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Best Spring Ever Ch. 04

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By ten am on Saturday Julia had everything set up. The playroom, as she referred to it, was about forty by fifty feet. She had one area set up with various bondage equipment and toys. This was the staging area. In one back corner there was a partition that separated it into a private viewing area. About twenty feet from that was a second area that was also partitioned. The spectators could see the staging area but couldn’t see each other. There were two folding chairs in each viewing room. From the staging area both viewing rooms would be visible once the curtain that reached the width of the room was pulled back.

At eleven forty the first two guests were brought in blindfolded and walked to the viewing area in the corner. Julia greeted them in her stunning dom outfit. She wore a red half mask, red leather collar and red arm length gloves. Her body had a red leather bodice that pushed her breasts up high. Her bottom hafl sported a very skimpy red leather thong, red hose and red spiked heels.

“Welcome guests. I’m Mistress J. You are here to watch a bondage and domination performance. The participants are not actors. Neither has had any experience with B&D in the past. It’s imperative that during the first part of the show that you are silent. No talking will be allowed until later. In order to protect your privacy, you’ll be wearing a hooded robe that will cover your entire body. You will have both eye holes and an opening for your mouths. The participants will be blindfolded initially. Once their blindfolds have been removed you may remove your robes if you wish and speak freely, but not until then. Nod if you understand.”

Both nodded.

“Very well. Once I leave please remove your blindfolds and put on the robes. Remember, do not speak or remove your robes until the participants face coverings are removed. The performance will begin in approximately fifteen minutes. Please remove your blindfolds and put on your robes now.”

Mistress J stepped quickly to the other side of the partition and left the room. They never saw her. The observers removed their blindfolds and grinned at each other.

“Kinky,” whispered one observer.

“Shhhh, no talking,” the other replied.

Both put on their black hooded robes and sat in their chairs to wait. Lina arrived exactly on time. Debi met her at the door.

“Good timing. I’m going to take you to the playroom. Until you sit down in your chair you have to wear this over your eyes.” Debi handed her a blindfold and helped her put it on. “Lina, this is really important. When your Mom and Dad come in they’ll be blindfolded and gagged. You aren’t to speak or leave your seat until their blindfolds are removed. It’s really important. Okay?”

“Okay. Why all the cloak and dagger?”

“You’ll understand when their blindfolds are removed.”

“I’ll be quiet. This is so exciting.”

“I’ll join you just before they start.”

Debi led her to her viewing area and helped her to the chair. Lina removed the blindfold and grinned at her. Debi smiled and left the room. Master D and Mistress J took up their positions on either side of the front door. Debi stood in front of the door nervously waiting. The minutes ticked away but it seemed like hours. At exactly noon the doorbell rang. Debi opened the door.

“Richard, Hilda, I’m glad you could make it. Before you come in I have to ask each of you two questions. Richard, what are your safe words?”

“Lemon for slow down and tomato for stop,” he replied.

“Hilda, same question.”

“Lemon is slow down, tomato is stop.”

“Good. Richard are you sure you want to do this with your wife?” He nodded. “Please answer out loud.”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“Hilda are you sure you want to do this with your husband?”

“I’m sure.”

Debi stepped aside. “Come on in.”

As soon as they were inside Debi pushed the door closed. Master and Mistress stepped out quickly and held knives to their throats.

“Drop the bags on the floor and hold your arms in front of you,” Master D ordered.

Both were startled enough that they did exactly that. Debi put handcuffs on Richard and then on Hilda. Mistress J put a ball gag on Hilda then a bag over her head. Debi did the same to Richard. Mistress and Master put the rubber knives on the table next to the door.

“Richard your name is male slave. Nod if you understand,” Master told him. “Do not struggle or the female slave will be punished. Do everything you are told or the female slave will be punished. Let me demonstrate.” Mistress pinched Hilda’s already hard nipple. She grunted loudly. “Do I make myself clear?” Richard nodded. Master knelt and put shackles on his ankles. “Kick your shoes off.” Male slave did as instructed.

Mistress J spoke, “You are female slave. Any struggle or failure to follow instruction will result in punishment of the male. Would you also like a demonstration?” Hilda shook her head. “Slip off your shoes, female.”

