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Business Restoration Services Pt. 03

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Driving off from the hotel, the sun is still shining. Sarah is still completely naked. I’m not sure how she did it, but she has been unclothed for over 36 hours.

“So, I have one more challenge for myself. I didn’t mention it earlier because I wanted to see how this hotel thing worked out. I actually saved the business cards we got at that hotel on the coast. I had ruled them out due to location to our house and downtown.”

“You want to go to another hotel? Right now?” I say with a little Deja vu all over again written all over my face.

“Well, here’s the ultimate challenge right here on this card. You might want to pull over.” Sarah tells me.

Seeing a drive-in fast food place ahead, I pull in and park. Looking at the card Sarah has just handed me, I realize I’m glad I’m not in a moving vehicle.

“Are you sure?” I ask.

“Yes, order an ice cream cone or something. Then make the call.” She directs.

I have an idea. After I order the cone, I call the hotel we just left. The manager there is very understanding, and makes a conference call with me to the next place Sarah has chosen. Legally, we are in no danger of breaking any laws or city ordinances. That has been proven. As we spoke, the hotel manager informed us a group is coming in the morning, but tonight they aren’t even close to 10 percent occupancy. We can come in the front door, but to ensure safe entry later tomorrow, we will be given access to a side entrance and the hotel asks to schedule our time outside the room, at least once the group has finished their check in and registration.

Sarah agrees to that, but insists the hotel understand she won’t be wearing any clothes. They are more than happy to respect that. After receiving my ice cream from an extremely surprised carhop, we head off.

The unnerving part of this our adventure is the hotel is downtown, very close to the convention center, and is actually attached to a shopping mall. This hotel is also famous for its pool located 15 stories above street level. The pool area has a really nice bar, and overlooking this area is a full-service restaurant. It is surrounded on 3 sides with another 10 hotel levels, and facing west. With its view of downtown, I have no doubt people pay a premium price. At this point, I might even pay for the experience but I’m also not about to turn down a free room.

“I have never felt more empowered about my own body. We women are objectified so much. I know it’s a contradiction by walking around nude, but it’s my body and I feel like I should be able to do what I want, just like men.” Sarah is very direct now.

“I agree, and I’m more than happy to help you gain this power. Ten years ago, you would have been arrested. Five years ago, you would be kicked out of any hotel. Now, they welcome you. Sure, it’s to get back to some kind of normal business, but I want to make sure you don’t feel exploited.” I tell her.

“Well, I’m using them for my needs, and I guess they are doing the same. It’s pretty mutual.” Sarah replies. “But, I’m calling the shots for the most part.”

I’ve been enjoying these adventures. I can’t think of any man turning down my wife’s request to walk around nude. However, this particular hotel presents some unusual challenges, namely getting around floor to floor and also when we decide to leave.

Checking in is the easy part. The downtown area is still quite empty, and the valet parking entrance is likewise free of traffic. It appears our arrival has been anticipated as both valets are eager to help Sarah out, leaving me to grab my bag.

“The keys are in it, fellas.” I tell them as they escort Sarah, one of either side of her. “I’ll take her from here.”

Sarah continues into the main lobby. The central feature in this room is a large fountain surrounded by the elevators leading up the middle of the complex. Standing where she is, a set of escalators are to her left which lead to the multiple ballrooms they have to offer. There are already signs up to guide the group showing up tomorrow. I walk to Sarah’s left to the main desk to check in. It takes a moment, but I gain the attention of the staff long enough to get our room key. Another valet, the one who probably won rock-paper-scissors, takes my bag to lead us up.

I asked for a room with a view of the pool. What we got was so much more than just a room with a view. We ended up in a suite. Both the bedroom and living area open up to a balcony. From the balcony, we can see both restaurant and bar below, and then the pool just under them.

Sarah enters the bedroom while I take in the view of the city. I’ve never seen it from such a vantage point. Opening the the sliding door, I step onto balcony. Sarah is already on it, having entered through the bedroom sliding doors. The city lights illuminate her body, and I enjoy her firm tits and perfectly round ass. The balcony area outside the living area is larger and holds a table and four chairs. It takes me about 6 steps to get to the railing where I can get Onwin a better view of both Sarah and the rest of the hotel below us.

We are at least 6 floors above the pool. The building has been built in such a manner as to protect us from too much wind. From our spot, there are plenty of balconies with direct views of us.

