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“Oh yeah Bri, it’s definitely me that’s an asshole.”

“Go fuck yourself Ryan”

“Well, I suppose fucking myself would be far better than fucking a skank like you.”

So started an average Wednesday morning at the Brown homestead. You see, my wife’s younger sister came to live with us about a month ago. From the very beginning I knew that it was a bad idea and stated the same, but Kendra wasn’t having any of it. There was no way that she would turn her back on her baby sister. Not that that was what I had suggested. My idea was quite simple, float her a little cash and be done with it and her.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, I will back up a little. You see Brittney or as she likes to be called, Bri, has always had some pretty big shoes to fill. Kendra her older sister has always excelled at any she put her mind to. Kendra was the cheerleading captain of her high school, graduated valedictorian, was given a full scholarship to Stanford, got her dream job and to top it all off, Kendra is absolutely gorgeous. She is blonde, athletic and has a killer body.

Brittney on the other hand hasn’t had it so easy. Bri was never into sports. She thought that school was for losers and college was never in her game plan, whatever that plan may be. Her dream job would be moving to Denver to work in one of the legalized grow ops that they have and that is exactly what she did. Bri is smaller than Kendra, she obviously takes after her father’s side of the family and did not inherit any of the traits that her mother and sister possess and display. Bri has brunette hair and her overall frame is much slighter. As far as her body goes? That’s anyone guess. Bri has always worn skate culture clothes. Baggy as fuck.

So Bri has always had a deep-rooted hate on for her sister and when Kendra and I married it just got worse. The Brown’s have what many would call “The Dream Life”. You see we have good jobs, a beautiful home, nice cars, a dog and so on. Bri could never wrap her head around the fact that it took lots of hard work to get where we were at. Instead it was her belief that it just happened.

So, after she finished high school, Bri ventured off to Denver. “Fuck you and your Bourgeois life style”, were her parting words. For 18 months no one heard a word about or from her. Bri basically dropped off the face of the earth. Then just over a month ago Kendra received a phone call from a college friend that apparently volunteers at a homeless shelter. The one where Bri was currently residing. I guess Grace recognized Kendra’s little sister and made the call. 2 hours later we were on a flight to Denver.

As surprising as this might sound to some people, while marijuana is legal in Colorado, it is apparently illegal to steal it from the company that you work for or to work there underage with fake I.D. Go figure. We went to the company that Bri had previously been employed at and the manager was kind enough to fill in a few of the voids from the last 18 months. Bri was less than the exemplary employee. She had been caught smoking weed at work a number of times. She had a horrible attendance record, fought with other employees and the straw that broke the camels back was that she was caught on video stealing weed.

We found Bri sitting outside of the local shelter and I actually felt sorry for her. She was broken, sad and smelled like she had been living in a kennel. After a quick stop to buy her some new clothes, we brought her back to our hotel room. I think that her and Kendra spent the next 2 hours in the washroom delousing her. The next day it was back to Connecticut.

Back to reality.

After our morning banter Bri and I stayed away from each other. You see Kendra commutes to work everyday and I work from home. I have a private office on the main floor of our home and I rarely have to go into the actual office. So, with me working at home and Bri just being there all of the fucking time, weighs pretty heavy on me.

For 2 years I have had a ritual. Work from 8am until 11am. Play a little Xbox. Have some lunch. Rub one out. Back to work at 2pm until 4pm. Start supper. I loved my life. Now, I keep myself locked in my office. Can’t even bring my Xbox in because it’s what we use for Netflix. So now I actually had to work. At noon I stopped for lunch.

Bri was sitting at the breakfast counter looking like she may have been crying.

“What’s up?”

“Like you give a fuck Ryan, some of the thing you say, really hurt.” With that she proceeded to start crying again.

I wasn’t quite sure what to say. Always the tough exterior. Was she setting me up for another verbal assault? Was she being the conniving little bitch that everyone knew and loved / hated?

“What’s with you?” I bit.

“Why do think that I am such a skank? Am I that ugly? Why don’t guys like me? What do I need to do to change?”

Nope. Wasn’t getting into this conversation. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not fucking ever.

“Ryan, tell me. I want to know.”

“Listen Eyüp Escort Bri, I didn’t mean what I said. You were just being…you, so I said something stupid.”

