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Becoming Daddy’s Little Girl Pt. 02

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Brittany found herself sitting completely naked on the motel bed, facing her long lost father. His face was contorted, a mixture of dominance and lust burning in his eyes as they unknowingly explored his daughters body. He fingered the buttons of his shirt, undoing them slowly as he watched her, peeling his shirt off to expose his chest.

A sprinkling of hair ran from his pubic region, spreading out as it reached up towards his chest. Although hairy, he appeared to keep it in check, his stomach and chest well groomed.

Next he toyed with the tops of his jeans, undoing the buttons one-by-one as he teased his daughter.

“What would your mother say if she could see us?” he asked as he undid another button. Suspense filling the air between them. Brittany felt a tightness in her chest and throat, felt like she could not speak – but soon she found her words.

“She would be so disappointed..” she mumbled, moving further back on the bed.

“Mm. What would she say?”

“She.. she’d tell me I’m bad. That I shouldn’t have come here, shouldn’t have met you.” her honest words stung as they left her mouth.

“You have been bad, haven’t you? So very bad.” another button undone, the last. He soon peeled his jeans and boxers down, letting them catch against his hard cock, letting it slowly strain against the pressure of his trousers until finally it sprang free with force, and Brittany caught a gasp as she eyed her fathers cock.

So big, it was long, around seven and a half inches, but the girth is what really caught her attention. For the first time she felt a slight pang of worry – what if she was not ready for this? It looked like it could hurt.

“Come here, to the edge of the bed baby.” Damian spoke as he pointed where he wanted her, his tone taking more of bursa escort a softer, fatherly inflection. Her heart fluttered as he called her baby.

“Yes daddy.” she replied, scrambling onto her hands and knees in front of him. Up close his cock was even more intimidating, it twitched slightly with excitement as the man gazed down at her, his eyes flickering upwards towards her ass, as he voiced it from above.

“You’re such a good girl baby.” he said, stroking her face softly, “daddy’s good little girl. Aren’t you?”

“Y-yes, daddy, I’m so good for you..” she bit her lip. Her heart felt like it would explode.

“Show daddy what a good girl you can be.” he said finally, pressing his cock closer to her.

She looked at it with some trepidation in her eyes, hesitating. She had watched plenty of porn and had even made out with guys before, but she had never seen a penis in person and had certainly never touched one. She was afraid that she would disappoint him, that her daddy might leave her again. She had to do this and she had to do it right.

“Yes daddy.” she said at once, reaching forwards, she gently wrapped her fingers around his shaft. Looking up into his eyes, hoping that she could impress him. She slowly slid her fingers upwards, gently beginning to jerk him off as she leaned closer towards the tip of his cock. The smell hit her nose – not entirely unpleasant, he had certainly washed recently, yet a strange unfamiliar scent filled her nostrils and emptied her mind.

His member smelled of sex; the only way she could describe it. It excited her greatly as her mind wandered to what they would do next – the sex positions she had seen in porn, the moaning, the thrusting, the kissing.. she wanted him so badly, more than she had earlier.

She bursa escort bayan opened her mouth and let her tongue hang out as she closed the rest of the space between her face and his cock, before softly licking the tip. Her eyes glued to his, waiting for his approval.

“Such a good girl, baby, you’re daddy’s favorite aren’t you?” he asked as his hand stroked the side of her face again, moving the hair out of it and behind her ear. She wanted to answer him – *yes daddy, I’m your favorite. I’m your only girl. Yours forever.* Instead, she focused on the task at hand.

She slid her hand further down his cock, to the base of it, before sliding her tongue slowly down the front of his shaft. Licking the salty flesh all the way down until she met her hand, before licking her way back up it again. Giving the tip a few quick flicks of her tongue as she met it, she then brought her lips down to it, wrapping them around it as she began to jerk him off again a little faster.

“Fuck.” he grunted as she jerked him off, “fuck that’s it baby, suck daddy’s cock.” his fingers slid up through her hair, gripping a fistful of it forcefully, but without asserting any kind of pressure on her movements.

Pleased with his reaction, her lips slowly moved down his cock as she took it into his mouth. She felt as it pressed against her tongue, and then as the tip probed the roof of her mouth. She had to readjust her position, sliding her lips back up it, before moving back down it again at a new angle as it moved towards the back of her throat.

“Mm, mm, that’s it baby, that’s it.”

He had started to thrust his hips slightly as she began to suck his cock, every movement up and down she gradually took more of his length inside of her mouth. The closer she got to escort bursa the back of her throat, the more a gagging sensation stopped her, until finally she gagged hard and had to pull back entirely. Coughing and gasping as she looked up at him. Worried that she had failed him.

“It’s okay baby.” he said, still holding her hair as she jerked him, “try again.”

“Yes daddy.” she replied, obediently moving forwards again. She went through the same motions, sucking his cock up and down like a good girl.

When she felt the gagging overwhelming her again though and instinctively moved to pull back, she felt his grip tighten, holding her in place. Her eyes widened in surprise and she panicked, pulling away harder.

“Shh, shh, baby, it’s okay, it’s fine, daddy’s here,” he murmured to her soothingly, still holding her in place. His words calmed her down, slowly, until finally she felt comfortable moving her head up and down him again.

She couldn’t believe that he had done that, had prevented her from moving away from him. She felt a pang of fear – but also excitement, she was in the control of her father for the first time of her life and it drove her wild.

“That’s it, wow, you are so good baby, daddy’s so proud of you..” he whispered as she sucked his cock, “come here, come here baby.” he said, releasing her hair he took her by the arm and began to pull her up off the bed. Picking her up with ease, she felt his wet cock sliding against her stomach as her face came up to meet his, and he kissed her hard.

One of his hands moved to her ass, groping her there roughly, whilst the other slid between her legs. Her own hand continued to jerk him off absentmindedly, as she stared longingly into his eyes. She let out a gasp as her daddy rubbed her hole – wetting his fingers with her juices, before bringing them to her clit, circling it slowly.

“Do you want daddy to make you feel good, baby?” he whispered as he stared into her eyes.

“y-yes.. daddy..” she whimpered in response, as he began to move his fingers faster.

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