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Book Store Stories No. 05

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Candy was still on the floor, under me, I said “I’m cuming too Honey.”

Lets backup a bit and explain.

Earlier today, my daughter Candy had let me fuck her ass as we took a shower in preparation for tonight’s adult bookstore fun.

Thus Candy thought, fair is fair enough and had me backup to the glory hole. The guy in the other booth had fucked me leaving his hot load deep up my dark hole while Candy kneelt on the floor sucking my cock.

Yeah, so when I said, “I’m cuming too Honey”, Candy spit my cock out of her mouth and held it firmly pointed at her face.

Stream after stream of my cum threaded onto her face as I danced on my tiptoes. I could feel my fuck buddies cum running out of my ass and down my leg. I looked down at my daughter; she was a lustful beauty, with a perfectly tanned figure, before my very eyes.

The sight of Candy, nude on that dirty booth floor with my cum dripping off her face excited me. Candy and I were both addicted to the dark wet filth of the adult bookstores video arcade booths.

You would think that the easy accessibility for cheap casual sex would be enough. But, not for the two of us. We could have gone to a booth without glory holes. Easily we could of invited one of those men who had followed us down the hall into a booth. But no, it’s not enough. There is this feeling you get when anonymous people peek at you through the glory holes. There is this anonymous hand, cock or tongue that comes through the glory hole that is exciting. Other people reaching out, begging for you attention. Begging to have sex with you. And when you’re with a twenty something hottie woman like Candy, this is all ten folds.

I knelt down next to Candy on the dirty floor. We embraced, wrapping our arms around each other. I pulled her closer to where I could feel her moist skin against mine. I could smell the pungent odor of my cum on her face, her breath was reeking of my cocks smell. I kissed her tenderly.

A tender, lovingly kiss. I felt the cum on her cheekbones against my own skin. I Ankara escort wanted to eat myself.

I held her face between my hands and slowly began to clean up her with my tongue. Candy smiled.

I felt a cool finger touch my back. Turning around to the glory hole, I found a hand with a finger extended. Another anonymous person wanting us. Candy pushed the finger and hand back into the hole. We both waited.

A few seconds went by before a cock was pushed through the glory hole. It was an enormous cock. The cock was maybe ten inches long, very wide and with it’s foreskin still attached. Candy grabbed it.

I watched closely as Candy pulled the foreskin all the way back to expose its giant red head. She looked at me with a gleam in her eye and said, “Let do him together Daddy. But, not all the way, I want to fuck this monster too.”

The two of us began licking on either side of this monster cock. The taste was of cleanliness, which delighted me.

I opened my mouth wide and closed in on the guys cock. His girth touched my upper and lower teeth sending desire through my body. Could I possibly take this one in my ass, I thought to myself.

I was only allowed to taste the monster for a few seconds before Candy pulled me off of it.

Candy didn’t even try to get the cock into her little mouth. But I’m sure they guy was not complaining as she licked at this cum hole while fingering herself.

“Daddy, I’m tasting his precum.” Candy got up without letting go of the cock. She turned around and backed up towards the wall. She bent over and smiled at me.

While I knelt there beside the two of them I watched as she guided his cock to her pussy lips. I knew when the guy had felt her pussy against his cock as he lunged forward with a bang on the wall separating us.

Candy let out a gasp as the monster spit her cunt open. I watched her as she eased herself back and forth allowing her pussy to come accustomed to his giant manhood.

I began stroking myself. I just couldn’t help it. The sight of them, up Ankara escort bayan close, a cock protruding through the glory hole, my daughter’s pussy being gorged by another mans cock, hardened my cock. I could tell she was not taking his full length. As I got a great view of them fucking between the wall and Candy’s ass. I hoped he would cum in her. I wanted sloppy seconds.

Candy was cuming. She was frantic, grabbing her nipples, grabbing at the walls for balance and grabbing at her Daddy for love and understanding. I lovely rubbed her back as she had her orgasm.

The guy in the next booth lasted a lot longer than I imagined. Candy looked as though she could pass out as she had already cum so many times. Then, they both fell silent. I heard the wall creaking against his weight. I could hear his moans of an orgasm. I know I just imagined it, but I heard his hot stream of cum splash against Candy’s vagina walls.

They separated. His cock dangled through the glory hole. I watched as the remaining drips of cum fell off of it. Candy grabbed at me saying, “Daddy, I have to sit down”.

I pulled the booths chair over to Candy and eased her into it. She sat on the cool metal chair and leaned back. The moisture on her skin sparkled in the video monitors light. Candy spread her leg and relaxed.

I watched as the guys cum ran out of her folds onto the metal seat. Quickly, I knelt down and pulled Candy out to the edge of the seat and drank the nectar from their sex. The liquid was warm and strong tasting. Their odor filled my nose. I felt my own cock jerk as my cum squirted onto the floor.

I laid my head on Candy’s leg and the two of us relaxed for a bit. Candy fingers inched their way through my hair in a loving way. We were truly spent.

Later, we got dressed. As I pulled on my pants and shirt I felt the grime and cum on my body. For sure a shower when we get home, I thought to myself. We walked out of the adult bookstore into the coolness and fresh air of the night. As we neared our car, Karl stepped forward.

Karl Escort Ankara introduced himself to us as the owner of the monster cock. He had a heavy German accent as he told us he really enjoyed us. That he was in town for just a few days. He gave me his business card with his hotels name, telephone and room number on it. He left us standing there after saying that he would be available the in the late morning or afternoon.

Candy and I drove home quietly. Not speaking much but then again not ignoring each other. We showered together once again. Taking great care of soaping each others bodies carefully to remove the nights grit and cum off of the video booths floor.

We climbed in between our cool clean sheets and kissed good night. As I was falling asleep I heard Candy whisper, “I love you Daddy, both ways.”

It was late morning when I awoke from a good nights sleep. I yawned and moved towards the edge of the bed. Candy was still asleep when I stepped to the floor.

I looked back at Candy. She was completely nude of course. With the bright light from the sun invading my bedroom I could clearly see Candy’s perfect body, her perfect tan. I thought to myself, she is so beautiful, sexy and perverted, that it was not a sin for me to be fucking her. She and I were meant for each others sexual pleasures. That thought made me feel better about myself. I had tried fighting her advances, I’ll admit; with not much energy, yet I did try.

I was sitting in the bay window drinking my morning coffee when Candy walked into the kitchen. She was still nude and aroused me immediately. I could have fucked her on the kitchen floor. But she sat on my lap instead.

“Daddy, mom will be home this afternoon. What are our plans?”

I told Candy that I didn’t have any plans, as I had not finished my first cup of coffee.

“Daddy, would you like to call Karl?”

“Sure Candy, I can call him. That is if you really want to see him. Actually I kind of thought you might want his monster cock again. But, Candy I’ll tell you right now, Karl is not sticking that big dick in my ass.”

“Daddy, that sounds perfect. See I don’t want him to fuck my ass either. What I want him to do, is fill up my pussy with his monster cock, at the same time your fucking my ass.”

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