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Becoming Ashley’s Foot Slave Ch. 03

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I was sitting on the couch using my laptop, swishing Ashley’s used gym sock around in my mouth, when I heard the familiar sound of keys in the door. It was around 7:00pm and I’d finished all my tasks for the day – laundry, cleaning, straightening up, and grocery shopping. I had just been checking over my finances and bank accounts and making sure that everything was paid and on schedule.

It was the 1st of September; I started by making sure the entire rent was paid for the apartment. Next, and with a mix of excitement and disdain (and a full erection), I scrolled through the list of charges on my credit card, nearly all of them Ashley. Shopping, nails, restaurants, transportation, drinks. When I first moved to this city I had planned to contribute steadily toward my savings account and 401k, but I now I was having to pull money from there in order to pay off the credit card, and set my monthly 401k contribution to 0. She had my card in her wallet and was using it however she wanted, and I needed to make sure I could pay that bill. I felt a feeling of instinctive resistance to this in the pit of my stomach but it was quickly quelled when I heard her presence at the front door.

I tossed the laptop aside recklessly and scrambled to get up and rush to the kitchen. She walked in before I could get down onto the ground like I usually did. As she entered, I felt the usual mind melting sensation of seeing her. Every time she came back home my muscles contracted, my temperature rose, and I felt nervous; kind like how I imagine it might feel performing on stage in front of a lot of people for the first time. There she stood, long red hair tied in a ponytail, tight black t-shirt with red spandex shorts, and a pair of black vans with white ankle socks barely poking out. She let out a deep sigh as she stepped into the apartment. She was clearly sweaty, worn out, and tired – I wondered what she had been up to all day.

I couldn’t speak because I had her sock in my mouth, so I met her eyes for only a brief moment, then instantly knelt down and began to prepare to remove her shoes like usual. I waited for a moment, but heard footsteps walking toward me. She passed me, draping her hand over me and running it from the top of my head to the back of my neck. I felt a fantastic chill spread throughout my body at her touch, and shuddered. My dick was fully erect and beginning to pulse slightly. She continued toward the living room.

“I am EXHAUSTED! What a day,” she sighed as she crashed into the couch. “And my feet are killing me. Get the fuck over here.”

I stood up and scurried toward the living room. As I turned the corner I could see she’d taken her shorts off already and thrown them haphazardly on the floor, leaving her gorgeous legs and pink thong in full view.

“NO, bring me water first, idiot. Can’t you see I’m thirsty?” She peered at me with annoyance. “With ICE!” She crossed her legs and pointed toward the kitchen with one finger.

I rushed to fill her a glass of water with ice, then entered the living room and put it on the side table next to where she was sitting. She was sitting on the narrow end of the couch, looking beautifully sassy with her legs crossed and arms folded. Her skin was redder than usual. She stared at me with an expectant expression and followed me with her eyes as I moved through the room. She snapped her fingers, pointed toward her feet, and raised her eyebrows suggestively. Her control was irresistable. I stumbled over and sat down in front of the couch, my noes an inch from the end of her shoe.

I leaned forward and gently kissed the tip of her shoe a couple times. I could see she was scrolling through her phone so I averted my eyes downward and awaited her next instruction.

“You know what, actually go pour me a glass of wine. Red.” She abruptly tapped me in the face with her shoe, a light kick to the lips. I froze for a second. “Hello?! GO!” she berated me and made a shooing gesture with her hand.

As fast as I could I went to kitchen to uncork a bottle of red wine I had bought for her today while I was at the market.

She continued from the living room in an exasperated tone, “All day I was at this music festival with Rose, scurrying from stage to stage to see all these different artists. I had a good time dancing but it was really tiring. At least it was free since I used your card to buy our tickets. Anyway, it was like 99 fucking degrees outside the whole time and so humid. It’s like I’ve been marinating, I was sweating so much. It was honestly good exercise. I barely sat down and was standing the THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME. You can imagine how I’m feeling right? I also kept running out of water. Next time I’m going to bring you with me and make you my water bitch. AND my shoe kept coming untied, I could’ve really used some help with that too. My feet are so fucking sore, Ben. And sticky and gross. Good thing I have you here waiting for me in my apartment.” She sighed again as I re-entered the living room siirt seks hikayeleri with her glass of wine, handing it directly to her outstretched hand. She paused and took a sip.

