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Bittersweet Ch. 01

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I heard her voice outside the house. She was yelling something to my ‘once’ father. I only could make out the “Fuck you!” or “Get the hell out of our lives!” parts but I’m pretty much sure the rest of the conversation floated around those words. I tried to block out the argument with my music but I couldn’t. The last thing I remember of my father was him racing into my room after the yelling came to a stand still. I turned to look at him. Our gazes met and all he said was “Have a wonderful life.” That was the last time I saw those eyes…

It had been 8 years since that day. I was out of school and trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do with myself. I hadn’t spent much time out of school, I had only graduated 3 months ago and still no response from any colleges, and the ones that did respond ‘regretfully informed’ me that I was unable to attend their snobbish college.

My mother was doing fine, she worked at the market and was supporting the two of us on a minimum wage pay. I loved her for that and now it was time for me to repay her for all those years she put in for me…

My mother walked in the house with groceries in her arms. She called my name a couple of times then came into my room. I was listening to my music and kind of sleeping, but not really.

“Honey, can we talk?”

I nodded my head and turned the radio down low.

“I made planes for you to head up to see your Uncle Danny for a little bit”

“Uncle Danny? Why?”

“Well you haven’t seen him in a while and I thought it’d be nice if you went up there to see him. Besides you have to find something to do, can’t stay in your room forever.”

“Are you coming to?”

“No, I’m staying…Plus, I hear there’s a nice school over there near your Uncle”

I got up from my bed and walked over to her, “So that’s the plan ay, get me to go to school there. When do I go?.”

“Friday night”

“That doesn’t give me much time to pack.”

“I think you’ll like it, Uncle Danny says that Lacey and Chris go there. It’ll be fun right?”


I arrived in the terminal around six-thirty in the morning. The Airport wasn’t crowded, surprisingly, I thought Airports were suppose to be packed in L.A. Even though it wasn’t crowded or busy, it was big; I lost myself about eight times trying to find the exit I was meeting Uncle Danny at.

As I was heading towards the right direction, Uncle Danny hollered, screamed, and yelped my name out, as any redneck man would do. He was running full force to me. Uncle Danny rapped his arms around me and squeezed as hard as he could.

“Nathan!! My lil’ nephew, how you been bud?!” He said not letting his bear grip go.

“Fine…Uncle Danny…could…you let…me breathe?”

“Oh, of course” He loosened his grip. He grabbed my bags and flung them around his shoulders “Hey bud, why don’t we chit chat in the car, I kinda wanna get home before work starts.”

The drive to his house was kind of long, it’s amazing that even in California you’d have to drive a distance just to get to an airport, Uncle Danny mainly talked about how he was doing with his job down at the construction place. Isn’t it always that the strong southern man ends up with a job like construction? He wasn’t a hand’s on person though, he was the big boss of the place, and hardly ever got his hands dirty from what he told me. He asked about me and mom, life in general back in Donie, and any little thing that popped inside his head.

“So Natty, I heard you hadn’t been doing much about college or nothing like that. So I signed you up at the college your cousins are going to.”

“You signed me up all ready! Mom mentioned that there was a school here but not about signing me up! Dude, give me a little time to adjust.”

“Listen bud, I can’t have you sitting on your butt all day around my house, I ain’t having that. So you’re going to get that there college degree”


“No buts, you’re going. No need to worry about money or nothing, I got all that…you start up tomorrow, first class is at eleven so I hope you still have that sleeping issue.”

“Fine” No point in arguing with the man, he gets an idea, he runs with it and no one can stop him from it.

Around the time I stopped sulking about not have any free time we pulled into his drive. His house was fancy, on the beach and everything. It wasn’t big but it had character, completely wooden, underneath it looked as if it was supported by logs ground into the sand. There was a small fleet of stairs winding up to the doorway. A glass window was in the center of the door.

On the inside it seemed a bit bigger. There was a couch in the center of the open house, with a shag rug in front of it. The Kitchen was right behind it. The kitchen had stainless steel all over, the counter tops were marble, with wooden cabinets surrounding the kitchen. In the center there was an island, with the same marble counter top and wooden bottom.

