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Because of his job, encountering delayed flights, angry passengers and rude employees on his way to the airport was nothing new to Dave. Typically he would leave on a Sunday night or Monday morning, returning Wednesday or Thursday to finish up the week back home in the office. But this was no normal trip — while to many a trip to Cleveland may not seem exciting, they would be wrong. Dave left for the airport straight from the office on Friday. Instead of the normal hotels his company booked for him, he had upgraded to the suite for the weekend.

This weekend was the result of much anticipation, waiting, and excitement. Dave was finally meeting his friend Molly. They met online and had been chatting, emailing, calling, and flirting for months now. It just so happened that work was bringing Dave to her neck of the woods this week. Dave decided to come out the weekend before so they could spend some time together.

Of course, now that the weekend was finally here, Dave had been sitting in the plane on the tarmac for 3 hours, due to thunderstorms. Fortunately the storms seemed to be clearing. Dave had been texting Molly, so she knew what was going on and understood, but Dave still felt bad. They had dinner plans and were going to go out afterwards; he certainly didn’t want to miss a minute of it! A friend had dropped her at the airport where Dave was meeting her and using the rental car on the company for the week, taking her back home Sunday night. So he knew that she probably was as bored and anxious as he was.

Finally the captain made the announcement to buckle seatbelts because they were about to take off. Dave breathed a sigh of relief and excitement and texted Molly one last time, letting her know. It had been a long day. Dave leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes, excited but wanting to be well rested. Images of Molly danced through his head, but finally he nodded off, waking up only when he felt and heard the sounds of the plane starting to descend.

Dave shook the sleep out of his head as he gathered his things and walked out of the terminal. It was about 8:30, and the plane was three and a half hours late. Dave looked over the audience of people milling about waiting for their friends, relatives or significant others. Finally Dave found her, sitting in a chair with her head down, reading a magazine. A smile crept across his face when he saw her. Molly looked fantastic, better than any pictures they had ever shared. Her mid-length brunette hair was pulled back. She had on a short jean skirt with her legs crossed, and a tight formfitting Zeppelin t-shirt, showing that she also had excellent taste! Her tight shirt showed off some of her more alluring assets, like her sexy waist and very large chest. Dave tried to make his mind behave, but he guessed that her breasts were at least a D if not larger.

Dave snuck up behind her unseen, putting his hands on her shoulders and whispering,

“Boo!” in her ear.

Molly sucked in a quick breath and jumped out of her seat, quickly looking Dave up and down and broke, but tried to hide, a smile. She put a hand on her hip and tried to look disapprovingly.

“You’re late.” she tried to say crossly.

Dave gave a sarcastic smile. “Well, you know how planes are. Enough attitude, now get over here!”

He leapt forward and grabbed Molly, picking her up in a tight and affectionate embrace, giving her a peck on the cheek.

“It’s great to finally meet, babe,” Dave said, smiling.

“You have no idea!” Molly retorted, smiling back.

They made their way to the rental car counter, laughing and small-talking, both very giddy.

Once they found the car Dave asked, “I know its getting late and I know we were going to go straight to dinner, but would you mind if we stopped by the hotel first? I’ve been in these clothes all day and stuck on the cramped plane for what seems like hours!”

“Making me wait and not even going to feed me now?” Molly said as she playfully slapped and jabbed Dave in the side. He laughed and tried to tickle her back.

“But seriously, I understand. I would want to clean up a bit first too, by all means,” Molly said putting her arm through Dave’s.

“Thanks a lot. We will go eat and drink like royalty shortly!” And with that, he pulled out and drove on to the airport.

When they reached the hotel Dave got out and took all of their bags inside with him while Molly parked the car. She returned, tossing Dave the rental keys as he was checking in. She said, “The keys to your…um…chariot…sir…”

Dave laughed. “Yeah, piece of crap isn’t it? But hey, the company is paying for it, so no skin off my teeth!” They grabbed their bags again and made their way to the elevator.

They found their way to the room and opened the door.

“Wow, very nice!” Molly said. “The company sprang for the suite?”

“Nooooo, I paid for the upgrade. Looks like it was worth it too!”

There was a nice little living area, which led to the bedroom where there was a large king bed. The bathroom had a walk in shower with a glass sliding door and a hot antalya escort tub with a large ledge facing the shower.

“I agree,” Molly retorted, “But what’s this, the old ‘I swear I asked for 2 queen beds, but all they had were Kings’ trick?”