That didn’t help the sobbing. For the first time in all the years that I knew her, Bri looked fragile. She looked deflated, almost beaten. Very vulnerable. Something that I didn’t expect.

“Look, you are attractive enough. Why don’t you start by getting some clothes that fit you? Get over the goddamn skateboard scene. Maybe pull your hair back, out of your face so people can see that someone lives in there and maybe just maybe, smile once and awhile. It wouldn’t hurt you, you know.”

Fuck it I thought to myself. “While we are at it, why don’t you sign up for an online course of some kind? Kendra or I would be more than willing to help you with it.”

“Only so you can get me out of here quicker.”

“One other thing. You could work on not being a bitch so much.” End of conversation.

I made supper for the 3 of us. Some salmon and a salad. Kendra was her bubbly self, Bri was her moody self and I was by myself. I took the dog for a walk, opened a beer and turned on the Bruins game.

At 11pm I headed to the shower. Kendra was already in bed when I got there. She smelled like lavender. My cock was instantly hard. I pulled up her nightie and cupped one of her firm breasts. No resistance. That was a good sign. I took my favorite nipple into my mouth. A slight moan. Even better. Down came the cute little cotton panties. Fuck yes. My tongue parted her wet slit. I was so horny that I was near exploding. I sucked her outer lips while gently easing a finger into her. Kendra moaned a little louder and pushed her hips up off the bed and into my face. I pushed a little harder on her engorged clit as her impending orgasm neared. With a soft scream she wrapped her fingers into my hair and pulled my face harder into her wetness. I gave her a few seconds to recuperate before pushing my cock into her tight cunt. I know that it wasn’t very romantic, but I had some needs that hadn’t been met since Bri had moved in. Yes, this was the first time I had been in my goddess of a wife in over 30 days. The fact that I was able to last more than 2 minutes surprised me. Her tight wet twat pulsated around my cock and that was it. I sent rope after rope of my seed into her.

“Oh my fucking god, I forgot what that was like.”

“It hasn’t been that long Ryan. I just wanted to pay you back for being such a sweet guy.”

“Why? What happened?”

“Bri says that you had a talked with her. Do you know we signed her up for a course tonight? She can work at her own pace from home. It’s a course in process engineering. I guess she had an interest in it at her old job, before she got fired that is.”

“Well lucky us, paying for schooling for kids that aren’t even ours.”

The next morning came and went. No sign of Bri until shortly after noon. As soon as she arrived in the kitchen, looking like she was fresh out of a shower, I did a double take. A whole different person. Bri had pulled her hair back into a damp ponytail and had on just a little eyeliner and was wearing a tank top with some tight as fuck yoga pants. Were those spectacular things sticking out from underneath her top tits? Where the hell had she been hiding that ass? Who knew? This moment was going into the spank bank for later use. Bri definitely caught me checking her out.

“Sorry I missed breakfast. I was up late last night with all of the enrollment stuff for my course. Thank you by the way for the suggestion. It looks like it will be lots of work, but it may be worth it in the long run.” With that she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “thanks again.” And was off down the hall to her room.

Her hair smelled of vanilla and her breathe was warm and minty. The hell with the spank bank, this is going to happen sooner than later. I made my way to my office and closed the door. A little hand lube and I was away. Just as I about to pop nut I was certain that I had heard a scuffling noise and giggling outside of my door. I didn’t really care at this point, I was in it for the end game. After a little clean-up, it was back to work, but I couldn’t stop thinking of how hot Bri looked in her new outfit. The way that it hugged her form, the way that it traced the outline of her vulva and her ass and the way that she smelled.

I had to snap out of this, quickly. I needed something, but I just wasn’t sure what. Making my way to the kitchen for something cold to cool me down, all I could smell was vanilla. Fuck my life. Bent over at the island was that ass, just staring at me. I wanted to run up and cram my face into it. What the fuck was wrong with me. I loathed this girl, yet I couldn’t stop looking at her.



“What do you know about the application of fundamental principles and the laws of nature that allow us to transform nature into energy?”

“Not a goddamn thing. Where the fuck is Bri Eyüp Escort Bayan and what have you done with her?”

This brought a smile to her face and until this very moment I had never noticed how pretty she truly was. She turned to me with her arms crossed over her breasts holding her coffee mug and said, “Come on, help me with my homework.”

