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Birthday Trip Ch. 03

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The next three days, after Mom and I had sex in the hotel room while Dad did my canyoning tour, we stayed in the same small village. And there was not a single opportunity for Mom and me to be alone. Dad was always around.

On the one hand I was relieved, because first of all I felt kind of bad for my father. After all I had fucked his wife twice, the week before. And secondly… I still wasn’t sure if it was okay to have sex with my own mother. I mean… every time our bodies touched… on the boat, and on the train, and then in the hotel room… it was amazing… electrifying… but each time afterwards, when I was alone again, I felt bad. I felt weird. I mean I did something that was forbidden on so many levels…

On the other hand though, I felt horny pretty much 24/7. Every time I looked at Mom, I thought about what she looked like naked. I thought about how her skin and body felt. I thought about how her hand and pussy felt around my dick. To make a long story short: it was pretty hard to distract myself and think about normal stuff.

So on the third day after the canyoning incident, I felt pretty relieved that we packed our bags and left the small village. I felt relieved to get away from the hotel, because every time I lay in my bed, I looked at the door that connected my room with Mom and Dad’s room and I thought about watching Mom touch herself and I immediately looked down on the floor to see if there was another note. But there never was another note.

So when I carried my bags to the bus, I never looked back.

Our plan was, to take a bus to the next destination. It wasn’t a bus that was used for public transportation, but a bigger one, used for bus trips and long distance transports. Departure time was 1.a.m. And the arrival time at our new vacation destination was 7.a.m.

When I got to the bus, I was pretty much the last one to arrive. Mom and Dad were already there. When I came out of the hotel, Dad yelled that I should hand my bags over to the bus driver and then both Mom and Dad entered the bus.

So I slowly approached the bus and just put my bags on the ground in front of the bus. Then I slowly went to the front of the bus and got in as well. As I walked up the three steps and slowly walked down the isle, I saw that there were only about eight people on the entire bus. So there were easily fifty or sixty empty seats.

The next thing I noticed, was that every passenger except Mom, Dad and me was about sixty or seventy years old. Plus, of course it was already dark out, so everybody looked pretty tired.

“This is going to be a fun ride”, I thought to myself.

A few of the soft lights mounted over the seats were turned on, but other than that, the inside of the bus was pretty dark, too. As I continued to make my way down the isle, I saw that Mom and Dad were sitting in the fourth row. They both looked at me and smiled. Of course they thought that I would probably take the row in front of them or the one right behind them. But I had no intention to do that. So I just nodded down the isle to signal my parents that I would take a seat in the back.

All the other passengers on the bus were sitting pretty much in the front of the bus as well. It was perfect. I walked right to the end of the bus. And then I sat down in the very last row.

The last row was the only one that consisted of five seats. Of course, I took the one right next to the window. So when I sat down, I slid forward to the edge of the seat. I wanted to get as comfortable as possible. I planned on sleeping through the entire ride.

So when I leaned back, I realized that I only saw the top of the heads of the other passengers. Nobody could really see me back there. So at least there was one good thing. Nobody would talk to me the entire ride. Nobody would get on my nerves.

So I took out my iPod turned the music on and closed my eyes. After about ten minutes I felt the bus moving. I opened my eyes for just a second. I couldn’t really see what was going on outside. It was completely dark. I looked to the front of the bus. I didn’t see anybody. So I closed my eyes again. I must have slept for an hour or so… I mean I was never fully asleep, but I dozed off a little bit… when I felt somebody touch my arm.

I opened my eyes and it took me a few seconds to get back to reality. But then I saw that Mom was sitting next to me.

I turned off the music and put the iPod away and then I looked at her. My heart started beating pretty fast right away and I didn’t really know why.

“Your father is asleep.”

I didn’t say anything. I knew Dad could sleep everywhere. On a plane. On a train. I wasn’t surprised that he was asleep. But I thought Mom might be asleep by now as well.

“So is everybody else.”

I moved back in my chair a little bit to look to the front of the bus. I didn’t even see the top of the heads of the other passengers anymore. I thought they probably slid down from a sitting to a more comfortable position as well.

Then I looked back at Mom.

“Can you see to the front of the Escort bayan bus?”

I nodded. Mom was whispering the entire time. And I didn’t dare to talk. I didn’t really know what to say anyway.

