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Betty Flashes Billy her Big Boobs

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Betty flashes Billy her Big Boobs

Billy, a mama’s boy, after having a sexual relationship with his mother, Joan, he has an unexpected sexual relationship with his busty neighbor, Betty.

# # #

Author’s Note:

This is a true story that Billy asked me to write about what happened between him, his mother, Joan, and his next-door neighbor, Betty, thirty-years ago.

A mama’s boy devoted to his sexually frustrated mother, after having sex with his mother from 18-years-old to 22-years-old, Billy had unexpected sex with Betty, his busty, 22-year-old neighbor.

# # #

Billy’s mother, Joan, paid their 22-year-old, neighbor Betty, to stay with their son for the weekend while they went away. The first time leaving him alone with anyone, she was worried. With him having a tested IQ of only 80, Billy wasn’t the brightest, young man. Honestly, scratching her head in disbelief, with some of the idiotic things that he’s said and with some of the stupid things he’s done, his mother called him the male version of a dumb blonde.

Yet, what God didn’t give him in intelligence, he gave him in extra good looks. Billy was, indeed, a handsome, young man. Tall, muscular thin, and athletic, Billy was blessed with other physical talents that compensated him for his mental inabilities. In the way that Forrest Gump could run like the wind, with them having the same IQ, Billy could run like the wind, too. Alas, if only he had the gift to memorize lines, he was handsome enough to have been a movie star.

Unfortunately, easily misled, deceived, and manipulated, he’s been acting out lately from sexual frustration with himself. His inability to sometimes understand even the simplest of things confounded him. Not a skilled reader, always having to stop to look up the meaning of words, most times, he didn’t comprehend and/or retain any of what he read.

Yet, with them living across the street from one another, and growing up together, Billy and Betty were lifelong, best friends. When no one asked him to his senior prom, not allowing him to miss his prom, she attended his prom with him. A very pretty woman, she had long, red hair, beautiful, blue eyes, and a sexy and shapely body with huge, triple D cup or F cup breasts.

With his high school classmates mean and cruel to him, she was the only person who didn’t make fun of him. She was the only person who came to his rescue when others merciless, constantly, and continually teased him and embarrassed him. As if he was her brother from a different mother, she understood him and, probably, even loved him. What’s not to love? Not only was he handsome, he was kind, sweet, and loving, albeit continually horny.

Now that he graduated high school, with college not an option, he worked at a factory job where what he did all day long was redundantly routine. Billy was good at doing repetitive things that would bore someone else out of their minds and drive them mad. A taxpaying member of society, he was happy that he could earn a living to help his mother with their household expenses.

The key factor contributing to his lack of intelligence, his mother was clinically depressed when pregnant with him. With her husband gone all day working and then out with his friends after work drinking, she drank alone. Left to her own devices, most weeks, she didn’t even see her husband until the weekend. Never having enough money, with him drinking the rest, what he gave her barely covered the bills and groceries. Not a very satisfying life, she cared for the house and for Billy without any help from him.

Yet, needing money to buy alcohol was never a problem. Her husband always had a stockpile of booze in the house. By the time he finally arrived home drunk, she was already in bed sleeping it off. He wasn’t home long enough to spend quality time with his son and to notice that his wife had a drinking problem. Moreover, not realizing her excessive drinking directly affected their unborn baby, her abuse of alcohol was the reason for Billy’s unusually, low IQ.

Sadly, with his limited intelligence, he’s dependent on his mother and on Betty for helping him to understand things. Betty is his only friend, and one could say that Billy loved her. Yet, once again, when the Lord passed out brains, not blessed with an abundance of those, instead, Billy received a big cock. With him measuring himself with his mother’s sewing machine, tape measure, something for him to be proud about, when hard he was a full 9″ long.

# # #

“We’ll just be gone for the weekend,” said Joan to Betty. “You have my cell phone number. This is a list of all of the medication he takes and when he takes them. Just in case of anything, that’s the phone number of his doctor. Call me with any questions or if there’s anything wrong.”

Giving him a holiday from his unnecessary medication, mostly tranquilizers that he took daily for years but didn’t need, ignoring his mother’s requests, Betty folded the paper and slipped it in her pocket.

