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Blake and his Hot Stepmom Ch. 01

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My name is Blake, I’m a freshman in college and I am a very average guy, for the most part. You see, there are a few secrets that most people wouldn’t know about me; mainly that my stepmom is insanely hot.

She is the stereotypical MILF that so many young men fantasize about. I tried for many years to avoid admitting it but I totally understand it now. I have no problem admitting she is absolutely gorgeous.

Her name is Alexis and she has long blonde hair, a skinny little body with 32DD breasts, and a soft round ass. Her face is beautiful, with big blue eyes and very soft features.

She used to be an actress but her career did not really take off; from what I’ve gathered in recent times, she was propositioned for sex by several Hollywood directors but always said no, just like so many women you hear about with the Me Too movement.

She married my father shortly after my birth mother passed away when I was a baby. She was not related to me by blood but she was the only mother figure I’d ever known. For this reason, I always called her “Mom.”

I spent a lot of my childhood getting teased for having a sexy woman like her as my “mom”, even though she was my Stepmom. It was not so bad in the earlier years; I did notice men checking her out quite often but I was too young to understand why. But as I got into my teenage years I began to notice what all the fuss was about.

I was always a bit innocent and ignorant about my mom’s attractiveness, there is actually an embarrassing story that I am ashamed to admit happened involving a pervy group of roof worker guys who got really lucky one day.

I was 18 years old at the time and my mom was sunbathing in our backyard. A group of roofers; hard working young men came to remodel the house next door. They looked to be in their 20’s and 30’s, some of them were not much older than me.

I remember that I was swimming around in the pool while the men were on the roof next door, and Mom had just come outside in her bikini to sunbathe. One of the men began catcalling her right away. I didn’t catch what they were saying at first but I knew it was sexual slang they were yelling. It got my attention.

She knew they were there but from the angle they were standing they were actually blocked by a large umbrella my mom put by her lounge chair to avoid peeping toms. She laid down on her stomach to tan her back. She undid her bathing suit top and let her back be exposed to the sun, but not the men.

The workers were obviously disappointed they were not going to get a free show from the busty blonde tanning next door. There was an audible groan of frustration and the cat calling turned to swearing.

One man yelled “C’mon baby, we’ve been working hard all day, show us your melons!”

Mom answered back “Sorry boys I’m a married woman.”

Another man in the group grabbed his crotch and smiled at her.

My Casibom mom laughed and lay face down on her lounge chair with her large boobs pressed hard against the material.

The men continued to work on the roof next door when suddenly there was a gust of wind that knocked my mom’s umbrella over!

Mom was frightened by the sound of the umbrella tipping over. She quickly gasped and sprung up out her chair. Her big tits bounced up and down to the men’s amusement. Her bikini top went blowing halfway across the yard!

Her naked body had just been revealed to the horny men who had been denied a glimpse at her perfect tits and the men immediately started whistling before my mom could even react.

Mom’s big tits began flopping around all over the place. She frantically searched for her missing bikini top but it had blown right next to me in the pool. I looked over at it and then back at my mom, whose face had turned bright red out of embarrassment.

I had never seen a woman naked in person before until this moment; and let me tell you, it was going to be hard for any other girls to compare to the beautiful nude woman sitting just feet away from me. Her boobs were so big and had pointy little pink nipples. They looked so soft, and were definitely natural.

My dick started to get really hard.

I knew she was my Stepmom and we were not related but she did raise me since I was young. We had so many memories together but it felt hot to see her naked at that moment. I was just staring at the big, juicy tits that were right in front of me. Any man would kill for what I was witnessing.

The men shouted comments about mom’s tits and the rest of her. A big cheer sounded over the men working on the rooftop.

“Holy shit! Look at the size of those titties!” I heard one call from the back.

I remember the one who was catcalling her earlier yelled something I would never forget,

“I knew you were a dumb blonde bimbo! Hahaha, Does your husband not satisfy you? Is that why you let other men see you naked? Out of spite?” He yelled with a big smile.

They were clearly having the best day of their lives while my mom finally realized she had not covered her tits this whole time because she had been searching for her bikini top. Her tits had been on full display for over a minute now and all the men would be able to remember them perfectly.

It was actually making me feel a bit aroused that those men wanted to see my mom naked so bad. I know that she was not wanting me to stare at her but I think she was oblivious to my perving eyes because she was distracted by the men.

“See baby, you wanted to show yourself off! Why else would you come out here?”

yelled the man from before.

Mom spun around and saw her top floating next to me in the pool. I was holding it in my hands and was astounded at the massive size Casibom Giriş of the cups.

“Give mommy her top back Blake!” She nervously shouted.

