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Big Changes At Home Ch. 07

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Chapter Seven: The Fateful Talk

A dark cloud hung over the Thompson house from Saturday after the birthday dinner outing. The dark cloud didn’t dissipate once the morning sun hit the house the next day; in fact, it thickened. It was clear to Rosina, Owen and Taryn, that nothing would be right between them until this matter was resolved. If it wasn’t for Richard’s presence, they would have had that talk, Saturday night. Instead the talk would have to wait until Monday evening; even then it was only a chance. For the first time in years, the family hoped that Richard would have to work late, very late. When Richard was home, no discussion could be had. None of the three of them wanted Richard to know, for fear it would shatter the family. Owen, Taryn, and Rosina avoided each other all day Sunday.

Taryn and Owen didn’t do anything together Saturday night, or even Sunday. For the first time since the momentous Wednesday night, they were uncomfortable with each other. It was one thing to have their private, intimate relationship, their own private world of wicked pleasure between the two of them. It was quite another thing to have someone else, someone close to them, know about them. It was as if they now had to admit their relationship to the world, and suddenly felt uncomfortable with it. Owen and Taryn were at a loss, as during this time of tribulation, they wanted to seek comfort from each other. The irony was that it was that very comfort which was the cause of the pain they were in. Silent and irrational resentment toward Rosina grew within the minds of both Owen and Taryn.

Taryn herself took the news of Rosina’s discovery much harder than Owen. She had accepted and loved the relationship with her son on one level, yet on another level she couldn’t really accept it. Taryn knew that “normal mothers” did have sex with or were Slaves to their sons. Taryn hadn’t completely resolved the issue within herself, so how was she to explain and defend it to another person, especially her own daughter! A part of her wanted to tell Rosina to go to hell; her relationship with Owen was none of Rosina’s business. Taryn knew that a daughter had a right to understand and discuss an incestuous relationship between her mother and her brother. Taryn knew that she was lucky that her daughter hadn’t told Richard yet, and was behaving so calmly about something she should be ranting and screaming about. Taryn renewed her resolve to find someway to convince Rosina about how special and wonderful her relationship with Owen was. Taryn needed Rosina to understand and accept the relationship that by all logic shouldn’t exist, but did.

The one who was suffering the most of the three of them was Rosina, herself. She could feel the resentment from her brother and mother, almost as if they blamed her for the current situation. That was of little consequence to what was truly wearing on her mind. The dreams continued Saturday and Sunday nights, yet got worse and more intimate. It had changed in that as soon as Owen and Taryn finished having sex, Taryn left the room. After Rosina had sex with Owen, after they came together, Rosina cuddled up to Owen and fell asleep in his arms, feeling content and loved. When she awoke the next morning, finding that Owen wasn’t there, she felt the loss, and genuinely felt incomplete.

On one hand, Rosina hoped that once she understood exactly what was going on and why that she could get past it. She hoped that once she understood everything about the relationship, it wouldn’t excite her anymore. Her greatest fear was that once she actually understood what was going on, she might accept it. If she accepted it, she knew it would be a very slippery slope down to their level of depravity. Part of what she feared the most was that by the end of the talk she would wind up living out her dream, her nightmare. Rosina knew that she was taking a real risk by talking to them about it. She could feel the darkest part of herself calling out to Owen to own her, to make her, his newest Slave. That fear always made Rosina cry, for as time moved on, she felt that perhaps it was inevitable, yet she would struggle against, regardless.

Owen was borderline indifferent about the upcoming talk with Rosina. He wasn’t ashamed about what he and his mother was doing, and wasn’t planning to stop. Owen knew that things between he and his mother weren’t normal and he didn’t like the thought of explaining the relationship to anyone. He knew that he could have forced things with his mother that Sunday to have sex with her. He decided against it, out of respect for his mother’s silent wishes. She could barely look at him and didn’t let him touch her. Taryn only looked at him from a distance with a mournful look in her eye. Owen was quite agitated with Rosina for stirring up this trouble. Things were fine between Owen and Taryn until Rosina blurted out that she knew about them and demanded an explanation. Who did she think she was, demanding him to explain and justify what bursa escort he did with his own Slave? Owen started to brood over the situation and his thoughts continued to darken as time went by. Like the other two, he just wanted this talk over and done with.