Once they were off Master shackled her ankles. Debi led the way to the playroom then staying bayan esmer escort bursa on the side of the curtain where the first two guests couldn’t see her pulled it back opening the entire room. Mistress led the female in and Master led the male. They walked them each to a hook in the front of the staging area and draped their cuffs over them and carabiners were used to hold them there. Suspending their arms well above them. Both slaves tugged on the attachments.

Male slave tried to speak. “Silence!” Master snapped at him. “Or the female will be punished.

Master stepped forward. He was bare chested and wore loose black pants and had bare feet. “I am Master D. To my right is Mistress J. If any of you speak before you are instructed to do so both slaves will be punished. Do you understand this?” Everyone nodded. “The slaves before you are husband and wife. They are our prisoners and will obey our instructions to the letter or their partner will be punished. In a few minutes you will see their faces so you can better appreciate their emotions.”

Mistress walked to the male and began massaging his cock. “You like this, don’t you slave?” He nodded. She took the belt off his trousers and unfastened them then with a single tug pulled them to his ankles. She stood again and began stroking him.

Master walked to the female and put his hand in her crotch. “Mistress has pulled down the male’s pants and is stroking his cock. He likes it. Is that alright with you, slave?” The female nodded. Master unfastened her pants and pulled them down then pulled her panties to her knees. He slid a finger between her labia and she moaned. Mistress squeezed the males nipple.

“Ahhhhb,” he uttered loudly.

“The male was punished. You were told to be silent,” Master told the female. She nodded frantically. Master slid his fingers into the wetness. She was silent but squirmed. “My goodness, Mistress. Feel how wet she is.”

Mistress held her labia apart and rubbed her clit. The female jerked her hips forward reflexively. Mistress showed her wet fingers to the observers then licked them clean.

“Let’s see the rest of them,” Mistress said.

Master handed her a pair of scissors and she cut away the male’s shirt then threw it aside. She handed the scissors to Master and resumed stroking the male’s cock and balls. He was fully erect. Master cut away the females top revealing her pretty lace bra. Then with three snips he pulled it away. He handed the scissors back to Mistress then began massaging the female’s beautiful breasts. The observers were all enjoying the show. Mistress started at the ankle of one pant leg and cut to the waist band then did the same to the other. The male wore only his socks and boxers which were at his ankles. Master removed the females slacks the same way. Then slid two fingers into her pussy. She moaned loudly.

“You were warned, slave.”

Mistress stepped behind the male parted his cheeks and put her wet finger to his anus. She pushed it in to the first joint. The male grunted.

“I think she likes it when you’re punished,” Mistress said as she pushed in to the second joint. He moaned again. The female frantically shook her head in silence. Mistress removed her finger. “Lift your foot.” He did and she removed his sock then tapped on the other. When he lifted it she removed the second then took the scissors and removed his boxers. The male was now naked. Master cut the female’s panties and threw them aside.

“Now turn so we can see your bodies,” Master told them.

As they turned the Master and Mistress fondled them. Both were squirming. When they were facing the front Mistress tugged on Master’s trousers pulling them off. He had nothing on underneath. When she saw his hard cock one of the robed observers said, “Damn.”

The Mistress and Master looked at them then both pinched a nipple of their slave. Both flinched but uttered no sound.

“Silence!” Mistress said to the observers.

Master walked closer to the observers. “If you would like to examine my cock you may but first you must do something for me.” One of the robed observers stood. “Lick the females clit for thirty seconds then deep throat the male.”

The observer walked to the female and spread her labia then began licking her. The female was squirming and on the edge by the time she stopped. Hilda wanted to cum but knew she wouldn’t be able to do it silently so she was trying hard not to. The robed observer moved to the male. She worked him slowly into her throat and was edging him.

“Very good. You may examine my cock.”

She walked to him and fondled it then took the head into her mouth. When she took it out she turned and waved to the other robed observer to join her. The other person in the robe stood and started toward him. He held up his hand.

“You must lick the female for thirty seconds on her clit and deep throat the male.” The second robed person nodded. “But…if the female cums you must make the male cum also.”

The bursa ucuz eskort robed one came up and knelt in front of the woman and began licking. She came hard in seconds. She stiffened and tried hard to remain silent letting out only a soft moan. The observer then went to the male. He came before she was even half way down the shaft. She stood and walked to Master. Holding his cock in both hands she stroked him then put just the tip in her mouth.