“As this place fills up tomorrow, you will certainly have many people looking at you.” I tell Sarah.

“Isn’t it perfect? I love the view of the city, and the pool is as amazing as I had heard.” Sarah replies. “I think we’ll have to stick with room service, or poolside delivery.”

“Sounds good. I wonder how late they serve out there?” I say aloud. Stepping inside, I call the room service number and find they will deliver drinks to us at the pool, so I order then go back onto the balcony to inform Sarah.

“There will be drinks sent down to us at the pool.”

“Oh, goody. Let’s go. Looks like the elevator is the only way to go.” Sarah says, as she leaves the balcony.

“I have to put my suit on.”

“Go ahead. I’ll make sure they have someone to deliver drinks to.

I jump into my suit, then decide to watch Sarah go outside from up here. In the mostly empty environs, she arrives quickly. She is oblivious to my presence and walks around the pool where I can see the water is completely smooth. Waves surround Sarah as she jumps in. I am able to see all of her body as she glides through the water.

I’m not the only person to notice as I see a few people in the shadows of their own balconies, and the people sitting near the windows in the restaurant suddenly have a new view to appreciate. There seems to be only a few inside, and the bartender on duty is working both the outside bar and inside. Watching the activity increase in there, I head on down.

The elevator arrives, obviously from an upper level because there is a couple inside, in swimsuits, and I’m pretty sure we’re going to the same place.

“Word of warning.” I tell them. “My wife is in the pool, completely naked, and wants people to treat her as normally as possible. Don’t be afraid to make small talk.”

“See. I told you. There IS a naked woman in the pool.” The woman tells her partner. “So, why is she naked?”

“Well, it started out as a fantasy, then turned into a business, and now she just feels empowered to do what she wants with her body. We always enjoy nudity in acceptable places. Then, we got an offer to stay at local hotels if we would enjoy the pools naked. They are trying to recover business after this virus virtually destroyed it. Now, Sarah feels totally in control of her body. The people at the last hotel were really cool. She feels like this location will really push her into new areas of an inhibition-free life.”

“Interesting.” The man tells me. “I’m Jake and this is Jules.”

“I’m Zoo. I hope you enjoy Sarah. She is having the time of her life.”

Allowing the couple to exit the elevator first, it is easy to tell Jules is an absolute babe. Her bikini top shows off her tits which appear to hang very nicely. I take a quick peek at her perfect ass before we enter the pool. There we find Sarah standing in front of a server who is handing her two drinks.

“Hey, come sign our receipt.” She tells me as the three of us approach.

“Sure thing. I met Jake and Jules on the elevator. They saw you from their room and decided to investigate.” I sign the receipt and hand it back to the server. He then takes a drink order from Jake.

“First, you’re absolutely gorgeous. Second, they don’t care if you’re naked?” Jules asks Sarah.

“It’s kinda a business. I get to enjoy our world just as I want, and the hotels get some additional business. The last hotel was rocking when we left.” Sarah replies.

“That’s what Zoo told us. After a drink, I may join you.” Jules tells her.

“First rule is: be in control of yourself. You’ll enjoy it so much more. My personal preference is two waters for each alcoholic drink. I need to get back in the water. This night air is cooling me off.”

Jake and I watch the girls climb into the water. The pool is a long, rectangular shape with two hot tubs catty corner from each other. The entire pool deck area is enormous, with shade trees in large planters, and a nice row of large plants along the outer wall overlooking the street level below. There are two lifeguard stands which stand empty. On a busy weekend, this pool probably bustles with activity.

“So, will Jules take part?” I ask Jake as we sit down.

“Probably. She hates tanlines, and being with Sarah will definitely help. Usually, she will only go topless at home in the backyard. Let’s just say this quarantine thing was a lot of fun. I’m sure our neighbors didn’t mind, either. We have several ‘safe spots’ out back for Jules, but you never know how people will figure a way to watch. It does turn her on thinking she might be watched.”

“I can certainly see why someone might want to watch…” I’m interrupted Onwin Giriş by Jules’ bikini top landing on the pool deck.

“Well, that was quick.” Jake says as he gets up to walk over to the piece of fabric to pick it up and put it on a table.

“I’ll try not to stare, but no promises.” I tell Jake.