“Not bad. Anyway, I’m tired, sweaty, and dirty, so let’s get you to work. Take that sock out of your mouth!”

I removed the sock and placed it in my pocket before speaking. “I’m sorry Ashley, I want you and your feet to feel better ASAP. Should I start massaging?”

“Nope, not yet. That’ll come later. Actually…I’d like you to clean them.” She smiled cutely and tilted her head sideways. I felt the butterflies in my stomach again, and thought I might pass out for a second. My mind raced. Did I hear that correctly?

The smile vanished from her face as she uncrossed her legs and pushed her shoe into sideways into my head, moving me toward a lying down position on the floor. The back of my head rested on top of her used spandex shorts that she had previously taken off. Soon, the bottoms of her shoes were resting on top of my face reeking of heat, sweat, and old leather.

“Listen, I’m gonna be needing a more thorough foot care routine from you going forward,” she declared. “You’ve been good so far, but I think you can do better. But first I wanna make sure you understand how sweaty and tired my feet are tonight.”

She leaned forward, towering over me and looking down at me, and used one delicate hand to take a shoe off. As she revealed her dirty white ankle-sock, an unprecedented and overwhelming odor washed over me, thicker and more pungent than ever before. Against my will, I actually gagged audibly and shook my head to the side, my “normal” instincts trying to get me away.

She laughed, “That’s the first time I’ve gotten THAT reaction from you! I thought you LOOOOOVED my feet, roomie! Something wrong?” She made a sarcastic pouting face, and placed her removed shoe face down on top of my nose and mouth. I felt nauseous as the odor and heat enveloped me and all my senses. Parts of me were screaming to get away, but I knew I had to embrace it. She positioned both feet, one next to the other, on top of the shoe.

“How does my day smell, roomie? I told you, the heat was UNBEARABLE. You love it though, right? RIGHT?” She pressed down hard with both feet onto the top of the shoe as she spoke, uncomfortably smushing my nose and lips. It was hard to breathe.

I nodded my head swiftly in agreement. “Yes, I love it. I love it so much. It’s perfect,” I said desperately, my voice muffled by the shoe. Instinctively I began softly kissing the leather insole, just to give myself something to focus on other than bathing in her all-day foot odor. I probably don’t have to mention how hard my dick was at this point.

She crossed one socked foot over the other and leaned back on the couch, the weight of both her legs resting the up-side down shoe on my face.

“My feet are just really nasty today, and I want that sticky feeling gone before I get my massage from you. I think some dirt got in there as well, because at one point I had to take my shoes off since I was in so much pain. Also, I can feel gunk in between my toes and it’s ANNOYING me.”

She kicked the shoe off my face and removed the other shoe with her socked foot. She dropped it from midair onto my face and then rolled to the side, both shoes resting on either side of my head. They smelled really strong, but nothing compared to her two socked feet above me. The bottoms of her socks were very dirty, blanketed with dust and discoloration. There were wet spots where she had been sweating, in a noticeably darker grey-ish color. She placed the heel of one foot in my deep into mouth, and rested her other foot on top of that one. I was still struggling to survive under the onslaught of her foot smell, which was even stronger now with her sock in my throat.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get to have more fun with those shoes later. You’re going to sleep tonight with both of these socks in there, AND with one of my shoes tied to your mouth and nose. I want you relishing it for hours, even when you’re unconscious. Oh, and don’t forget to clean them tomorrow.” she ordered. I nodded frantically, my mouth stretched as wide as possible with her socked heel inside.

“You’re not gonna forget right? That’s one of your daily chores, as you know. You’ll be in trouble with me if they aren’t clean.” She lifted her heel out of my mouth, allowing me to respond.

“Yeah, one hundred percent, Ashley. I’ll make them good as new. I promise!” I whimpered.

“Good, now take my socks off.”

I used my shaking hands to remove both of her socks, which slightly stuck to her feet as they came off. Her beautiful sweaty soles hovered in the air above my head, further bathing me in a sensory overload of foot odor. I could see toejam and sock lint scattered throughout and in between her toes. There was caked dirt and dust on her heels. She spread her toes out for a second, stretching them. It was very warm inside the apartment so her feet were still shining with sweat, not fully dried. The area between her toes glistened in the dim evening light. The ball and heel of her foot were redder than the arch. I instinctively began to put to the socks in my mouth, but she stopped me by kicking my arm with her foot and laughed. She sat up and leaned forward again.

