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Becca and Steve

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As you can tell from previous stories, Katie and I have a very active sex life. We are open to a lot of different options and very rarely turn down an opportunity to try something new. Of course, with her being best friends with Becca, they share their deepest wants and desires with each other. That usually ends up with something new happening and everybody gets excited to give it a go.

Katie and Becca have been up to some shenanigans lately, but we just weren’t sure what. They seemed to have more secretive conversations and lots of extra giggles and what not. Needless to say, Steve and I were about to find out first hand, what the hoopla was all about. It as winter time and that’s when a lot of goofy stuff goes on. Sure enough Katie was going full tilt with some upgrades.

I went with her when she decided to get her clit and nipples pierced. She looked totally slutty hot and it just made me love her appearance even more. To top it all off, she got a tramp stamp tattoo of some cute swirls and little doves. Her desire to look slutty was easily accomplished, especially with a husband like me, who is willing to accommodate her wishes.

Also during the winter, Katie had been filling Becca in on all her exploits younger guys and black cock. Becca’s eyes were always wide with the exciting visions of hearing about Katie’s exploits. She kept looking at Steve as if asking him for approval to have some more fun of her own. It’s not as if they don’t do anything extra, because they do, just not the same stuff we have done.

During all this time the girls had concocted a plan to have a big old fuck fest for themselves over the 4th of July holiday. They put the wheels in motion and then gave us all the details. Ultimately we would rent a houseboat for the week and party our asses off. Of course, as avid boaters, we knew where all the party coves are, and we have visited them on occasion. However, this trip would be a little different.

The girls want to be the center of attention, so they plan to pull out all the stops to see who can be the sluttiest. We would bring our boat with us, to go out and gather up some party crowd and bring them back to the floating sex shack and fuck our brains out. I was up for it as Steve was squirming in anticipation of seeing them go all out. This was still a long way off, but it sure was fun planning the trip.

Summer came and When we finally pulled the houseboat from the dock, you could feel the excitement in the air. Both girls were very giddy with anticipation of the upcoming week and not exactly sure how well it would go. They had some good ideas in the works and we were all ready to see it play out. They both brought a ton of super skimpy bikinis and slutty looking tight clothes. Steve and I had no real plans other than to watch our hot wives prance around, getting everybody hot and horny. We knew that they were gonna get fucked silly and couldn’t wait for the action to start.

The girls agreed to only drink minimal amounts of alcohol all week. They didn’t want that to be the cause of their debauchery, they wanted to see who could be the sluttiest without being impaired. And they also wanted to be picky and not bring in tons of drunk people, as nobody wanted tons of drunk kids puking on our boats. So that was just about the only rules they made. They seemed pretty much up for anything, and I’m sure their plans would put any of the ‘girls gone wild’ videos to shame. It’s important to note that my wife is 44 and Becca is almost 47. However, they are both still very hot and guys of all ages would die to get in their pants.

Katie is 5′-1″ tall and about 120 lbs. She has dark black big 1980’s hair. Her boobs are nice saggy mom boobs with a 36C cup. She has all the lines and wrinkles associated with giving birth to 2 kids but carries it very well. Her full hips an slight tummy pouch are accentuated by her tiny waist. Becca is the same height but maybe 110 lbs, with big fake boobs. She is not quite as curvy as Katie, but still built quite nice.

Our first day there consisted of nothing more than finding out which coves had the biggest crowds. We parked the houseboat and got setup for the week. There were several other houseboats tied together with large groups partying like we planned to do. There were also several other large groups of smaller boats, all rafted up, enjoying the ultimate party atmosphere. Girls were flashing their tits and pussies and guys were busy trying to get a glimpse or even cop a feel. It was a massive mix of young and old. Some of the 40 something moms, like Katie and Becca, were as hot as the 20 year olds. That made things even more exciting, and the girls had their eyes immediately on the younger guys.

The girls finally emerged in some of the smallest thong bikinis I have ever seen. Their appearance got the attention of several onlookers who were close by. The hooting and hollering began and the girls just soaked up the attention. Katie wore güvenilir bahis a black leather bikini with magenta and purple flames. She teased her hair into a huge 80’s style doo and painted her nails to match the magenta in the suit. Her tat was on display for all to see and her tan was top notch.