“Watch the isle!”

I nodded for a second time.

And then Mom slipped out of her shoes and put her legs on the seat in the middle of the row. She lay down and a second later her head rested on my upper chest. And then Mom lifted my sweater up… just a little bit.

And another second later, I felt that Mom was working on my pants button. Once it was open, Mom slid down my zipper. Immediately my heart race got even faster than before. I looked down the isle. I didn’t see anybody.

I was wearing a wide boxer shorts underneath my pants. It had another small button which Mom was now working on. Once that button was opened as well, Mom’s hand reached in there.

The second Mom’s fingers touched my dick, I almost jumped to my feet. It was such an electrifying feeling.

But Mom’s fingers didn’t really grab my dick, like she did back on the train. She just took my dick out of my boxers.

So now my dick was out in the open… with Mom’s hand on it… on a bus… with seven or eight other passengers… a bus driver… and my Dad.

My brain was spinning. I thought, there was no chance Mom and I can have sex on this bus. But she wasn’t stroking me either. It was like Mom was just looking at my dick.

Mom still held my dick between her index finger and her thumb, when all of a sudden she slid down further with her entire body. Now her head was resting on my stomach.

And then I felt it. With her index finger and her thumb, Mom pulled on my dick slightly to pull it up in the air and towards her. A second later I could feel her warm breath on the tip of my penis.

Oh my god. Is she really going to do what I think she is?

I had my eyes focused on the isle. I didn’t dare to move.

And then something changed. My penis felt cold since Mom pulled it out of my pants, but now, the tip of my penis felt warm. And then the sensation became even more intense, because I felt Mom’s lips around my shaft. And then I felt Mom’s tongue.

I couldn’t believe it. Mom was actually giving me a blow job right there on the bus.

Mom still held my dick with two fingers and began to suck on the tip of my penis. And with every time Mom sucked on it, I felt more blood shoot into my dick. My dick got harder and bigger inside Mom’s mouth.

At first, Mom had my entire penis in her mouth, but soon it got too big for her mouth. Also, her fingers went from my shaft down to my balls. She didn’t have to hold my dick anymore, because it was hard enough now to stand on its own.

As soon as her fingers touched my balls and Mom started to stroke, massage and caress them, another wave of pleasure hit me. Again, I thought I had to jump out of my seat, but instead I grabbed the back of Mom’s head with both hands.

I still watched the isle. I had to make sure nobody woke up. I had to make sure nobody saw us. I had to make sure nobody would see Mom sucking my dick.

And man, did she suck my dick. It was absolutely amazing. Her tongue was playing with the tip of my dick the entire time. Mom loved to suck on the head.

But when I grabbed her head, I unintentionally pushed her head down. By doing that, Mom pulled her tongue back a little bit so she could take more of my dick into her mouth. I guess Mom thought I did it on purpose, because after that, she didn’t just suck on the tip of my dick anymore… she didn’t just swirl her tongue around the head of my penis, but she tried to swallow as much of my dick as she could.

Of course my dick was fully erect by now. It was as hard as it was on the boat and on the train and in the hotel room. It was weird… I had the impression that it was never this hard back when I used to have sex with my girlfriends.

And then Mom stopped. Almost my entire dick was in her mouth, but she couldn’t swallow any more of it. So then Mom began to move her head up and down. And she really moved her mouth all the way up and down my shaft. My dick almost popped out of her mouth, but then she moved back down and swallowed it again. And each time she went down as far as she could.

It was amazing. It felt so overwhelmingly great. Soon my dick was covered in Mom’s saliva. Of course that led to the fact that my dick glided into Mom’s mouth easier. And it slid deeper into her mouth as well.

Soon Mom’s chin touched my stomach. My dick disappeared all the way into her mouth.

I guess Mom liked that fact, because as soon as her chin did touch my stomach, Mom stopped to move her head. She just stayed there. With my dick all the way in her mouth.

I couldn’t believe it. No girl has ever managed to take my entire dick in her mouth. I put both hands on Mom’s head and began to slowly stroke her hair. I almost forgot to look down the isle. I was so overwhelmed.

