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Brown Lust Ch. 02

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Author’s Note (Important): This story is based on pure fiction. Because this story has explicit sexual content, ALL characters in this story are 18+. Let me just outline briefly that Vickram is 19, Sonia is 18, Lara is 21, Vinod is 19, and Rani 21.


The Saturday morning sun’s bright rays pushed through the thin white curtains and struck Vickram Dutt’s eyes. He squeezed his eyelids tighter and turned over in his bed, throwing aside the white blanket because of the heat.

Vick had only gotten a few hours of sleep. All night, dreams had come unbidden into his exhausted mind. But they were not dreams he wanted to have, dreams over which he had no control. They were erotic dreams.

First he dreamt of his sister Sonia and himself engaged in forbidden acts of incest, then there was another dream where he was with his mother, and then there was the one following where he was with both his mother and sister….

A few minutes passed by as Vick tried to fall back asleep in vain. However, knowing that if he didn’t wake soon his father would yell at him, Vick decided to get up. He brushed and then went out into the hall. As he walked past his older sister’s room he saw that the door was closed.

“Lara’s still sleeping,” he said with a shake of his head. Yep, she probably came home past 2:00 last night after partying and drinking. Dad’s gonna be angry and give her a good tongue-lashing.

“Well,” he said going down the stairs, “I can only hope….”

Walking into the dining-room he saw his parents and younger sister already sitting down to breakfast.

“You’re late,” said Rishik, grimacing at his son.

“Y-yeah,” Vick replied, “I didn’t get much sleep last night.” He turned his gaze away from his father and his eyes landed on Sonia: she smiled at him.

“What’s the matter, Big Brother?” asked Sonia with a grin, stirring her bowl of cereal with a spoon. “Did you have bad dreams? Is that why you couldn’t get to sleep?”

Vickram chose not to answer her as he took a seat.

That punk! he thought, for an 18 year old soon to be graduating high-school, Sonia sure can act like a little brat.

“Aren’t you going to have breakfast, Son?” asked Mrs. Dutt, looking at Vickram from the other end of the table as she poured more tea into Rishik’s cup.

“I don’t feel like it,” Vick replied, resting his forehead on the tabletop. He was trying his best to not meet Mala or Sonia’s stares, fearing that he would give away his mounting lust for them.

Just great, he thought, how can I get through the day after last night? I’ll be imagining Mom and Sis naked every time I see them.

Mala pushed her chair back and stood up. She walked into the kitchen, opened a few cabinets and drawers, and soon came back into the dining room.

Placing a steaming mug before her son, she said in English, her words marked with a slight accent, “Drink some tea, Vickram, dear. It will make you feel better.” Vickram raised his head and looked up at his beautiful mother. She smiled at him and bent down to kiss him on the forehead.

“Okay,” Vick replied, watching his mother walk back to her chair.

His eyes zeroed in on his mother’s tasteful nightie. The black, silky material underscored Mala’s full figure, especially her trim waist and the two tight cheeks of her ass which swayed with her steps. When Mala took her seat, Vickram could see his mother’s deep cleavage, the luscious cleft between her large breasts exposed by the low neckline of the nightie.

That familiar burning sensation welled up inside of Vickram’s chest.

This is wrong, he told himself. I shouldn’t be checking her out. She’s my mom!

But visions of the previous night assaulted his brain. He saw his naked mother sucking his father’s fat prick, getting her pussy eaten while she moaned and groaned, and finally riding Rishik’s cock till she came with a scream. Vickram also remembered with disgust how he had wished he could have been in his father’s place fucking his own mother. Then there had been the startling discovery of his father’s perverted desire to have sex with his Mom’s sister.

Sonia cleared her throat, causing her brother to jump in his chair.

“What’s wrong?” she whispered with a grin. “Were you checking out Mom again?”

Vick pressed a finger to his lips and leaned towards his sister. “Shhhhh! What if Mom and Dad heard you?”

“Well?” pursued Sonia with a devious smile.

“Of course not!” replied Vick. He was getting angry at his sister’s constant teasing. “Why don’t you grow up, Sonia? Start acting like your actually 18!”

“Yeah right,” she laughed. “If I want to act like a kid then I will! After all, I am your baby sister.” She pouted her lips.

Vickram shook his head and took a sip of his tea.

“You may be my baby sister ’cause you’re younger, but that doesn’t mean you have to behave like an actual baby.”

Sonia smiled in her usual adorable manner. “Yes I do, Big Brother! I’ll always be a kid!”

