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“Hon?” I mumbled as I peered around the corner of the kitchen, but she was nowhere to be seen. Nothing was cooking. No lights on.

I turned around and walked back through the living room, which was quiet and dark. The early morning haze was seeping through a small crack in the curtains of the picture window. I headed back the hall. The bathroom door was open and darkness within. I peeked in each bedroom, as I went by, on my way to our master bedroom. As I turned in the open door, there she was, lying flat on the bed with her head lightly raised on several pillows.

“Hey! There you are.” I said happily.

Her head barely moved, but her eyes moved over to me, as a warm smile appeared. She had her phone up a foot in front of her face. She was messaging, or social media, or whatever.

I hesitated in my tracks for a moment though, as I took her in.

She was naked. Totally naked, and still partly wet from a shower, I presumed. Her pale white skin gleamed in the whisper of light entering the room. Her silver blonde hair was wild and uncombed. She had it just bunched together and pulled to one side. It laid down over her chest, clear past her tummy. Her right breast was mostly covered.

Her grin was widening as my eyes scanned her body. Her legs were straight out, tucked together, and crossed at her ankles. Her hip bones protruded slightly, accentuating the mound of her vaginal padding, as I like to call it. She called it her puffy kitty. Either way, I called it beautiful.

She didn’t move. She just watched. She just took it all in, enjoying me looking at her. I didn’t often get the opportunity to just look at her nude body. We were naked a lot. Sexually. But not just looking. We fucked, and writhed, and rolled around touching each other. We never got the chance to just look. So, I was enjoying this, and it seemed, so was she.

Her left breast was exposed and bare. She followed my eyes down to her nipple as I got to it. It was dark pink, almost red, and stood straight up, erect as it always was with the piercing nipple rings she had.

Her nipples were perfect! Small areola to go with her C-cup breasts. Yummy! But add these thick dark pink nipples that pointed straight out over a centimeter, adorned with some silver nipple rings, and I had my own little personal playground for my tongue!

She finally moved, pulled her arm and phone off her chest, and at the same time, pulled her hair back, exposing the other breast. Her boobs weren’t that big, but they were still curvy and smooth and full enough to point upward, while lying flat on her back.

“Do you want some of this?” She said poking fun, but surely wanting me to take her up on the question.

“Just browsing.” I said jokingly.

She acted hurt and started to roll towards me, but at the same time I flopped on the bed beside her and pinned her back down. She bounced and squealed as I held her firmly against the bed and stared down at her. I lowered my face and open mouth slowly down over her nipple, surrounding it gently between my lips. She let out a deep breath as I touched it. Then a little moan when I sucked it in. I nibbled and rolled it between my lips and tongue.

Her hand covered the back of my head, holding me right where I was. Her fingers combed through my hair. I clamped down on her nipple ring and her nipple hard enough to get another squeal out of her. She smiled down at me.

I left her nipple ring drop and shuffled up on the bed toward her face and lips. She bent until our lips met. Her tongue darted deep into my mouth, dancing izmir escort bayan with mine. The passion was arousing that animal instinct in me. Deep inside. I just wanted to strip off all these clothes, flip her long bare legs up over her shoulders, and pound the sense out of her, until we both exploded. But I resisted. I decided to play. To touch. To be romantic.

I backed slowly away from her lips. I traced my fingers down her cheek to her neck and down on to her chest. I barely touched her soft white skin. Just a trace. Just a tickle, down to her breast. The chill bumps jumped up on her skin as I got to her nipple again and swirled it. Every bump of her areola swelled. I laid my head on her stomach and continued to tease. She giggled and threw her head back into the pillow. Her back arched as she squirmed under me.

“You’re killing me!” She whined. She looked into my eyes. I grinned naughtily. “Fucking tease!” She added.

She put her hand down and tickled my back lightly through my shirt. I smiled and continued to tease and fondle her nipple and nipple ring. I pulled it with my teeth and left go. Then let it spring back. I did it again and giggled as if it was my play toy. “It was!” I realized.