As for the upstairs it had cream rug carpeting floor. He showed me his room then Lacey and Escort bayan Chris’ rooms, my cousins. He told me that they had classes so I wouldn’t see them for a while. In the back yard there was a veranda looking out to the beach. It had to lawn chairs spread out with a small table in between them, and of course a small Jacuzzi On one side of the veranda a stair case led down to the sand.

After the grand tour he showed me the spare room that I was going to sleep in, it wasn’t the largest of rooms but it was livable. A bed, night stand, own personal bathroom, I have done worse.

“So what do ya think?”

“It’s definitely a sweet place”

“Well I have to get going to work. If you wanna go out and explore the town don’t think you can’t borrow the other car. I should be home later, so make yourself comfy.”

“Thank, listen Uncle Danny thanks for letting me crash here.”

“Hey, none of that now, you’re family, do anything for you bud, you and your ma. Now come get your stuff outa the truck”

“Well still, thanks” He patted my shoulder and headed out the door.

I grabbed my things and headed inside. I walked into my new room, setting my junk on the bed. It seemed like a nice day so U decided to pull my swimming trunks out, should enjoy it a little before I have to get a job or something.

I went out onto the veranda and sat down on one of the lawn chairs for a bit enjoying the scenery. On the table there was a book, normally I wouldn’t pay any mind to it but the cover drew me in, it was an old Victorian fire place with an already lit fire in it. I turned to the marked page…

‘And he took her hand and held it firmly as he penetrated her, blood dripping from her entrance. He ignored her pleas for him to stop. Tears ran down her face as he continued to defile her…’

I took my eyes of the book. I wondered who it belonged to, Lacey, Chris, Uncle Danny? I had never read books like that before, sure I wasn’t oblivious to books like that but reading it kind of set me off.

I headed down to the beach. It wasn’t that crowded, just a few people here and there. I walked to the water letting the sand go between my toes, felt really good considering I hadn’t taken my shoes off in a day or so. I let it touch my feet, another very enjoyable cool feeling. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. The wind blew across my face and through my hair. Then a volley ball came hurdling into the back of my head. I turned and saw a girl running toward me. I picked the volley ball and reached to give it to her.

“I’m so sorry about that, it kind of got away from me.”

“It’s ok, no harm no foul.”

“I guess so.” I handed the ball to her. She took it and started to walk off. She stopped for a second then turned to look at me. “You want to come and play with us?”

“I don’t want to be any trouble.”

“You wouldn’t be, ‘sides I think one of our players is getting tired.”

“All right then, count me in”

“By the way, I’m Morgan.”

“It’s nice to meet you Morgan.”

We walked over to a net with six people already there, three girls and two guys, starring at us. “Hey guys it cool if…” She turned to whisper to me “What was your name again?”


“…If Natty plays with us?”

“Sure thing” They all said in unison

“That’ll make you guys one over though”

“It’s ok.” A girl on the other side of the net said “I need to take a break anyway.”

“All right then, you can take Sara’s place.” Morgan scooted me over to the other side of the net. “The score is 3-0 Natty, first to 10 wins.”

I got into place and got ready for the serve. Morgan threw the ball up and slapped it over the net. The guy in front of me hit it straight up in the air and let me hit it over. It landed on the ground making the score 3-1. “Nice job.” He said to me. It was his serve now. He flung it over the net and out of bounds.

“Great job Brian, now it’s there ball again.” The girl named Sara said from the side lines. Brian scowled at her.

The ball was up and over again, this time to me, I hit it up and over only to have it knocked back over by the guy on the other side. Brian called it and hit it up to me again. I spiked it over the net and it landed once again in the sand, 3-2.

“I don’t know about this Mo, this dude you brought us is kicking our asses.”

Morgan or ‘Mo’ stuck her tongue out at the boy and turned to me. She winked at me, secretly saying good job. The game continued on for a little bit longer. Our team won by a point, but it wasn’t fair according to the other team.

“Nice job out there Natty, glad you had game, Johnny needed to be put in his place, he was getting a little cocky before you came over.”

“Thanks for inviting me to play, it was fun.”

“So Natty tell me about yourself, you’re new here right?”

“Yeah, just got here today, I’m staying with my Uncle.”

“Cool. So where are you coming from?”

“Donie, Texas”

“No kidding, so you just visiting?”

“Well I thought I was, but apparently Escort I’ve got signed up for college here”

“Aw, shame on them for tricking you like that”

“No, it’s all right. Needed to get my butt in gear anyway”

“Well I hope to see you around some more.”