Vick couldn’t help it; he laughed Eskort Bayan out loud. “I can’t believe you’re only one year younger than me. It’s hard to imagine you at 40, Sis. Tell me, will you still act like a baby?”

“Yep,” she answered at once, “Always: Sonia, the 40 year old baby.” She started giggling.

Taking another sip from his steaming mug, Vickram said, “You’ll be 19 next year when you start university, the same as me right now. Soon you’ll have to mature whether you like it or not.”

“Well then I don’t like it,” Sonia replied with a frown.

Some minutes passed by as the family continued eating without conversation. Then Mala spoke up. “Rishik, when are you going to get the air conditioner fixed? It’s getting to be a very hot summer and the kids—”

“The kids can go for a swim if they want to cool down,” her husband cut her off.

“But,” Mala persisted, “my sister is coming over to stay with Vinod and Rani for the weekend: what will her kids do?”

Mr. Dutt put the newspaper down on the table. “If Mira—and the children, of course—feels like it, she can go for a swim. Maybe I’ll go a swim too, since it’s so hot today.” Rishik’s thick face wrapped into a grin, causing his wife to blush and look down at her hands.

Vick couldn’t believe his father: he deliberately wasn’t fixing the air conditioner just so he could have a chance of seducing his sister-in-law.

That’s shrewd, thought Vickram with a shake of his head, almost diabolical. But will Dad really be able to seduce Aunty Mira?

Vick thought about his uncle, Rohit Lall, who had passed away fifteen years ago, and how his Aunt had stayed a widow all those years.

Wouldn’t she get lonely? he wondered. She doesn’t have anyone to satisfy her sexual desires and she can’t date since she’s a traditional Indian woman. But how can she handle not having a lover for all those years?

An hour and a half later the family sat in the living room watching television. The house was sweltering. It was one of those humid, airless summer days. The windows were all thrown wide open but the Dutts were lucky if a random breeze would blow through them.

“Damn this heat….” Vickram muttered, wiping his sweaty face off on his shoulder.

Sonia had changed into a bright yellow t-shirt which ended halfway down her chest and left most of her stomach exposed, its rim stretched taut some inches above her bellybutton. The t-shirt hugged so firmly against Sonia’s curves that Vick was amazed to see his sister’s pert breasts rise and fall with each little breath she took. With the t-shirt Sonia wore a very small pair of tan shorts that left her brown thighs bare from the middle down.

More than once Vickram had attempted to capture secret glances of his baby sister. His eyes kept wandering to the border where Sonia’s short-shorts ended midway down her thighs and her naked legs began.

Mom’s thighs are broader, he noted, but Sister’s are nice and lean.

Vickram shook his head rapidly like a wet dog, realizing the dirty thoughts that had entered his mind.

But his eyes traveled further up his sister’s body and stopped at her narrow stomach. The zippered shorts were dangerously low-cut, the top rim circling Sonia’s waist just above her pelvic bone.

He stared with lust at the tautness of his sister’s abdomen; it was so smooth, firm and flat. Because the t-shirt ended just a few inches below Sonia’s breasts, much of her light brown stomach was visible to her brother’s sight. Vick’s gaze traveled higher to the pert globes pushing against the yellow cotton. Sonia’s breasts were small yet perfectly round, made the more delicious since the t-shirt was such a snug fit against her slender body.

Though Sonia was short and not as full-figured as her mother, Vick loved his sister’s slim figure. There was something so attractive about her tomboyishness and innocence that made up for her lack of large breasts or overtly sexual curves.

The thudding of feet sounded on the stairs. Vick and Sonia turned to see their older sister Lara come waltzing down. Without so much as a word or a look towards her family, Lara walked past them towards the kitchen.

She was stopped dead in her tracks by her father’s exclamation. “Lara!” he said, leaning forward on the cushioned armchair.

Lara huffed in exasperation. Without turning to face her father she replied, “Yeah?”

“Turn around,” Rishik ordered.

Lara spun around on her heel: father and daughter locked eyes. Though Vick was often fearful of his father and blamed him for favoritism towards Sonia, he disliked his older sister so much that he wished she would pay for her late-night revels and other selfish behaviour.

Look at her face, Vick said to himself, shaking with rage as he saw the contemptuous glance Lara directed towards her father. The bitch looks like she owns the world.

“Come here,” ordered Rishik. Lara rolled her eyes in irritation. “Now!”

She walked into the living room and stood in front of her father. Mala looked at her husband with pleading eyes, hoping that he wouldn’t do anything drastic.

