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Brian’s Coach Video

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Brian pressed the enter button on his computer and away went his homework project. Coach Jell had asked him to prepare a video showing his home gym workout plan, so the Coach could review it. Shooting the video with his friend James, had been fun and sexually arousing. Brian knew he was gay and watching his friend flex his muscles and lift the heavy weights made his hard cock press against the jockstrap in his shorts. Each boy had prepared a video and submitted it to the Coach. Now they would just await his reviews.

Brian had a moment of panic as he remembered there were two videos labeled Coach in his computer folder and he checked to see if he had submitted the right one. The other video was a secret video and he did not want anybody to see it and certainly not the Coach.

He had better send the Coach an email and confirm that he had sent the right video, so he quickly typed an email to Coach asking him to verify that the correct video was the one received. In a few minutes, Coach replied that he had indeed submitted the workout video and he would be in touch.

Coach Jell was sure as hell not going to tell Brian the video he sent was the wrong one, not after seeing what it was. The video featured young naked Brian sucking a cock shaped dildo and moaning for the Coach to let him suck his dick. That was in the first couple of minutes alone and Coach had a throbbing erection just watching it. His plan of getting a couple select young man videos, had worked beyond his wildest dreams and he now had to take all this new information in and see how to work with it.

Coach Jell was the coach at the high school and he had singled out a couple of cute young lads for special attention. He had asked them to shoot some videos showing how they worked out at home on their weight benches. He told them he wanted to make sure they were practicing correctly and to offer them any assistance to help improve their game, the rising baseball stars they were. The real reason he wanted the videos was to watch their hot young bodies flex and sweat. He had gotten the idea when he overheard a couple of players talking about shooting home videos for Youtube and Coach thought that he might be able to make that work for him as well. He had made sure the two students were at least 18 years old; as he didn’t want to be accused of having underage videos.

Coach Jell knew he was gay and being a coach was difficult when he loved watching all the young hot bodies around him. He had actually married a woman several years ago as a cover, knowing full well no school would hire him as a single man. When his wife found out she could not have children, she kind of went crazy and left him. Only last year did he receive divorce papers from her, which he signed and happily submitted. A divorced coach was perfectly acceptable to the school board, although he had to frequently fight off the advances of the female staff members.

So his fishing expedition with the boys had landed more than he could have hoped for. Young James’s video was just a workout video and while it was hot enough, was nothing in comparison to Brian’s fuck fest. Once home, he downloaded the video to his computer and watched it on a larger screen. It showed young Brian bare ass naked and Coach had to admit the hairy young body was beautiful. He had seen him naked before and was much of the reason he had singled him out for special attention. On the video, Brian was naked and flexing his hairy little bubble butt while sucking on a dildo; all the time commenting about how big the cock was “Coach”; as if it were Coach’s cock he was sucking. Then the scene cut to where Brian was spreading his ass cheeks apart and telling Coach to lube up his boy hole for his cock. The next scene was Brian sliding a smaller dildo into his ass and urging Coach to fuck him with his big cock. Brian ultimately shot a huge load of cum on his chest without even touching his cock; the dildo action was all the excitement he needed. Coach had a raging boner after watching the video and knew he had to take this further.

Coach’s motives were not entirely selfish; he knew that Brian had potential as a baseball player and wanted to see if he could help him along, maybe with getting a scholarship. He knew that Brian’s dad had left at an early age and he lived the classic single mom story; where college was probably unlikely and doomed to a life of dead end jobs or the military. But he also recognized that Coach had a crush on Brian as well and would love to have held him in his arms all night long, feeling a need to protect and nurture the young man along. After watching the video, maybe the feelings would be reciprocated as well.

The next day Coach asked Brian’s school counselor how he was doing in classes; trying to see if there was an opportunity to help him. The counselor said that Brian needed some work in math, which fortunately was Coach’s strong subject as well. That afternoon at practice, Coach approached Brian when he was away from the others.

“Brian,” İstanbul Escort said Coach, “I talked to your counselor today and he said that you needed to improve your math grades to help you get a scholarship for college. Have you thought about getting a tutor for help?”