“Nope. Your sister will kill me. Plus, I have my own “home” work to do and I’m tired.”

“You should be tired. After last night and again this afternoon. I heard you and I heard you and Kendra, you know.”

“I guess privacy is a thing of the past in this goddamned house?”

“Hard to have privacy, you’re a little bit loud when you come.” With that she was gone.

That night the 3 of watched a movie together and had what was probably the best evening we had ever had since I had met Kendra. We laughed, drank some cheap wine and snacked on some cheesy nachos. But all the while I couldn’t take my eyes off of Bri. She seemed to have a glow about her.

Over the next few days we were sociable yet kept our distance. We chatted about the projects we were working, current events, etc. Everything was fine until Thursday. I got up as usual, followed the same routine and things were going along fine. That was until I spilled a glass of chocolate milk on myself. Simple fix. Run upstairs, rinse off, change clothes. What could go wrong?

Well, your wife’s younger sister could be laying naked in your ensuite tub for one. I stripped off my wet clothes and opened my bathroom door. Kendra was at work and Bri should be in her room working on her school stuff. Not what happened. I walked in and there was Bri in all of her glory, laying half covered by water and the remanence of what looked like a bubble bath. We made immediate eye contact, but my eyes had other ideas, they had a mind of their own. With very deliberate intentions, they slowly moved down her body to her gorgeous tits and rock-hard nipples, moving along I was in disbelief of how smooth and hard her stomach was. Still lower my eyes moved until they reached a spot from which they seemed to be glued upon. Bri’s vagina was beautiful. It had a small furry landing strip just above her thick lips and protruding clit. I couldn’t look away. Bri turned slightly in the tub when reaching for her towel and just that small motion gave me a wide-open view of heaven. Fuck it looked good.

When I finally realized what was happening, I looked up to Bri’s face, but she was staring lower. Apparently, all the blood had rushed from one head to another. I was rock solid and Bri was transfixed on my erection.

“What are you doing in here.”

“Duh…having a bath.”

“You have your own washroom.”

“Duh…no tub.”

At this point Bri was standing and toweling off. When she bent in front of me to pick-up her dirty clothes, I thought I was going to explode. Her perfect ass was a work of art and her pussy lips seemed to sing out an invitation.

I rinsed off quickly but was unsure what my rush was. When I got down stairs Bri was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“That was quick. You must have had quite the build-up in you.”

“I didn’t do what you think.”

“Sure, sure. Listen, if you wanted to see me naked so bad, why didn’t you just ask. Letting you see my ass is the least I can do for you and Kendra letting me mooch off of you. You don’t have to sneak around being a Peeping Tom.”

“Listen. I had no idea that you were in there.”

“Maybe, but when you found me, you weren’t in any hurry to leave, in fact, your eyes almost burned a hole into my skin from staring so much.”

“I didn’t notice you trying to cover up or look away yourself.”

“Couldn’t. It’s not everyday that I see a cock that nice.” And with that she was once again gone.

I was rattled. I couldn’t focus on work. I wanted to jerkoff so bad. I was coming unglued. After looking at the clock on my monitors screens for the one hundredth time, I called it a day. It was going to be okay, I’d make a nice supper, have some wine and when in bed I’d casually tell Kendra that I’d saw her little sister naked. If Kendra pictured the scruffy little bitch that we picked up in Denver I might be okay, but if she pictured the hot goddess that smelled like her favorite bubble bath, I was fucked.

Another first. Bri thought that today, of all days, would be a great time to help in the kitchen. The space is plenty big enough for 2 people, but she continually touched or rubbed up against me. I refused to look at her. No checking her out. Be a good boy, be a good boy. Kendra arrived home, downed some wine and ran off to the shower. While I was getting plates for the table, Bri reached over my shoulder for some water glasses, with on hand on my hip and her tits pressed into my back, she whispered in my ear. “I bet Kendra gonna be a lucky girl tonight.” Not waiting for me to clue into what she had meant, Bri rubbed my cock with her free hand. I had no idea how hard I was. I had Escort Eyüp been trying to figure out how to handle telling Kendra about my day, that I must have got turned on by my thoughts.

Kendra’s return snapped me out of my coma, when she floated into the kitchen like a breeze, “Everything smells great you guys. I’m so spoiled.”