And then Mom began to move her mouth up and down my prick again. And she realized that it was covered Escort in her saliva, because she took her hand from my balls and placed her fingers over my shaft. And every time her mouth went up and to the tip of my penis, Mom stroked my cock with her hand.

And then she found a new rhythm. She slowly… and I mean really slowly, moved her mouth down the entire length of my shaft. And when she slowly came back up, she stroked my cock not only once, but three or four times with her fingers.

It felt so amazing. I was breathing heavily. And then I felt that I was about to come. It was too much. The entire sensation of Mom sucking my dick in that bus, and the way she was doing it, was just too much for me.

So I opened my eyes. I didn’t even realize that I had closed them. I immediately looked down the isle. Nothing. Thank god.

But then I came back to earth. I knew I was about to cum.

“Mom… stop…”, I breathed silently.

But Mom didn’t stop. I didn’t know what to do. Maybe she didn’t hear me. I was so out of breath, I couldn’t really hear it myself.

I grabbed Mom’s arm. And then she stopped. She held my dick in her hand and turned her head slightly.

I knew I couldn’t speak. I was so out of breath that I didn’t know if I was able to whisper. I didn’t want to talk too loudly. I didn’t wanna wake anybody.

So I mouthed the word:


This time Mom understood me. She shook her head. And then she looked to her left and to her right. I guess she was looking for something.

All this time she continued to stroke my cock very slowly.

And then she looked back up. She smiled… just barely, but noticeable. And then she blinked. Only once and very slowly.

And then she turned her head again. And a second later my dick was back in her mouth. I was close to an orgasm before, but all this time my dick wasn’t in Mom’s mouth didn’t change the fact that I was still close. I mean, she was still stroking me the entire time.

So after Mom’s mouth moved from the tip of my penis to the bottom of my shaft for only five more times, I felt my orgasm coming closer again.

I put both my hands on Mom’s head and breathed:


Mom knew exactly what I meant, because her mouth stopped at the tip of my penis. Mom had her mouth around the head of my dick and started sucking on it again. Her tongue moved around the tip of my dick. Every time it made contact with the opening it sent chills down my spine.

I couldn’t even feel my legs anymore. They were tingling for at least the last then minutes.

And then Mom’s stroking got faster and faster. She moved her hand up and down my entire shaft. But the entire time, she held the tip of my dick inside her mouth.

And then I was about to come. Again I sighed:


And then I no longer felt Mom’s tongue on my dick. I no longer felt her lips around my shaft. But her hand was still stroking me. And her head remained in the same spot. She must have just opened her mouth wider.

And then I came. I had to. I shot my load. I didn’t really know where, because Mom’s head was blocking everything, but I couldn’t hold it back any longer.

And after shooting the fourth load, I couldn’t believe it, but I felt Mom’s mouth again. Cum was still running out of my penis, but Mom didn’t care. She started sucking on the tip of my penis again. I guess she swallowed even the first few shots of cum. And she also swallowed the rest of it.

I leaned back in my seat. All the energy I had left my body. I couldn’t believe how hard I came. And Mom swallowed all of it. She even kept my dick inside her mouth until it got limp. She didn’t move her tongue anymore, she probably knew that my dick was ultra sensitive at that point, but she kept my dick in her mouth.

After what seemed like forever, I guess Mom came back to earth. She carefully put my penis back in my pants, closed both buttons and the zipper and then she sat back up.

She smiled at me and then she put her shoes back on. After she was done, she looked at me again, wiped her finger over her lips once and smiled at me again.

And then she stood up and walked down the isle to the front of the bus.


We arrived at another small European village at 7:20.a.m. Of course, I didn’t sleep at all. I couldn’t sleep. I thought about Mom’s blow job. How can you possibly fall asleep when you think about that!?

Of course Dad was well rested. Mom had slept at least a couple of hours.

So we checked in at a new hotel. We didn’t really do much the entire morning. We had lunch at the hotel and then Dad had the brilliant idea to do a mountain hike after we had lunch. So we walked through numerous woods and up a hill for six hours. It was horrible.

Of course, I would have liked it on a normal day. The view was great and everything, but I was just too damn tired.

The only thing I thought about was sleeping… and Mom’s tongue around my dick. I was so horny the entire day. I needed sex pretty bad, but of course I Bayan escort didn’t know if there would be another opportunity for that.

