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Buying My Step-Sister Ch. 08

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Thanks for reading. All characters are 18 or over, and this work is purely fictional. It involves brother/step-sister incest. If that is not your thing, feel free to click away! I wrote this story for myself, but hope you enjoy.


When I returned the lotion to the night stand, I was careful to flip the switch on my other two test cameras at the headboard and the footboard. They had about forty-five minutes run time, and that should be plenty. “Now, sweet,” I told her, “if you like this cock, like you claim, I want you to get it hard, then I want you to ride me, starting reverse cowgirl, do I can see that ass; it is your best part.”

Being her ever-submissive self, Clara said, “Oh yes, sir!” and sliding down a bit as I relaxed, she enthusiastically bent to her task, giving my dick some solid hand-job attention, adding in some first-class tongue action on its mushroom head, complete with wonderful ‘slurp’ sounds.

Different positions are like different moods and different women. With Clara, I mostly enjoyed really dominating her, and that meant me normally being on top. But I had to say, this pretty lady on top of me, working those hips while she faced away, was quite nice. The icing on this cake was that I could still top her from underneath.

“Am-ahh…Am I doing it right, sir?” Clara asked. “Because…ooohhhh…your dick feels SO good…”

“That’s right, you ride that dick,” I told her, and gave her ass a firm slap.

Clara had been grinding those hips on me, and the sight of me sliding in and out of her, while she ground away was incredibly erotic, but I wanted her to change up; so, I gave her ass another slap.

“AH — sir!” she called out.

“Bounce on that dick, woman, bounce on it like you mean it; if you expect me to let you cum tonight.”

“Y-yes, sir…” she said meekly, and gathered her feet under her so she was squatting over me, and she began to bounce vertically. The feeling was wonderful, and I wondered if the cameras were catching it.

I didn’t make Clara do this for too long, simply because I knew it would be tiring for her. I DID want her tired, but I did not want her TOO tired. Slapping that ass a third time, I said, “Turn ’round here woman, and make sure I don’t fall out.”

“Ohhh!” she groaned, then an, “Ahhhh…” as she escort karkamış turned, keeping me buried inside her, until she was around and facing me, still in cowgirl. I tugged her arms, making her lean forward, and I let her continue. She was still bouncing, but was not squatting as she did before.

“Ahhh…sir, it feels SO good…” Clara said.

Grabbing her hips and slowing her to a stop, I briefly began pushing up into her hard and fast. As her moans grew, I brought it to stop, then back to her grind again. I enjoyed pinching those big (as compared to Ashlynn’s) nipples. Those bad boys were bigger than almonds, and her large flabby tits felt good in my hands.

I really needed to get her out of here in order to get some sleep, and Clara really had done very well, so it was time for the pièce de résistance, as it were. I had Clara sit straight up, with me buried inside her. I handed her a blue ‘mini-bullet’ vibrator, and smiled and said, “Ask.” It took no prompting at all, she knew what to do.

Clara smiled and flashed an evil grin. Her face furrowed, and as she continued to grind into me, she flipped on the vibrator, and applied it to her clit. Her face quickly reddened, and she tucked in her chin, as she tried to make the feeling last, knowing she was fighting a losing battle.


“Not yet, woman, keep grinding.”

She continued, and her upper body convulsed a bit.

“Not yet,” I reminded her.

“Uh…ohhh-kaaay!” she got out, but it came out as a shriek. “N-N-Now?”


Within less than a minute, Clara was clearly torturing herself. She was making constant whimpering noises, and even her nose was running.


“Okay,” I replied, “DO IT.”

Clara worked the humming little device to the right, threw her head back, and absolutely screamed, as she had a convulsing, shaking, and quaking orgasm. I knew I was sliding over the edge, too; so I let her flop onto the bed beside me, and shifting quickly to bring my dick to her face, she had only to give it a squeeze, and I proceeded to dump three good, heavy spurts of cum. I got her forehead and hair, just below her eye and cheek, and onto her mouth and lips. It looked great and I was sure the cameras caught it.