Suddenly, she had enough of my light teasing. Her hand shot up off my back and grabbed her entire boob from under my touch. She squeezed it and rubbed it, kneading off all those tingles and chill bumps. I backed away and watched her squirm. I snickered and rolled over on her belly abandoning her breast and nipple.

“Wait! Where are you going?” She pleaded. “You have to finish what you started.”

“Hmmmm…” I murmured, as I snuggled into her belly, now looking down towards her legs. A small tuft of hair, her pubic hair, trimmed neatly above her smooth shaved pussy stood out right in front of my nose, just centimeters away. I pulled my hand up and gently slid my fingers through, combing it down. I made sure my fingers touched that beautiful soft skin around her vagina. That puffy soft bulge that padded concealed her most sensitive parts.

She gasped as I touched that area and went quiet again as I continued what I had started. I stroked lightly through that short hair and down over the soft pads of her pussy. Each pass I touched just a tad firmer. Each pass I pushed a little deeper and went a little further down between those legs. Each pass touching her thighs with my index and pinky finger encouraging her to spread. And slowly she did spread them.

Soon my middle two fingers pushed down between her soft pads touching the lips of her kitty. They were moist and turning wetter with each pass. Patiently, I continued to push down between. She continued to spread until her lips were spreading and blooming like the pedals of a flower. A beautiful glistening flower.

I tickled around her clit, teasing and fondling with her piercing, just as I had done with her nipple ring. She jerked a little each time I pulled or twisted it. Her breath was getting deeper and more labored. Her fingers were bunching through my hair pushing my head down towards her groin. I knew what she wanted, and I’d get there. Just not quite yet! I grinned to myself with that thought but I was also having trouble resisting the temptation.

Her love button was poking out each time I played with her piercing. It was swelling and tight and beautiful pink. I made sure I touched it a few times. She squirmed and lifted her hips each time, silently begging for more. Her legs were spread wide now. Her pink bloom was spread. I slid a finger down and pushed it inside escort izmir her. It came back out nearly dripping with her juices. I firmly pushed it in and out getting deeper each time. Then again and again. I pushed the second finger deep in beside it and then squeezed finding that smooth inner wall that I knew was her G-spot. That most orgasmic spot. Two fingers rubbing that spot and my thumb on her clit, outside, would send her into ecstasy. I rubbed both fingers on that spot and then slid them out. Then back in deep. Then again and again. She squirmed and pushed her hips to meet me.

I fucked her with both fingers. She squirmed and pushed at me with hands bunched in my hair. Then number one hit her! “Boom!” As she would say. She jerked and quivered. I felt her nails grip my scalp. I continued my finger fucking. Number two would be pretty quick. She bucked up into my fingers. I pushed them deep and rubbed her spot. “Boom” number two! She pushed my head down almost into her groin. I kept my fingers deep and just rubbed her clit. Her muscles tensed. “Boom!” Number three!

I waited for the quivers of number three to subside, but they continued longer than usual. I smiled proudly to myself, thinking “good one!” As it subsided, I waited a few seconds then rubbed inside again. But this time I added the thumb and firmly on her swelled clit. I pushed under the skin of her clitoral hood. Her jewelry jingled as it vibrated. Number four hit her hard. “Boom!”

Then I made my first and only mistake. I let number four subside long enough for her to catch her breath. Sexual aggression took over.

She’s not a Dom, but she loves a good hard fuck session! And I mean loves! Two, three, four times a day! More than 20 orgasms doesn’t completely satisfy her. So, she can be aggressive to get what she wants.

Before I could get to rubbing that G-spot again, she twisted on the bed. My fingers slid out, as she pulled away. I rolled back to in defense, so I ended up on my back diagonally on the bed, confused and wondering what was happening. I had my hands up beside my head. I guess I looked like a scared puppy.

She never missed a beat. She rolled right into orgasm number five, but it wasn’t going to be by my fingers. She rolled back towards me and lifted her sexy long legs right over my chest and face. She lifted her torso and ended straddled directly over my chin.