“As a reward, you may remove their head coverings,” Master told the second robed observer. She stepped to the female and untied her head cover. She let out an audible gasp then stepped to the male and gasped again. “You may both remove your robes and speak freely now if you wish.”

They both removed their robes. The slaves gasped this time. All four of the observers started laughing. Hilda and Richard were still in shock. Gretchen, their oldest daughter had just made her parents cum and standing next to her was Hilda’s mother.

“This is a real surprise,” Gretchen said barely able to control her laughter. “Grandma, did you know?”

Her grandmother nodded. Master and Mistress removed the slaves ball gags and wiped their faces with wet cloths. Everyone had come to the staging area. Hilda and Richard were still bound with their hands above their heads.

“You slaves can speak now if you like.”

“Hi honey,” her father said grinning.

Master D reached down and began playing with Hilda’s pussy making it difficult for her to stand still. Ingrid stood in front of her smiling and watching her.

“Shameful, absolutely shameful, Hilda. Letting another man finger die muschi in front of your husband,” Ingrid told her daughter.

“I’m being, uhm, forced,” she replied squirming.

“It appears to me you’re enjoying yourself, Mom,” Gretchen said as she slid her hands over her mother’s bare breasts.

“Female slave, thank your daughter for licking you to orgasm,” Mistress said.

“Thank you, Gretchen.”

“Mom, what would you have done if you had known it was me,” Gretchen asked.

“I would have cum. Dennis, you’re going to make me cum again.”

Mistress slapped her hard on the ass. “You will call him Master, slave. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Mistress stepped behind her and rubbed her hand over the red mark then slid it down between her cheeks. “Spread your feet, slave.” Hilda did as instructed and Mistress slid two fingers into her.”

Hilda jumped then moaned. Her face was flushing.

“Master D, may I help?” Ingrid asked.”

He removed his hand. “By all means,” he said.

Her mother began playing with Hilda’s clit. “Gretchen, Lina, why don’t you suck on your Mother’s titten?”

Both of her daughters began sucking their mother’s breasts. Debi was standing in front of Richard.

“Rick, do you see what they’re doing to your wife? Her mistress is finger fucking her. Her mother is playing with her clit and your daughters are sucking her pretty titties. Don’t you wish you could put your cock in her mouth?” Debi teased.

Richard was watching. His cock was rock hard and leaking pre-cum. He wanted to cum but no one was touching him.

“Debi, help me cum. Please?” he begged her.

“Sorry, your Mistress and Master are in charge of that.”

Mistress J and Ingrid were edging Hilda. She was gyrating her hips wildly looking for just a tiny bit more stimulation. Suddenly they all stopped.

“Nooo, please!” Hilda begged. “I’m almost there.”

Master took her face in his hands and being careful not to touch her pussy with his cock kissed her hard.

“You cum when I let you, slave. If you cum without my permission you’ll be punished,” he told her.

A few feet in front of Hilda was a padded table. It was a little wider than a massage table and not quite as long. Mistress was moving Richard to the table. She removed the shackles from his ankles then released the cuffs from the suspension device and put him on his back on the table. Debi attached stirrups near his legs then brought up his leg and using velcro straps secured his leg. She repeated the process with the other leg. Mistress pulled a strap over his chest to hold his torso then adjusted the stirrups to pull his knees up and apart leaving his genitals right at the edge of the table and exposed. Hilda was watching closely and wishing she could get to his hard cock for release. Mistress removed his handcuffs and pulled his arms to his sides securing them with velcro. Upright bars were placed at the top end on both corners and a second set beside his hips. Mistress walked to the foot of the table and attached a cock ring around the base of his sack and around the cock. She connected a small chain from they cock ring to each nipple with a clamp.

“Slave, look at what they’re doing to your husband. He’s helpless and at the mercy of Mistress J. His cock’s all ready to use but you can’t get it, can you?” Master asked.

“No,” she replied.

He bursa anal yapan escort slapped her pussy with his open hand. “No, Master!”

“No, Master,” she replied.

Mistress finished the setup by putting a mask over his eyes and covering his ears with headphones.

“He can’t see or hear us now,” Mistress J began. “Tease him, play with him. Sit on his face or cock. The uprights will help you with leverage. Do NOT let him cum. Be creative. There’s no way for him to know who’s doing what. Understood?”

