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Bisexual Birthday Boy

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My name is Ian. I have been attracted to both sexes as long as I can remember. I started sleeping with women in high school and sucked my first dick in college. Pretty quickly, I realized that I enjoyed both men and women. I like sex with women a bit better and I’ve realized that I’m not interested in having relationships with men

But I can’t say that I don’t also love being on my knees and servicing a man, especially one who is older and dominant. Most of the time, I have sex with other bi men, some of them married, some of them who call themselves “straight”. I’m not that into anal sex and I don’t like other men touching my dick. So, I’m a little one-dimensional, homosexually speaking.

My birthday was coming up and I began thinking again about what I wanted to do. I usually don’t make a big deal of it, but I had gone through a stressful year, and I really wanted to celebrate. Most of all, I wanted to see Amy.

Amy Duffy, my onetime girlfriend, and current fuck buddy, came to town. She is a tall blond with small but perky tits. She was an incredible lay, but also divorced after a short and unhappy marriage, so she was wary of getting too serious. We had worked together, but she took another job and moved to another town maybe 45 minutes away.

We weren’t together all the time, but we tried to see each other once a month or so. Neither of us was good at monogamy. We were open with each other about being bisexual and we have had our share of threesomes.

My birthday party was held in the backroom of a restaurant. Several of my friends were there, including Amy, of course. Both of my parents were there for the opening. My Dad gave me a big hug. We both knew what was on the agenda for later. He and Mom also greeted Amy with hugs, they always liked her a lot.

Amy and I went back to my place. As soon as we got inside, we started making out frantically. It had been too long, even though it had only been a few weeks. We were eagerly kissing and groping each other when suddenly Amy stopped it.

“Birthday spanking?” she said.

I smiled. Early on, when we were exchanging talk of kinks, I admitted that I craved a good spanking. Amy thought it was a little weird at first, but she discovered she enjoyed seeing me so vulnerable.

She sat on the couch. “Drop your drawers, you bad little boy,” she said with a snigger.

I unbuckled my pants and they fell to the floor. I soon stripped to just my boxer briefs.

“Assume the position.”

I lay across her lap. She pulled down my underwear, exposing my tight little butt.

“I want you to count off each one, birthday boy. And thank me when I am done.”

She slapped my ass, it stung but in such a good way.

“One,” I said.

She slapped it again.


As we approached my actual age, my butt began to really burn. I also felt my tears starting to well up. That’s how I know Amy is really good at this.

When we were done, I told Amy as ordered, “Thank you, Ma’am. I know I deserved it.”

She kissed me on the forehead. “Are you going to be a good boy for Mama?”

I nodded.

“You’ll be able to show Mama how much you love her.”

“I will.”

We went back to my bedroom. We kissed with a demented passion, swirling our tongues around each other’s mouth, groping each other all over. I was already naked, so I quickly pulled off her clothes. Our naked bodies were rubbing all over each other and we could feel each other getting aroused quickly.

I reached down and began playing with Amy’s pussy. She was already very wet, and my index finger slid in easily. I ran my thumb over her clit.

“Oh fuck, ” Amy said.

Soon my face was between her legs, pressed down in her beautiful hairy bush. Her taste and smell aroused me wildly. Feeling her wetness on my face did even more. I love being enveloped in her arousal. I was rock-hard without even touching myself.

My tongue flicked away at her clit, while my face sat on her lips. I kept fingering her until I could get two in and started massaging the front of her vagina.

“Oh Jesus fucking Christ, honey.”

I started pushing my face back and forth on her, while continuing to work her clit.

“That’s feels fucking fantastic, boy. Eat me, eat me.” Amy started to groan louder and louder. Her whole body shuddered. She cried out, “Uh, uh, fuuuuuck!”

I kept going even after she came. As I licked her clit, I felt myself shuddering. I realized that I was having a dry orgasm. I couldn’t make a noise because I was so buried in her muff, but I knew that I was coming. But that didn’t matter because it was all about her right now.

I kept working on her clit and fingering her cunt until she came again. She told me she had enough. I looked up at her with a big smile and a face dripping with her nectar.

“Why are you so good to me?” she asked.

“Because you’re worth it.”

She laughed. “Yes, I am.”

But I had enjoyed myself (almost) as much as she did. With both men and women, I’m basically orally insatiable.

