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Borrowing His Body Ch. 02

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As I have said before, this is my first attempt at writing erotic fiction. Thanks for any and all feedback. Hope you enjoy!

Since I forgot this in the first part…

Disclaimer: all characters involved in sexual activities are 18+

Part 2


It seemed like the shortest sleep I’d ever had: the kind of sleep where you swore you just closed your eyes five minutes ago and the only way five hours had passed was because the world conspired against you and turned a little faster while you were out. The alarm was loud and annoying, but for the best (otherwise I never would have heard it). Out of habit, I swung my arm toward the right side of my bed, where I keep my alarm clock, only to realize, stupidly, that the blaring sound was coming from my left.

Shit. I was still trapped in Devlin’s body. This wasn’t my room or my alarm. My immediate reaction was disappointment. So much for an easy fix. I opened my eyes to find and shut off Devlin’s alarm.

Moments passed as I lay staring at the unfamiliar ceiling. I was trapped. I had no clue what I was going to do, or how I was going to survive another day putting up with his stuffy family. But it was Monday, so there was school, which was an even bigger problem. Devlin couldn’t be more different from me. I wouldn’t be able to keep up in his advanced classes. I wouldn’t be able to relate to his friends in the least. I had no idea who Devlin was: his personal life was a total mystery to me. What if he has some secret boyfriend? I thought. I’m going to freak if he does…shit, shit, shit. How could I be expected to deal with all this? What had I done to earn such a horrible fate? Why me?

A ringing from across the room pulled me out of the chaos going on in my head. Devlin’s phone was going off, buzzing angrily on his bureau where I had left the thing last night. I jumped out of bed to answer it. My name was on the screen so I hit the button to answer it.


“Jake,” Devlin breathed into the phone. Hearing my own voice on the other line would definitely take some serious getting used to.

“Devlin, you fucking liar.” I tried not to be too pissed with the kid, but I felt really defeated, upset that what he assured me of hadn’t happened.

“Jake, I’m really, really sorry. I’ll admit I have no idea what’s going on here.” He paused, then sighed.

“Yeah, tell me about it… Okay, well if this isn’t going to sort itself out anytime soon, we need a game plan, now.” I wanted this problem solved, of course, but if I was stuck in Devlin’s body I had to figure out how I was going to make it through the day. “I need to know how to survive a day in the life of Devlin Patterson. Honestly, I have no clue who your friends are, what classes you’re in, what you do in your spare time… Look, can we meet at Hannah’s Café before school starts. We really need to compare notes and make this work.”

“Um sure…do you have a car I can drive? I know you can use mine. My parents permit me to drive to school every day. Mine’s the grey Bonneville, third spot in the garage. You’ll find my keys hanging on a hook marked with my name in the kitchen.”

“Okay, yeah. You’ll have to ask my mom if you can take her VW, but she works from home and lets me take it pretty often, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Call me if she gives you any trouble, and don’t take too long. Meet me at Hannah’s in 15, okay dude?” I wasn’t too worried about him getting the car. I drive it to school four out of five days a week.

“Alright, I’ll see you there then. Make sure you bring all the books, binders, and notebooks you can find in my room,” Devlin said, sounding a bit too cheery for my liking.

“Sure thing, grab my stuff too.”

“Okay then, no problem,” he responded. I almost hung up then, but a thought hit me. “Wait, Devlin?”

“Yes Jake?”

“Try not to wear anything too gay.”

“Haha, no worries, you don’t even have a perceivable wardrobe. It’s work out gear all day every day from what I can gather.”

I chuckled. “Good, that works. See you soon.” I clicked off the phone while he was still saying his good bye.

Now, what the hell am I going to wear? I thought as I ripped open Devlin’s jean drawer.



Things had gone quite well on the phone with Jake. I had expected him to be spitting mad, or at least considerably more unreasonable than he proved to be. To tell the truth, I was beside myself with consternation. This wasn’t in the books, after all: every single odd happenstance any one of my various peculiar relatives had experienced had righted itself in a single day’s time. That I had awoken once again to find myself in the dark, slightly malodorous habitation of Jake Currant was alarming. Though a bit thrilled to be able to spend more time in this gorgeous body, I was even more frazzled worrying what would become of me in Jake’s body and of Jake in mine.