Monday was a rough day for all three, as they took little joy out of their regular routines. Owen and Rosina, learned little that day at College. Taryn found even the nicest of customers start to grate on her during her shift at the spa. Eventually the day was over and the evening ritual and routines started. Taryn made dinner as Rosina set the table while telling Taryn of her day. They talked small talk and ignored the elephant in the room, for just a little while longer. When Owen came home, he walked up to his mother and gave her, what he thought was an appropriate hug and kiss for the woman he loved. The uncomfortable stare from Rosina, made it clear that she didn’t like to see any sort of intimate contact between them.

Owen wanted to start the talk during dinner, but Taryn shut him down, insisting that the talk wait until after dinner. All three people ate in silence and looked at each other as the tension thickened and grew. When dinner was over, the dishes were piled up by the sink, and the trio walked out to the living room to finally have their fateful talk. Nobody knew what to say or how to start the discussion as they each sat in a different chair. Owen felt, without anyone saying anything outright, that it was his responsibility to start the ball rolling.

“The first thing you need to understand, Rosie, is that neither of us, planned this,” Owen said with a deep sigh, as he looked at Rosina with a sincere look on his face.

“So how did this all start? When did it? How long has it been going on?” Rosina blurted out. She quickly cut herself off before she could rattle off a thousand questions.

With a deep sight he looked over at his mother and in reply she nodded at him, agreeing to his silent question. Owen told Rosina about their outing on his birthday that Wednesday and all that happened in the bathroom. Rosina’s chin hit the floor as she heard her brother tell her things that she would have never imagined possible.

Even though Owen was as delicate as he could be when talking about the sex that took place, Rosina couldn’t help but picture it. Much to her annoyance, she found the picture in her mind, hot, her pussy started to moisten. Rosina was not at all comfortable with this reaction from herself, and felt it was the first step down toward their level. Already she felt her feet start to slip on that slippery slope toward actually joining them in their sick world of incest.

“How could you, Owen?” Rosina asked with her mouth agape in utter shock.

“Like I said, it’s hard to describe, it’s like I’m discovering a part of myself that I didn’t know was there,” Owen said and looked down, pausing as he gathered his thoughts together. “After it happened, we talked and found out that we liked what we did . . . we needed something from each other,” Owen said looking up to Rosina with a piercing look on his face, a look that begged to be understood.

“Needed? Needed what?” Rosina asked with a wrinkled forehead and a shaky voice.

“I need to dominate her,” Owen said, his eyes never wavering from looking into Rosina’s eyes.

“And I need to submit to him,” Taryn said, completing Owen’s thought.

Rosina’s eyes shot over to her mother once she spoke and looked intently at her. It was the first time Taryn spoke since the talk began, and for Rosina it was mind-boggling to actually hear her mother admit to this. Rosina’s eyes never wavered from looking at her mother and silently implored her to continue. Rosina desperately needed to hear what her mother had to say, to understand this bizarre relationship from her mother’s point of view.

“Before I met your father, I always went for the ‘jerk’ type. I always dated the kind of men who would treat me like dirt. Time and time again I wound up with men who didn’t respect me and walked all over me. Your father was the first man who treated me like a person and I loved him for it. I made myself go out with him because I knew I needed to get away from those jerks that I craved so much. I thought that I had locked up that part of me, the part that wanted to be treated like that. I didn’t understand then, as I do now, that what I was really searching for was not a jerk, but a Master.” Tarn looked down for a moment and then back up to her daughter’s piercing eyes. “Yes, Rosie, I need to be dominated, I love it when Owen takes control, makes me do things. I love serving him, and he gives me the control and dominance that I need from him and I give him the submission and servitude that he needs from me.” Taryn paused to gauge Rosina’s reaction to what she had said and Rosina’s eyes were starting to get wet as she stared back at her mother.

“But you’re mother and son! You’re related, how can you two bursa escort bayan be so casual and comfortable with that?” Rosina blurted out in shock and amazement.

“Yes, we’re related, and I suppose, if we had realized what we needed before it happened, we may have found other people to get what need. Since we are related, it’s so much better . . .” Taryn said with a troubled tone of voice, but Rosina cut her off in mid-sentence.