“Don’t worry about a thing. He’ll be fine. He’s good with me. yabancı gaziantep escort His favorite thing to do, we’ll play video games and watch TV,” said Betty. “Have a great weekend.”

Only, something that Joan didn’t know, Betty had always had a secret, sexual crush on Billy. Whenever alone with him, she sexually teased him by flashing him her bright, white, bikini panties in upskirt peeks and her long, sexy line of cleavage in downblouse views, she was continually horny. With her finally alone with him all day and all night, she planned on showing him continual views of her topless and naked body.

With him so handsome, she wondered if he had sex before. She wondered if he was a virgin. She wondered if he was as sexually attracted to her as she was sexually attracted to him. In the way that she suspected that he was sexually attracted to his mother, and his mother was sexually attracted to him, she suspected that they had and/or were still having incestuous sex.

Having seen his erection tenting his jeans, fully aware that he had a big dick, she was curious about the length, the width, and the shape of his naked, erect cock. The perfect, sexual opportunity for her to find out, giving him the gift of sex, she had planned on using this weekend, to sexually seduce him. At the very least, she wanted to give him a hand job and maybe even a blowjob. As long as he wore a condom, with her an immorally immodest whore, she’d even fuck him.

Something that Betty didn’t know and that he routinely started doing as his new way of acting out, whenever alone with his mother, he walked around the house naked and sporting an erection. Always exposing his erect, naked prick to his mother with pride and with her not stopping him, his mother, Joan, worried that Billy would expose himself to Betty, too. Sometimes, even going as far as masturbating himself and cumming in front of his mother, she feared that he’d masturbate himself and cum in front of Betty, too. She feared that Betty would be fearfully embarrassed and leave Billy alone to care for himself.

# # #

Before his mother could stop him, and with him seemingly not knowing any better, he’s even walked out front of his house naked to get the newspaper and/or the mail. Seemingly paying no never mind to his exposed prick, he’d wave to any neighbors that he saw. Taking sexual advantage of him, as soon as she saw his big cock, his next-door neighbor, Ida Turner, a widow, invited him in her house naked for a cup of coffee. Only, Ida wanted more than coffee, she wanted his crème.

“Would you like a cup of coffee that I just made, Billy,” asked Ida while flashing him all that he could see of her through her sheer nightgown?

Lonely and sexually frustrated, having that in common with Billy, Ida was always horny. With him so handsome, she had always been sexually attracted to him. Hoping that he’d take the not-so-subtle hint, she always flashed Billy all that he shouldn’t see of her.

With him looking up at her from the sidewalk, she flashed him her white panties when sitting on her porch with her knees parted. With her C cup breasts nearly falling out of the top of her nightgown, she flashed him her long, line of sexy cleavage by leaning out her window to talk to him. Laying out in her backyard topless and/or naked, she flashed him her topless and naked body when he was mowing the lawn. With his mother always interceding and coming to his rescue, Ida continually flashed him whenever she could.

With her wearing a sheer and sexy, low-cut nightgown, she exposed nearly as much of her naked body to Billy as he had exposed his naked body to her. With her C cup breasts overflowing her nightgown top, her brown, bushy pussy and her naked ass were clearly visible through her sexy nightgown. Fortunately, hearing him opening the front door without him wearing any clothes, his mother rescued him from her clutches before anything could happen.

“Shame on you, Ida, for trying to take sexual advantage of my son,” scolded his mother. “Whore! How dare you expose yourself to him? What’s wrong with you? You should be embarrassed. I can see through your nightgown as if you’re naked. You should be wearing a robe over your nightgown. You know full well that he’s not right in the head.”

# # #

Something as shocking as it was sexually exciting, another thing that Betty didn’t know, with one thing leading to another thing, his mother gave her son sex, incestuous sex. With Betty sleeping in her house, hoping that he didn’t expect Betty to give him sex, too, Joan worried that Billy would climb in bed with her. In the way that his mother allowed Billy to climb in bed with her and feel her nearly, naked body through her flimsy nightgowns, she worried that Billy would try to feel Betty’s nearly, naked body through her nightgown, too.

With Billy a good-looking, young man and his mother a sexually frustrated woman, for him to act out in that sexually inappropriate way, she feared that Betty would suspect that she gaziantep yabancı escort had given him sex. Exposing himself to her, she worried that Billy would walk in the kitchen naked. She worried that Betty would suspect that Billy had been flashing his mother. She feared that he’d masturbate himself in front of her and even cum in front of her, too.