Dave went on the offensive this time, dropping the bags and, grabbing her from behind, wrapped his arms around Molly. “You knew exactly what you were getting,” he replied, giving her a little tickle. “In fact I believe you were the one who asked for one bed?”

Molly gave a sheepish smile and leaned her head back, looking back at Dave. “Shhh.”

Dave looked down at her. “Careful with those shhhhes.” They were both content, but Dave released her. “If we’re ever going to get to dinner, I better hit the shower real quick.”

“Yes, I guess you should,” Molly said, looking him up and down. “Go on, get out of here!” She slapped Dave on the ass and pushed him toward the shower. “I’ll be waaaiting,” she said tunefully.

Dave closed the door and turned the shower on, undressing as steam filled the bathroom. He stepped in and the hot water poured over his body. It felt as if he were washing the stress of the week away, letting him look forward to the weekend ahead. As Dave washed his hair, his thoughts went to Molly, who was sitting outside waiting for him. He couldn’t stop thinking about how sexy she looked with her legs crossed, barely covered by her skirt, and her breasts, wrapped tight in her little t-shirt. The way she smiled and laughed when she looked at him — how she made him laugh. He couldn’t help but wonder what was hiding underneath her sexy outfit.

As he rinsed his hair, Dave realized he had the beginnings of a hard-on. He ran his hands down his body and cupped his balls, sliding up to grab his semi-soft shaft and stroked a few times. Dave smiled as he stroked his cock, wondering what Molly would think if she knew he was stroking and thinking about her right now. Dave decided to stop, though; his cock was about half hard, but he realized that Molly was waiting and hungry. His half-hard cock bounced as he reached for the soap.

“Don’t stop on my account…” Dave heard a voice say, and he about jumped through the roof and fell over.

“Holy shit! You scared me!” Molly just smiled. “When did you come in here? I didn’t even hear…How long have you been here?” Dave said as he tried to cover himself.

Molly’s grin widened. “Long enough, and like I said, don’t stop on my account.” She slid the glass door open, “But I need a better view, and relax! When did you become Mr. Modest and shy?”

“I just didn’t hear…took me by surpr…” Dave mumbled

“Shhh, now stroke that sexy cock for me,” Molly said as she sat on the ledge of the tub with her legs crossed.

Dave’s scare left quickly, and he smiled, quickly getting excited about the performance. Already his cock had grown, and he hadn’t even grabbed it again. As Dave took his member in his hand again, he looked Molly in the eyes and began stroking. He worked from the head down his shaft, slowly, then back up, every few strokes gently cupping and pulling on his sack. Molly watched eagerly, uncrossing her legs, but still held them together.

“Were you thinking about me when you started masturbating?” Molly asked, softly and seductively.

“Yes,” Dave replied. “Thinking about you, your beautiful sexy body, and how I wanted you to see me like this. And how I wanted to see your body as well…”

Molly smiled, her legs opening just slightly. “Shhh…If you’re good…and so far you have been…”

Dave continued working his shaft up and down. As his excitement grew, his hips began rocking with each stroke. The more Dave got into it, the more excited Molly became as well. Her legs were now wide enough that through the steam Dave could see up her skirt. He could see the shadow of her lacy, satin panties, which he hoped were of the thong variety. At the sight of those panties, Dave began working his cock harder and faster. Molly followed his eyes, and slid a hand between her legs, gently rubbing the fabric over her moistening pussy.

“That’s right, baby — work that cock,” Molly whispered. “I know you like watching me play with my pussy.” She spread her legs wider as she spoke. “Are you going to cum for me, Dave?”

Dave continued stroking. “I was hoping you were going to help,” he said, stepping out of the shower stream to the edge of the shower.

Molly smiled and stood up, walking up to him. “You’ve been very good.” She leaned up and kissed Dave, putting her hands on his chest as their lips locked. “Very good…” Molly added as they released their kiss. With that, she let hair down and kneeled in front of Dave.

Molly took his shaft and slowly stroked, eyeing Dave’s cock as she played with and squeezed his balls, looking up at him playfully.

Dave gazed back. “Careful — it’s not going to be long now…”

Molly licked up the length of his shaft. “Lucky me, I don’t even have to work very hard for my reward.”

With that she took Dave’s cock in her mouth. As she sucked him in, Dave assumed lara escort she was about to stop, but she just kept going, until she sucked down his full length, a respectable 7 or so inches with enough girth to keep any woman happy. Dave watched as his cock disappeared. He let out a low moan as she slowly slid his cock back out of her mouth. Molly wrapped a hand around the base of his shaft and began bobbing up and down, stroking Dave as she sucked.