“Oh no you don’t. I need your mouth available. Give those to me.” A warm shiver ran through my body as I handed them over.

“Open. You must be thirsty, roomie. I’ve got a little drink for you.”

I did as she asked, and she held the first stinking sock right over my mouth and twisted it, wringing out a few drops of sweat from the fabric. It tasted so much like her as it dripped onto my tongue, salty and sweet. My dick began throbbing back and forth in my pants, as if trying to escape. I felt a deep intensity in the pit of my stomach, similar to going down a drop on a rollercoaster, as her sweat droplets slid down my tongue and toward my throat. She threw the first sock down on the ground next to my head, and twisted the second sock as well over my face. This time, even more liquid came out, dripping wonderfully from the sock into my mouth and over my lips. I stuck my tongue out, making sure to catch as much of it as I could.

“Ashley, tha-” I began to say, but she interrupted me fiercely.

“Shut up and swallow. ALL of it.” She glared at me as I gulped down the sweat droplets obediently. As I swallowed the last of it she leaned forward even more, swished her tongue around, and opened her mouth. A large glob of saliva falling from her tongue landed directly in mouth – I swallowed it immediately.

She laid back again and rested her bare feet over my mouth, my lips coming into contact with her warm sole. I began softly kissing as she spoke, savoring the moist and sticky texture.

“You see what I’m talking about? My feet are NOT in good condition. You need to fix this. Start cleaning, bitch.” She pointed one foot and aimed it toward my mouth. I felt my stomach drop again, the same rollercoaster feeling.

“Big toe first. Suck everything off of it. All of it goes down your throat.” Immediately, I wrapped my mouth around her big toe like it was my only anchor to this world. It felt magical inside my mouth, all the tastes and smells spreading from my lips to my throat, from cheek to cheek. I felt particles of dust and sock lint swirl through my taste buds as I started sucking more aggressively. My lips wrapped tightly around her toe as I used my tongue to clean its underside. I made sure to get under the nail too. I closed my eyes and continued like this for five minutes, in total bliss and paradise.

I opened my eyes and my heart jumped for a moment, because instead of staring into her phone and ignoring me like I expected, her eyes were looking directly into me with an intense fire. A cruel smile rested beautifully upon her face as she watched me sucking her toe for dear life, cleaning every ounce of grime off of it, my head moving back and forth slightly. She spoke slowly, and I hung eagerly on her every word, mesmerized by her lips and tongue.

“I like how you’re behaving right now. If you keep being a good roommate and doing what I say, you’ll be allowed more and more privileges with my feet. That’s what you want, right?” she asked sweetly.

I nodded my head and tried to look her in the eyes, still sucking, savoring every ounce of flavor and sweat from her big toe. She wiggled it in my mouth a little, sending what felt like electricity down my whole body.

“You want nothing more than to be my toe-sucking little whore, correct?” she asked coyly.

I sucked her big toe faster and harder, an affirmative response. I didn’t want to ever let it go.

“It’s a bit sad, but it works for me. Make sure to get the area in between my toes, it’s extra juicy in there, just for you!” She pulled her big toe out of my mouth abruptly, and spread her toes. I obliged, my tongue meeting the slimy skin between her big toe and second toe, licking up bits of sock lint and dirt. I could feel little particles in my mouth, gliding against my cheeks and falling down toward my throat. I enthusiastically gulped down all her foot filth. It was gloriously salty and sweet, but best of all it contained her essence and taste that I’d grown to love.

This continued for about twenty five more minutes without a word. She was watching closely the whole time though, arms crossed, occasionally her stony and serious expression broken by raising an eyebrow, softly laughing at me, or briefly smiling. I held her feet, one at a time, with both my hands, while I made sure to suck each toe clean. I did not forget the space in between her toes, which tasted the best. My tongue was getting sore and tired, and my dick was hurting from being so hard for so long, but I had no plans of slowing down. By the time I was about finished, her toes were sparkly clean while the rest of her feet were still pretty dirty. When I had finished her last pinky toe, I dared to speak.

“Did I do a good job?”