In the way that he routinely had sex with his mother, she feared that Billy would try to have sex with Betty. In the way that he does with his mother, she worried that if she dared fall asleep while watching television, that he’d masturbate himself and cum all over her face as she slept. Something else that his mother had sexually done, Billy may expect Betty to blow him and allow him to cum in her mouth while she sat at the kitchen table drinking her coffee.

Again, by his inappropriate, sexual actions, she feared that he’d reveal that mother and son had been having incestuous sex since he turned 18-years-old. In the way that his mother sucked her son’s prick and allowed him to cum in her mouth, she feared that he’d expect Betty to suck his cock and allow him to cum in her mouth, too. Embarrassing her in front of her friends and family, she worried that Billy was going to expose what sexually went on between mother and son behind closed, bedroom doors. God forbid her husband found out they’ve been having sex.

Bad enough that she was responsible for his mental disabilities with her excessive drinking when she was pregnant with him, she felt guilty that Billy was the way that he was. Now that she had been having incestuous sex with him, she felt guilty about that too. With all of this potentially blowing up in her face, she feared that her husband would divorce her if he discovered that she had been having incestuous sex with their dimwitted son. If her husband discovered that she had been having sex with Billy, she feared that would give her husband reason to have sex with her sisters and/or their neighbors.

“I love you, Mommy,” said Billy with exuberance while standing beside her naked and with an erection.

With her windows open and her neighbors standing out front talking, afraid that the neighbors would hear, his mother looked at her son embarrassed.

“Billy, not so loud. People will hear you,” she whispered. “Get dressed.”

He shrugged.

“I don’t care if people hear me. I don’t care if the neighbors see me naked. I like being naked. I especially like being naked in front of you. I love my Mommy,” he said again.

# # #

Yet, since Betty lived cross the street from him, hearing him screaming, crying, yelling, and acting out, the reason why his mother kept him drugged with tranquilizers, she knew what he was like and what went on in his house. Her heart went out to his mother for keeping him home with her instead of placing him in an institution where medical professionals could give him the help that he clearly needed. Yet, most times, especially before he discovered sex and when he wasn’t drugged and sedated on his medication, he was a kind, funny, and a fun-loving man.

With Betty’s bedroom window directly across from his bedroom window, she sexually teased him. Especially when she knew that he was there watching her, she’d intentionally undress with her bedroom light on and her shade not drawn. Pretending not to see him staring, yet, knowing full well that he could see her, she’d even masturbate herself on her bed with her bedroom light on and her window shade up. With Billy watching, she’d tickle her clit with her vibrator or fuck her pussy with her big, black dildo.

Fully aware how sexually enamored he was with her huge breasts; she’d walk around her bedroom in her see-through nightgowns or in a sheer button t-shirt that clearly showed the size and the shape of her big breasts. While facing the unshaded window, she’d lean forward while brushing her long, red hair. Depending if she was facing him or standing with her back to him, she’d flash him her naked ass or her long, sexy line of cleavage while parading around her bedroom. She’d flash him her naked breasts while examining them in her mirror.

No doubt, if given the chance, he’d masturbate over all that she showed and all that he saw of Betty’s sexy and shapely, nearly, naked body. A masturbation machine, as if he had discovered that his prick was his personal, sex toy, he continually masturbated himself night and day. With him always horny and continuing to expose himself to his mother, he stroked his cock and masturbated, on average, four and five times a day, every day.

Routinely saying inappropriate, sexual things, while not even realizing that he was being naughty, with him always with her and hanging out with her, perhaps, he had already tried to touch and feel Betty’s big breasts. Much bigger than his mother’s D cup breasts, Betty has huge triple D cup breasts. Sexually teasing him, instead of hiding them, she flaunted her breasts by wearing sheer, low-cut tops that showed her long, the shape escort gaziantep yabancı and the size of her big tits. Then, when leaning over him, she flashed her long, sexy line of cleavage and the impressions of her erect, big nipples.