“I would like to,” replied Brian, gently dropping his gaze in resolve; and then added “But I am afraid I don’t have the money to hire anybody.”

“Well today might be your lucky day then” said Coach. “I would be willing to help you after practice some time.” added Coach.

“You would do that for me?” quickly asked Brian, with a shocked look on his face.

“Sure I would,” replied Coach and then added “Math was a strong subject for me and I can help you with that.” Coach also put his hand on the young mans shoulder to reinforce the idea.

“Coach, I don’t know how to thank you.” replied Brian sincerely.

“I would be glad to help you out,” replied Coach and then asked, “When would be a good time for me to start?”

“Let me run this by my mom first,” replied Brian and added, “She works nights, so we would be alone.”

“You just let me know when and we can get started,” Coach replied and then turned and walked away. Neither Brian nor Coach could hardly believe their sudden good luck, in the turn of events.

Coach made sure he was in the locker room early enough to catch Brian taking a shower and he had a new appreciation for the sweet ass the lad had. He could hardly contain myself with the idea that he would be exploring that bubble butt thoroughly and very soon. He knew his 8 inches of uncut daddy dick would soon be making a nice home in that young bubble butt, unloading huge loads of cum that was always boiling away in his huge scrotum. It almost brought a tear of joy to his eye as he turned and walked away.

Brian email Coach later that evening letting him know that his mother had accepted the tutoring offer and they could begin right away. Coached replied to him that the next night would be a good time to start and said he could come to their house around 7 pm.

Coach could hardly keep his mind focused on work the next day and thought about Brian the whole day. He actually did not plan on fucking the boy right away, hoping to gain Brian’s trust and affection initially and of course, improving the math score. He was happy to be in the boy’s company and really enjoyed the first few sessions; focusing exclusively on the math until he started seeing more understanding on the subject from Brian.

After a couple of weeks of tutoring, Coach decided to start including some weight training in the session as well, so he started to touch Brian a little, coaxing him to change arm or leg positions when he lifted. Initially Coach saw that Brian had a raging erection when he started to touch him, but politely looked away and never brought the subject up. After a few days, the problem seemed to subside and Brian became more comfortable with his touch. Almost ready to move to the final phase of his plan, thought Coach.

As luck would have it, the opportunity came almost too easily. Brian’s mother called Coach and asked if Brian might be able to stay over for the upcoming weekend, as work took her away and she didn’t have any other options. It would be an opportunity for them to study some extra hours as well and she trusted the Coach. Coach gladly accepted the offer and was looking forward to the 3 days of seeing Brian, all alone at that. Coach also recommended that Brian come to stay at Coach’s house and his mother had no objection to the idea.

Coach supposed some people would speak poorly of him if they knew what he both wanted and hand planned; but Brian was an adult at 18 and was not being forced into anything he did not want.

On Friday night, Coach made dinner for Brian and worked with him on his homework, not pressing any advances on the lad, since they were both tired and getting used to the situation. Coach had mentioned to Brian that Saturday would be a good day for them to work on the weight lifting regiment, so his opportunity to move forward on his plan would begin then.

On Saturday morning, Coach turned the heat up in the basement, which is where he had his gym equipment. Coach wanted to get the boy sweating and partially disrobed for his plan to take action. Also down there was a big shower stall, which Coach hoped to use to further taunt the lad. He fixed the door lock so it would not lock and removed the towels from sight; reducing the likelihood that Brian would run away naked. He would have to wait for the Coach to bring him a towel. Oh, this was going to be fun, thought Coach.

After breakfast and a brief study session, Coach suggested to Brian that they work on their workout routines together. He wanted to see what boy had been doing and offer him some more tips on lifting. So they both changed into workout clothing, Coach making sure that he put on his tightest shorts, which along with his jockstrap, Maltepe Escort made his cock bulge stick out in front. Since it was only the two of them, he figured he could get away with it.

“It is warm in here,” said Brian the minute they walked into the downstairs weight room.

“The temperature is always off in this room. Let me see if I can turn it down,” said Coach as he went to the thermostat and pretended to adjust it.