Lara was dressed in a flimsy dark red slip, its thin shoulder-straps leaving her upper-back and shoulders bare.

Fuck, thought Vick, the material is almost see-through! He strained to make out his sister’s naked body inside her delicate nightwear, but it proved to be a vain endeavor.

Silken waves of black hair with dark-brown highlights tumbled half-way down Lara’s back. The hemline of the dark red slip cut off around the middle of her full, supple thighs and provided an alluring contrast to her fair brown skin.

She looks like a total slut, Vickram pondered, his eyes roving over his older sister’s body. How can she dress like that in front of her own family? I bet lots of guys have dreamed about getting into her panties, sinking their cocks into her tight pussy, fucking her hard…me included.

It’s not fair! he moaned, why does such a stuck-up bitch have to look so damn hot?

From where Vick was sitting he could see the smooth muscles of Lara’s uncovered back against the deep crimson of her slip. His eyes traveled down to the mounds of her ass, so firm and round, to her long, foxy legs, which looked so sleek in the morning light streaming in from the windows.

Vickram’s concentration was broken by his father’s voice.

“Where were you last night?” asked Mr. Dutt in Hindi.

Lara shrugged and answered in English, “What’s it to you?”

She had a longish face with a straight nose, bright lips of a natural pink glister, and thin cheeks which inclined into a narrow chin. Her thick waves of black-brown hair flowed down the sides of her head, and though her face was sharp-featured it was very attractive, unless it was set in its usual scowl or sneer.

“You’ll show some damn respect!” Mr. Dutt roared, half-lifting himself off the armchair. His face was twisted with fury.

Lara stood with her arms folded. “I was out with my friends. Happy?”

She turned to walk away but her father said, “Stay!” Lara grunted and turned around. “Doing what?”

“Partying,” she replied.

“And drinking?”

She stared at the floor.

“And drinking?” repeated Rishik.

“A little,” replied his daughter. Though Lara’s face was averted from her father’s, it appeared that she was more annoyed than scared of him.

“What time did you get home last night?” asked Mr. Dutt.

Vickram glanced at Sonia next to him: both were now sitting up on the couch, legs folded, watching the show with great pleasure. Vick leaned towards his sister and whispered as quietly as he could, “I hope she gets it.” Sonia began snickering into her hands.

“I asked you a question,” stated Mr. Dutt. “What time did you get home?”

“12:00,” answered Lara.

“Liar!” barked Rishik. “You didn’t come home till past four. You’re lying right to my face!”

For a moment Lara seemed to gather together her confidence and stubbornness. She stared into her father’s eyes with a look of deep disdain. “I’m 21 and I can do whatever the fuck I want! If I want to go out and drink and party and come back home at four in the morning then I’ll do it. Who the hell are you to tell me what to do!”

“I’m your father, that’s who I am!” growled Rishik, shooting to his feet.

He lifted his enormous right hand into the air as Lara stood frozen.

Before Mr. Dutt could bring his hand down on his daughter’s face, Mala rushed between them with a scream.

“No, Rishik!” Mrs. Dutt stood in front of her husband, staring up into his livid face with her arms spread out wide.

“Get out of my way,” Rishik warned in a hoarse, low voice. Mala stood her ground. “Move!” he roared.

Mrs. Dutt shook her head quickly. “Please don’t hurt her,” she pleaded with tearful eyes. “Please!”

Vickram jumped to his feet, his heart pained at his mother’s sobbing, and went to stand beside her. Sonia, seeing her brother’s courage, went and positioned herself at her mother’s right. Lara, meanwhile, stood trembling behind them.

Mr. Dutt breathed hard through his nostrils, his large chest puffing in and out as he stared at his wife flanked by two of his children.

“Move….” he mumbled, still holding his hand in the air.

Mala’s weeping eyes stared up at her husband, her hands drawn together in a plea for mercy.

“Please, Dad,” muttered Vickram, staring up into his father’s face. “Don’t hurt her….”

Sonia held her father’s arm in both her hands, sobbing out loud. “Please Daddy, don’t hurt Sister. Please Daddy please….” Her little shoulders were bouncing up and down as she cried.

Mr. Dutt seemed to calm down. He reached out and patted Sonia’s head. She looked up into her father’s face, embraced him, and began weeping into his chest. Sonia, who was around 5’3, seemed so tiny in the massive arms of her 6’5 father.

“Fine, I won’t hurt her for your sake,” said Rishik, stroking Sonia’s hair. “But,” he stated, louder than before, “she’s grounded for a month; no going out; no drinking; extra chores. And she better show some respect from now on!”