Becca’s fake boobs were squeezed into a white suite that would become see-through when wet. The material covering her pussy was so tight and thin, that her camel toe was the main draw to her outfit. Everybody could easily see as she was advertising it openly.

They fell right into the moment and began to give brief glimpses of their goods, by flashing some of the onlookers. We even invited about 20 or so people to come onto our boat and party with us. The boat is 75′ long and has a fully usable rooftop, half of which was under a canopy. The roof also included a bar, tables and chairs, driving area and a huge 20×20 padded sun lounger. The sound system really set the mood as this week’s party was just beginning to heat up. The sun was bright and it was every bit of 90 degrees.

Steve and I tended bar and just mingled about. We wanted to make sure that everybody had something to drink, but not allowing anybody to get out of control. The bar had 2 margarita machines so we kept them full all day. There was a big storage box mounted on the roof that looked more like a little stage. It was maybe 2’x4’x18″ tall. And that’s exactly what Katie used it for, a little stage. She stood up there and faced the crowd and gave a loud whistle. “Alright, listen up people. We are the Queen Vixen’s here and this is OUR party. We make the rules as we want and we change them as we want. We decide who stays and goes. We decide who gets to do what and with whom. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Play by the rules and see what can happen. Piss us off and you’re gone”.

Everybody cheered and the party resumed. Again it didn’t take long for a few couples to pair off and indulge in some sex. One of the guys was sitting in a chair, getting a blow job from some girl. Another couple was getting hot and heavy in another corner. Nobody seemed to mind how quickly things progressed and several of the people just watched quietly. However, all the boats around us were starting to catch on and there was partying going on everywhere you looked.

We knew where this party was headed and it couldn’t happen soon enough. The majority of the group was in their mid to late 20’s and a mix of guys and girls both. Each one of these chicks was hotter than the next and I even briefly wondered if the wives even considered what Steve and I might feel the need to do. It quickly turned into a boob flashing contest to see who had the nicest boobs. Of course, both the wives were the center of attention, because they were old enough to be the mom to some of these guys, and of course, all young guys want older experienced women. There were no prizes or anything, just the satisfaction of cheers from the crowd. As all this was beginning, we saw more and more boats pulling up to watch the festivities.

The rooftop turned into a huge dance floor as the music got playing. Everybody was bumping and grinding. The wives even had guys squeezing into them from both sides. It was obvious that the guys wanted them badly, but the girls easily fended off any unwanted groping. Don’t get me wrong, they allowed it, but curbed so it was not just guys pawing at them animals. The guys, who danced with Katie, had their hands all over her gorgeous curves. The even gently ran their hands over her full MILF boobs, but it was all in the context of dancing and body contact, nothing more.

Becca’s guys did the same with her and the rest of the crowd just danced with each other. Steve and I just sat back, drinking a beer and enjoying all the entertainment. We both smiled and nodded to each other in approval of the activities going on in front of us. I just settled back and watch as all these hot bodies became a mess of sweaty, tanned skin, just moving with the beat of the music.

I quickly spotted a real cutie that I would love to get better acquainted with. She appeared to be maybe 19 or 20 at the most with dark black hair with a pony tail sticking out the back of a baseball cap. She had naturally saggy C cup boobs, and still packing some of her freshman 15, which resulted in some serious hip and waist curves. Her super smooth skin was golden brown from the sun. Her body swayed to the music as I admired how she was poured into a little bright red string bikini. Her belly button charm dangled wildly as it was attached to her loose hanging belly chain. My dick twitched in response to seeing such a nice piece of eye candy.

It didn’t look as if she was with anybody in particular. She appeared a little more conservative than the other girls and was not flashing her boobs. She was even fending off the guys who just wanted to grope her wildly. I could sense her self confidence while she danced, güvenilir bahis siteleri but I also detected some shyness. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and we even made eye contact a few times, with both of us smiling at each other. I suddenly was aware of thinking about Katie. I wondered if they planned to allow me and Steve to have some out of control fun too. All along, this trip was about them, but what about me. I guess I’ll just go for it and see what happens.