So when we came back to the hotel, it was already 8.p.m. I wanted to go to my room right away, but my parents insisted that I needed to eat first. So I had lunch with them.

The only good thing about that was, that Mom and I could somehow convince Dad that the next day should be more relaxing than the one we had that day. He agreed. Thank goodness.

So when I woke up the next day, I didn’t really know what Mom and Dad had planned. We met at the breakfast table down in the lunchroom and Dad told me I should change and pack my bathing shorts.

So when I walked out of the hotel an hour later, I expected that we would spend the day at the lake, but Mom and Dad had other plans. So while we were walking, Dad told me about the plan for the day…

“This region is known for it’s thermal springs and hot springs. So we’re going to a thermal spa. They have thermal baths, whirlpools, hot water pools, saunas, steam saunas and lots more. It’s gonna be fun. Relaxing. Just like the two of you wished.”

To be honest: I wasn’t overly thrilled. I mean, yeah, it was better than climbing up a mountain, but it didn’t sound very exciting.

So when we got there, the first thing I noticed, before we even changed into our bathing suits, was that this thermal bath was huge. And to my surprise, it looked pretty amazing.

So Mom went into the women’s changing room and me and Dad went into the men’s changing room to change into our bathing shorts.

When we came out, Mom wasn’t there. So while we were waiting, I tried to survey the entire place. There was a huge pool area right in front of us. Next to the changing area on the right, there was a sign leading to the sauna area. I guess “sauna” means “sauna” in every fucking language, because I could somehow translate it, so I kind of knew what it said.

On the opposite side there was another sign leading to another more private area. I didn’t really understand exactly what it said, but they way I translated it, it seemed like you could get all kinds of massages back there.

And then I turned back to Dad. I wanted to tell him about my sightings, but then I forgot about that, because Mom came out of the changing room. She wore a purple bikini and she really looked amazing. She had a great body for a 41-year-old woman.

When Mom came out, she smiled at us.

“Let’s go boys.”

So we turned around and headed for the pool area. Dad was carrying our bag, containing towels and stuff like that.

And then we saw the pool area for the first time. It really was huge. There was one huge pool and a smaller one. The smaller one had fountains in it with water sprinkling down. There were loungers everywhere. So Mom and Dad walked around the pool area pointing and looking. And then they found a nice place. So Mom took out our towels and each of us took a lounger and lay down.

After I took in the entire place, the next thing I noticed was, that there were very few people there. I guess I saw only twenty or thirty people.

I turned to Dad and said: “Pretty crowded.”

Dad smiled.

“I guess these thermal baths are pretty huge in the winter.”

That made sense. What sane person would prefer a hot water pool to a normal one in the summer time?

I looked around again and then I had my answer. Because, like it was on the bus, everybody here was at least sixty years old.

So after we lay on our loungers for ten minutes, Dad turned to me.

“Do you wanna go in?”

I nodded and stood up.

“I join you guys later”, Mom said.

So Dad and I jumped in. And immediately we realized that the huge pool was a normal pool. The water wasn’t warm, but cold. Not too cold, but cold non the less.

So Dad and I saw around for a bit and after that we got out and jumped into the smaller pool. The water in there was warm.

And it was weird… even though it was summer, I liked the warm pool much better. So Dad and I stayed there. After a while Mom joined us. I stepped under a fountain and let the water sprinkle down on me. I didn’t wanna be too close to Mom. I don’t know why, but I wanted to keep my distance, with Dad around.

And then Dad pointed to an opening in the surrounding glass wall.

“Look. There is an opening. You can swim out of the building but still be in the warm water. That’s cool.”

But I saw something different. There was a second story. It wasn’t big, but I saw loungers up there as well. I had to find out what was up there.

“I’ll be right back. I wanna look around a bit.”

Mom and Dad both nodded.

So I made my way to the entrance. And then I found the stairs. So I walked up there. When I came up, I was stunned. There were about six or seven whirlpools up there. They were placed right at the glass railing. So I walked towards one and got in. It was amazing. The water was even warmer than it was in the hot water pool downstairs. And what was even more fun… from up here, you could look down on the pool area. So when I saw Mom and Dad I waved at them. They didn’t see me at first, but then Dad spotted me and they both waved back. They could only see my head, because the rest of me was underwater.

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