I had already İstanbul Escort thrown on some athletic gear before I gave Jake a call, so after I was through talking to him, I exited his room, proceeded to his family’s bathroom, finished preparing for the day, and went downstairs.

Mrs. Currant was, once again, roosted comfortably on one of the tall kitchen chairs, intently sipping her steaming coffee. Her husband sat adjacent to her with a newspaper and a bowl of cereal. I stopped in the kitchen doorway to decide on my plan of attack: I would be brisk, quickly explain my situation, and make my request in a casual manner. I stepped into the kitchen.

“Hey Mom, Dad.”

“Morning, sweetie,” Jake’s mom said.

“Listen, I hate to be short, but I need to meet someone downtown before school starts. Could I take your car to school, Mom?”

“Sure hun, but who are you meeting so early?”

“Um…my friend…” This was unexpected. I needed to think fast. “My friend…Christina Roslindale. You know her, right Dad?”

“Yup. All clear, Rose, dear. Let the kid be on his way, he sounds like he’s in a hurry.”

“Oh alright. Just be sure you get some breakfast in you, Jake. Oh and my keys are in the ignition.”

“Thanks so much, Mom. Love you guys.” Mission accomplished. I exited the kitchen to the garage — I had thoroughly explored the house yesterday so I wouldn’t be caught off guard not knowing my way around again — and made my way over to Mrs. Currant’s red VW. My interactions with Jake’s parents had been going off without a hitch most recently; I figured I was reasonably accustomed to mimicking Jake’s demeanor, and as such I was feeling fairly confident as I plopped myself down in the driver’s seat. I started the car, quickly found the garage door operator, and shifted into reverse. The growing rectangle of light that inundated the garage filled me with the hope that things couldn’t be quite as bad as they had the potentiality to be. I backed out into the clear air and glaring sun of the January morning, positively beaming.


The door to the tiny, light-filled café gave a pleasant ting as I opened it and stepped inside. Instantly wrapped in the warmth of the cozy room and the smell of cinnamon, I felt my face flush. It was freezing out, and having parked my borrowed car on the street — the café was wildly popular, a local favorite, and its parking lot was, as expected, completely filled — I had to walk about a minute in the bitterness of the bright morning. Despite the crowd, the wave of heat and symphony of beguiling scents was intoxicatingly inviting.

I scanned the room for Jake before realizing, not a second later, I should be searching for myself. The idea seemed silly and I chuckled lightly to myself, the sound rumbling deeply in my chest. Why my own laughter couldn’t sound so masculine and sexy I have no idea. After another sweep of the café and its patrons I saw myself sitting in the corner at a table for two. Just then Jake looked up and spotted me as well. Our eyes locked.

There was something about the moment that was striking, as if I hadn’t taken the situation seriously until just then when I saw my own green eyes pierce me from across the room. Jake wore a look I was certain never graced my visage. He looked callous and cockier than I ever would. After a few breathless seconds he motioned to me. I moved towards the table to join him.

For whatever reason, I hadn’t noticed that there were several bagels sitting on the small table, some with egg mashed between them, others sitting next to small tubs of cream cheese. They were accompanied by two tall cups of what I guessed was coffee. I reached the table, pulled out my seat, tossed Jake’s bookbag on the floor, and shucked my heavy jacket. After carefully draping the coat over the seat, I sat down.

“Hungry, are we?” I asked quizzically. Eying him, I noticed he looked like he hadn’t put any thought into his attire and had dressed himself haphazardly. He looked messy and it was unsettling to see myself presented in such an unsatisfactory fashion.

“Yeah, like your tiny body could even handle half this food. No. Most of this is for you, dipshit. You’re going to have basketball practice after school, and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So dig in, and make it fast.” He shoved two of the plates my way. The elated mood-bubble I’d formed on the drive over popped.

I was flabbergasted, mostly because I don’t eat much, ever, due to my more sensitive affinities for specific foods. This wasn’t my body, though, and I had noticed that yesterday I was practically starving only eating three small meals. I picked up the bagel breakfast sandwich and started eating.