“G-grounded for a month!” said Lara in surprise. “But—”

Mala spun around and pressed a finger to her lips: Lara stared at her mother’s grave face then nodded. “Fine,” she said.

Vickram and Sonia were once again sitting on the couch watching television while Lara was in the kitchen helping her mother with the dishes.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang.

“That must be Mira and the kids!” Mrs. Dutt shouted from the kitchen.

Sonia and her brother got off the couch and headed for the front hall. The second Vick opened the door his cousin Rani leapt inside with a joyous shout and hugged Sonia. They began giggling and jumping up and down.

Vickram had always considered Rani to be a very attractive girl. When they were growing up she had been his first crush, but he had always shied away from revealing the truth to her. Like her late father, Rani had dark brown skin, the deep colour of coffee. Her curls of black hair, which came down to just below her shoulders, were highlighted burgundy, complimenting the dark features of the twenty-one year old beauty. Rani’s face, often seen to be smiling, showed off her ample cheeks, while her seductive crimson lips and glistening white teeth looked so striking against her tawny skin. Her nails were also painted a bright pink and produced the same stark affect of colour.

Rani was 5’6 with what can be described as “packed features.” As in, she had a full, busty figure, with large tits, lean hips, and a nice round ass. Though she didn’t have Lara’s long legs, they were still strong and smooth.

Well, thought Vick as he watched his sister and cousin jumping up and down, they seem very giddy about something.

He was distracted when his other cousin, Vinod, stepped into the house and playfully slapped Vick on the back of his head.

“What’s up, buddy?” asked Vin. “Miss me?”

Rubbing his head, Vick replied, “I hate it when you do that.”

The two began laughing. Vinod Lall, though not as tall as his 5’10 cousin, was very muscular. He had inherited his father Rohit’s dark brown skin and round, hazel eyes. His buzz-cut gave him a menacing appearance and made him look a few years older than his actual age of 19. With small rounded shoulders and large bulging arms, he looked like the Indian version of the Incredible Hulk.

“Hello, Vickram,” said his Aunt Mira stepping into the house. “It’s great to see you after so long.” She leant forward and kissed him on the cheek.

“Hello, Aunty,” Vick replied in Hindi, taking her bags and placing them against the wall. “It’s great to see you too.”

At 38, Mrs. Lall was still a very beautiful woman. She stood at 5’6 with chocolate brown skin (quite fairer than her two children’s), with braided black hair that fell to her lower-back.

Mira preferred to dress elegantly and without too much skin showing, as professed by the light-blue summer dress she wore. The short-sleeved dress fell to mid-calves and didn’t really do much to hide her firm breasts: the material squeezed against her trim waist, helping to show off the curves of her slender hips.

Much like her sister, Mira’s face was nicely rounded, with full, robust cheeks, large chestnut brown eyes, and dark red lips. Unlike her sister, however, Mira wasn’t as tall or busty.

I’d forgotten how gorgeous Aunty Mira is, mused Vickram. He cast a quick glance at her heart-shaped ass as she bent over to set her purse on the floor; the light-blue dress rode up her body, stretching tight across each scrumptious cheek of her derriere. With a sudden lurch of his cock, Vick observed that the cotton material had become wedged up hard between the deep groove of his aunt’s buttocks.

Fuck, he thought, Aunty Mira’s got a sweet-looking ass. She’s always so innocent and shy and proper, and for some reason that turns me on like crazy.

Damn it, Vick cursed in his head, that’s disgusting! Disgusting disgusting disgusting! How can I think that about my own Aunt? I love her like my own mother, and she loves me like I’m her own son. Aunty Mira’s always been such a kind woman, so honest, caring, decent….And Vin and Rani are like my own brother and sister. So how can I think of something so nasty?

With a feeling of tremendous guilt, Vick escorted his aunt into the sitting room. Just then his mother walked out of the kitchen; Lara came behind her, now changed into jeans and a plain white t-shirt. The two sisters embraced.

Mira, the older by a year, said in Hindi, “Mala, how are you?”

“I’m well,” replied Mala in her usual soft voice.

“Hello, Auntie,” said Lara as kindly as she could.

Mrs. Lall kissed her niece’s forehead and inquired how she was.

“So what ‘chya wanna do?” asked Vin, nudging his cousin in the ribs.

“There’s a Canucks game on right now,” Vick replied. “Wanna watch?”

“Hell yeah,” said Vin. The two sat down and began watching the game just as

Sonia and Rani returned and took seats on the other end of the sofa.

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