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Becoming submissive_(1)

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As I headed to bed I had no idea what to expect in the next few days. Brent had started out by just having me wear a single dildo in my pussy over night and in the matter of 3 days I was wearing 3 toys at night and in the morning a dildo to work. To make matter worse he had made me wear the 3 toys out to Walmart with a skirt and no panties then when I got home he made me bend over and show my own mother my stuffed pussy and ass. And the ultimate embarrassment, he told my mom I was his bitch and told her to let him know if I was not doing as told. I was fucked, I had no way out, no way of cheating, no way of lying.

I climbed into bed after taking the mandatory pictures for Brent of my holes being full. I tried to get comfortable with all 3 toys deep in me. As I would move my legs the vibrator in my ass would move in deep and then slip out. The two toys in my pussy rub against each other and fucked me to the point of tears. About 2 am my mom came in without knocking and ripped the covers from me.

“mom what the hell!” I screamed

“wanted to make sure you still had them in” she smirked

“I do ok!” I replied

“nope not ok I want to make sure” she said as she reached between my legs and shoved them in me hard “you got yourself into this you are going to keep going”

I began to cry, I was being fucked with dildos by my mom! She just sat there laughing, not chuckling, full out laughing. She would pull them out just a little then take the palm of her hand and slam them back in. I laid there crying begging her to stop but the more I begged the harder he shoved them in me. this went on for about 15 minutes, I felt like such a slut and she knew it. The final shove was the deepest and hardest. Then she stood up and laughed then left without a word. A few minutes later Brent messaged me.

“enjoy your fucking?” he asked

“no! im still crying, did you tell her to do that?” I told him

“nope lol I just asked her to make sure they were in you. She told me she fucked you with them after the fact lol said you loved it” he laughed

“fuck no I didn’t love it! That was my fucking mother!” I protested

“to fucking bad slut, get used to it!” he replied “now get some sleep you have a hard day in the morning lol”

I knew it was going to be a hard day, no doubt about it. I spent the next few hours tossing and turning, getting slowly fucked the whole time. I knew when I got up I knew I would be walking out the door with all 3 toys still in me and going to see Brent then going to work with the dildo shoved up in my pussy. How was I supposed to sleep knowing all this, knowing that my mom could walk in and fuck me at kağıthane escort any moment and I couldn’t say or do shit about it.

I finally got up and got ready to take a shower. I slide my panties down and spread my legs, I was aching so much, I took a picture and sent it to Brent showing him I still had all 3 toys deep inside my hole. I slowly removed my tank top exposing my large firm 40DD tits, my long burgundy hair fell softly across my breast. I could just barely notice the dildo and egg poking out of my smooth bare pussy as I looked in the mirror. However, the vibrator in my ass was much more noticeable. I stepped into my shower and turned it on as hot as I could stand it, I wanted to play with my pussy but knew I couldn’t. Soon, I told myself, Brent will fuck me and I will cum soon. I got out of the shower and slide on a pair of g-string panties, black satin. I grabbed a matching bra and a tank top and my jean skirt. I knew I had to have no panties on when Brent saw me, the g-string would be easy enough to slide off in the car and back on as I left. I grabbed my uniform for work and shoved it in my bag. I had to leave soon so I could be at Brent’s before he got there. I headed for the door and heard “ Have fun” from my mom’s room. “WHATEVER!” I shouted back. I would regret that shortly.

The drive to Brent’s was long and bumpy, I was shaking by the time I pulled in the parking lot of the apartments. I sat there waiting for a few minutes for him to get home. As I slid the panties off, I was nervous and scared and excited all in one. I didn’t know what he had planned but really didn’t care if I came as hard as I did the first time he fucked me. I do anything to cum that hard again, anything!

Brent pulled in and I got out of the car. As I shut the car door he walked over and kissed me and shoved his hand up my skirt. I gasped at the sudden hand rubbing my pussy and working the toys in and out, I had almost forgot we were outside and people would soon be coming out to go to work. Suddenly he grabbed my nipple and pulled me to the apartment door, unlocked it and pulled me inside.

“Wait here u fucking slut” he ordered

“OK” I shyly said

A couple of moments later Brent came back and introduced me to his other roommates. Oh god is he going to make me fuck them? I just glanced at him uneasily and he laughed “No not this time, maybe some other time” the guys just chuckled. Brent grabbed my nipple and pulled me to his room, I wondered if his roommates knew what he was doing to me. As we entered his room he shut the door and grabbed me by the throat and slammed me against the wall. He began eyüp escort bitting my neck and fucking my pussy with the dildos. I was moaning and arching my back, I wanted to cum so badly but he wouldn’t let me. Every time I got close he stopped everything but choking me and wait for me to calm down then would start fucking me again. About the third or fourth time he stopped he shoved me to the bed driving his knee between my legs and forcing the toys in deeper than ever.