He started spreading cream cheese on one of the sesame bagels he’d purchased. “So, Devlin, I figure we only have about half an hour before we have to book it to school. While you eat, I’ll give you Anadolu Yakası Escort the low-down.” I issued a muffled affirmative as I all but choked on the huge sandwich I was attempting to swallow whole. He continued, unabated, “As you probably know, I’m a big athlete at school, so you have to try your hardest to not suck ass today at practice. My body will be doing most of the work for you, I’m sure, but it would help if you at least knew how to play basketball. Please tell me you do.”

I forced down another bite, cleared my pallet, and responded. “I mean, I played it in gym, and I’ve watched a couple games, so I know the rules. It can’t be that difficult.”

“Yeah, we’ll see. I’m praying muscle memory will save your ass. If this goes on for more than a day, I’m going to have to train you. Okay…other things you should know…right, classes. Can you grab my planner, I’ll show you where I keep my schedule and locker number and stuff.” I grabbed his bag from the floor, retrieved what he requested and slid the planner across the table. Then I was back to shoving food down my throat.

“Okay, here you go,” he said after flipping open the small book and presenting me with it. “My classes won’t be too hard for you, obviously, just don’t participate too much or my teacher’s will probably shit themselves. Also if you wanna fall asleep in some of them that’s totally on par with my usual performance.” He paused for a bit and let me finish up the first sandwich.

“Right, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind,” I said after swigging some barely palatable coffee — I preferred tea, but would just deal with it. “As for my classes,” I began, “You’ll find a copy of my schedule in the front of all my binders. Today I should have study block, thank God, so your day shouldn’t be too insufferable. As for participation, you really shouldn’t. There’s no way you’ll have a clue what’s going on, and anything you should say would prove inexpressibly…disastrous I’m sure. So just stay quiet unless called on, in which case just say you forgot to do your homework or something.” I was beginning to worry. Having Jake attend class in my stead was going to be unavoidably horrible, but I had already figured as much, so I pressed on. “My locker information is on the fifth page in my planner. And after school I have jazz band, but you can just skip it and I’ll smooth that over later.”

I sighed. This was not going to be a good day, for either of us. Jake was staring at me with my own piercing green eyes and I couldn’t take it. I looked down, to avert his gaze, and reached for my coffee.

“Devlin, this really sucks, and it’s super awk.”

“Yeah, I know, but there’s nothing I…”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, I need to know something else.”

“Okay,” I said, hesitating slightly.

“You don’t…well, you know…have a…” He paused longer.

“Have a what, Jake?” I was confused.

“You know…a boyfriend, or something like that, significant other, whatever you call it. Please tell me you don’t have one.”

I flushed, though I’m sure I didn’t blush as much as I would have, had I possessed my own physiognomies. I shook it off and set my jaw. “No, Jake. You don’t have to worry about that. Apparently, I’m completely undesirable, so no worries,” I snarked at him.

Jake froze for a second. Then for reasons beyond me, I saw the very blush I tend to hate wash across his/my face. “Oh right…okay. Well, anyway, I guess this’ll be just as awkward for you, but I’m sort of seeing this girl Julie.”

“Right, Julie Atherton, I know, Jake. The whole school knows.” My mood had soured entirely.

“Okay, well…you should, um, finish up. We should get going.”

Something had switched — Jake grew suddenly demure in demeanor, and I was incensed and direct. At that moment, I’m sure no one would have suspected our unique circumstance, except for the fact that Jake and I were never seen together in a casual social setting.

“Yeah. We’ll still be on time if we hurry.” I got up and gathered Jake’s things, donning his coat, tossing his bag over one shoulder.



Devlin couldn’t have been more spot on with what he said about class. I really had no idea what was going on. The kid had a full course load of AP’s and all of it was way over my head. Personally, I didn’t take the easiest classes possible like a lot of my friends did, just for the smooth ride through high school, but I just really couldn’t keep up, especially since this was January, and all the AP nerds were prepping for their fast approaching exams. I just hoped the nightmare would end sooner rather than later.

Other than the train wreck that was first period Calculus, I found a day in the life of Devlin Patterson to be pretty interesting. To my surprise, the kid had a lot of friends. During my study block period I was swamped with nerds looking to compare notes. I spent Kartal Escort most of the time in the library, after several of his closer friends swept into my classroom and begged me to sign out and join them there. I was embarrassed. I only knew one of their names.