I knew instantly that I wanted to fuck this little hottie before somebody else did, so I put my plan into action. I figured if I gave her plenty of attention and put on the schmooze, then she would be mine for the taking. I got up and approached her on the dance floor. I introduced myself as the boat owner and she said her name was Kiki. What A nice little slutty name for a little hottie like this. She was here with some cousins, but got separated during some boat shuffles earlier in the day. She just came to our boat when we invited the group she was with. She didn’t even really know any of them.

Sure enough, she’s a 19 year old freshman at a college down south. She was easy to talk to and quite confident about her body in such a small suit. However, I still sensed a little bit of shyness. We began to dance and she was really into it. She wasn’t shy about grinding her mound into my cock, which stiffened instantaneously. She obviously knew I was hard, and I felt as if she deemed it a victory. During the course of dancing and talking, I told her that she was invited to come party with us every day. She was very appreciative and seemed to add a little more body contact as we danced.

Katie and Becca were really enjoying being the center of attention. Even with some people paired off, our wives were still drawing a crowd, and they hadn’t even really done anything. I was still attached to KiKi at the hips. While Katie mingled, I was behind Kiki, with my hand on her hips, pulling her ass back onto my throbbing cock. She knew it and she responded by gyrating her ass very slow and deliberately.

As Katie danced with more guys, we made eye contact. She saw cute little Kiki and gave me a thumbs up and shook her head yes. That was my green light to know that I was allowed to get my groove on too. I wanted the connection with Kiki to last all week, yet I wanted to just fuck the shit out of her right now. Somehow, she knew that as she turned around and pulled my head down for a kiss. She jammed her tongue in my mouth and kissed me wildly. I responded my doing the same. Just as I was getting warmed up, she stopped. “I wanna be like them.” “Like who?” She pointed to Becca and Katie and replied… “Like them, the Queen Vixens. I want to be up there and be one that EVERYBODY wants, just like them. Just look at them. EVERYBODY wants to be with them, even the girls. ” “Well, I’ll see what I can do. This is their party and they will need to approve.” “Well let me give you some incentive to help me out.”

With that, she pushed me back into a chair and dropped to her knees between my legs. She reached up and grabbed the waistband of my shorts. She began to tug, so I lifted up my ass to accommodate her actions. My cock immediately sprang to attention as this smoking hot 19 year old was getting ready to blow me. She leaned in and sucked the purple knob into her mouth and sucked as if sucking on a lollipop. My body tensed up as she did this and her hand went right to my shaft.

She wasted no time at all slobbering all over my dick while jerking me off. She sucked my head into her warm moist mouth again and then proceeded to suck me off while getting a firm grip and rhythm working with her hand. After a moment or so, she squatted way down and licked the underside of my ball sack. Her tongue twirled and flicked my sensitive skin and I almost jumped out of the chair. She could tell she hit the right spot and went for more. Next thing I know, her tongue brushed across my taint and I broke out into a cold sweat. It was only a matter of minutes until I was blasting my load into her mouth. I didn’t even need to ask, she just swallowed it all. She swallowed as fast as I blew it into her. As she was done, she gave a devilish look. “Damn, that was goooooooddddd.” “Old man, you haven’t seen nuthin yet, watch this.” She walked over and hopped onto the box with Katie and pressed her body up tightly and the two began to dance every so seductively with their sweaty tummy and boobs just grinding away. Without warning, she pulled Katie in for a kiss and stuck her tongue deep into Katie’s mouth as their hands explored each other’s curvy hips and waists. Their tongues were an entangled mess of moist flesh. She stopped and pulled away. “That’s your husband’s cum in my mouth. How does it taste? I hope you liked it because I sure did.”

Just like that, Kiki just walked away and disappeared. Katie and I looked at each other with total shock. I told Katie what had happened and she iddaa siteleri said that Kiki could join them at the top. I just grinned from ear to ear as I knew that was the key to getting into Kiki’s pants. Katie was more than glad to have her as it was just going to add another dimension to the fun.

