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A story of our Family

Erik, Father, Master, Head of the Family, age 57

amy, Mother, submissive, breeder of the Family, age 39

Bree, oldest daughter, age 23

Sasha, middle daughter, natural submissive, age 20 years, 364 days

Isabelle, youngest daughter, age 18

Ms Persephone, Lesbian Domme, age 48

The Colony: a large, secluded private island in the southern Caribbean, far from the rest of the modern world. It is a carefully guarded secret society, with full openness only granted to its residents; becoming a citizen is very difficult and exclusive. While it still conducts business with major international powerhouses, it remains an independent nation and it’s residents often live their full lives never needing leave the comforts of the island. For it’s citizens, The Colony is a paradise beyond their wildest imagination.


Sasha has been under Ms Persephone’s spell since she was 18 years old.

Initially, it had startled Master Erik that His daughter had become fascinated by the older, Dominant woman. Ms Persephone’s beauty was never in doubt, and the Family was very open towards lesbian love, but Sasha had seemed such an independent child when she was younger, never attaching herself to much of anything, or anyone, for very long.

All of that had changed the first time she met the 45-year old former New York socialite at a Colony picnic. From that point on, Ms Persephone’s name was always on the tip of their middle daughter’s tongue.

They had found a natural attraction to each other, and with Master Erik and amy’s blessing, their relationship had flourished. Ms Persephone guided Sasha towards her instinctual submissive side and acted as her Domme, instructing her with firmness, passion and love.

After two years of courtship, Ms Persephone had invited Master Erik and amy to her estate at the Colony to discuss Sasha’s future. The Lady stated her desire to become Betrothed to their child. As per Colony tradition, the Domme could accept the girl as her Betrothed wife as early as Sasha’s 21st birthday

Betrothal in a Dominant/submissive relationship meant that the submissive would be subject to every single rule set forth by the Dominant. Limits and rules would be installed into the submissive’s life, and sometimes the rules instigated could be extremely harsh. It was typically all up to the Dominant, providing it would not break any Colony social or ethical rules, such as murder or theft of property, naturally. The submissive would adhere to those limits as determined. For example: if the Dominant said that a submissive could not have sex with anyone else, no one in the Colony was even allowed to approach the submissive for sex. If the Dominant said that everyone was allowed to enjoy a submissive anally, any Colony member was allowed to partake. Thus, Betrothal did not just affect the two people in the relationship, but the Colony as a whole. Either party could break Betrothal if desired, but those instances were rare and due to the serious nature of which the Colony enacted such a status, it would also mean banishment from the Colony.

The parents were surprised by Ms Persephone’s proposal. It was true that Sasha had fallen completely in love with her Domme and wished nothing but to serve as her submissive. But, Sasha was also still quite young, with several years of exploration and experimentation ahead of her. Would she really wish to become committed to someone at this stage in her young life?

After some private discussion, Master Erik and amy decided that it was Sasha’s decision to make: they would give their permission for Ms Persephone to propose to their daughter.


Ms Persephone had taken Sasha to her old stomping grounds, New York City, on her 20th birthday. Sasha had never been off-Colony before, and was swept up in the glitz and glamour that a city like New York can provide: dining, dancing, shows, clubs- it was all there for Sasha to enjoy with her hostess. Even the girl’s age was never questioned; it never is for those who are a part of high society.

It was at on the balcony of a friend’s borrowed penthouse overlooking the glittering lights of the City That Never Sleeps that Ms Persephone had proposed to Sasha and presented her with an beautifully feminine, sleek, steel collar with several rings for the purpose of bondage.

The collar was bejeweled with 5 diamonds: one weighing nearly 3 carats, representing their love. It was flanked by two 1 carat diamonds, representing Sasha’s parents, the people who had raised her in a warm, loving, disciplined environment and helped form the girl she had become. Finally 2 small diamonds were on the outer flanks, representing the girl’s sisters and the bonds of sisterhood that should never be broken.

Amy accepted Ms Persephone’s proposal with absolute affection and glee. She could hardly Casibom contain herself on the flight back, anxious to share the joyous news with her parents.