So we went and sat in the library and while I wasn’t busy pretending to regret not doing any of my homework for all of Devlin’s AP classes when asked by his classmates for help, I found myself listening in on some pretty intriguing conversation. Apparently Devlin’s two closest male friends were also gay.

“So this weekend was fun…went out…got railed.” They’d just finished discussing some school gossip with Kathy, the school’s notorious fag hag, who was apparently closest with this group, when Devlin’s friend blurted this out. He looked like he had the winning hand in poker, so smug.

“Oh my glob, Jared! You are such a slut!” Kathy screeched, way too loud for the library. “This is literally the third weekend in the row you’ve gone out and had anonymous buttsex!”

Jared, I thought. So that’s this guy’s name. He was of average height and build, maybe a bit on the slender side. His hair and attire, however, were really far from average, and he had this chic, goth meets hipster look.

Luke, Devlin’s other friend, a bit of a taller and bulkier guy, who I vaguely knew from a former class we’d had together, just sat there giggling.

“Hey, I figure there’s no use in waiting till college. Everyone wants a little experience before then anyway, am I right?” Jared defended himself.

He’s got a point, I said to myself, yet I was feeling really awkward. Honestly, I was curious about Jared sexploits, but I was totally unsure how to interact with his friends. So I just kept staring down at my books, figuring Devlin used his study periods to get ahead on work, and while I was pretty sure they bought it, I couldn’t help listening in…

“Anyway, this guy was huge, a real meathead. It was amazing. He was so ripped! He was so ripped I didn’t have to do any of the work!” Jared continued.

“Ugh, I need details!” Kathy seemed a bit too excited. I laughed to myself…

“Yeah what was it like? Did he fuck you?”

Shit. I couldn’t help myself. I blurted it out, and all three of them turned to me, shocked.

“What…you guys are talking sex, how can you expect me to focus on this shit!?” I knew I was the absolute worst at imitating Devlin’s speech or mannerisms. I needed coaching. These guys looked at me as if I had three heads.

“Dev, look, you know I strictly bottom, why would you even bother asking that?” Jared was frustrated, but the mood passed quickly and he was once again bubbly and bragging. “But yeah, haha, he fucked the shit out of me! He did this thing, this amazing thing where he just lifted me up and slammed me down on his cock. He was that strong! It was like nothing for him! I won’t be forgetting this guy for, well, at least a few days, haha!”

“Yeah, or walking straight for that matter!” cracked Luke. Kathy and Luke laughed and I couldn’t help giggling a bit myself.

These guys are fun. I was enjoying myself, and I was surprised by it. It’s so easy, just not worrying and being open with other gay guys, I thought to myself. Maybe I wasn’t so different from these guys. After all, we all lusted after the same sex.


The day moved along quickly after that, and even though there were a few homework checks and awkward moments that followed me telling Devlin’s teachers I hadn’t done a single page of work, I mostly brushed it off. I’d been there and done that, and besides the teachers seemed to excuse me, rather Devlin, seeing as he had a perfect record so far. Lucky asshole.

When it came time for lunch I was happy to find Kathy, Luke, and Jared heading towards me at my locker. Thankful I had the same lunch period as these guys and confident I could get along with them, even if I wasn’t making any attempt at acting like Devlin with a stick up my ass and a conversational vocabulary spanning half of Webster’s, I headed down to the cafeteria mostly at ease.

Let’s just say, lunch was hell.

I had just sat down with my school lunch, which Kathy raised her eyebrow at and Luke outright questioned, when I was startled by some pretty ridiculous commotion coming from the general area I usually sat in with my jock friends and our girlfriends. Shit.

“Looks like one of our favorite jocks is having some lady trouble. Here’s hoping he just came out!” sang Jared. He was right. I saw myself from across the crowded lunchroom. My girlfriend Julie was up in arms.

“Oh I so call dibs on his sweet ass if that’s the case,” said Luke.

I shot him a glance and blushed at that, but quickly turned back to the action. Just in time too, as there was a slamming sound from across the room. Shit! Julie just threw her milk on the ground! Things are getting intense! I realized most of our neighbors on this side of the caf were rubbernecking at the action. I thought it was funny. Was this how everyone else reacted to any kind of jock/cheerleader drama?

Then I realized this was my life I was looking in on, and from the looks of it, things were pretty quickly going to shit.


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