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Bennington’s Fam Bam Summer Reunion

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Allison snatches me from the car. “This is so exciting!” she beams. “I can’t wait for you to meet everyone. Now, remember… don’t be shocked by how close we are.”

“It’s OK,” I assure her. “I ain’t worried about nothin’.” She looks back at me, and I wink.

We pass under a banner with balloons on either side that reads, “2022 Bennington’s Fam Bam Reunion.” People are scattered all over, talking and laughing with one another. Allison’s mother jogs up in a floral wrap dress, clutching her floppy hat to her head. Her large breasts remain pinned to her chest as the rest of her bounces. “Is this him?!” She shouts. “Do we finally get to meet the mysterious Scott?”

Not far behind is Allison’s father, wearing Dockers and a golf shirt. “Honey,” he hollers. “Leave that boy alone!”

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Bennington,” I say. She leaps into me for a hug, pressing her implants against me and kissing the corner of my mouth.

“Please, call me Courtney,” she whispers, her lips lingering on my ear.

By the time our greeting finishes, Mr. Bennington has caught up. He offers his hand, and I grasp it. “You can call me Mr. Bennington,” he says with a smirk.

Allison shoves her father, “Dad!”

He hugs his daughter and she stands on her toes and kisses him. His embrace sails down her back until he gropes her ass, and my brow furrows. I start to speak, but Courtney steps in front of me, blocking my view.

“How was the drive?” She asks.

“Good,” I murmur, attempting to peer around her.

A girl with fake tits (identical to Courtney’s) bulging from her tank-top dances over. She pumps her first cheering, “Woot! Woot!” A tall black guy in ripped jean shorts and a teeshirt follows her.

Courtney slinks her arm across my waist and says, “This is Ally’s sister, Olivia, and her boyfriend, Booker.”

Booker and I bump fists, and Olivia stares at me, “Damn, sis. He’s so pretty.”

Courtney twirls my short dark hair, “Yes, honey,” she agrees. “He’s quite pleasant to look at.”

I search for a response, but Mr. Bennington nudges Booker and beats me to it, “He’s in trouble now.” The two share a chuckle, and the women giggle.

After some chatting, Allison drags me further into the party where picnic tables line end-to-end. A man with thin arms and legs, sporting a mammoth potbelly, sits alone as a woman massages his shoulders. She’s wearing a long flowing dress. A crystal necklace hangs between her vast cleavage. Allison lets go of me and charges toward them. She jumps in the man’s lap, shrieking, “Uncle Joe!”

I stop in my tracks as they kiss. “Are they frenching?”

The masseuse blocks my line of sight. She has this radiant smile with deep lines on her temples. “You must be the handsome Scott I’ve heard so much about.” She brushes her reddish frizzy hair behind her ear and corrals my face. “I’m Allison’s aunt, Harmony.” She whispers in a tender, raspy voice, caressing her gentle lips against mine. My thoughts distance from Allison’s giggling and moaning. Harmony tilts her ear in the direction of my girlfriend, but she holds my eye contact. “Ally, I’m borrowing your handsome fellow for a tour. Why don’t you catch up with your uncle.”

Neither Allison nor Joe respond, and Harmony scoops my arm, whisking me away. I try to glance back, and I think I catch Allison slipping under the picnic table.

Harmony tugs, “Come on now, dear. There are many interesting people to meet.”

First, my tour guide identifies Michelle. “That’s my oldest,” she says. “Michelle’s pronouns are they/them.” Their short hair flashes golden in the sunlight, and their baggy jeans hang low. A tweed vest overlays their oxford shirt with rolled-up sleeves. “Next to them is their wife, Summer.” Summer’s short polka dot dress waves in the breeze. She towers above Michelle in her platform sandals, and her purple-dyed mane hovers above her shoulders. “I love your dress!” Harmony hollers. Summer blushes as she curtseys.

My guide waves at Kevin, Allison’s older brother. He’s dressed identically to Mr. Bennington and standing next to Booker. The two drink their beers. “Kevin’s a good boy,” Harmony informs me. “It’s great that he could visit for the weekend. He’s a surgical resident at Grand Oak Hospital. And we adore Booker like he’s been in the family his entire life.”