“What I move!” I thought to myself. It was slick, and slick was also the word to describe her kitty when she grabbed my hair and shifted up so that her wet, still quivering, kitty was on my lips. She smiled a devilish grin looking down at my wild eyes. She wasn’t giving any quarter. She wanted number five, six, seven… And these were going to be by my tongue.

She leaned forward and shifted just a tad, so her clit was right on my upper lip. She rotated her hips as I pushed my tongue up. She was salty to taste. “Her cum” I thought to myself. She was saltier when she came. Creamier, too!

She hesitated and held steady as I pushed my tongue up under her clitoral hood and swirled around the smooth little ball that was super swelled up and engorged now. Hard, like a tiny penis head. My mind was wondering.

I came back to reality quickly to her quivering kitty as she hit number five and started jerking above me. I pushed my tongue inside as far as I could and then sucked hard on her clit to push her right into number six if you could count that way. This one hit her even harder. Her left hand grabbed her gorgeous full boob above my face and squeezed firmly. That always meant good izmir escort things were happening.

As number six eased, she immediately started pushing for number seven, grinding on my tongue and lips. My lips would be swollen after this, but it was so worthwhile. I tried to get my tongue up around her clit again but couldn’t get there. Her continuous rubbing was too firm. She was getting off on my face. Number seven hit her. She dropped down, bent, and grabbed my head, pulling me in and holding me tightly against her. I was right on her clit, so I sucked hard. She groaned and giggled. She looked down at me, smiling.

“How many was that?” She asked.

“14.” I blurted proudly!

She giggled and said “No it wasn’t.” “Seriously?” She asked.

“Four then!” I answered like I was insulted.

“No!” She laughed.

She started grinding again just to be smart and said “Keep eating!”

I licked for a few moments staring up at her through that beautiful tuft of pubic hair, smiling a smile that she could only see in my eyes. What she didn’t know, though, was that I had not yet launched my secret weapon. That move I knew would get her through number eight and probably number nine.

I had gently snuck my hands up where they were firmly cupping each cheek of her perky beautiful tight little ass. I had index finger number one perfectly positioned for entry into that tight little bum hole at just the right moment, still yet to be determined. Thumb number two was on standby for back up to get to orgasm number nine and number ten.

She loved fingers in her ass. Hers and mine. I did too. I’d surprise her with it. She would definitely do a little dance on my nose.

I thought for a moment she was going to give up at seven. She does that sometimes, but it’s usually showing pity on me because I’m older and tired. Rarely because she doesn’t want more. So, a little encouragement will get her motor running again.

I started licking again with more purpose. I sucked her swelled lips into my mouth. I swirled them around my tongue. That drew a moan and got her repositioning again so that her clit was accessible. I pulled a fast one though and hunched down so I could run my tongue around the lower end of that kitty, where the juices were thick and salty, and flowing! She arched put her head up and disappeared from my view when I swirled her tight little butt hole.

When I moved down, it exposed her clit and gave her the opportunity to rub one or two out for herself. With my tongue assisting, of course. She jumped on it and rubbed it frantically. The jewelry on her hand in her clitoral hood rattled and tinged together. Her hips started rotating as I guessed number eight was starting. With her rubbing, number nine would be close behind.

Now was the time for my secret weapon adding the index finger into her arse. She squealed and lifted as I pushed it in firmly. It slid in easily with all the juices covering everything in the area. It slid in to the second knuckle. The squeal and half giggle, half gasp, that came out of her was to die for. She didn’t say it, but I translated her reaction as “oh my fucking God is that good!”

She was still convulsing from number nine unless I miscounted. I was about to push Mr. Thumb in for number 10 when she surprised me and rolled off, gasping for breath. I wiped all the juices off my face which coated me the whole way down to my ears. I looked over at her, laying on her back. I was surprised but had a nice sense of accomplishment going and almost snickered that “I actually wore her out” for a change. But I held back a moment until she caught her breath. She looked over at me with the big grin. She was happy. I was satisfied.

She giggled a little looking over at me and said “Okay. Are you going to fuck me now or what?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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