“It may take a few minutes to cool off, but let’s get started,” said Coach.

“I want to show you how to do a new exercise that I have seen,” said Coach as he lay down on the bench and began to perform a routine. He gave the appearance that he was working real hard, although that was not the case. After a few minutes, he stood up and moved away from the bench.

“It is still hot in here. I am going to take my shirt off to cool off,” Coach said as he removed his shirt. Now he stood in front of the lad with only his shorts on and the protruding cock bulge. His hairy chest glistened in the light and Brian’s attention was definitely on his coach. Coach made sure he rubbed his hand across his nipple, nonchalantly wiping away a bead of imaginary sweat. Coach’s nipples responded by stiffening and protruding from his hairy chest.

When Coach removed his shirt and turned around, Brian almost creamed his jock. He had not seen Coach without a shirt before and he was instantly drawn to the dense fur on his chest and flat stomach. He was going to have a hard time concentrating on what Coach had told him to do now. He was always excited by Coach’s body and wished he could control himself better, as Coach would probably be disgusted with him for his thoughts. But Coach was sure not making it easy for him to concentrate and he would definitely would have to take a cold shower after the workout. At least the shower was private and he might have a chance to jerk off, since he did not get a chance yet today. How come he was always excited and horny when he was around Coach.

“Lay down and get started,” said Coach as he pointed to the workout bench. “See if you can do the exercise like I showed you.” he added.

Brian lay down on the bench and began to operate the equipment like he had been shown. Coach stood there with his arms on his hips, chest all thrust out and legs spread. His cock bulge was prominently showing and Brian had a hard time keeping focused on the exercise. Coach walked to the head of the bench and stood over Brian, giving the lad the chance to gaze upward into his shorts and beyond. After the boy got a good look at that, he walked to the side and stepped in close, almost brushing his cock bulge in his face. Coach’s balls were beginning to boil and he was not sure how to keep from blowing his cover, but then again, why worry. His ultimate goal was to sexually conquer the boy and if he saw the Coach with a prominent bulge, then so be it. He had an idea how to get things heated up even further.

“Keep lifting and I will be right back. Have to pee since I had too much coffee to drink,” he said as Coach walked towards the bathroom. He did have to pee but that was not his ultimate goal.

In the bathroom, he did urinate, making sure first not to close the door. While he was sure that Brian would probably not come in, he wanted the door open so he could show the boy that he was not bashful. After he urinated and then when putting his cock back into his jock, he made sure that part of the head was hanging out of the strap. Coach’s foreskin was long and even covered the head when erect; so if his cock stiffened up, there was still uncut cock hanging out of the jockstrap that the lad might see. Especially if he was positioned correctly over him, which is what he had planned for next.

“Ready for another go at it?” asked Coach when he returned to the room. He stood at the head of the bench, directly over Brian’s face, which was turned up towards the ceiling. Coach made sure that Brian had a clear shot of his cock, jetting out of the jockstrap.

Brian started to lift but was quickly distracted and struggled to keep the rhythm up. He was looking directly up Coach’s shorts and his cock was partially hanging out of the jockstrap. Brian could see a big cock head partially covered in foreskin and he got incredibly excited about it. The cock that he had wanted so badly, even going so far as to make a video about it; was hanging just a few inches away from him. He had never seen Coach naked before and all of this was suddenly a near reality. Brian lost his concentration and let the weight fall back down. Coach was suddenly right there at his side concerned for him.

“I am sorry Coach,” said Brian as he sat up on the bench. “I don’t know what happened to me,” he added. He ran a hand across his forehead and seemed unsure of himself. Coach wondered if he had pushed him too far and too fast.

“Let’s take a break and have some water,” he said and walked over to the small refrigerator and extracted Maltepe Escort Bayan two bottles of chilled water, handing one to Brian. Coach sat down on the bench beside Brian and let the boy drink up and calm down. Coach did not want Brian to get frustrated and shut down, so decided to focus for a while on the exercises. Coach got Brian back to the exercise routine and let him focus on that for a few minutes. After Brian was sweating and needing a break, Coach decided to move forward in his plan.

