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Becoming Her Sister Ch. 03

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Those who aren’t into transformation thing – PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER.

Thanks & Happy Reading…


‘What are you? Do you think you have become what you are? What about the real you? Have you forgotten from who you were and where you came from?’

I was startled at this sudden intrusion to my thoughts. I realized that I stood naked in front of Abhay and tried to cover up my modesty. The best I could do was cover up with my hands.

‘Why do you try, baby?’ Abhay had come too close making it uncomfortable for me. ‘Don’t you remember that you were lying here naked for almost 15 hours?’

He made me turn and look at myself in the mirror. Pressing his face against mine and hungrily licking my cheeks, he whispered, ‘beneath this sexy exterior lies an indispensable truth, but I presume you have forgotten the truth and are enjoying the lie that lies deep down.’ as he finished his statement, his hand ran down on my body.

His words had me in tears. ‘What am I supposed to do?’ I was helpless. Even after lot of thinking, I wasn’t able to find a solution to the situation I had been put into.

There was no reply for a while. I tried to turn back to confront him. But his hands spread my ass cheeks wide and he rammed his raging hard-on into my anus.

I screamed loudly. bursa escort ‘Relax! Easy baby, easy!’ He whispered into my ear. His hot breath teased me. But the pain was horrid. The lack of lube made it even worse for me. I was trying to cope up and a brave front. But he quickly withdrew his manhood only to plunder further deep into my posterior. The scream mellowed down to a moan. ‘That’s like my baby! Tight yet accommodative’

As he slowly thrust his phallus deeper into me, he took charge of my hand covering my genitalia. He abused the situation I was in and started rubbing me with my hand. He set the tempo too, starting of slowly then gradually getting rougher and faster. In no time I was voluntarily turning myself on, rubbing the swelling clitoris, biting my lips and pressing my moans. I shunt my eyes and was enjoying the pleasure of being taken in rear.

Abhay licked me behind my earlobe and dug into my shoulder kissing me passionately. He slowly and smartly took my hand covering my mounds to rest around his neck. He stared at my bare tits in the mirror and studied my look. He smirked and cupped my tits in his palms. With his rough hands he kneaded my soft yet firm jugs. I tilted my head a little and expected him to kiss, but he didn’t. He pinched and twirled my nipples. I squeaked and he shoved his dick deeper.

The bursa escort bayan assault continued and I like a swearing whore took it all. Unashamedly I set myself rolling. He was having a jolly good time plunging in and out of my anus. Abhay shifted gears and the thrust became more rampant and quicker. He grabbed my hips and in no time I was matching his rhythmic thrusts. My hands too had minds of their own, each exploiting my privates.

Suddenly, my anal exploitation turned into a threesome. Vaishu had joined in and was slapping my jugs. My inexperienced fingers got replaced by hers. The moistness was dripping down my thighs. She went down and lapped up my juice as she fingered my pussy.

I was overwhelmed. The tongue and the finger gave me a kick. Abhay continued being rough. Vaishu kissed all her way up to my lips and my desire to lock lips was getting treated. It was dirty smooching. We salivated heavily on each other’s chins, sucking the lower lips, licking each other’s tongue.

The pain in the ass seemed to be a distant memory. It was an all pervasive pervy pleasure that ran through me. Vaishu licked and sucked upon my tits and fingered my pussy as Abhay declared his climax.

It was a long and heavy dose of sexual activity for me. I took was on the verge of an orgasm. My tensions were building escort bursa up and my body was going stiff. Abhay shoved in the last thrust and it set me on my O. Abhay was pinching my tits from behind as his wife went to lap my juice. I was screaming again, but this time out of pleasure.

I feebly stood in front of the mirror looking distraught. While Abhay and I had our climaxes, Vaishu was left out. Or rather not!

She dragged me onto the bed and got undressed herself. The assault continued with a two-sided dildo. The two ends deeply buried into the love canals; she fucked me like a man.

And by like a man, I mean in the literal sense. She choked me and abused me with filthiest vernacular abuses. I was in tears but she wasn’t there yet. She was giving her husband a show. A show that he watched with his eyes transfixed on the abused. I prayed for her to cum, so that the abuses end. But how did I forget that a woman could have multiple orgasms. But before she came, I had my second and it just blackened me out.

The couple had just finished up their bottled love and was lying just next to me. Vaishu rested peacefully on her husband’s chest as they chatted.

‘So you didn’t take her virgin pussy?’

‘Are you nuts? I take woman, not the trannies.’

‘She was totally there. I mean him. I mean whatever. Did try to smooch you right?’

‘Hell ya! Bitches can’t get enough sometimes. Bloody whore.’

The laughter that followed humiliated me like never before.

I sobbed under the pretext of sleep and soon was taken over.

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