Despite Bomonti Escort my dry orgasm, my cock was plenty hard, and I slid into Amy’s well-serviced pussy. I’m not that long but I’m pretty thick, so I have no problem giving Amy what she needs.

I started pushing back and forth into her. Her pussy was so fucking wet. She was so fucking horny after her two orgasms that it felt like she was going to swallow my dick whole and never let it out.

I finally let myself go and shot my load into her pussy. I immediately buried my face and ate my own cum.

“You’re such a freak. I love it,” said Amy with a laugh. “Happy Birthday!”

I kissed her.

We dozed off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to find Amy sucking my cock.

“Fuuuuck, honey,” I whispered.

Amy kept sucking on my cock.

“Turn around so I can feast on your pussy” I said to Amy.

I gorged myself with the breakfast between her legs. Amy pulled herself off my cock and repositioned herself so she was sitting on my face. “Eat it, boy,” she said, almost bursting into laughter.

She pushed her pussy onto my face. Amy is not fat, but her weight definitely put pressure on my shoulders, accenting her control of me. I eagerly serviced her, kissing her lips, and twirling her clit with my tongue. Her smell and taste conquered my world, reminding me that my role was to worship her. I could barely breathe, but all I wanted to do was get her off. As she came, she grabbed my head, pushing me right against at her pussy.

When she was done with me, all I could smell was pussy.

Amy sat on my dick, and laid down on top of me. Her hungry cunt gripped my hard cock. I felt her greedy snatch gripping me while she bounced away. My butt muscles flexed over and over, pushing me up into her. “Oh, fuck me, baby,” she groaned.

“I love your fucking pussy, honey, ” I answered. Her trimmed pubes sat directly over my dick, and I could see her crotch twitching with each thrust. She came again, covering my prick with her nectar.

“Fuck me in the ass, kid,” a still horny Amy told me. I’m not especially into anal, but Amy likes it, so I give it to her. After I thoroughly lubed her hole, I slid my hard cock into it. “Fuck that fuckin’ ass,” Amy barked at me.

“Oh God, it’s so fucking tight,” I barked as I pushed deeper into her.

Soon my balls were bouncing against her butt, while squeezed her muscles around me. A few more minutes of this was all I could take, and I pulled out and shot my load on her ass-cheeks. As we relaxed afterwards, Amy turned to me and told me about the next step.

“I have a special present for you. Get in the bathroom and lie down in the tub.”

Could it be?

I followed her orders. She then straddled me in the tub. She squatted over my face.

She barked — despite almost breaking into laughter — “Fuck, I gotta pee so bad. Shouldn’t have drunk so much beer.”

A beautiful golden stream descended on my face. So warm, so wet. One of my dreams had come true.

“Are you gonna thank me for it, bitch? Thank me for giving you my champagne?”

“Thank you, ma’am. Thank you very much.”

I was so excited to have this fantasy fulfilled that my cock was hard again. Men had pissed on me before, but it felt special that Amy had done it to me now.

I started a hot shower. Amy soon joined me and jerked my cock while we kissed. Before long, I was fucking her from the rear. The hot water only made us more sensitive. It took us both awhile, but we both eventually came.

We were pretty wiped that afternoon, which turned into us lying around in our underwear and watching Netflix. In the evening, we went out to our favorite Italian restaurant.

When we came home, we hopped back into bed. I ended up fucking her from behind while I rubbed her clit. I got really deep inside her and we both came explosively.

In the morning, we were too tired to do more than just 69, I came on her face, and she covered my face with her nectar. So, we both got our daily moisturizing.

Before she left, Amy gave him a pair of her dirty panties.

“What plans do you have for these, you perv?” she asked. “Wearing them around all day underneath your clothes?” (I had done that). “Jerking off with them?” (I have done that, too).

“I have some special ideas for them,” I said with a laugh.

“C’mon, tell me! Tell me, tell me, tell me. You’re a perv and I’m a dirty girl and I want to know all about it. You know you can always tell me anything.”

I told her about my plans.

“Fuuuuuck, you really are a pervert. Have fun, honey!”

She kissed me. She gripped my face. “You have beautiful cocksucking lips. Use them well.”


I took Monday off from work. I had plenty of time coming at the office, so it wasn’t a big deal.

For months, a plan had been rolling around in my head. It would be a special treat for my birthday. I mentioned my enjoyment of servicing dominant older men. Once I had the Bostancı Escort privilege of sucking two men in a row and I loved it. I have long been attracted to my own father and I’m aware the Daddies I suck are surrogates for my own Daddy.