“enjoying this slut?” he whispered in my ear

“I wanna cum” I stuttered

“not yet, if at all” he chuckled

“what? You said you would make me cum if I came over today” I replied

“that was before you got an attitude this morning with your mom and yelled whatever at her” he informed me as he pushed harder on the toys with his knee.

“im sorry, I really am!” I was trying not to cry

“oh you will be in just a minute you fucking slut!” he grinned.

As he choked me he reached down and slid out the dildo and egg. He laid the egg next to me then put the dildo to my lips and forced it in. it was to keep me from screaming he told me. He put his hand between my legs and put 3 fingers in my pussy and starting pumping me slowly, spreading his fingers apart slowly. Oh my god that feels amazing I thought. Then he slid a fourth finger into my tight hole. He began fucking me faster and harder. Even though I had 2 toys in me for 13 hours I was still really tight and his fingers stretched me. I squirmed and moaned, I wanted him to go back to 3 fingers but knew he wasn’t going to. Just then he pulled all the fingers from me and told me “ you better not drop that dildo from your mouth or vibrator from your ass! Get ready to scream bitch!” With that Brent took his whole fist and shoved it into my pussy! I screamed into the dildo, tears running down my face. He fucked my pussy hard and fast showing no mercy.

“you’re a fucking slut you know that?!”
“shut up you fucking bitch you know you love it”
“you’re mine now! I own you”

I tried not to fight him but I had never been taken so hard and I couldn’t help it. The harder I fought the deeper he fisted me, he was at his wrist by now. As he fucked my pussy he began squeezing my throat tighter. As I was close to passing out from the pain and the lack of air I came. My juices squirted around his hand and down his arm. I thought the other night had been the best I’d ever had, I was wrong!

“see I told you that you were a slut! You loved that” he smiled

All I could do was nod my head. Brent grabbed his camera and took several pics of the dildo in my mouth, his hand wrist mecidiyeköy escort deep in me and the vibrator in my ass. He then slid out his hand and then the vibrator. He removed the dildo from my mouth and slid it into my pussy, I groaned, I was sore. He laid down next to me for a moment and started whispering in my ear.

“im only with this chick cause I don’t have my own place” he commented “she is boring in bed. I want you to tell your mom im moving in next week, understand?

“ok but she wont be happy.” I told him

“she wont say anything, she knows you don’t have a choice and since you pay all the bills she has no room to talk” he told me.

“ok Brent” I agreed “but can I ask something”

“I guess” he said as he got up.

“can I take the dildo out when I get home?” I quietly asked

“nope, it stays in and at bed you put the other 2 back in. Understand?” Brent asked in reply

“I understand” I sadly said

I got up and started getting read for work. Before I could get dressed Brent grabbed the dildo and started fucking me again with it. He only did it long enough to get me dripping wet. Then shoved it deep in and told me to have a good day at work. I got dressed and as I got ready to leave he told me that I had to take a new pic every hour while I was at work and send it to him and they better all be there when he work up that afternoon. I nodded and walked to my car. I couldn’t believe I was about to wear a dildo to work at one of the biggest theme parks in the world!

As I got to work I realized my panties were already soaked from my pussy juices. Walking was hard with the dildo in me especially after being violently fisted just a little while ago. I walked to my work location, I was working cash today so at least I was standing in one place and not walking around. I had thought that standing there would be easier, but it wasn’t. I kept shifting and squirming. Could anyone tell I had the dildo in my pussy? What if someone saw or knew? I was so scared but the fear made me that much more wet and caused my pussy to squeeze tight around the dildo. By the end of the day I had waited on over 350 guest with a dildo in me. I didn’t know if I was embarrassed or proud of myself that I made it through.

I headed to my car and headed home, dildo still firmly inside my soaking wet pussy. The whole way home I was thinking about how to tell my mom and what her reaction would be to Brent moving in. I mean he had a point, it was my house and I can let whoever I want live there. But that also meant that he could use me and tell her more or she could walk in on anything. Oh well, I have to do it. I knew it was going to be a long night. Having to talk to her straight faced with a dildo in me, knowing she knew and knowing what she had done to me the night before. How was she going to react and what had Brent told her already? I guess I was about to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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