“O man, no problem. I’m sure she’ll get a kick out of it. The trick will be to remove her bottoms then get her out of the pool. Should be fun.”

Jumping into the water is a refreshing way to end the day. I swim over to Sarah, and we join together to kiss. I can feel her grab my suit and explore the skin under it. Soon, Sarah has my cock firmly in her hand and guides it out of my suit. In this part of the pool, we can become one while I stand. With her legs wrapped around me, and my dick inside her pussy, we can actually move around in the water.

“What did you say to Jules?” I ask. “She got topless really quickly.”

“I said ‘yes’.” Came the reply.

“Just ‘yes’?” I asked.

“Well, yes, but only after she asked if she could get naked, as well.”

“Oh?” I said aloud, then quickly realized what Sarah just said. “Ohhhhhh.”

Sure enough, as if on cue, I see a bikini bottom thrown to the side of the pool.

“Let’s see how serious she is. Meet me at that hot tub.” Sarah climbs off me and swims to the side of the pool. I float over to the hot tub.

Before getting up over the wall into the hot tub, I stop to watch Sarah. She gets out of the water, turns around, and crouches down to look at me. I can clearly see her exposed and cleanly shaved pussy. Her nipples harden in the cool night air. She doesn’t move, as if expecting something. I would love to go over to her just to lick her, but it’s Jules that makes the next move.

She swims over to the side of the pool, opposite Sarah, then climbs out and takes the same position. Jake has likewise gone over the hot tub opposite mine. On some sort of silent cue, both women stand up. They continue staring at each other, but then mirror each other’s movements. Sarah walks to her left in my direction; Jules moves to her right in Jake’s direction. They move extremely slowly like they don’t want to get to the hot tubs too quickly.

Step-by-step, inch-by-inch they move in unison around to us. This naked ballet can only last so long, but I wish it would last all night. Jules is also clean shaven and her nipples are somewhat larger than Sarah’s. She looks equally delicious out here completely exposed to anyone watching.

As Sarah arrives at my hot tub, I climb over the wall into it. Both Sarah and Jules have stopped, and then they sit on the side, putting their feet into the water. Spreading their legs for us, I lost sight of Jules and now have only Sarah in my direct line of sight. I move around, sitting in the water next to her leg. From here, I can move my right arm up and insert a finger into her. Sarah is used to this exposure, but I hear an audible gasp from across the pool from Jules. I look around Sarah’s legs and see Jake has placed his face firmly in between Jules’ legs.

“Don’t get too crazy over there. Our business isn’t a sex-act.” I say across the pool.

Jules jumps in next to Jake, and they continue kissing and whatever else that we can’t see from our side of the pool. Just as we get comfortable, the girls get up and begin their duet again around the pool. Soon, Jules is sitting next to me in the hot tub.

“So, we are going to give you lap dances underwater. The trick will be to make sure there is no touching.” Jules tells me. With my arms up on the side of the tub, and feet touching the bottom, I am able to sit and hold my body down. As she begins to move around me, touching her becomes harder and harder to avoid.

Sarah makes an interesting move. I can see her stand up above Jake, her legs on either side of him so he’s getting quite the view. Suddenly, she plunges her body down onto Jake. I can’t tell if he penetrates her, but they are definitely touching.

I grab Jules by the hips, twirl her around so she is facing Jake and Sarah, then pull her onto my body. Now, the girls can watch each other. Sarah places Jake’s hand on her tits; Jules grabs my hands and puts them on hers. I can feel her nipples in between my fingers and her tits fit perfectly in the palms of my hands.

Jules takes the lead and pulls my left hand off her breast and guides it underwater to her pussy. I stop at her entrance and watch Sarah do the same with Jake. Then, they stop. Both women get up out of the water and stand on the edge of the hot tub. Diving at the same time, they quickly reach each other underwater and come up together.

“Come and get us.” They say in unison.

Even with my hard cock showing out of my suit, I jump the wall and swim to them. Both Jake and I are underwater and arrive at the same time to see how the girls are fingering the other and rubbing tits together. After grabbing a breath of fresh air, I head under to Sarah’s feet. I kiss Onwin Güncel Giriş her toes and work my way up her legs. There, underwater, I watch Jules’ fingers inside my wife. I try not to touch Jules, but I have to get my face into Sarah, and I will drown my self trying to do so.