“I hope to see you around too.”

She walked off with her friends waving from behind her back, and I started walking back to the house. Going up the steps, I saw Lacey, a dark, red haired girl, my cousin, sitting in the chair, reading the book that was on the table, a bottle of water had taken its place. So it was her book, figures though.

“Hey Cuz!” She said from her spot.

“What’s up Lacey?” I joined her in the other chair.

“Oh not much, I’m just sitting here reading a book”

“I see that, I read a little bit of it…pretty interesting.”

“Well what part were you reading?”

“‘…he took her hand and held it firmly as he penetrated her, blood dripping from her entrance…’ pretty random place for me to start reading I guess”

“Oh well you need to know what’s going on first.”

“Enlighten me.” I lent back in the chair, getting ready for the story she was going to tell.

“Well, the girl was being raised by her cruel step mother. She hated her step mom but she hated her step brother even more, he’s the guy that was raping her. Any way, before the point where you read, her step mom told her that she was selling her to this wealthy lord. Her step brother was jealous, so the morning she was going to be sold he goes up into her room and makes her not a virgin, so that this wealthy lord will be displeased with her.”

“Hmm, sounds good, not the raping of course, but the story in general.”

“It is, I’ll let you borrow it after I’m done if you want.” She grabbed the bottle of water and took a sip from it. “Anyway, I saw you out there playing volley ball with Morgan and them.”

“Yeah they invited me to play with them.”

“You win?”

“Actually yeah, it was fun.”

“Well I’m happy you’re making friends.”

“You say that like a mom”

“Well I am”

“I always knew you’d conceive early.”

“Asshole, I’m not a mom. I’m happy that you’re making friends.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m jumping to conclusions”

“No biggy, I’ll get you back eventually.”

“Well, I’m going to go take a shower.”


I got out of the chair and walked inside toward the guest room. I started the water up and walked back into the bedroom to grab a towel. Lacey had really gotten cute, but she was still going to be a pain, habits like that don’t leave Either way that girl would make some dude pretty crazy some day, probably all ready was.

The shower was refreshing; something no matter of sleep could give me. I couldn’t sleep much any way, me being an insomniac and everything. The warm water was pouring over me, massaging ever part of my body. Planes always did this to me. I’d always get on a plane and wind up so wound down, I hate jetlag. I opened the Ziploc bag that held my shampoo and shower gel. I poured a glob of shampoo into my hand and meshed it into my auburn hair. Oh yes, it was refreshing. I started thinking about my mom, wondering what she was up. Then I heard it, a crash of something glass. I turned the water the water off and wrapped the towel around my waist. I opened the door to the bedroom and Lacey was on the ground trying to pick up pieces of broken glass, from the lamp that was on the bedside table.

“I’m sorry Natty” she said from the floor

“Don’t worry about it Lacey, here let me help.” I got down on the floor and started carefully searching for small pieces of glass. “So what brings you snooping into my room?”

“I wasn’t snooping. I came in to talk, then I realized you were in the shower and I turned to go out. Then I knocked the lamp over.”

“I’m sorry about that. So what you wanna talk about?”


“You said you wanted to talk about something, what was it?”

“Nothing too important.”

“Then get it out.”

“I was going to ask what your first class tomorrow?”

“I think English, why?”

“Oh no reason, I just wanted to know.”

We finished picking up all the pieces of broken lamp. She started to walk out the door then stopped for a second. I stood up from my crouched position, wondering what she was doing.

“Hey Natty”


“You wanna go out tonight?” She never turned toward me, strange question for her to ask.

“Sure, sounds like a plan?”

“I got a great Mexican place you gotta try.”

“Are Chris and Uncle Danny coming?”

“He won’t be around, he’s on a date with his girlfriend. And daddy doesn’t get off work till late”

“Well it’s a date then”

“Kay” she strode smoothly off and out of sight.

Dude, my cousin’s got a good backside, pretty nice body too. Petite was definitely my thing and she was petite. Now I wasn’t going to go anywhere with this but just because I couldn’t taste the wine doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the aroma.