Supper clean-up was uneventful. Bri suggested another family movie night, which Kendra thought was a “splendid” idea.

Popcorn and drinks in hand, we were ready to go. The girls picked a chick flick that I had no say in. It turned out to be better than expected because of the nudity. Nothing like stars showing off their titties, to excite the masses. Half way through the movie there was a fairly hot love making scene, fairly graphic and just enough to make me hard. Kendra noticed and tossed a throw blanket over me. What she didn’t noticed was that over on the loveseat, Bri had slipped a hand down the front of her shorts and was quietly giving herself a workout.

Wait, am I the only one that can smell it? The room had the distinct sweet sticky smell of my favorite fruit, vagina. No one said a thing. The movie ended, Kendra said goodnight and headed upstairs, Bri got up from the couch with wobbly legs. I grabbed her by the arm and said, “here, let me help you.” When I had her arm, I raised her hand to my nose and took a sniff. Beautiful.


“Really? At least I do it behind closed doors when I assume that no one is watching or eaves dropping.”

That remark actually brought a smile to her face.

The sexual banter and staring at each other continued for the next week or so. Subtle touching, but nothing that would appear premeditated. Kendra was none the wiser.

I awoke to the sound of the shower and with a raging hardon. I found Kendra in the shower all soapy and sexy. I knocked on the door with the biggest puppy dog eyes I could muster.

“Oh, come on. But hurry. I’ll be late for work.”

God, I loved her. Nothing fancy about it, just a raw savage quickie in the shower. We both came and the kiss afterward seemed to last as long as the actual sex. Quickies are definitely one of the most understated acts of sex.

“Ryan, I’ll pick up supper on my way home, okay?”

“Sounds good. What’s the occasion?”

“Brittney passed her first exam yesterday, has perfect grades and hasn’t been in any trouble since she started that fucking class a month ago.”

“Good for her. I’ll make some calls, maybe Gordon over at tech support knows someone that might be in the market for a process engineer, in the near future. Do you plan on getting her a little gift?”

“Thanks, and yes. But not a “little” gift. I was planning on giving her something a little bit “bigger”.”

“Like what?”

“Well…like you. I keep finding my vibrator in her room and I am certainly not fond of the idea. I know that she has needs, but thinking of her using my toys, really pisses me off. You’re stuck here at home with her all day. Maybe you could treat her to something special. I pretty sure that Bri doesn’t have tonnes of experience or probably hasn’t had sex with anyone that has cared about her.”

My chin must have been dragging the floor.

“What? You don’t think it’s a good idea. I think there may be a subliminal little demon on your shoulder saying, “do it!!”. Come on, you think that I haven’t noticed how hard your cock was the other night while Bri was jerking off watching that movie.”

“What the fuck? Can you hear yourself? Do you know what you are asking me to do?”

“Do you think it is going to cause you undue hardship? It just sex, just once and everyone is happy.”

“Sorry, I’m not buying what you’re selling. Someday in the future, the very near future, this would come back to bite me in the ass. Picture this. You’re a little pissed at me for some reason. Maybe it’s that time of the month. Maybe I forgot to put the toilet seat down. Who the fuck knows the reason, but maybe, just maybe, you are pissed off just enough to call Big Bill and say, “guess what daddy, that bastard Ryan is fucking both of your daughters” I think that might be what it takes to have him load up that service revolver of his and fill me full of holes. That big fucker has never liked me.”

“Your funny.”

“Do I honestly look like I’m trying to be funny? I’m scared shitless.”

“Only because you are afraid you can’t satisfy a 19 year old. I’m kidding, don’t start getting all pouty. Listen, do it for me. Please. Bri needs a little love in her life. Do it and I will make one of your fantasies come true.”

“Now I know you’re fucking with me.”

“Honest, cross my heart. You pick which one. Fuck I’m gonna be late. Love you” A quick kiss and she was gone.

All day I avoided “the little sister” like she has an uncurable STD. No looking, no touching, hell, no talking. Distance would be my savior.

The no looking part was put to test early in the afternoon. I went into the kitchen for an iced tea and Bri was standing near the fridge with her arms raised in the air stretching. Her hard stomach and the bottom of those perfect titties were clearly in view.

“Practicing your yoga moves?”

“Not really. Just stiff from being at the desk all day.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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