The special collar was carefully stowed at Ms Persephone’s, to be accepted on the night of Sasha’s Betrothal, a scant year away…


On the eve of Sasha’s 21st birthday, there would be the Betrothal Ceremony and a Grand Party. Ms Persephone had spared no expense. Everyone in the Colony had received invitations to the ceremony, and no one would dare miss it. The Betrothal Party was to be one of the biggest social events of the season, but beyond that, Ms Persephone and Sasha had become one of the more favored couples in the Colony.

There was no official structure to a Betrothal Ceremony. The parties involved could make it as intimate or as festive an event as they wished. Certain ceremonial vows would be exchanged before witnesses. Outside of that, it was really up to the participants to decide what would progress.

Although they were very much a Domme and submissive couple, Ms Persephone had encouraged Sasha’s active participation throughout the process. Everything from decorations to catering to alcohol choices had been selected by the two, along with amy, Bree and even Isabelle’s input as well, who had suggested chocolate cake, and lots of it!!!!

As for the Ceremony, the woman and girl had agreed on how it should proceed as well:

1) Sasha expressed the desire for her Father to officiate the Betrothal Ceremony, an honor which He gladly accepted.

2) Sasha would take a new spelling of her name, sasha (lowercase “s”), at the Ceremony and come to share Ms Persephone’s last name.

3) Sasha would be sealed into the collar given by Ms Persephone. It would be welded shut by Ms Persephone herself as a sign of completing the girl’s life. It would be worn by Sasha without end for the rest of her days.

4) And finally, in full view of the Colony’s Elders, friends and family, Sasha would submit to being sexually modified into a “Perfect Sexual Submissive” for Ms Persephone’s complete physical enjoyment. She would also be fitted with golden rings in her nipples and inner labia. Her tongue would be double pierced and fitted with two large, gold balls. Finally, a nose ring would be installed through her septum, for both beauty and control.


It was Ms Persephone’s suggestion that Sasha spend the final week before her 21st birthday exclusively at her parent’s home in the Colony compound, with no duties expected for the Domme. She would have plenty of time to pack her belongings and spend a bit more time with her family before moving away from her paternal home. She would never be far, and of course, could see her family often. But she would never again live under her Father and mother’s roof, or sleep in the same rooms with her siblings…..

Amy and Sasha were packing up Sasha’s closet:

“We want to have children,” Sasha said as she folded up another pair of panties.

Amy’s head snapped around. “Are you serious?”

A laugh. “Yes, Mom! Ms Persephone has already spoken to a few males we know, and all of them have agreed to donate their sperm. And we’ve looked into it; there’s an all-female Colony off the coast of San Francisco, California that has made incredible strides in lesbian insemination. Ms Persephone can actually wear a strapon that will hold the semen specimen and ejaculate via an app on her smartwatch once her heartbeat and other biorhythms reach a certain peak, most notably her orgasm.” The girl shook her head. “It’s amazing what modern science and technology can do…”

Amy walked over to her daughter, and putting her arms around her. She gave the girl a hug.


Well, she was developing into a woman now.

And this woman was going to carry a child. Her heart leapt for joy. She knew that Sasha would never regret having children, and the family the women started would enhance everyone’s lives.

“You know, your Father and I have something special planned for you tonight. Bree is with her boyfriend, and Isabelle was requested by Mr and Mrs MacMahon to spend the night with them, so we’re going to have the entire house to ourselves tonight.” Amy’s fingers lowered, cupping her daughter’s buttocks and squeezing. “I think we need to show your Father one more night of ecstasy before His little girl goes away forever.”

Sasha leaned in and kissed her mother directly on the mouth, their tongues intertwining. Amy’s nipples stood erect, thrusting proudly out against her daughter’s leather body harness, one of the more standard uniforms she wore under Ms Persephone’s instruction. The straps that criss-crossed Sasha’s torso framed her beautiful breasts, allowing the girl’s own nipples to grow as well. In a moment, the women were both on the Sasha’s childhood bed, giving each other oral pleasures and touches that dripped with love and sentiment.