Dave began rocking his hips with her as he got closer and closer, running his fingers through her hair as she bobbed up and down. Her other hand reached up and played with his balls. Dave moaned again, almost inaudibly. As Dave’s moans grew louder Molly looked up, his cock sliding out of her mouth with a juicy pop.

Her hand worked up and down fast. “Stop holding it back, Dave; I want you to cum for me, now.” She squeezed Dave’s balls as her other hand stroked up and down his length furiously.

Dave let loose with a loud “mmmahhh fuck!” Molly felt Dave’s cock contract, and quickly wrapped her lips around him again just in time for the first powerful stream of juice to hit her tongue. Dave looked down as she released him from her mouth again and opened up just in time for the next stream to shoot in to her mouth. She continued stroking and sucking, slurping every last drop until Dave’s cock began to soften. Molly continued massaging his balls as she rested back on her legs looking up at Dave. Her hair, face, and shirt were all wet from the running shower, but she smiled warmly.

“You’re all wet,” Dave said, looking down.

“You have no idea,” Molly retorted, smiling devilishly, “but you’re about to find out.”

She stood up, briefly kissing him again. Molly took Dave’s now-limp cock and led him to the bed with it. She sat Dave down on the bed, and stood in front of him. “Tell me what you want to see.”

Dave rested back on his elbows. “No need to stay in that wet t-shirt.”

Without a word Molly slid her hands down her side and underneath her shirt and pulled it over her head, shaking her hair out as she did. Her chest was even larger than Dave had imagined. She lifted and squeezed her breasts together, as if she knew exactly what Dave was thinking. They were gorgeous, and about to spill out of the sexy black lacey bra she was wearing. She gave her nipples a gentle squeeze, and gave a look as to inquire, is that all?

Dave got up off of his elbows, sitting up. “Why not do away with the skirt as well?”

Molly took one step forward, and turned around. She reached around and slid the zipper down. Molly began sliding her skirt down her legs, bending over as she did. Revealing the almost nothing she had on underneath, the matching panties were a very sexy v-string. Dave gazed from Molly’s ass down her legs, taking in the view.

“Now,” Dave spoke up, “stay there, but spread your legs and rub your pussy for me. I want to see how wet you are…”

In one motion Molly spread her legs and moved a hand up her leg and with her middle finger began rubbing over her lips, which Dave could now see were freshly shaved. Dave felt his cock begin to come to life again as Molly leaned to one side, peering around to watch him. She pushed her v-string to one side as she did, revealing her already- dripping pussy, Molly worked a finger between her lips, moving up and down her slit, stopping every so often to play with her clit.

Smiling and enjoying, Dave finally spoke up. “I’m loving the show, but I can’t wait any longer. I need you here with me.”

Dave put a hand on her hip and turned Molly around, pulling her to him. Her chest was now face level to Dave. He ran his hands up her side and cupped them, holding their weight in his palm. He slid his hands up the front of her breast; as he did, Dave felt her nipples already hardening under neat the lace. He hooked his fingers under the top of her bra and pulled the fabric down over her nipples. Her nipples matched her breasts perfectly; Dave squeezed them tight, slowly taking each nipple in his mouth, sucking lightly as he released it from his lip, then moved on to the next.

Molly moaned lightly as Dave moved back and forth between her breasts, pausing only briefly to reach around and unhook her bra, tossing it aside. Molly’s nipples were like rocks inside Dave’s mouth, and he loved it. As he sucked, Dave’s hands worked and massaged her breasts, working from the base, circling up to the nipple, pinching and pulling lightly each time he reached her peek. Molly was grinding her hips into Dave; although he was not hard again yet, he had gained enough strength for her to know it was there, and growing.

Molly grabbed Dave’s head and pulled their lips together, giving his lower lip a nibble.

“God, fuck me Dave,” she whispered breathlessly in his ear.

“Shh,” Dave whispered back. At this, Molly shot him a look of passion and desire, pushing her hips down at Dave’s cock. Dave kissed her neck, starting at her ear, down to her collar bone, then the same on the other side. Dave noticed she had soaked though manavgat escort her v-sting and was now soaking Dave’s cock, much to his delight.