“BETTER!” Rosina shrieked in disbelief.

“We love and trust each other, because we’re family. I know Owen could never hurt me or abuse me. I know him; it just isn’t in his nature! Because of that fact, and the fact that I love him as a son, I can give myself to him, as a lover . . . submit to him . . . as a . . . Slave.” Taryn said, though her words were harder to get out, the longer she spoke. When she finally got the last of the words out, she hung her head and sobbed a few sobs that she fought to control.

There was uncomfortable silence in the room as Rosina looked at Taryn with compassion. She looked over to Owen and scowled at him, it was his fault her mother was like this. Owen did this to her, Owen was the cause of her mother’s pain. Rosina wanted to hit him for it, she looked away from him to her mother who had stopped her crying and looked back up to her with a smile. It was a teary smile that Taryn tried to let her daughter know that she was okay. The scowl that Rosina gave Owen afterward made one thing clear to Owen; she didn’t understand the relationship at all. Clearly Rosina viewed the relationship as some sort of oppression.

“I think you need a demonstration, Rosie,” Owen said with a cocky smile on his face.

“Demonstration?” Rosina asked, with a curious tone of voice and a fearful look on her face.

“Yes,” Owen replied casually to Rosina before turning to Taryn to say, “Slave, remove your blouse!”

Taryn hesitated only for a short bit before she reached up and began to unbutton the blouse, one button at a time. Her red face made it clear that she wasn’t comfortable doing this in front of Rosina, but couldn’t help herself. Taryn’s damn need to submit to her Master was too strong to resist, each time she submitted to him, it made it harder to resist the next time. It didn’t take too long before the last button was undone, so she then removed the garment the rest of the way and placed it over the arm of the chair. She then folded her hands on her lap and waited, wearing only her skirt, panties and her bra.

Rosina looked at her mother, flabbergasted by the fact that her mother had actually done that just because Owen told her. Rosina glanced back at Owen, who smiled at her with an arrogant smile, her insides did a flip. She looked back at her mother expecting to see her put the garment back on, but she just sat there, motionless.

“Good, Slave, now show us your marvelous tits, take off that bra!” Owen ordered with a commanding tone of voice.

Rosina’s eyes bugged out of her head when she heard that last command and looked at Owen in shock but only saw a satisfied, yet self-assured smirk on his face as he gave her a chuckle. Rosina looked over to her mother in time to see her lower the cups of the bra down and off. Then she placed the bra on top of her blouse and waited patiently, she still remained silent and had not said a word of protest. Much to her dismay, Rosina’s eyes wandered over her mother’s full, round, large breasts with envy and desire.

“I think she has a great set of tits, what do you think, Rosie?” Owen asked with a cheeky tone of voice as he looked over at Rosina, whose eyes were fixated on her mother’s breasts.

“Lovely, yes,” Rosina mumbled in reply, not sure of what else to say.

“Seeing them, sure has got me hard,” Owen said to Rosina with a laugh before turning his attention to Taryn. “Get over here and give your Master a blowjob!” Owen commanded Taryn, while keeping an eye on Rosina out of the corner of his eye.

Taryn didn’t move and only glared at Owen with a stern look of disapproval. Owen glared an evil look back at Taryn and let out a low growl, similar to what a beast makes before it pounces. Taryn bowed her head and got off the sofa that she was sitting in and walked on her knees toward Owen, who was sitting in the large chair. Rosina sat there, with her mouth hanging open and watched in morbid curiosity as her mother approached Owen.

Taryn reached up and unbuckled Owen’s belt and then unbuttoned his pants. Rosina licked her lips, involuntarily as her mother opened his fly. Taryn figured that if she was exposed from the waist up, he was going to be exposed from the waist down. With that thought in mind Taryn grasped the waistband of Owen’s jeans and underwear down until they were at his ankles. With a tug on one pant-leg, the jeans came off and Owen was able to spread his legs wide.