“Shut up. Go to the kitchen and get a bowl, and fill it with some water. I want you to wash the rest of my feet that way.” I reluctantly let go of her foot and went into the kitchen, and soon came back with a large wash basin filled halfway up with warm water. I knew what to do, and placed it down in front of her feet, next to the discarded shorts. She placed both feet into the bowl.

“Use your hands, and rub my feet clean. Look down at them while you’re doing it. Make sure all the filth goes into the water. Don’t speak to me until you’re done.”

I grabbed her left foot and lifted it slightly above the basin, and started rubbing off some of the dust, dirt, and sock particles. A lot had already come right off when she had placed her feet in the water, and I saw it had already turned grey-ish and more saturated than when I filled it up, like a steeping tea. I rinsed and rubbed for about 10 minutes, and her feet were actually beginning to look cleaner. Water dripped off her feet in a glorious display the whole time. I hadn’t really seen her feet wet before with anything but my own saliva.

Suddenly she extended her legs and lifted both feet out of the water, splashing me a bit. “Hold my feet,” she ordered. I held one heel in each hand, her soles facing me. My muscles strained slightly as I was supporting the whole weight of each leg. “Start kissing, like you mean it.”

I did as she commanded and began fervently planting kisses her left sole in the same spot with closed lips. I felt my body heat rising, and wasn’t sure how much more my dick could take. My hands were shaking and I felt delirious. Her wet and slightly wrinkled sole felt beautiful against my lips.

“No dumbass, kiss it how you wanted to the other day, during breakfast. Use some tongue, haven’t you ever kissed a girl before?”

I did not hesitate. Passion poured out of me as I began making out with her wet sole, my tongue darting in and out of my mouth. I kissed hard and sloppily like I was drunk. She pushed her foot gently into my lips, which in my mind was her way of kissing back. She spoke to me as we kissed.

“I’ve got some questions for you now. Tell me, whose apartment are we in?” She asked directly. In between kisses I brieftly stopped to look up at her and saw her intense eyes fixated on me once again from where she sat on the couch. I felt completely under her control.

“Yours, Ashley,” I answered as I continued to slobber on the bottom of her foot, barely getting the words out, and continuing to kiss right after speaking.

“And when you get your paycheck at the end of the month, whose money is that?”


“Good. And how am I to spend that money?”

“However you want,” I slurred my words as I kissed.

“And, whose little bitch are you? Who owns you?” she continued matter-of-factly.

“Yours, Ashley. You do.” My heart was pounding in my chest, about to explode.

“That’s right. Tell me, which hours of the day are dedicated to serving me?”

“All of them. 24/7.”

“Correct. And you’re gonna keep doing it, right? Waiting on me anxiously while I’m out, cooking my food, cleaning my apartment, cleaning my fucking shoes with your tongue, paying for all my shit, massaging my tired feet, making me happy?”


“And you’re gonna keep sucking on my dirty socks 24/7, right loser? Making sure you’re always thinking about me, even when I’m away?”

I nodded, ramping up in the intensity of my foot makeout session.

“RIGHT?! I asked you a QUESTION!” She kicked the side of my head with her other foot, which only caused me to kiss harder, beginning to graze her with my teeth. Her kick jumpstarted me like a motor and I instinctively began squeezing her heels with my hands, massaging them.

“Yes, Ashley. I will. I will, please. Please, please, please. I’m not going to stop.”

“We’ll see. You have to keep being a good boy if you want me to keep you around. Starting now you’re gonna start having some new chores. Not just massaging and being a footstool like before. Cleaning my feet, anytime I want. Probably every day, to be honest. Sucking my day right off my feet and swallowing it, no matter how sweaty they are. AND you’re gonna start sleeping with my shoe tied around your fucking face every night, IN ADDITION to having my sock in your mouth. Got that? Socks AND shoes for you, footboy.”

“Yes, Ashley,” I repeated, my mouth up against her wet sole, her feet held firmly in my hands. “Yes, please. Whatever you want me to do. I’m yours. Don’t get rid of me, this is where I want to be. I want to be with you.”

She paused for a moment, her familiar sinister and sexy smile gracing her lips. “And when do you get to cum?”

I hesitated for a moment, and stopped kissing. I wasn’t sure the answer – she hadn’t given me permission to since we had originally talked about it. “Never?”

“Wrong. The correct answer is, when I tell you to. That’s something for ME to decide. You haven’t disobeyed me while I’ve been away, have you?”

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