The girls separate, and I wrap Sarah into my arms. We float over to a wall, still in a lover’s embrace.

“Did he penetrate you?”

“No. If I wanted him to, though, I would have made it happen. But, I choose you. This was fun, and I enjoyed the spontaneity of the moment both with Jake and Jules.”

“Yes. She felt good, but I choose you, as well.”

“Did you expect this?” Sarah continues.

“I had my suspicions. They seemed eager to see you up close. They were easy to talk to in the elevator, and I definitely wanted to see her naked in the pool with you.”

“Jules only told me she wanted to get naked and would follow my lead. When I got onto the side of the pool, she totally improvised from there. I bet we gave a good show to anyone overlooking the pool.”

“Do you think we can get her to go up the elevator to our room, completely nude?” I ask.

“There’s only way to find out. What do you have in mind once we get there?” Sarah replies.

“Well, our balcony is big enough for both couples to fuck outside. It would be cool to be having sex in the same room with another couple. But, only if you want to.” I finish explaining my idea.

“Sure. Let’s see what they say.”

“Hey, please join us for a night cap in our suite. The hotel hooked us with a really nice room.” Sarah tells Jake and Jules.

Sarah and I get out of the pool to get toweled off and the server shows up with a new set of drinks, actually two sets of drinks.

“I hope you don’t mind. I ordered us drinks and you guys another round.” Jake says as he gets out of the water. Turning to Jules, he lifts her up and onto the pool deck. As naturally as Sarah, she walks to our table and sits down.

“Let’s drink these, then head up.” Jules agrees, and I’m sure she’ll walk upstairs with Sarah just like she’s dressed right now.

The drinks are quite refreshing, and we enjoy some small talk. Sarah’s nipples are no longer hard, and Jules notices.

“How do you stay so calm out here? Your nipples should be rock hard like mine. I can barely take my top off at home in the backyard without my nipple betraying my excitement.” Jules asks.

“Mostly, it’s due to just putting the clothes away, and realizing it’s my body. My clothes are miles away, but my body is right here and I’m completely in charge of it. I chose to be with my husband, and I choose to play with you, and I choose to ignore the thoughts behind the stares.” Sarah has thought about this a lot.

“I haven’t tried to push Jules, but inhibitions kept her from acting out a lot of her desires, even in the safety of our backyard. What is tomorrow going to be like for you?” Jake asks.

“Well, I’ll be at the pool most of the day. I won’t be moving between here and our room very much. That’s fine. Our presence at the pool should become news by word of mouth, and the hotel will benefit.”

“I see what you did there.” Jules tells Sarah.

“What?” Sarah replies.

“You said ‘our presence’ like you meant you and me.”

“So true.”

“I’m game if Jake is okay. This is way outside our backyard. I may even have a few requests that will require your help.”

“If you aren’t frozen in your spots in the pool because of the hundreds of people checking you out tomorrow, then there won’t be a challenge too big for you to do.” I say. “Speaking of which, you want to walk around a little? There’s a lot of this hotel to see.”

“Do you have a request?” Sarah asks me.

“I would love to take the elevator down to the ballroom levels so you can walk around the lobby there. It will be full of people tomorrow so you won’t have a chance to see it once it fills up.”

“Really? What makes you think the two of us won’t venture down there tomorrow?” Sarah challenges my assumption.

“You will? I’m down for that. Let’s go see how big this room is.” I respond.

Drinks in hand, the four of us head downstairs. The ballroom lobby is enormous as there about a dozen rooms, or at least that many entrances. I’m sure they use those flexible walls to create as many rooms as they can. For tomorrow, it appears they are using the lobby for registration, a main meeting room, and multiple smaller rooms set up.

We are alone walking through the area. There’s really not much else to see so we walk over to the escalators which lead down to the main hotel lobby. As we walk, I feel a body jump on me. It’s Sarah, and I can feel the entire front of her body against my back. She is light, and easy to carry.

“Take me to the bathroom. I need to go.” Sarah says into my ear. “We’ll be right back.”

The bathrooms are located near the bank of elevators, so we have to double-back to get to them. As we approach the doors, I don’t put Sarah down. Rather, I carry her into the presumably empty men’s room.

“I’ve always wanted to use a urinal, but those don’t look like fun.” She says, looking at the urinals which are built into the wall and reach down to the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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