Katie jumped back up on the box and called game time. She asked for 6 couples to volunteer to play and there were no shortage of hands. She picked them out and they all were giddy with of not knowing the event or the prize. Katie had the crowd determine which was the hottest couple by applause. When the crowd made their choice, she sent the rest back and the winners to the sun pad. “Alrighty folks, the prize is for us to watch you two 69 each otherrrrrrr.” Again, the crowd went nuts and the couple just shrugged and went right at it. They stripped each other very slow and seductively. It was obvious that they were going to play it up big and that they did. The guy covered the girl’s body parts with his hands as he slowly pulled her bikini top off. She just played like the shy girl and pretended to resist. After a few moments they were both naked and on the pad. The guy lay down and his cock aimed straight for the sky. The girl straddled his face with her gorgeously trimmed pussy and pounced on his cock like mad.

He growled as he ate her pussy and she moaned and groaned as she bobbed up and down with reckless abandon. His ball sack bounced up and down in unison with her jerking his cock and her little butthole twitched as his tongue probed deep into her pussy. He had his hands on her hips trying to bury his face as deep as possible. He must have been doing a good job, because, after a few minutes, she was panting like mad. She could not even suck his cock; all she was doing was jerking him off.

He didn’t care as he was going to get his rocks off no matter what. Hell, they were probably gonna go fuck somewhere right after the event. I could see her thighs starting to tremble as her breathing became very irregular. She even lost her rhythm of jerking for just a moment as she screamed out an orgasm. Just as fast, she began jerking him faster and harder. His balls drew up tight and he unleashed multiple shots of thick warm cum into her open mouth and face. In turn, the cum trickled right back down on his dick and down his balls. The girl slurped it up greedily and licked him clean.

The crowd roared in approval and they both smiled triumphantly. Just like that, they both gathered up their clothes and split. The party continued with several more contests, lots of happy winners and even more satisfied guests. The rest of the day, Katie and Becca danced with whoever came up to them. They allowed the guys to grind them into oblivion, but nothing more than that. That night, we fucked like wild animals, and we could hear Becca and Steve in the next room doing the same.

The next morning, things started pretty simple with a huge breakfast and discussion of what to do today. We kinda figured that things would come looking for us and of course we were right. The boats started showing up before noon and you could tell everybody wanted to party on our boat. The girls dressed in their tiny bikinis again and we escorted them to the roof. However, they both just lay there for a while working on their tans and sweating away under the bright sunny sky.

Just as I figured, I saw Kiki making her way up the steps. She looked stunning in a glittery black bikini top with a tiny little plaid schoolgirl skirt. It was actually a bikini bottom cover up, but it did not cover much. It was also quite obvious, that she did not have anything on underneath. My cock immediately stirred as my mind raced with perverted thoughts. She waltzed up and stuck her tongue in my mouth, while she moved one of my hands down between her legs. “This is for you old man, I will share it with your wife too, but I want you to have some first”.

My fingers gently probed the smooth area between her legs to find her pussy bare and warm and I could feel a hoop style clit piercing. I wanted to stuff my fingers deep into her gash right then, but she pulled back and strode off, looking at me with a dirty look over her shoulder. I wanted to be the one to make her beg for it but it seems that she beat me to the punch. Katie saw her too and pulled her over to front of the boat and they chatted. Steve and I realized that we could make a few bucks off the event. We charged $5 per person and provided the margaritas. We allowed about 50 people on board and shut the gate. Still, it was obvious, that other boats hung around in case there was more room on the roof.

Katie took her spot on the box and announced the ground rules again, and she introduced Kiki as one of the Vixens. Then she announced that the games were going to begin. She had KiKi do a little pirouette, and flash her boobs and pussy to the crowd, even thought Kiki tried to pretend to stay covered up and innocent. Kiki grinned and giggled like a little girl, because in reality, she still was. “Ok boys; take a look at Kiki’s sweet little pussy, because that is going to be the prize. I need 6 guys to come on up and they each need a female teammate.”

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