A sexy, tall woman wearing a crop top Kıbrıs Escort and running shorts passes Kevin and Booker. They glance at her ass. Harmony smiles and leans on my shoulder. “And that’s my other daughter, Natalie,” She says affectionately. “Her pronouns are she/her or they/them. She transitioned seven years ago. We couldn’t be prouder.”

I was about to express my admiration for how they support her when a tall, bearded black man wearing swimming trunks and a navy tank top swaggers up. He kisses my tour guide, and their tongues swirl in the space between them. I struggle to escape, but Harmony locks me beside her.

After the two separate, the man squeezes her breast, and she slaps his wrist, “Babe,” she grins. “We have a guest.” Turning to me, she adds, “This insatiable heathen is my long-time partner, Malic.”

Malic presents his hand, and I stare – feeling a bit faint – before realizing I’m meant to grab it. When I do, he seizes it and jerks me in an embrace. “You must be Scott! Welcome!”

He lets go and immediately pinches Harmony’s other breast. She slaps him again. “Off with you!” She crows. “Go find Michelle and Summer. They could use your… exuberance.”

Allison’s aunt pulls my arm. As we pass Malic, he pinches her ass. She jumps and huffs, saying, “This family is bonkers.”

Holding my head and stumbling, I mumble, “I need to sit down.” Harmony helps me stay upright.

“Let’s get you in the shade, honey,” she says, lugging me away. She shouts to Courtney, “Sis, bring us some ice water.”

Settling on a picnic bench tucked behind some trees, Harmony rubs my shoulders, and Courtney feeds me ice. “It can be stressful meeting new people,” my masseuse explains. “Especially with how close we are.”

“My sister’s magic hands will make you better in no time,” Courtney chimes as she strokes my thigh.

“Don’t sell yourself short, sis. Your hands are pretty magical, too.” They both work deeper into my muscles. “Relax. Let us care for you.”

I close my eyes and inhale. Ice melts in my mouth. The sweat on my neck dries. Somehow I become lighter like I’ve fallen asleep and am drifting above the reunion. A feeling of comfort cocoons me, and it grows tighter until I rock on the threshold between snug and claustrophobic.

My eyes open slowly, and Courtney’s head is in my lap, jerking my cock down her throat. Harmony turns my face into her large drooping breasts and cradles me to them. Instinctually, I part my lips and swipe my tongue along her nipple. “There you go,” she says. “Suckle on your new Auntie.”

Courtney slurps faster and fondles my balls. It encourages me to suckle harder, drawing a hint of milk from Harmony’s teet. “There you go, handsome. Get nice and hydrated.” She squeezes her breast, feeding me more of her nectar. “Welcome to the family, sweetie.”

“He’ll make a great addition,” Courtney adds. She pumps me across her tongue and says, “Give Mommy that nice warm load. It’s OK, Scott. It’ll help you relax.”

I wonder if I entered some secret fantasy dimension, but the warm milk dripping down my throat seems real. I tense up and groan against Harmony’s breasts. She pets me, “There you go, baby. Feed Mommy that cum.”

My eyes clench, and I fire off in Courtney’s mouth as she jerks me. “Don’t swallow,” I hear. “Give me some of that.” Next, I hear someone gargle and lips smacking together. I peer up beneath Harmony’s bosom, admiring the two women kissing and sharing my seed, letting it spill onto their breasts. “Mmmm,” one of them says, “All-natural sunscreen.”

Harmony and Courtney bookend me as we rejoin the party. I trip, and Allison’s mother laughs, “My blow job skills have that effect on men.”

“How do you know it’s not my milk?” her sister teases.

Booker waits on the edge of the reunion, glaring at Harmony. He slides his tongue in her opened mouth. The kiss intensifies until Mrs. Benington tugs his shirt, towing him to her.

“She was the same growing up,” Harmony sighs, watching Booker and her sister makeout. “Anytime I had someone, she got her claws in them.” I watch the large-breasted woman with the floppy hat escort Olivia’s boyfriend towards the secluded table.

“Let’s find your lady,” Harmony says.