Taryn licked her lips and leaned forward to take the rock-hard shaft in her hand and brought her lips to the head escort bursa of her Master’s cock. Taryn pushed all thoughts out of her mind as she lowered her lips down the shaft of that cock. As the cockhead hit the back of her throat she pushed the thought that she was doing this in front of her daughter out of her mind. As the cockhead slipped down her throat, she focused on one thing and one thing only, pleasing her Master. She was ordered to suck on her Master’s cock and that was what she was going to do, just what she was ordered. When her lips hit bottom she tried to slip her tongue out and lick at his balls, though it was barely a flick. She lifted her head until the cock came out of her mouth and she then ran her lips down the side of the shaft, licking all over it as she went. Once she was at the base of his cock, she continued down until she was licking at his balls. Gently she took one of his balls in her mouth and sucked, before she did the same to the other one. She licked her way back up the shaft, until her lips were once again at the head of the cock. Slowly she lowered her head down, taking in all of his length before she lifted her head back up. Taryn wanted to draw out her worship of her Master’s cock and had already forgotten that anyone else was in the room.

“You’re too slow sometimes, Slave!” Owen said with a frustrated scoff.

Owen then reached up and grasped two handfuls of Taryn’s hair from the sides of her head. He pulled her head down abruptly so that her lips hit the bottom of his shaft in half the time of her previous stroke. Quickly he lifted her head up and down on his shaft as he forced his cock down his mother’s throat at his maddening pace. Owen’s head fell back and he groaned out his pleasure, while still fucking her face.

“Cumming!” Owen moaned out in a satisfied groan. “Save some in your mouth, Slave!” Owen said as he abruptly let go of Taryn’s head.

Taryn raised up her head until just the head was in her mouth. She let as much collect in her mouth as she could, swallowing only what she had to. After what seemed like an eternity, Owen’s cock was spent and stopped spurting and Taryn carefully let it slip from her mouth. She made sure not to let any of his cum drip out of her mouth as she sat back and waited for his next command.

“Show her what’s in your mouth, Slave,” Owen said to Taryn directly while pointing to Rosina. Taryn turned toward Rosina and opened her mouth wide, yet still at an angle as to keep the precious liquid in her open mouth. “No! Go up to her, show her up close. Let her have a real good at what you have in your mouth,” Owen said with a wicked tone of voice.

Taryn got up and her breasts swayed and crashed about wildly and lewdly as she did. Rosina couldn’t take her eyes off of the hypnotic sway of them as her mother approached. When they were less than an arms length away and hanging down, motionless, Rosina looked up with a start. She saw her mother’s cum filled, open mouth only inches from her face and she couldn’t help but smell the sent of her brother’s seed, Rosina quivered inside.

“Kiss her, give her a taste,” Owen said with a growl of desire in his voice.

Before Rosina could protest, her mother leaned forward and planted a kiss on her lips. A second after that, a foreign tongue forced its way into her mouth, and then a gush of something warm and salty past her lips. As quickly as it started, it was over, leaving Rosina stunned and mortified. Rosina sat there and swished the substance in her mouth, savored the taste of it on her tongue and her lust grew. Rosina knew full well that she was tasting Owen’s cum. Her brother’s cum had been forced into her mouth by her mother who had just sucked him off. The concept alone was overwhelming, but the sudden gush of pussy-juice that rushed out of her, soaking her panties even more, was undeniable. Her mind was horrified, but her body loved it!

“That’s enough, Slave, you can dress yourself now,” Owen said casually to Taryn who casually did just that before she took her seat. Owen pulled up his pants and underwear up. Now Owen and Taryn looked like they did when the talk started. “So, Rosie, that is a sample of what Taryn and I do together. I give her and order and she complies . . . what do you think?” Owen said casually, as if he was talking about sports scores or the weather.

WHAT DOES SHE THINK? WHAT DOES SHE THINK? Rosina was outraged, disgusted, shocked, and scared by all that she had seen and heard so far. She was outraged for all that they had done together and how they were actually defending it. She was disgusted by what Owen had made their mother do right before her eyes! She was shocked about how she was starting to understand how and why it started. Worst of all she was scared that by understanding it, she was inching toward joining them. Rosina’s soaked panties were a testament to this, fact. She was confused and terrified; her mind had already started to shut down. The only impulse left in her brain was to flee so she got up and rushed for the door.

“ROSINA, SIT DOWN!” Owen shouted with a roar that even made Taryn jump. Rosina only took two steps before, to her shock and horror, she sat back down, instantly.

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