Amy Casibom Giriş cradled her daughter’s head to her breast, and Sasha began to suckle. Head back, eyes closed, amy enjoyed the feeling of her daughter’s lips on her breast; and she let out a sigh as her milk began to flow. She was so glad Master Erik had demanded she continue to produce and loved being a nursemaid to one of the new couples in the Colony. But nothing beat the feeling of nursing your own child. Despite Sasha’s age, amy took to the task with glee.

Sasha’s fingers dipped low, and while she nursed, she slid her index and middle finger astride her mother’s clitoral hood, massaging her in a way that she knew her mother would enjoy. Amy cooed as her daughter quickly brought her to a rousing climax, juices spilling onto the sheets.

“We’d better clean that up… and get cleaned up for Daddy!” Sasha said, pulling away as she finished the last of her mother’s milk for the day.

“I’ll get the towels, babydoll, you run the bath water.” Amy replied.


When Master Erik arrived home, He found His daughter and wife awaiting Him in the study; dressed in matching white corsets with attached garters. The garters held sheer white stockings, their feet in white platform heels. Their hair was up in French twists, with small white flowers decorating the tresses of brunette hair both women possessed. Their makeup was modest, but noticeable, and their scent an airy breeze of femininity and honeysuckle. An ample amount of cleavage bulbed up from both girls’ bosoms, especially amy’s; whose breasts were all the fuller from years of prolonged lactation. As Master Erik looked slowly down the girls, His eyes hung on their pubis…. their Venus Mounds bare. He could see that His daughter’s slit was parted by her oversized clitoral mound and that her inner labia were now hanging even further down than his wife’s.

Obviously, Ms Persephone had been training His daughter’s inner lips with very heavy weights, stretching them out so that they would show prominently through any bikini or panty, and would part wide like beautiful petals when her legs spread, showing off his daughter’s perfect pinkness within. Such a beautiful look….

The Master dropped His briefcase to the floor and stepped forward. The girls lowered their eyes and stepped forward as well.

“It would appear I’ve come to the right place,” He joked.

He reached his large, burly arms out to his sides, and the girls took his coat off of Him, placing it gently on the coat rack, proceeding to undress Him further, right there in the study.

A bulging penis greeted them as they pulled down His pants. Swelling towards erection, it gleamed with tanned power. His Prince Albert piercing was already lightly covered in precum that continued to leak as He stepped out of His pants; shortly after, His shoes and socks were also quickly removed.

The Master sat down in His favorite easy chair, His legs spread slightly as the women lowered themselves to sit at His feet. It was large and covered in soft brown leather. Despite the Master’s own physical size, there was room in the chair to each side of him to accommodate a girl sitting on each knee, if he chose, or something more, like a misbehaving daughter bent over his lap for a spanking.

They both took hold of His legs and leaned in, proceeding to give a perfect tag-team blow job. Their tongues danced around the cock before them and with each other, their lips kissing and sucking the penis as it rose from strength to full erection. They could taste the remnants of Jasmine, the Master’s 18-year old office intern, and knew He had enjoyed a lunch break in His office instead of out at the commissary.

Amy thought well of Jasmine, but only really knew her from what her Husband had said, having only briefly met the girl at Master Erik’s office shortly after she had been hired. What had begun as an after-school job for Jasmine had turned into a full internship and more. Amy knew that the young girl’s sexual stimulations that day had only been prelude to the main course her Husband and Master would enjoy tonight!

Master Erik’s watery, salty precum continued to leak, and both Sasha and amy in turn swallowed their fill, delighting in the prospect of the Master’s swimmers making their way into their tummies. Amy paid special attention to the ring that protruded from her Husband’s cock. He had put on the “Undeniable” ring for tonight, which featured a “Pressure” stud: an oversized ball that sealed the ring of silver going through the tip of his cock and coming out the bottom edge. It’s effect was twofold: to help hold back His cum until it shot like a missile, giving Him exquisite pleasure and putting a piece of steel inside of the woman’s vagina, making sure she felt His every thrust inside her body. It was called the “Undeniable”, because for the right sized man, it could push its way into the cervix and hold the impossibly Casibom Yeni Giriş tight hole open, insuring complete semen flooding of the uterus and fallopian tubes.

The Master spoke, “Sasha, join with Me, my love.”