Especially after having his wicked, sexual way with his mother’s big breasts, and with Billy having a proclivity for big, breasted women, Joan feared that he’d try to have his wicked, sexual way with Betty’s enormous tits. After touching and feeling his mother’s naked breasts, especially with her flaunting them, perhaps, he thought that it was okay to touch and feel Betty’s big breasts, especially with her flaunting them, too. If Billy touched, felt, fondled, and groped Betty’s breasts, Joan feared that Betty may suspect that he touched, felt, fondled, and groped his mother’s breasts, too.

Not wanting anyone to know, especially her husband, Billy’s mother would be mortified if Betty suspected her of having sex with her dumb son. In the way that her next-door neighbor wanted to take sexual advantage of Billy, what could she say in her defense for wanting to take sexual advantage of her dimwitted son. Yet, with Billy so very handsome and with Betty well aware that Billy had a big dick, clearly, she wanted to have sex with him, too.

# # #

Yet, with Betty able to see past his handicap, with her having grown up with him, and with them constantly together playing video games and watching movies, she always liked Billy and, no doubt, he loved her. Protecting him from the neighborhood bullies who mercilessly teased him and made fun of him, she always looked out for him. Only, something she never knew and would, surely, be surprised to find out, and something that would surely come out now that she was alone with him, she needed to protect him from the incestuous, sexual behavior of his drunken mother.

Again, something that Betty didn’t know; recently, since his 18th birthday four years ago, Billy continually exposed himself to his mother. With his mother not chastising him and asking him to stop, instead she invited him to sleep with her in her bed. Instead of correcting his bad, sexual behavior, she had incestuous sex with him. Instead of trying to correct his inappropriate, sexual behavior, she stroked him, sucked him, and fucked him. She allowed him to masturbate her, eat her, and make love to her.

“Billy. You can’t walk around the house naked. Someone will see you. Get dressed,” said his mother finally correcting him while staring at her son’s exposed prick.

With her falling asleep in her chair after having one too many glasses of wine while watching TV, she’d awakened to discover that her son had masturbated in her hair, all over her pretty face, and across her nightgown clad breasts. Whenever she fell asleep in her chair, and with her fair game of him masturbating his cock, Billy would give his mother a cum bath. One of his favorite, sexual things to do, when she wasn’t blowing him, he loved masturbating on his mother.

“Oh, my God. Billy,” she yelled to him while wiping his dried cum from her face and hair. “Did you masturbate on Mommy, again,” she asked while laughing after being covered in her son’s cum.

With his mother already consensually agreeing to having incestuous sex with her son and with Billy not understanding that there was anything wrong with masturbating on his mother’s face, Joan feared that Billy may do the same to Betty. Joan feared that Betty would know that Billy was masturbating on her, too. She feared that Betty may tell her husband and/or the neighbors that they’ve been having sex, incestuous sex.

“Billy, come keep me warm. Sleep with me tonight,” she said removing her big, naked breasts from her nightgown top in readiness for her son to touch them, feel them, fondle them, and suck them.

If he dared give his mother a cum bath, Joan feared that Billy would give Betty a cum bath, too. She’d be embarrassed if Betty knew that Billy continually exposed himself to her. She’d be humiliated for Betty to know that Billy masturbated all over her while she was sleeping. She’d be humiliated if Betty knew that Billy slept with her in her bed. She’d be mortified for Betty to know that they’ve been having mother and son sex.

# # #

Not knowing any better, something that he routinely did, as soon as his father left for work, he’d climb in bed with his mother.

“Mom, may I sleep with you,” he asked in anticipation of touching and feeling his mother’s nightgown clad body and with his erect prick already tenting his pajama bottoms?

Without even waiting for her to answer, he’d climb in bed with her. By the time she responded, he was already spooning her, holding her, and cuddling with her. He would have already lifted the back of her nightgown to feel her naked ass. He would have already reached around her to stick his horny hand down her open, nightgown top to feel and fondle her naked breasts.

At first, Joan was okay with her son sleeping in bed with her but then when he started sexually touching her and inappropriately feeling her, she was embarrassed that he was sexually attracted to her and sexually excited over her. Yet, she was even more embarrassed that she was sexually attracted to him and sexually excited over him touching her and feeling her where a son should never touch and feel his mother. With him making her horny, she couldn’t believe that she relented and finally had sex with her son.

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