So Bayan escort I decided to get ready, it was getting pretty close to night time and these Californians do eat dinner pretty early. I went back into my luggage again, pulled out a fancy dress shirt and some jeans. Just cause it was my cousin doesn’t mean I couldn’t look presentable. About half an hour later Lacey came down the stairs

“Natty, you ready yet!?” She yelled from the living room

“Yeah!” I replied back

All I had to do was not act stupid, but I always act that way, I mean it’s me, It didn’t help that I actually wanted this to be a real date. This was getting out of hand. I kept thinking to myself ‘Shake it off”, it’ll be cool’. Oh shit, I had butterflies; I’m not supposed to have those…

“Nathan! C’mon all ready!”

“Aren’t we touchy?!” She was getting impatient; she hardly ever used my actual name. “I’m making sure I got everything!”

“Well hurry.”

Ok here it goes, the beginning of a whirlwind. I opened the door and there she was. She stood by the door, back toward me. She wore a purple satin dress, with matching shoes. Her hair was a brilliant, bright red, straight and long. Was she trying to make this hard on me?

“I’m ready” I said lowly

She turned around, her hair turning with her. “Look at you, all dressed and pressed.”

“You look…wonderful Lacey, beyond words wonderful.” She blushed “Let’s go then” I walked up to her and stuck out my arm, for her to rest hers on. “So milady, you ready I said with a posh accent.

“Well if you must know” She continued with a posh accent as well “I am, and you should have been too. I have reservations”

“Oh really, I guess I should double as your chauffeur as well”


The drive wasn’t that long; just a 4 minute drive. We pulled into the parking lot of a place called Dinning Elagante. It looked Fancy enough, it was by the beach and you could hear the waves in the background. Sure enough as she said, there was a table for two reserved for us out on the back part of the restaurant facing the beach.

The waiter came and took our drink orders. He hardly paid attention to me, but he gawked over Lacey like she was a Greek goddess of sorts. I couldn’t blame him but that didn’t stop me from getting a tad jealous, or protective, which ever didn’t matter.

“So what do you want to chat about?” I asked

“Nothing in particular, just stuff like watcha been doing, who your buddies are, how many girls been crawling all over you, that kinda stuff”

The waiter came back with the drinks and asked us if we were ready to order, he never looked at me when he spoke, his eyes were on Lacey the entirety of the time. We ordered and he briskly took off. This was kinda getting on my nerves.

“Well…” I took a sip of my drink “To answer your question, I’ve been doing school, working my butt off, haven’t really had time for friends, let alone girlfriends. I remember having one though, for a period of two weeks, and then she left me for another man.”

“Aw Natty, you need a hug?”

“Nah, I’m good.” I laughed a little about it. “So what about you, I’m sure there are countless names in your little black book.”

“Not as many as you think, just one or two. Guys here are only interesting in the physical part of the relationship, nothing else.”

“But that doesn’t stop them from looking though, right?”

“Unfortunately” She sighed and took a drink

The waiter returned with the food, naturally he served Lacey first, and then placed my food for me. Before he left he brushed his hand on her shoulder and walked off.

“Did you see that, he’s trying to come on to me”

“I’ve noticed it’s like he’s into you or something, weird how that happens.” I snickered at her

“Natty be serious”

“Ok fine, I’m sorry. Still, that waiter is getting on my nerves.”

“I know right”

For the remainder of the evening we talked about anything and everything that came to our minds. We weren’t without our awkward silences but the evening was enjoyable nonetheless. The waiter hovered around our table. He would occasionally come over and ask if Lacey needed anything. He never looked in my direction at all. He was seriously pissing me the fuck off now. How could he be doing this in front of me? Either way he couldn’t ruin my night with Lacey. I watched her the whole time, I was discrete about it but I loved watching her smile, watching her laugh, even watching her eat and—dude! It’s happening, I can’t be crushing on her. How the dim light made her red hair beam with luminous beauty. At the end of the dinner we began to head to the door when the waiter started to head our way.

“Hey Lacey, head to the car, I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Ok, hurry up.” She had no idea that the dick wad was coming our way.

I waited till she was outside before I turned to the waiter. I grabbed his shoulder so hard that my knuckles turned white. A few people noticed but no one bothered to say anything. “Listen dude, Leave her the fuck alone. I didn’t appreciate the stunt you were pulling tonight. I mean who has the arrogance to hit on some ones date when they’re two feet away.” I let go of him and started walking away, wanting to do more but didn’t. Then he spoke

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