Now what I wanted was a room full of Daddies ready to use my mouth, cum on my face, and to piss on me. A couple of months before, I set up profiles on sites that attract the bi-married set. Generally, they are big on discretion; guys usually send their pics, rather than show them. I also hung out in chatrooms that attract the same crowd.

I made it clear who I was looking for: bi/married guys over 40 who liked to be sucked off. I promised I would never tell anyone. But they would have to be comfortable being in a room with other men who were also being serviced.

I reserved a suite in an airport hotel in a city about an hour’s drive from where I live. I figured that the usual transience would give us protection. With people coming and going, it would be easy for my Daddies to blend in. Like a lot of airport hotels, there was a strip club nearby, which fit into my plans.

I had enough interest that I could be a little choosy. I asked for proof that the guys were actually married to women. They had to send me a picture of their wedding ring and one (or more) of their wives. These gave me some good stroke material, since I like mature women as well.

Usually, the wife pics had the faces blurred or taken in such a way that I couldn’t quite identify the woman. I would talk pussy a lot with them to make sure they weren’t gay. I would ask them for links to their favorite straight porn.

I met “Brad” in a chatroom. He said he was married in his fifties, but still very horny. He said he knew how to put a cocksucker in his place. Even online, he gave off a dominant vibe that I found very hot. He took naturally to being called “Daddy” and he called me his “good little bitch.”

I confided in him that I had been sexually attracted to my father and had long wanted to suck him. We talked pussy a lot too. We shared links to porn we had enjoyed, pretty much all of it either hetero or lesbian.

He said that he and his wife were swingers and had some adventures together. They both had strong sex drives and had married young and decided later that they wanted to explore together. He quipped that he had a son about my age and his wife had once joked that he was cute and she wouldn’t mind banging him.

I told him how hot things could get with Amy, but it didn’t seem to work as a relationship. For two guys planning a one-time sexual encounter, we had a real rapport.

He had discovered that he enjoyed being sucked off by other men — he wasn’t interested in anything else with another man. but he found that many men sucked cock really well, and he enjoyed the power dynamic.

His wife was OK with it, as long as it was just a few times a year, he didn’t bring them home, and he didn’t catch any diseases.

He sent me a pic of his body with the face blurred. He was clearly a tall, burly guy maybe around 50, so the sort of a man I liked to service. The pic looked quite familiar though — maybe he was someone I had worked with? Who cares?

He asked me for a face pic. Normally I don’t give those out, but I really liked Brad, and he said he would want to identify me when he saw me. And I had less at stake, since I was single. Nobody really cared who had sex with. So, I sent one that I’ve used on Tinder — it’s a cute one!

A few minutes later, I got a message from “Brad”

“Holy fucking shit, is this Ian?”

I shuddered — could this be my boss or someone else who wouldn’t be thrilled to see me trying to find men to shoot their loads on my face. But then I thought that anyone doing this would be as vulnerable to disclosure as I was.

“Yes. Do you know me?”

“Ian, this is your father. Your real, flesh-and-blood daddy who raised you.”


I was really freaked out. The wife pic had looked familiar and no wonder, it was Mom!

I messaged him, “Wow.”

“You don’t mind that your good old dad is a pervert?”

I loosened up. “I always figured you were a horndog. LOL.”

“Yes, I am!”

“Always heard stories about how much pussy you got back in the day. Gave me a fucking boner just thinking about it.”

“Not all of those rumors are true, ha ha. But some of them are.”

“I remember hearing you fucking mom. You sounded like you knew what you were doing.”

“Yes, I do. Your mom is hornier than she lets on. Gotta be the good mom in public. LOL.”


“Heard you beating your meat a few times. Have to say I enjoyed.”

“The feeling is mutual, LOL.”

“I know what you and your girlfriends were up to. After you thought, we had gone to sleep. Glad to see that my boy can get a lady off.”

“Like father, like son.”

The next message shocked me.

“Still interested?”

My response shocked me, too.

“Yes, Esenyurt Escort Daddy.”

“Good! You were such a sweet, obedient boy, naturally you make a good little bitch. I bet you are a great cock-sucker.”

He had shared a dick pic before. Now it confirmed long ago memories of sneaking a peek — that my dad is hung like a horse.

“Can’t wait to get my mouth on my Daddy’s dick! I’ve long wanted it!”