I did not move. I was staring at her naked tits as she rushed towards the edge of the pool. I felt my cock getting harder.

I had not even noticed Mom was yelling my name until she jumped in the water with me.

One man yelled “Good going kid! Keep that whore’s titties out in the open for us! Hahaha”

Another man laughingly replied “Yeah that kid’s alright! He wanted to see those big boobies too!”

Her chest was soaking wet now as she inched towards me and waded through the water.

I had been holding the bikini top; the one thing that would be keeping my mom’s big exposed tits from the eyes of the horny men, in my hands.

I can honestly say I knew exactly what I was doing, I was letting these horny men stare my mom’s huge breasts, and I was enjoying seeing them too. I thought about how lucky my dad was to marry a woman like her, and how pissed he would be for letting other men; including his son, look at his trophy wife’s naked chest.

Mom’s tits looked even better wet; they were all shiny and juicy, with big droplets of water dripping down from the top of her chest to the tips of her nipples.

I knew she knew I was staring right at them, at this point there was no hiding it. They looked huge up close, and all I kept thinking was how soft they must feel. She had an angry expression on her pretty face as she was within arms length of me.

My boner was now fully pointed directly at her and I was worried she was going to bump into it as she got near me.

Reality set in and she snatched the top from my hands and covered her nakedness with it. She refastened the bikini top and climbed out of the pool. The men were still laughing at this point. She looked so infuriated and embarrassed. Her face was beat red but she still looked so pretty.

Her blonde hair was wet from the pool and she started to dry it by pulling it to one side and ringing it out with her hands. Looking back on it now it reminds me of something out of a perfume commercial or music video, a busty blonde emerging from the water all wet but still looking beautiful.

One of the men took his shirt off and launched it at her.

“Use this to dry off baby. You deserve it after the show you just gave us” he called to her.

This guy was much younger than my father. He had blonde hair and was in great shape too; probably from all the hard work he did building houses for people.

I’m a straight guy but it was clear to me that if you asked 100 girls opinions, he would be seen as the most attractive of the group of workers most of the time. I wondered what Mom thought of this man.

I could tell she was embarrassed but since she did not have a towel she accepted the man’s shirt and began to pat herself dry with it. She rubbed the cotton t-shirt all over her breasts and body until it was soaked through. Soon after the same man yelled “Okay that’s enough, throw it back to me.”

Mom rolled her eyes at him and rocketed the wet shirt back to him like a cannonball. It hit him in the chest and he held it in his hands and unfolded it. He put it up to his face and inhaled.

“Ahhh, you smell so good” he said softly. He smiled at her and she stared back at him for a moment. I could tell she was checking him out. Her gaze wondered down from his face to his washboard abs, and noticeably down to his crotch but just for a moment. She lightly bit her bottom lip but stopped as soon as the man started to take notice.

“Like what you see baby?” The young man asked with a grin.

She did not answer, but mom’s expression changed quickly and she hurriedly looked anywhere else except for the man.

My mind started going crazy with thoughts at this moment.

I had my hand covering the front of my swim trunks to hide my boner.

Mom’s face was no longer red and at this point I think she had shaken the embarrassment of having her tits exposed to a group of random men. She turned her head towards me.

She still looked annoyed about what happened and the fact that I took forever to give her top back to her.

She yelled to the men on the roof “Okay boys, show’s over. Get back to work.”

She sounded almost defeated in a way; the men really wanted to see her tits, she didn’t want them to, but they ended up seeing them anyway.

She let out a little huff and mouthed something to herself under her breath as she marched back inside.

There was one last victory laugh from the men before they continued working, each one of them with a smile on their face.

My erection had gone down a bit now that Mom was inside the house. I grabbed a towel and hurried inside.

I ran upstairs to my room as quick as I could. I closed the door behind me, stripped my shorts off and laid down on my bed. I began jacking off to the scene that I just witnessed.

It was easy to get hard again by replaying Mom’s big juicy tits and the cat calls from the horny workers. My mind was filled with hundreds of images of everything that just transpired. The wind blowing her huge bikini top into the pool, titties bouncing in the sun, the men making sexual jokes about my mom, the perfect sight of this nordic beauty with huge breasts.

To finish off my mind filled in something that did not happen but maybe I secretly wished did; I imagined the young roofer man fucking my Mom right there in front of me and all his buddies. His hands squeezing mom’s body while he humped her hard. I fantasized she looked me in my eyes with that same worried face like she did when I was holding her bikini top.

Just then I exploded a volcano of cum all over my belly. I let out a sigh and closed my eyes for a second. I opened them quickly and could have sworn I heard Mom’s footsteps outside my door…

Part 2 coming very soon!

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