Dave reached around and underneath Molly, picking her up and laying her down on the bed. Dave now stood over her. He reached down and grabbed the strings of her panties, pulling them down her legs, and up over her feet, that were now lifted in the air. Dave looked down at her now-naked body. She was shaved except for a nice landing strip, and Dave remembered telling her that was his favorite. Her legs and lips spread, eagerly awaiting his cock, but he was patient. Dave ran a hand down each leg, stopping right where her legs and labia met, then began kissing down her leg, stopping at the same point again. Dave looked up; Molly had put a pillow under her head, so she could see over her voluptuous breasts. She breathed heavily, passion and hunger all over her face. Dave kissed down her other leg, again stopping, but this time, Molly wrapped her legs around Dave’s head and neck, pulling his face into her aching pussy.

Dave ran his tongue up from her opening to her clit, taking her clit between his lips and sucking hard. Molly let out a moan and pushed her hips toward Dave’s face, while pulling him in with her legs. Dave was literally buried between her legs, and loved ever second of it. The taste, the smell, her wetness, each grew better with every flick of his tongue. Dave reached a hand down, and as his tongue worked over Molly’s swollen clit, Dave sucked hard and fast, at the same time plunging two fingers inside her waiting cunt. She gasped and bucked her hips and ass as he did.

Dave began sliding his pointer and middle fingers in and out forcefully, hooking them back towards himself with each stroke out. His tongue lapped at her clit as he did, pulling it between his lips each time she let out a moan. Dave pulled his head away from her crotch long enough to look up to Molly’s face. Her back arched as she squeezed her tits tightly between her palms. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her mouth agape, letting out little moans and heavy breaths.

Dave continued working his fingers in and out, his other hand holding her as she worked her hips with each stroke in and out. She opened her eyes after Dave’s tongue had left her clit for a few moments. Molly grinned, hunger in her eyes.

“Either get back down there…or give me that dick…” she got out between pants.

Dave pulled his fingers out and stood up, his cock now rock-hard and at full attention again. “You mean this?” he said, gently stroking it again.

Molly began fingering her pussy and just nodded, rocking her hips hard as she plunged her fingers into her opening. Never taking her eyes off of Dave as he moved forward, she spread her legs, expecting him to finally fill her with his manhood, but instead he climbed over her and straddled Molly’s waist.

Dave looked down at her and put his cock between her beautiful tits, “Wrap your tits around my cock,” he said. “Then I’ll fuck you.” Dave knew this was driving her insane, but she loved it; the devilish grin on her face just kept getting bigger.

“You know that’s not what I meant, you bastard.” She said looking up, but wrapped them around his cock as she said it. Dave began pumping his cock between Molly’s tits as she squeezed them tight, pinching and pulling her nipples as she did, watching Dave look down at her, and his cock sliding between her breasts.

“I’m giving you exactly what you asked for. How could I resist? You have the most amazing tits I’ve ever seen,” Dave teased.

Molly gritted her teeth. “Thank you, but I need you inside me, Dave, and I need it now.”

With that, she knocked away Dave’s arms, which were supporting his weight on the bed while he worked his cock between Molly’s breasts. Surprised, Dave fell on top of her, but in the same motion Molly rolled over and positioned herself on top. She grabbed Dave’s arms and pinned them above his head, breathing hard, her tits bouncing in Dave’s face.

“Don’t even think about moving,” Molly said, kissing Dave deeply. “Had to make me take it, did you?” she said, grinning excitedly.

Molly let Dave’s arms go and sat up just enough to reach back and grab his cock. She positioned it only momentarily over her slit before sliding down onto Dave’s shaft. She was more than ready; after positioning herself for only a second she began rocking back and forth, riding up and down on Dave’s cock. Molly kneeled, and positioned her hands on Dave’s shoulders, giving her the leverage she needed to thrust her hips up and down, taking the full length of his cock each time.

Molly’s tits hung over Dave’s chest and face. With his hands free he reached up and held them, squeezing tight, supporting their weight as she rocked up and down, pinching and sucking her nipples when he could reach.

Molly slammed down hard on Dave’s shaft and paused momentarily, kissing him and biting his lip, then sat up straight, arching her back. She began grinding her hips. Dave’s cock slowly slid back and forth, in and out of Molly’s pussy, as her clit rubbed against his hips. Molly moaned, arching further back, her chest sticking out. Dave reached down and held her hips and ass, spanking her lightly, helping her grind back and forth, letting out low moans and grunts as he watched her pussy slide back and forth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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