“I bet. Get ready to worship, you fucking whore.”

I couldn’t believe I had revealed my deepest desires to my father — and he was into it. My dad and I had always been close — more affectionate than other fathers and sons. never afraid to kiss each other or to say, “I love you.” He once told me that my mom had a difficult pregnancy, so I would have to be an only child. That made me all the more special in his eyes.

Dad was also a strong authority figure. He believed that he knew what was best for me, and he was usually right. If I disobeyed, he made his disapproval clear. He would never hurt me, but I knew when I had displeased him, and I felt terrible. Sometimes I would burst into tears when I thought he was angry at me. I was never happier than when I knew that I pleased him, which usually meant that I had done exactly what I had been told.

Now I was going to get to blow my own father! What a lucky birthday boy I was going to be.


So that Monday afternoon, I met my dad at Veronica’s House of Knockers. It was so wild just being two horny guys with my dad. We had a great time, knocking down some beers and checking out some titty. I brought some Viagra (prudent when you have a taste for older men), so we had raging hard-ons. The dancers were all nude, and all really hot, so Dad and I were in a great mood. Amy doesn’t have a big butt, but I do enjoy them, and there were a number of black and Latina dancers with a lot of junk in the trunk.

My Dad bought us both lap dances. He got a busty blonde; I got a light-skinned black woman with a fucking huge butt. It was fucking great to look over and see my dad enjoying a hot chick just like I was. The nude blonde gyrating over my dad was clearly giving him a huge boner. Whenever I saw her pussy grinding over him, I thought of all the pussy his big cock had been inside. Whenever my girl stuck her ass in my face, I felt my dick almost jump out of my pants. Jesus fucking Christ, I wanted that black ass so fucking bad.

My dad and I high fived each other when it was over. Then both of the girls kissed me and wished me “Happy Birthday.” Dad told them to do that and told them that I was his son. They thought that was both pervy and kinda hot. Strippers see a lot of kinky shit anyway.

I told the guys to meet me there at 4 PM. “Reggie” was the first one. He was a black guy — maybe 45 or 50 — over 6 feet tall with a football’s player’s build. He texted the number I gave him, and I told me where we sitting. I bought him a beer and he made himself at home. “Some fucking great ass here,” he said, looking at the stage. He was fucking correct about that. There was this one thick brunette shaking her butt right in our direction. I thought I was going to blow right there.

Reggie had a real sense of entitlement about himself which I liked. He gave off the vibe of a guy who had plenty of pussy in his time and had also allowed cocksuckers to service him. Of course, my dad was the same kind of man. Lucky me!

“Derek” and “Howard” soon joined us. “Derek” was a heavyset guy with a short white beard. Howard was tall and thin with close-cropped black hair. I bought them both beers and slipped them both a Viagra, as had with all of the other guys, we hung out for like an hour, mostly talking about the hot dancers. I finally slipped them my room number and told them to meet me there in 15 minutes.


I went up to my suite and got undressed. I put on a bathrobe, but underneath I was just wearing Amy’s dirty panties. I put on some girl-on-girl porn on the hotel TV. I put out a couple of ice buckets with bottles of beer.

I heard a knock on the door. I discreetly opened it. Of course, it was Dad. I gave him a quick kiss and thanked him for coming. I gave him the seat of honor in one of the chairs in the suite.

Reggie came next. He just hung out by the TV, checking out the porno, sipping the beer. Howard knocked, then Derek. Soon we were all hanging out together, horned up from the strip club, getting more horned up from the girls on the TV, and loosening up from the beer.

I took off the bathrobe and revealed that I was wearing Amy’s dirty red panties. With my eyes staring up at them, I thanked the gentlemen for joining me.

“You all work hard and deserve to have some fun. Let me be that fun.”

I asked them who wanted to start. Dad said he would. “Lucky me!” I thought.

I crawled over to his chair.

“Beg for it, bitch!” Hearing my dad speak to me like that made it all worthwhile.

“Please Sir, please please please Sir, let me suck your dick.”

“I don’t know if you really want it, girl.”

“Please oh please Sir, please fuck my mouth, I need it so bad.”

The guys started laughing.

“Come on and get it, whore.”

I unbuckled my dad’s pants. All of that Viagra and pussy and ass had given him a serious pants-tenter.

My dad’s magnificent cock — 7 inches? 8 inches? — stuck out through his boxers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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