal leaned close, whispering, “We won’t do anything you don’t want to…”

Then his lips closed with mine. I sat wide-eyed as I felt his warm, soft lips pressing against mine. After a few seconds, I felt his tongue lick my lips. They fell open and Cal’s tongue snaked into my mouth. My tongue met it and I felt a shock of pleasure rush through me. And the buzz was telling me this was very much alright.

So was my body as my trunks were suddenly very tight.

Cal’s hand slid into my hair, holding my head gently as we kissed. My hands were lying idle in my lap, covering my growing erection. The feel of his tongue dancing with mine was incredible. When he retreated, my tongue followed as if by instinct and now I was kissing another guy.

It was one of the best kisses of my life. Our tongues moved back and forth, alternately caressing each other and teasing each other. Cal’s free hand slid along my chest and under my shirt to play with my nipples.

My hands moved up and cupped his face as I enjoyed my first French kiss with another man. One hand slid back into his soft hair to hold his head as he was holding mine.

Our kiss seemed to go on forever but when Cal finally pulled away and looked at me, it was far too short.

“Listen, I’m guessing this is your first time doing anything with another man. Am I right?” I nodded with an embarrassed smile. “Okay. I hope you enjoyed that. I think you did.” Again I nodded. “I want to do more with you but I need to know that you are ready.”

“I…I’m not sure…” I wasn’t lying either. I really enjoyed kissing Cal and I could feel my dick was rock hard and probably drooling but…gay sex? That was a big step for a straight guy.

“I understand,” Cal said in a voice tinged with sadness and disappointment.

He started to stand but I touched his arm and said, “I never said no. I just don’t know when…or if I’ll be ready for…this.”

I pulled his face to mine and this time I started the kiss. And, again, the feel of his soft yet strong tongue and the taste of him was incredible.

We sat there for quite a while kissing and making small talk when we had to catch our breath. And I have to give Cal credit, he didn’t try to do anything more than kiss me.


The next morning, I woke up in my bed, alone, and smiled. Kissing was fun. Then realization crashed down on me as I remembered I had been kissing another guy.

That day, I skipped the beach. I actually went into work a day early just to avoid seeing Cal. Stupid, I know but I was only 18 and it was all too new. And there was still all the crap in my head that I’d heard growing up about fags and queers and cocksuckers.

Joe sensed something was wrong. And not just because I was there the day before I was supposed to be. He asked me if there was a problem and I said no. He patted my shoulder and told me that if I ever needed to talk, he would be there for me.

So I started my first day at the Shirt Shack.


It was unavoidable in a town of that size and so I did see Cal again. But, fortunately for me since I wasn’ t ready to deal with it yet, he canlı bahis didn’t see me.

The next weekend my family came in. They were going to be there for 10 days so my party days were over for a while.

I was happy to see them, even the little brat. I actually took them out to dinner their first night and paid for dinner. And I took them to one of the nicer seafood restaurants in town.

Mandy was our waitress and Karl was behind the bar in the attached lounge. Later, Mom and Dad met the rest of my ‘crew’ including Jen.

What killed me (but I managed not to laugh) was how Jen was eying my mother. Now, my parents aren’t that old, Dad’s forty-two and Mom’s thirty-eight. Both are in great shape and, if they weren’t my parents, I’d have to acknowledge that they are still fairly attractive.

But the thought of Mom even kissing another girl, especially one half her age, much less doing anything more…well, it was nuts as far as I was concerned.

The brat was eying Jen but she treated him like the kid he was, but in a nice way.

The week passed calmly enough. I only wanted to kill my brother twice. And Mom and Dad were both impressed by my work ethic. They even liked the shop and my bosses.

Later Mom said, “I think those boys are gay.” She always had an eye for the obvious!

When they left, I felt lonely for the rest of the day. I headed into the shop and started silk-screening a special order in the back just to take my mind off the suddenly large and empty beach house.

Cal came in while I was working. Instead of the day-glo orange lifeguard garb, he was wearing a dago-t and cutoffs. He looked good too. Several girls and some guys were giving him the eye.

He waved and I headed up to the front. Figured I had to get this over with sooner or later. What I hadn’t expected as the feelings I had when I got near him. My heart sped up, and not from nervousness because I’d been avoiding him, my palms were getting sweaty and my dick started to harden. (Fortunately I was wearing baggy Bermudas and no one could see.)

“Hey Billy! How’re you doing? Haven’t seen you at the beach much this week,” he said casually. Maybe too casually?

“Well, uh, my family was in town and…I was, well, entertaining them.”

“Yeah, I saw them on the beach one day. I could tell they were your family. You favor your dad except for the eyes. And your brother looks just like a younger you.”

“Ah, he’s a creep.”

“Yeah, well they were all nice to me. I like them. You come from good people.”

“Listen, Cal… I…I have to tell you…” I looked around and saw some girls near one of the racks so I pulled him back towards the imaging equipment we used. Out of earshot for most people, I continued, “I’m a little… I’m a lot nervous about what happened. I was buzzed and…I guess I wanted to then but…”

Cal smiled, “Billy, it’s okay. I understand. I’ll be honest and tell you I am disappointed – not in you – but I understand.”

“No, it’s not okay. I’m confused and I’m scared but…I like you and I think I… Listen, can you come by tonight so we can talk?”

Cal’s smile grew and he said, “Sure. And trust me, if talking is all you want, that’s all you’ll get.”

“Okay. Great. How about 8?”

“See you then. Now, where are the boys? I need to see Joe or Bill about a special order…”


Man, I was nervous that evening. I straightened up the living room, which Mom had done before they left, and the kitchen twice. I even thought about the bedroom then caught myself. That way led me to thoughts I wasn’t ready to deal with yet.

Finally, it was 8. And no Cal. Suddenly I was nervous. An hour before I would’ve been relieved but now I was concerned. Just as my paranoia began to take hold, there was a knock at the door. Of course it was Cal.

With a suppressed sigh of relief, I let him in.

“So, Billy, this is your swinging bachelor’s pad? It’s pretty nice. Much roomier than my studio downtown.”

We sat on the couch after I got us some beers. (Dad was cool about my drinking beer as long as I didn’t get out of hand.) I offered him some pot but he politely declined.

“No. Not now. If we’re going to really talk, I think we’d better do it with clear heads.” I agreed.

Most of the talk was about ourselves and our backgrounds. Cal’s wasn’t too different than mine except he opted to be a lifeguard rather than go to college full time. I was going full-time in the fall.

He also told me he was out and his family, after a brief nasty argument with his father, were cool about it.

Before much time had passed, I felt a growing friendship with this former stranger. And, looking back, I was feeling something more that I was afraid to acknowledge.

Finally, as the evening wore down, Cal said, “Billy, I’ll be totally honest with you. I think you are hot. I’d love to explore your body and let you see just how good I can be. But I also understand that you’re not ready for that. And that you may never be ready for that. And that’s cool too.

“I still want to be your friend. If that’s okay.”

Ignoring the feelings I was finding harder and harder to suppress, I nodded, “That’s very okay.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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