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Black College Men

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Nightfall. Time to head out in the city looking for adventure. This has been our tradition for as long as I can remember. My name is Kyle Jacobs and I am a rather adventurous young black man living in an undisclosed location in North America. I’m currently in college, studying criminal justice while playing football. These are my stories. I went to pick up my best friend Rick and we went for a night on the town. Like me, Rick is a tall young black man. He’s a member of the wrestling team. We get along famously.

Tonight, we decided to go see his girlfriend Deanna Hayden and hang out on the town. Deanna lived in the women’s dorm, not far from the athletic dorm. We knocked on the door and Deanna’s roommate Alicia Rhodes opened the door. Alicia was a tall and chubby, plain-faced, big-bottomed black woman who played basketball for the school and also had a reputation for being loose, both on and off the basketball court. She greeted us, wearing a bathrobe and nothing underneath, from what I could see. I think I smelled weed on her breath, too.

This didn’t seem like such a good idea to me, but at Rick’s insistence, I went in. Alicia was looking at me the way a hungry man looks at fast food. I’m a tall, good-looking black college man. I’m used to having women fawn over me, especially when I’m in my football uniform. Still, I prefer a lady with some class. A freak is only good for one thing. Alicia was definitely a freak. Fortunately for Rick and I, Deanna came to the rescue. Deanna was a slim young woman with short blonde hair and pale blue eyes. This alabaster-skinned tomboy was Rick’s girlfriend. What can I say? ankara evi olan escortlar Some of the brothers are into white chicks!

We were supposed to go out but Rick decided we’d watch the NFL and Drink instead. He was sitting on the couch, making out with Deanna. The tomboy had her arms around her sexy jock lover. They were doing their thing and apparently enjoying themselves. Did I forget the part where Rick was smoking weed? Oh, yeah. He’s totally into it. I sat on the couch, trying to watch the National Football League game and not see Deanna unzip my best friend’s pants and take out his dick. I also tried not see her take him into her mouth and suck on him like a lollypop.

Meanwhile, Alicia was rubbing against me in suggestive ways. Man, I’ve always known this black chick was freaky but I hadn’t known that she was a total heifer. With her weed-laced cigarette in her mouth, she was smoking and stroking me through my pants at the same time. I looked at her. She was no man’s ideal of a great beauty but she did have her appeal. I’ve met some large women who were quite beautiful in their own way. Thick gals like Alicia are rarely seen in music videos but she was alright. She passed me the weed. I refused. I didn’t smoke that stuff. First of all, it’s illegal and second of all, it messes you up inside. No thanks.

Alicia pulled off her bathrobe, revealing her chubby, naked body. She smiled and took one puff of the weed, then pulled down my pants. She took my hard cock in hand and began sucking on it. I looked at Rick, who was getting his cock sucked by Deanna. The white chick really knew how ankara olgun escortlar to suck some cock since Rick really seemed to be enjoying himself. Wrestlers get all the luck sometimes. Alicia continued to suck me. She was really good at what she did. I didn’t think I could get any harder but I did! Alicia flicked her long tongue over my cock, licking off the first drop of cum and then she told me to fuck her. I was still catching my breath when she assumed the position.

Alicia got on all fours. I looked at this big woman’s sexy bottom. I definitely wanted some of that. Alicia winked at me. I smiled and waved. She told me to get my behind over there, pronto. I grinned and hopped behind her. I rubbed my hands on that fine ass of hers. Yeah, she was fine alright. I felt my cock get even harder. Oh, yeah, I wanted her. I spread her butt cheeks wide open, and placed my cock against her asshole. With a swift thrust, I went in. My first impression upon sliding my thick cock into Alicia’s ass was a sensation of warmth and tightness. I loved it!

Around the room, everyone was doing their thing. Deanna and Rick were going at it. The petite blonde was sucking the young black man’s cock like there was no tomorrow. He came and she drank his seed. Then, she straddled him. He placed his hands on her slim hips and thrust his hard cock deep inside her tight pussy. Deanna screamed as Rick’s thick black cock filled her snatch.

As for me, I continued to pump my cock into Alicia’s asshole like there was no tomorrow. The big black woman took it all like a champ. I got the feeling that she was no stranger ankara sarışın escortlar to anal sex. I spread her butt cheeks as wide as they would go and slammed my cock even deeper into her ass. Alicia screamed and begged me for more. I smacked that hot booty of hers and continued to hump her ass. Across the room, I noticed that Rick was imitating me. The black wrestler had his tomboyish girlfriend face down and ass up as he took her from behind. He spread her cute butt cheeks wide open and slid his cock into her anal cavity. Deanna took it up the butt without making a peep.

Man, I’ve got to give props to Deanna! Rick had a seriously large dick and yet this skinny blonde white chick was taking most it up her ass without making a sound. I looked at her more closely and noticed that her eyes were glazed and her teeth gritted. Rick noticed me watching him as he sodomized his favorite tomboy. He smiled at me. I smiled back, and exchanged a handshake. We definitely had a lot more in common than we previously thought and he had good technique! We continued what we were doing. driving our black dicks up these female assholes like anal sex was going out of style. We made them scream loud enough to wake the dead. It was a lot of fun. I finished Alicia off by shooting my load deep inside her fat ass and then making her suck the cum out of my cock. It was glorious!

A short while later, we took a shower together. Truth be told, Rick and I didn’t leave the women’s dorm until much later in the weekend. Nonstop sex and drinking kept us there. Man, I never thought I’d say this but I’m starting to like Alicia! The chick’s sex drive is almost equal to my own, which says a lot! Oh, and she’s no slouch in the brains department either. We’re good, folks. As for Deanna and Rick, they’re lovebirds doing their thing. Alicia and I have become pals of a sort and fuck buddies. Life is good for the black college man!

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