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Bisexual Haitians in Canada

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The name is Jacques Monpoint. I’m a big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Ottawa, Canada. People say I kind of look like the actor Michael Clark Duncan. These days, life is okay though it could be better. I recently moved here from Boston, Massachusetts. It’s definitely a change of scenery. Ottawa is a lot more diverse than I thought it would be. I thought I’d stick out like a sore thumb as a Black man in the Great North but that wasn’t the case at all. It’s the last days of November. In January I will begin my classes as a junior at Carleton University. First, I’ve got to adjust to life in a new city. Luckily, my family has sort of been helping.

Black Canadians are an odd bunch, let me be the first to say it. Seriously. So many of them have this naive, happy-go-lucky attitude that I thought only white folks could have. I guess racial relations might be slightly better in Canada than they are in the States. Now, this is 2009, and America’s got a black President and two black Governors, but that doesn’t mean everyone is open-minded. Bigotry still runs deep in America. As a black man, I’ve learned to be cautious no matter where I am. The majority of Black Canadians have this constant optimism that would have made them feel quite out of place among African-Americans in the United States. Maybe it’s because they live in a country where the government seems to actually care about the people. Every American knows deep down that the government is more like Big Brother than Mother Theresa. In Canada, things seem to be different. There are many things I miss about the U.S. Things like Black Enterprise, a magazine I’ve been reading since I was much younger. Not many Black Canadians seem to know of it. These people need some culture, and quickly too. I’ll just refill my subscription online and have my monthly zine delivered to me in Ottawa, Canada instead of Brockton, Massachusetts.

The ladies of Canada are something else. I especially love black women. Around here, there seems to be an endless variety of them. Somalians. South Africans. Zimbabweans. Haitians. Jamaicans. Cape Verdeans. Ethiopians. Cubans. Brazilians. And most of the time, they’re not just fine-looking, they’re also educated and hard-working. It seems like Canada could be a black man’s paradise if he’s looking for sexy, educated and hard-working black female professionals. Unfortunately, a lot of black men in Canada got “White Chick Fever”. I’ve never been into white chicks. I like black females. White chicks can’t relate to what I go through as a black man in a racist world. They’re too busy benefitting from white privilege, ankara dansöz escortlar something so many of them deny exists. Whatever. I’ve got one life to live and I prefer it on the simple side, you dig? Cool.

I recently went to the bar scene in a mostly black and quite lovely neighborhood of Toronto for some fun. That’s where I met this truly amazing couple. James and Rita L’Archange, a black couple from the city of Brampton. James is a tall, good-looking brother in his late twenties. Kind of reminds me of the actor Lee Thompson Young. He works as an accountant in downtown Toronto at one of the big firms. His wife Rita is a tall, curvy and big-bottomed, absolutely sexy sister. Kind of reminds me of the comedienne Sommore. She’s a schoolteacher. I must say that they’re the best-looking couple I’ve seen in ages. They’re of North African and British stock, mostly. They were both natives of North London, England, who decided to move to Canada. The offspring of North African immigrants who had been living in London for generations. How about that? It’s not often that I found myself in such fine company. I bought them both drinks as they regaled me with tales of their travels. I’ve done some traveling myself. Countries like Santo Domingo, Cuba, Haiti, Canada and the U.S.A. are well-known to me. However, I’ve stuck to the New World in my travels. Europe is unknown to me. James and Rita sweetly regaled me with tales of growing up in the surprisingly diverse city of London.

I told them about my life back in the states. Until I started talking to them, I had no idea how nostalgic I was for my hometown of Brockton. I missed its racially diverse population, its unique culture and its obsession with its professional and collegiate sports teams. I left America just when it was starting to get better. A black man got elected President of the USA. A woman got elected Mayor of Brockton. An openly gay black businessman got elected City Councilman in my town. A black man got elected Chief of Police. How cool was that? Oh, and it’s predicted that in twenty or so years, African-Americans, Middle-Easterners, Asians and Hispanics combined will outnumber white people in the USA. Progress was being made in the United States of America just as I left. Is that strange or what?

Yeah, I was enjoying the company of my new friends. That’s when they dropped the ball on me. James L’Archange looked me in the eye and told me that he was bisexual. Not only was he bisexual but he also fancied me. I stared at him, stunned. I looked past him at his gorgeous wife Rita. Wow. She smiled at me and told me that she was cool with her ankara saatlik veren escortlar husband’s bisexuality. I smiled at her, not knowing what to say. Am I bisexual? Cool. Do I know other bisexual black men? Absolutely. Was I aware of marriages between black couples where one party was bisexual and the other was cool with it? Hell no. I gulped down my red wine and smiled at James and Rita. They were both hot as hell. Do you honestly think I was going to pass up an opportunity like this one? Hell no. They told me they knew of a motel nearby. That’s all I needed to know. Motels have beds, condoms, and privacy. Three things I love. We rushed there, thrilled at the prospect of a juicy hookup.

