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Business Trip Surprise

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He unlocked his hotel room door and walked in, tossing his briefcase on the floor next to the writing desk. These business trips away were becoming tedious. He looked at his laptop on the desk and decided work emails could wait. What he needed was a drink. Picking up his bottle of scotch, he poured himself a large one, kicked off his shoes and laid on the bed taking a long hard swig of his cold drink, letting the liquor slide slowly down his throat. “Agh, that’s better.” he thought. Two drinks later, he forced himself reluctantly off the bed and crossed to the desk. Work time dammit!

Sitting at the desk, still sipping his drink, he watched his laptop finish booting up and clicked on his email icon. Surprisingly, the first email was from his wife and he opened it. All it said was ‘Check your Drive account’. Curious, he logged into Drive and immediately saw a video file she had shared with him. Even more curious now, he took a sip of his drink and opened it. His wife’s face filled the screen.

“Hello my love.” she said. “I know how you hate these trips so I thought I would send you a little something to cheer you up.” As she said it, she backed away from the camera onto their bed at home. He sat there in shock. All she had on was a flimsy nightie, so sheer and see-through, he could make out her every curve and the dark pink nipples of her swollen breasts. “Are you lonely in your room.” she asked. “I’m lonely here.” she said reclining back on the bed. He watched stunned as she closed her eyes and her hands moved up and started caressing her breasts through the nightie. “God, I wish you were here right now.” she sighed, one hand running down over her stomach and in between her legs. He gulped down what was left of his drink and poured a refill, his eyes glued to the screen.

The hand between her legs started moving, caressing the insides of her thighs and rubbing over her her pussy. She clenched the hem of her nightie and slowly pulled it up, her legs falling open at the same time to reveal her lovely shaved cunt. He sat staring, breathing hard as her fingers slipped back down between her legs and started stroking between her parted lips. His cock hard and straining inside his pants, he wanted to dive through the screen and lick that perfect bare pussy. He could almost smell it.

“Do you like my cunt?” she asked seductively. “I wish you were here to fuck it for me. That nice hard cock of yours deep inside it.” She gave out a little moan as her fingers played over her clit, stroking it, making it hard. Without realising it, his own hand was at his groin, rubbing his now throbbing cock through his trousers. “I wish you could fill me.” she moaned, slipping two fingers inside herself. “Oh fuck!” he said, his heart pounding, squeezing his hard shaft through the material of his pants almanbahis adresi as he watched her sliding her fingers in and out, all wet and glistening with her juices. “Fuck me!” she cried out, one hand rubbing her clit as the other one fucked herself mercilessly, stiff fingers driving in and out of her sopping wet cunt.

He groaned out loud at the sight of her arousal. He wanted to see her cum, wanted to cum with her. With shaking hands, he frantically unzipped his pants and freed his quivering cock. His fingers curled round it and he yanked it hard, his excitement growing with hers. Her legs shook and her back arched and she came with a loud cry, her whole body jerking in spasms, her fingers pushing deep inside herself. He gasped and jerked in his chair, thick ropes of cum spurting over the desk, his trousers and his fingers.

He sat there panting, massaging his sticky softening cock as he watched a wave of post orgasm pleasure wash over her. Thank God he was going home first thing in the morning, he was aching for her. Meantime, he would change his cum stained pants and go down for some dinner.

At home, she was almost pacing the room. She poured herself a glass of red and gulped some of it down. The waiting was agony. She had been like a cat on a hot tin roof ever since she had made that video for him, her pussy hadn’t stopped throbbing, aching for his cock inside it. Several times she had considered getting relief with her friend ‘Mr Rabbit’ but she resisted, she wanted to save herself for him, for his hard cock, his tongue and his fingers. A couple of times, she had touched herself, slid her hand inside her panties and stroked her throbbing clit without cumming. It just made it all the worse, but at the same time there was some pleasure in the feel of that longing ache between her legs. Now with him due to be home soon, every minute seemed like an eternity. Trying to distract herself, she looked at herself in the mirror. Yes, she looked good, her nice hugging top revealing the shapely curves of her breasts with just the hint of hard nipple, and her skirt, short but not too short to look cheap. Under it, she even had on his favourite pair of lacy white panties. They were probably a little damp, she swore she had been wet all day. Never mind, he loved the scent of her on them. This was going to be a night to remember. Suddenly, she heard his key in the lock and her heart stopped beating.

Pushing open the door he saw her standing there, a glass of wine in her hand and a beaming smile on her face. Dropping his bag inside the door he marched across the hall to her. They embraced, kissing passionately, her being careful not to spill her glass.

“Welcome home.” she said, looking up at him, her face beaming with a grin.

“I missed you.” he replied, bending almanbahis adres to kiss her again.

“How was your trip?” she asked suggestively.

