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Brothers and Mothers Pt. 01

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It was a hot summer day, my twin brother Aaron and I had just gotten home from our freshman year of college for break and were exhausted from the travels.

We were at different schools and it had been since Christmas that we’d seen each other. We planned to meet mom at home after she got through with her day shift at a cafe our family owned.

We sat outside with our luggage chatting about grades and the toughest classes waiting until a little after 5:30 when she finally pulled up into the drive.

She parked the car and shut it off in what seemed one swift motion. She opened the door and her bare legs and high-heels came visible first. Everything after that was almost in slow motion. She stood and I noticed that she was wearing a tight black mini-skirt and an even tighter white tank-top that was tucked in. Her pink lace bra was visible through the top and the cleavage of her 40 D sized fake boobs was glistening with sweat. She waved her giddy, valley girl wave at us and turned to reach inside the car for her purse and blouse. Her tight thighs pressed together as she bent in the car. I couldn’t stop looking.

Our mother birthed us when she was just 17. My brother and I were both 19 now making her a young 36 years of age. Our father left us at a young age and she shacked up with a few suitors along the way, primarily getting what she wanted out of the deal and leaving them on their own. We both can recall her even hooking with a few girls sometimes. Our grandparents were well off. My grandfather a retired Army General and my grandmother Escort was part CEO of some California law firm in the 80’s. They had a strong love for their only daughter and grandchildren. No matter how promiscuous she was, they never shied away.

As she ran over to us from the drive she stopped to remove her high heels, her tits almost falling from her top, I saw a bead of sweat roll down from her neck around the tight curve of her amber skin surrounding her bra and drip onto the concrete walk. It was hard not to look. Our mother was a thing of beauty. Her hair was rose blonde and let down reaching just below her breasts. She couldn’t have weighed more than 110 pounds.

She hugged me first, wrapping her thin athletic arm around my neck, pulling her body in close. I felt the press of her firm tits against my chest as she pulled back and smiled that beautiful white tooth smile at me. Her lips a light shade of pink from lipstick pressed briefly against my lips and she moved over to Aaron to do the same. “I’m so glad you guys are back! I’ve missed you; and my God are you both so strong and handsome looking! Have you both been working out?” She reached her hand out to squeeze Aaron’s bicep and turned to me and ran her hand gently over my chest as if measuring my pecs.

“Stop Mom. We’ve been working out since we were 10, you know that.” Aaron said with a smile on his face.

“Are you gonna let us in or what, it’s hot as fuck out here!” She laughed and walked ahead to the door, fumbling in her purse as I stood behind her taking her in.

I suddenly realized at that moment that I was sexually attracted to my mother. For the first time, I was looking at her like a sex doll and not the mother I’d known my whole life. What happened?

We stepped inside the house and were greeted by a nice cool air from the AC. After a few words in the kitchen about how life, school and work were going for us all, she told us to go put our stuff away, get in our swimming gear then meet out back by the pool.

Aaron and my room are directly across the upstairs hall from one another as had been our whole lives. We separated at the top of the stairs. I stopped to switch on my light and he called out my name, “Jace.” I turned to look at him. “Ma’s looking pretty fucking hot right?” he whispered. I was a stunned. I didn’t think he was looking at her the same way I had been. I just blushed, laughed it off and turned back into my room as he blurted out, “You know she is”. I heard his door close and I closed mine.

20 minutes later I was downstairs in my black silk swimmers trunks that were tight as boxer briefs. I had shaved my whole body a few nights before as I am on the college swim team and hair tends to slow us down. Everywhere but my head and armpits lack hair.

No one was out at the pool yet so I dove in and practiced a few laps of freestyle strokes before I rested at the wall. I was taking in a few breaths when I heard ice clanking in a glass. “Looks good” my mom said. “Swimming has really done good things for your body hun. I think you look fantastic.” I drew my fingers through my hair and watched her walk to the poolside chaise. She was wearing a dark blue micro bikini top and blue bikini bottoms that fit snug against her rear. If she was trying to get me turned on it was working.

I might have been reading too much into it, she’s never been shy of her figure. “Flaunt it, if you got it.” she read that somewhere online once and has never stopped using it.

“You look amazing yourself mom, you’ve been working out too, it shows.” I said, watching her nestle into the chair. Her hair was braided now and she flipped it over her right shoulder, she wore her pink Chanel sunshades that Aaron and I payed for together for Christmas. “Yeah, my personal trainer Ron has got me working HARD.” She said with a grin, her face pointed toward the sun. I laughed and joked “Hard is good”. I was watching in awe at her get comfortable, she had one leg up, bent at the knee and the other stretched out, her toes and fingers were painted a light green. Her back arched just a bit helping her perky big boobs point up, making them look even bigger. I began touching my growing hard cock under the water through my shorts staring at her porcelain body when a barbaric scream rippled through the air and a wave of water came barreling into my face. I wiped away the water and saw nothing in front of me when suddenly I felt my swimming trunks being pulled down beneath me. Aaron came bounding from up and splashed my face with a forceful push into the water, he looked me in the eyes for a second, one eyebrow raised and then we both laughed as I pulled up my shorts, knowing that my cock was still hard from watching mom.

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