All the women nodded and began undressing. Gretchen was undressed first and was on the table with her bald pussy over his face in no time. Debi straddled one of his hands so he could finger her and Lina straddled the other. Ingrid began licking his swollen balls and cock.

“Careful, Grandma. Don’t let him cum,” Lina warned her.

“I’ve been playing with schwanz since long before your mother was born, girl. I know how they work,” Ingrid replied.

Hands were all over him from all four women. Lina really wanted to suck him but knew she didn’t dare. Mistress J walked to Hilda and put her hands on Hilda’s hips then bent forward. Master walked up behind her and put his huge hard cock in his mother.

“Slave, you’re the only one here not having any fun. Your daughters and mother are over there being pleasured by your husband and all you get is a good view. And I’m fucking the big cock you want so badly. Poor slave. If you beg me I might let you have some of it later,” Mistress told her.

“Mistress, please? I need some cock. Please, Mistress. I’ll do anything.”

“Will you fuck your husband?” Mistress asked.

“Anything! Please I need Master’s cock so I can cum.”

“What do you say, Master D?” Mistress asked.

“Later, after she fucks her husband.”

He continued fucking his mother and in a few minutes she came. She bucked and arched and held on to Hilda as she did. Master pulled out without cumming.

“Master, please. Let me finish you?” Hilda asked.

“How would you finish me?” Master asked.

“With my pussy. I need your cock.”

“Not your mouth?” he asked.

“Yes, I’ll finish you with my mouth. Please?”

“Maybe your ass?”

“It’s too big, Master. I couldn’t take that.”

“Oh, but you will. I’m going to put the whole thing in your tight ass and fill you with my cum while your husband, mother and daughters watch.”

“Please, Master. Use my pussy first.”

“You get what I want, slave. I’m in charge,” he told her.

“Yes, Master.”

Mistress and Master fitted her with a strap on dildo. It was about six inches long with a normal girth. They removed her shackles and handcuffs, then walked her to the table. Gretchen had cum on her father’s face and traded places with Debi. Debi now rode her Richard’s face.

“Slave, you are going to fuck your entire family with your new cock. Why don’t you start with your mother?” Mistress said.

Debi came and got off of Richard’s face. She removed his blindfold and headphones then put a small pillow under his head.

“Your sweet wife is going to fuck her entire family. I thought you’d like to watch,” Debi told him.

Hilda was standing where he could see her wearing the dildo. He grinned. “Oh, I’m going to enjoy watching this.”

“Well, most of it anyway,” Debi replied with a smirk.

Mistress J lubed up Ingrid and the dildo and Master directed Hilda to her target.

“Start slow, Hilda. There’re probably cob webs in my old muschi,” Ingrid instructed.

“I’ve never done this, Mom. Bear with me,” Hilda replied.

“Welcome to the club, girl.”

Hilda entered slowly and stopped several times at her mother’s request. She was finally getting a slow in and out going and began picking up the pace. Ingrid grunted every time she hit bottom.

“Hilda, that’s hot to watch,” Richard said.

“Shut up Richard! I’m trying to get off here,” Ingrid snapped. “Hilda rub der kitzler.”Hilda reached around her and began working her mother’s clit. “Good, that’ll help. Hilda?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Don’t cum in me. I’m not on the pill.”

Hilda started laughing and for a moment stopped fucking her mother. Mistress smacked her hard across her butt cheek with a paddle.

“Shit! That hurt!”

Mistress struck her again on the other cheek. “Shit that hurt, Mistress, slave.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” she said trying not to laugh.

“You think this is humorous, slave?” Master asked.

“No master,” she said and started laughing.

Richard began laughing too. “Master D, get the weighted clamps,” Mistress said. “They aren’t taking this seriously.”

Master walked to another table. While he was gone Ingrid came and was recovering when he returned.

“Ingrid, sit and relax. His cock and balls won’t be getting any attention for a while now anyway thanks to the female slave.” Hilda glared at Mistress.

Master put nipple clamps on Hilda that were weighted enough to pull. Hilda groaned when he put each one on. Mistress put simple clamps on Richard who grimaced with each.

“Slave, fuck your daughter,” Master said.

“No,” Hilda replied.

Mistress twisted Richard’s nipple clamps causing Richard to howl.

“Sorry, Richard,” Hilda said.

“Either cooperate with them or use your safe word. I don’t like this punishment stuff.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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