We find Allison bent over the table, her dress stuffed above her ass and panties around her Lefkoşa Escort ankles. She’s next to Olivia, who’s in the same position. “They have the most inviting pussies in the family,” Harmony remarks. Both are sleek and waxed, peeking between their thin legs.

Mr. Bennington situates himself behind my girlfriend, a hardon protruding from the zipper hole of his Dockers. He grips it and rubs against his daughter, easing it in. Kevin, the surgeon, does the same thing to Olivia. The two men high five as if one of them just hit a fantastic tee shot, and both girls moan like cock-drunk whores.

Another girl joins the party. Harmony points to her, “And that’s my beautiful daughter, Saffron. She’s due in two months.” Her daughter’s massively pregnant belly fills her tiny frame. Her long skirt ties beneath her stomach around her hips. It flows down to her ankles just above her bare feet. She has long dreadlocks tied in a ponytail and a hooped nose ring in one of her nostrils.

Malic bumps me as he passes. He pushes down his trunks and gets behind Saffron.

“Check out my sexy man!” I think Harmony says. Malic swipes his meaty dick across her hairy hole before diving in. My breathing grows erratic and I try to swallow.

Natalie steps on the bench and climbs onto the table. She looms over the rest of her family with her top above her exposed tits. She whips out her package and points it to Allison, then Olivia, and then Saffron. “Eenie, meeny, miny, mo…” she begins. When finished, it’s pointing at her fake-breasted cousin. So she plops down, and Olivia quickly gobbles her lady-dick.

Michelle joins the mix and removes their jeans and sneakers before stepping into a strap-on harness. Once fastened, their oxford shirt drapes over the toy. As they wedge themselves between Allison and the table it reappears. Her father slips out and she straddles her cousin’s rainbow-cock. Mr. Bennington spits on his daughter’s asshole and crouches, working inside my girlfriend’s backdoor. “Give Daddy that ass,” he demands.

Shaking my head, I mutter, “What the fuck?”

“Isn’t it great,” Harmony responds. Summer sits in front of Saffron and Malic grabs the pregnant hippy’s dreadlocks, shoving her face under Summer’s polka dot dress.

“That’s it, honey,” Michelle calls to their wife, heaving into Allison. “Squirt all over the pregnant whore.” Summer blows her partner a kiss and grinds her pelvis. Malik lets go of Saffron’s hair and clings to her tummy as he pummels her hole.

“We love one another so much,” My tour guide adds, pawing her breasts. “None of us worries about being uncared for or alone. Oh!” She interrupts herself. “Kevin looks peckish.”

She leaves my side and cradles him to her bosom. “Did you know breast milk increases cancer patients’ survival rate?” He asks before suckling her, still pounding Olivia, her huge fake tits swinging like twin trebuchets. Natalie clenches her cousin’s hair in her fist, abusing her throat with her lady-dick.

I stumble, ready to make a break for it. Instead, I bump into something. Turning, I see a shirtless older man in short shorts. Gray hair rises from his shoulders. The apron covering his torso reads, “I’m not old! I’m well seasoned!”

“Hello there, young fellow. I’m Granddaddy Arthur. You can call me Pa.”

He rests his arm on my shoulders and rotates us toward his family. I peek down and discover a girl crawling in front of us. “Chasity, say hello to Scott.”

“Hello, Scott,” she replies almost too innocently. Then she slinks beneath Arthur’s apron, tugging on his shorts.

“That’s my adopted daughter,” he tells me, caressing her through the fabric.

Malic snarls, fucking so powerfully that Summer yelps each time he thrusts Saffron into her cunt. Allison slaps Michelle with her perky tits. Both her father’s cock and the dildo surge like pistons in and out of her holes. “Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me, cousin! My holes belong to the family.”

“We’re very proud of Chasity,” Arthur casually mentions. “She graduated at the top of her class.”

Gazing at everyone, he says, “These are my people, son.”

Kevin’s face scrunches and his nostrils flare. He stretches and drags Natalie to his lips, making out with his trans cousin. “I bet I kiss better than the nurses at the hospital,” she brags. Kevin tries to kiss Girne Escort her more but she presses him away.