“Oh, so so, just same old boring stuff.” he replied teasing. Her face darkened and he laughed. “One or two nice little surprises” he told her and her face lit up with a devilish smile.

“Hmmmm, something smells good.” he said sniffing the air.

“That’s dinner, your favourite, Lamb roast.” she told him. “It’ll be ready in about two hours.”

“In that case.” he said, taking her hand and leading her towards the bedroom.

His shoes and socks already off and both standing beside the bed, he watched his wife cross her arms in front of her and pull her top off over her head revealing her lovely round full breasts with hard pink nipples. Reaching out with both hands, he touched her nipples, squeezing them and rolling them between his thumbs and fingers, making them even harder. He couldn’t wait to have them in his mouth, sucking on each one. She unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor, stepping out of it and kicking it away. He reached for his belt.

“No, I want to do that.” she told him, dropping to her knees in front of him. With one hand she pulled up his shirt and kissed his belly while the other massaged his growing cock through his trousers. He closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation, feeling his cock hardening by the second. Both her hands were on his belt, frantically loosening it, pulling down his zipper and unbuttoning his pants. She pulled them down, his fully erect cock sprung up as it was released, tense and quivering and wanting her badly. He sucked in his breath at her touch as her fingers wrapped around his swollen shaft and started slowly sliding up and down it. “Oh yes, pull it.” he thought to himself, wanting her to wank him faster, make him cum. Hungry to taste him, she bent forward and enveloped the engorged head with her mouth, sucking on it as her hand stroked him. Shaking with arousal, his hand went to the back of her head and his hips started thrusting, fucking her mouth, wanting to feel his cock in her throat. Turned on by his need, her hand slipped inside her panties as she sucked him, her fingers finding her wet crease and hard clit. As he fucked her mouth with his hard cock, she fucked her dripping pussy with two fingers. Close to cumming, he pulled away from her, his stiff cock twitching. For a second she was torn. Torn between her aching insides, tingling at the prospect of his hard cock rubbing against them, and torn between the other lovely feeling of hard squirts of his cum hitting the back of her throat for her to gulp down greedily. She craved them both.

“Get on the bed.” he gasped. making the decision for her.

Sliding up onto the edge of the bed, she lay across almanbahis adres it, quivering in anticipation. Standing in front of her, he reached down and taking each side of her panties, slowly pulled them off her. With them gone, she drew up her legs and opened them wide, wanting him between them. Dropping to his knees, he bent forward. She nearly cried out, knowing he was going to lick her, the anticipation unbearable, her body beginning to shake. She felt his warm breath on her parted wet pussy and then the first electric touch of his tongue. A shock wave of ecstasy coursed through her as he licked up the length of her slit, parting swollen inner lips and finding her throbbing clit. “Oh fuck.!” she gasped, reaching down to part her lips wider for him, opening her clit up to his lapping tongue, her pussy flooding with wetness. Hungrily, he drank from the pool at her opening and stroked her clt with his tongue, intoxicated with the smell and taste of her. She was writhing now, her hips starting to buck upwards. Moaning, she grabbed his head, forcing it down between her legs, crushing his mouth to her throbbing cunt as it exploded in orgasm. As she lay panting from her orgasm, he slid two fingers inside her and started rubbing the swollen spongy front of her pussy. “Oh shit!” she yelled, her whole body stiffening as she came again, her stomach in spasms as her insides contracted mercilessly.

“Turn over.’ he ordered her, standing once again, stroking his throbbing cock with precum dripping from it’s tip, desperate for her pussy. She rolled over and rose up on all fours, her legs wide open and her rear pushed back ready for him. His cock grasped firmly in his hand, he moved in behind her and pressed its head to her drenched opening. She quivered with excitement at the thought of it entering her. As he felt the tip of his cock start to sink inside her, he pushed himself hard against her rear, driving his cock deep into her. It took her breath away and she gasped feeling him fill her so fast and so completely. His hands on her hips, he began thrusting into her, slowly at first, then harder, faster, slamming against her, desperate to cum, crazed with lust for her warm wet cunt. Grunting with every hard thrust of his cock, she pushed back on him, wanting him deeper, wanting him to cum inside her. Breathing hard, his chest pounding and almost cumming, he reached under her and rubbed her clit. She started to cum again. His cock gripped tight by her contracting insides sent him over the edge and with a loud roar, he drove as hard as he could into her, his cock exploding in a rush of warm thick cum deep in her body.

Curled up against him with cum still leaking from her sated pussy, she slowly stroked his spent soft cock with one finger. The video was definitely a good idea she thought to herself smiling. Maybe next trip she would send him one with her and her rabbit vibrator.

“How about I get out the nightie after dinner?” she asked him with a grin.

“Sounds like a plan.” he replied, turning and kissing her on the forehead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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