Once we got to the motel, we got into the swing of things. Now, threesomes are a lot more complicated than most people think. Especially when you’re talking about the minds and bodies of married people. They have all kinds of limits. I learned a great deal about James and Rita that night. They met in college. He was the closeted bisexual star of the men’s rugby club. She was the gorgeous and outgoing scholar who stole his heart. They hooked up, and he told her who and what he was. Eventually, she accepted him and they got hitched. Now, they were dipping their feet into the waters of swinging. Fascinating. To be honest, I just wanted to fuck. We had condoms and lube, and a queen-sized bed in a surprisingly nice motel room. What more did we need?

James and I got the party started. We undressed while Rita watched. I could tell the curvy black gal liked what she saw. Two sexy black men getting naked. I admired James sexy body. I’m six-foot-one, big and bulky. He was around five-foot-eleven, lean and wiry. Nicely muscled. I ran my hands all over him before pulling him into my arms and kissing him. I stroked his cock. It was eight inches long and quite thick. Also, it was uncut. Just like mine. I stroked his balls while licking a path from his lips to his chest. Hot damn he had a nice chest. We got down and dirty, completely forgetting about his wife. James and I got into the sixty nine position and sucked each other’s cocks. Then he put me on all fours and took me from behind. After putting on a condom, of course. I felt James dick press against my asshole. With a swift thrust, he entered me. It has been a while since I let a man fuck me. I guess I missed it. James gripped my hips and thrust his dick into my ass. He fucked me hard and fast. Pumped me up. I screamed. He grunted. He took me roughly. It was awesome.

Hot damn. James fucked me hard, leaving me sore as hell. But I was happy, though. A good fucking ankara azeri escortlar can do that to you. As I recuperated, I noticed Rita looking at me strangely. Doubtless this sexy tall black woman was turned on by the sight of two sexy black men having sex. She asked her hubby if she could join us. Naturally, James had no objections. I watched Rita as she undressed. This tall, sexy black lady was curvy and big-bottomed. Just the way I liked my women. Quickly she joined us on the bed. To my surprise, James decided to watch me with his wife. Okay, then. Rita was even more aggressive than her husband. Skipping all preliminaries, she went straight for my dick. Before my amazed eyes, this tall and classy-looking black Amazon started sucking my dick like cock sucking was going out of style. Wow. I thrust my cock down her throat, loving her eagerness. James is a lucky man. His wife sucks dick like a pro.

After Rita got my cock nice and hard, I spread her thighs and gave her pussy a good licking. She squealed in delight as I probed her pussy lips with my thick fingers and agile tongue. I know how to sexually excite a female. Afterwards, I put on a condom and thrust my cock into her snatch. Rita wrapped her arms around me and barked cuss words as I slammed my dick into her pussy. James watched us, stroking his magnificent cock as I fucked his wife right in front of him. Rita was a freaky chick. After I pounded her pussy for a while, she wanted to try something else. Once she told me what she had in mind, I was all for it. I put her on all fours and she spread her plump ass cheeks wide open. I pressed my cock against her asshole and slowly eased it inside. I’ve fucked a lot of men in the ass but ass fucking women is a pleasure I’ve had rarely. I’m glad Rita is one of those sexy, liberated black women who like anal sex. I gripped her hips tightly as I thrust my cock into her asshole. Her asshole felt warm and tight around my dick. I smacked her big black ass, loving the way it jiggled as I dug up her asshole with powerful thrusts of my cock. Rita screamed as I gave her big black ass the serious pounding I knew it deserved. Face down and ass up, that’s how I fucked this black woman. Real deep into her ass. Until I came. It was hot.

Half an hour later, I parted from the wonderful company of Rita and James L’Archange. I took the train back to Ottawa while they returned to Brampton. I had a good time with my new friends in Toronto. I will definitely return to that place more often. I didn’t think there would be black swingers in a place like Canada. Proves how much people can surprise you. I’m down for whatever. Seriously. Adventure is my middle name. I’ve been bored lately, and anything I can do to kill time until school starts is most welcome. I hope you enjoyed my little erotic interlude. Never let it be said that bisexual Haitian men like myself don’t know how to show someone a good time. It’s in our DNA.

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