“Why don’t you go take a shower and we can relax for a while,” said Coach as he pointed to the open bathroom.

Coach knew Brian would follow his rules and not ask questions about using the bathroom upstairs; at least he hoped that he would. He headed off for the bathroom and did not close the door after he entered. It was only a moment later that he heard the water start and figured that Brian stepped into the shower. It was now the moment of truth for Coach and he had to make a decision as to whether to move forward or not. Figuring that his decision had already been made earlier, he walked towards the bathroom. He was naked by the time he reached the shower stall door, which he opened and stepped inside.

“Coach?” asked Brian as he turned towards the door; hearing it open. Coach could see Brian’s eyes turn to his naked body instantly and could almost see his mouth fall open.

“Its okay Brian, we can share a shower,” replied Coach as he laid his hand on Brian’s naked shoulder. This was the first time Brian had seen Coach naked and the touch instantly make Brian’s cock stiffen to erection. Coach had seen Brian naked before, but this was the fist time he had been so close and knowing what he did, his cock betrayed him; starting to stiffen as well. Both men stood there looking at each other with erections. Coach decided to move quickly before Brian might panic and pulled the boy close for a passionate kiss, his longing for the boy exploding inside him.

Coach could feel Brian melt into his arms as he embraced him and kissed him, the kiss lasting for the longest time. Now there should be no doubt in Brian’s mind about his coach. After the kiss broke, Brian gently pushed away from Coach and he started to say,

“Coach, I don’t know if we should be doing this,” said Brian weakly.

“I saw the your video Brian and I know you want me,” replied Coach to a startled Brian. A quick smile appeared on his face a moment later and Brian then said,

“I guess I sent the right video after all,” and then pulled Coach back into a passionate kiss.

The two men luxuriated in the hot shower scrubbing each others bodies until the water ran cold and then coach quickly produced two large towels, where the next few minutes were spent gently drying each other.

“Let’s go up to my bed,” said Coach as he pulled Brian close kissing him yet again.

Once in his bed and the two men were nose to nose with each other; Coach asked,

“Do you know how long I have waited for this minute?”

“Since you have been a jerk off fantasy of mine since I met you, I can only say probably as long as me,” replied Brian and then he added, “At least you had seen me naked and I could only imagine about you.” as he gently groped the Coach’s big cock.

“You can have any part of it or me that you want.” replied Coach as he gently kissed Brian.

“I can’t believe it. The most masculine coach at school; both a cock sucker and mine at that.” said Brian jokingly.

“On that note, do I need to tell you to not say anything at all about this. I could easily loose my job if you did.” said Coach with sincerity in his voice.

“Of course I will never breath a word of this,” came Brian’s response and then he added, “Only if you make sure we act out the video.”

“Oh, I think we can make sure that happens,” replied Coach and then added, “I hope it is much better in real time.” He then rolled out of the bed and stood beside the edge.

“Come over here and suck my big uncut daddy cock boy,” said Coach as he stood by the bed waving his thickening cock at Brian. Brian quickly moved to the edge of the bed and began to work on the Coach’s big uncut cock. Brian had never handled another cock before and while timid to begin with, quickly picked up the skills; as Coach’s cock began to flow precum in excitement.

“Yeah, that is the way to handle a daddy cock.” encouraged Coach gently. He gently helped Brian slide the foreskin back and forth. Coach’s cock was a mouthful and he wanted Brian to enjoy his time sucking the cock. He figured Brian did not have a lot of experience.

“Lick those daddy balls with your tongue.” commanded Coach gently. Brian followed his direction and started licking his balls and taking them one at a time into this mouth, but they were big and only able to get one in, never both of them together.

Coach knew that Brian would probably not last too long as he could see his young cock flowing precum. He probably needed to blow a load of cum and then calm down a little. Since Coach planned to be at this for all weekend, there was no need to rush it. Coach reached down and took Brian’s dripping cock in his mouth and had no more than stroked it once and was rewarded with a huge blast of cum. Brian’s body stiffened up as he shot his load and then he relaxed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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