Sasha smiled as she got to her feet and climbed atop her Father’s lap, straddling Him. Amy held His cock erect and easily glided the tip to her daughter’s waiting opening. Sasha was still tight to Master Erik, the product of the girl not often being with a real man with any regularity. Ms Persephone had reportedly enjoyed the odd adventure with some of the men in the Colony, and Sasha had joined in, but outside of those rare occasions, the girl’s knowledge had been limited to her Father and some of the boys she had dated when she was younger.

He thrust upwards, strongly pushing His way into His daughter’s pussy. A cry of ecstasy and pain escaped the girl’s lips as she was impaled on His massive cock, the ball and metal ring of His piercing working its way harshly up the back of her innermost area. She felt the steel ball force its way through her cervix, already starting the job of loosening her for His eventual climax.

Sasha could not help but clutch her father’s shoulders at such an invasion. She had not felt this piercing before, nor knew what it did, but could feel its effect inside her body. Her first orgasm shuddered through her within moments as she wondered at what had happened. Her juices streamed out of her, onto the Master’s lap and the leather of the chair.

Amy began to lightly scratch her daughter’s butt cheeks as the girl sat affixed to her Father. She felt the girl’s goose bumps rise at the touch of Mommy’s nails. Amy blew a small wind between her husband’s legs, letting Him feel a delightful little tickle on his balls, knowing that He always enjoyed this “alternative blow job”, a joke of theirs from the days when they only communicated online.

That seemed like a lifetime ago. And truly, it had been.

Sasha began to grind her father, holding his shoulders for support. His hands went to her thighs, steadying the girl on His massive meat stick. This might be the last time He ever got to make love to His daughter and he fully intended to enjoy it.

Amy wetted a finger between her own legs and began to circle Sasha’s anal ring with one hand, then did the same for her husband. Soon, she was dutifully massaging both of their holes, stimulating them, as a good wife always does for her family.

Sasha was lost in the passion she was sharing with her father. She thought of the magical night that she and her Mother had gone into her parent’s bedroom, so that Daddy could make love to her for the first time. Tears of love and passion streamed down the girl’s face as wave after wave of emotion and orgasm swept through her.

The Master felt the buildup of cum in His penis. Several months prior, He and amy had begun the practice of “sounding”, whereby a lubricated metal rod was carefully inserted up the urethra of the penis, primarily during masturbation sessions. It had increased His capacity to channel semen and highly amplified the sensitivity inside of his penis as the pressure built up. The feeling was such that words did it no justice, so He simply insisted that He “sound” amy as well, so she might know such a feeling every time she urinated. He “sounded” her urethra weekly, and she had reported the act of relieving herself propelled her to a higher sexual awareness and an uncontrollable urge to masturbate upon finishing.

“Baby, are you ready for Daddy’s cum?”

“YES, DADDY!” was Sasha’s immediate reply.

Her Father’s pace increased, the steel ring and stud pressuring His daughter’s vaginal back wall, the stud pushing into her cervix, loosening it, preparing her for His forthcoming flow.

Sasha clenched her Kegle muscles, using techniques she had learned from her Mistress.

With a stiffening and a smile, he orgasmed fully inside of His daughter, feeling the tip of His penis penetrate the girl’s super-tight cervix and nudging the birth control device within.

Erik could not help but grin as the girl expertly milked His cock into her body.

She felt Him shoot his hot seed inside of her, a totally new experience as it flooded her vagina and up her fallopians. Her eyes went wild at the new sensation, and her lips parted, but no sound came out, until a few seconds later a smile, a laugh and a giggle formed on the girl, who then collapsed against her Father.

Amy climbed up as well, and hugged her daughter close to her Husband and Dom. She kissed Master Erik on the mouth and thanked him for giving their daughter such a wonderful treasure.

Erik smiled, his night not done yet.

“Amy, prepare the Playroom.”

Amy’s head went to her side for only a moment, puzzled at this new development, but she obediently slipped off of the couch and dutifully went off to turn on the instruments and lights in the family’s secret, fully equipped dungeon.

“Sasha, I want to give you one more gift, and Ms Persephone has given me her approval. Not that I needed her approval, as you are still my daughter for one more night, but I felt it was the right thing to do, regardless. Would you like to receive it?”

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