“No two families are alike. No two families love the same,” Arthur asserts like he’s making a speech at a podium. “Can you guess why we stay together?” He pauses, but I don’t answer. Chastity unzips my fly. Her silky touch probes into my boxers and gently surrounds my cock. “We stay together because everything we need is right here. Can you believe we’ve only had one divorce in the family? And that’s because Joe tried to keep his marriage outside the circle.”

Allison screams louder than she’s ever screamed with me, beating her cousin off inches away from her sister. “Give it to me,” Olivia begs. “I want that lady-dick cum.” Natalie’s load shoots from her cock. Kevin howls as he pulls out, spraying Olivia and making a sloppy mess of her perfect pussy. Uncle Joe waddles up, wearing nothing but his tighty-whities, and he rips Kevin out of the way. Lifting his potbelly he wiggles his stubby prick into his niece.

“This isn’t for most people,” Arthur announces. Scrutinizing me, he asks, “Are you OK?”

I nod and teeter on my feet. He pats my back.

“We can’t allow just anyone in,” he resumes. “It’s my job to decide who fits our… lifestyle.”

My girlfriend licks cum from her sister, and Natalie slaps their lips with her colossal clean-shaven tool. Summer rolls up her dress and shakes her clit. Fluid sprays from her into Saffron’s open mouth. And Uncle Joe’s thin legs tremble from the orgasm already erupting inside of him.

Arthur unties his apron and tosses it behind him, He runs his old wrinkled fingers through Chastity’s voluminous midnight-black hair, glinting silver in the sunlight. “Allison came to me and asked my permission to bring you in, but I had doubts.”

“Take a seat on my cock, honey,” Natalie tells Olivia. “I’m still hard, and I want to fuck that mess your brother and uncle made into your slutty fuck hole.” Harmony replaces Summer and sprays her daughter’s pussy juice-covered face with milk.

“You see, Scott. Our family’s in perfect balance. We embrace what we feel, and my gut told me you couldn’t handle it.”

Chastity envelops me, her sweet young throat delicately beckoning blood to my groin. Grandpa Arthur guides her up and down. “But your girlfriend can be very convincing. She asked to invite you to my 80th birthday, and I told her ‘no.’ That clever girl brought two of her friends instead. The four of us savored our evening together. I didn’t feel eighty that night, I don’t mind telling you.”

Mr. Bennington yanks his daughter onto her knees, stroking his dick so quickly his arm blurs. Saffron lunges to join her cousin. The two open their mouths wide. Allison massages Saffron’s pregnant belly, and Saffron tweaks Allison’s nipples. Malic positions himself beside Mr. Bennington. They grin while Harmony showers milk on the girls and Summer licks clean her partner’s rainbow dildo.

“Do you want to be part of a family that genuinely loves one another?” Chastity bobs on my cock faster. “Or are you more comfortable being part of a family that denies their nature?” She strokes me with both hands, gulping on my head. I shut my eyes and tilt back. “If you want my granddaughter’s hand in marriage, promise to love this family the same way you do her.”

“Say it,” Arthur mutters. Grunting, I propel my hips into Chasity, and she expands her throat. “Say it, son,” he whispers. “Promise you’ll love everyone the same as you love my granddaughter.”

I burst inside the recent high school grad’s esophagus and scream, “I promise Pa! I want to be part of the family!” Chastity doesn’t quit sucking, and I buckle. The old man grabs me and keeps me upright.

“Easy, son. You won’t find a finer dick sucker anywhere in the family.” I attempt to catch my breath. Granddaddy Arthur instructs his daughter, “Hurry along and share that with the girls.”

“Yes, Sir,” Chastity replies with a full mouth. I blink until my vision focuses, observing Saffron and Allison swapping Malic and Mr. Bennington’s cum. They drool it onto Saffron’s bulging stomach, smearing it into her skin. Courtney rejoins the fray, and she straddles her pregnant niece waiting patiently for Booker’s creampie to leak out. And Chastity goes girl to woman, drooling dollops of me onto their tongues while Natalie erupts a third batch of spunk inside Olivia.

Grandpa Authur pats my back. “See how loving we are?” He asks, flashing a sly smile. “The secret is, get the women delirious on egg white. That way, there’s more BBQ for the men. Help yourself to a plate, and welcome to the family, young man.”

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