‘Not karkamış escort bayan a bad way to relieve stress,’ I thought to myself.


I had come back from a walk on the beach, and was sitting at the screened-in pool at dad’s place. Gina, Ashlynn and the baby were there, everyone enjoying the day. Dad eventually came in, and he and Gina had the baby in the pool, while Ashlynn came over and sat in the chair adjacent to me.

While making it appear as though she was just watching them have fun in the pool, she said, “I need to know WHAT is so different about Clara.”

“Well, you sure get straight to the point,” I replied.

“I think with what we have been up to, I’ve earned it. I’m still not sure what to think of all of it. I mean..what are we doing here?” she said.

Nodding, I replied, “Like I said, she is different. As in REALLY different. If there’s one think I do know, if I did to you what I do to her, you’d gut me like a fish.”

“I know what she’s into,” Ashlynn said, “I just didn’t know that was your bag.”

“It was a bit of fun, but it goes smooth after a while. As to what we’re doing here? Enjoying each other. By your own definition, you wanted this casual, but what’s it matter though, Ash? Even though they’re different places, soon enough you’ll both be off to school. I say keep the fun rolling while it lasts. Really, I haven’t heard any complaints ’til now.

“I’m not complaining,” Ashlynn said, I’m just…well, just…I don’t know.”

I smiled, as I got up and went inside the house, because boy did I ever know.

Later that eve, Ashlynn got a notification from the site. It was from me, for tomorrow. I even had some specific requests for her to wear this particular green crochet and mesh bra and panty set I had delivered to her the previous week. We both knew Dad and Gina had the baby, and I bet she smiled when she accepted the invite.

Clara got the same invite, except that her same bra and panty set was white. She didn’t wonder why Johnathan Roberts wanted her, but then she smiled, thinking ‘he had made his choice.’ Noting it was at this small B&B in town, the Coombs, and in the back to boot, she accepted as well.


When Ashlynn pulled around back, she hit brakes so karkamış escort hard, the little Toyota skidded to a stop. At the bungalow was one of those new 4-door Porsches, in custom paint yet. Could only be one person. Johnathan Roberts had talked about one, so no doubt who that was. And right beside it, was Clara’s tinted Nissan, no doubt about it. She sighed, shook her head, sat a moment, then pulled up.

I was waiting outside. “Well I guess you figured out who’s here,” I said, “So come on in, and I’ll explain.”

When Ashlynn walked in behind me, Clara’s crestfallen look was palpable. “Hold on you two, it’s high time we hashed this out,” I said.

“Hashed what out?” Ashlyn said, obviously irritated, “I thought you were ‘good’ keeping it like it was.”

“Yeah,” Clara said, “I don’t get it.”

“Well, one of you has recently been selfish, and the other has questions, so the best way for all of us, is to hash it out,” I said.

“I thought you made your choice,” Clara interjected.

“Well it’s not a competition,” Ashlynn replied, “but this is a bit much, and besides, I thought this was all but over anyway, school and all,” Ashlynn retorted.

“There are still school breaks, and let’s not forget next summer, ladies. This can be profitable for everyone in their own way, or we can all walk away without.”

Clara asked, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Look, here’s how this thing works,” I said, and plopped down a fatter-than-normal envelope. “It works on cash. That’s how it works. And cash doesn’t make preferences, and cash doesn’t make choices.” Plopping down a second equally fat envelope, I continued, “But cash always decides things, and these two envelopes show you both it’s not a competition. THIS only works if you BOTH pick up an envelope. Not one…BOTH.”

“And what if one of us doesn’t?” Clara asked.

“Then, I’ll take those back, and as far as I’m concerned, you two will never see so much as a dime from me ever again.”

They both looked at the money, then at each other, then at me.

“I’m not into girls” Ashlynn said.

Clara had a totally guilty look and remained silent, so I responded, “Wasn’t thinking, or expecting that. But this is decision time, ladies. I want this run to continue from time to time, but now, it’s time for you to decide how we go from here.”


Hey everyone, and thanks for reading! this is one part of a multi-chapter story, so please give me your votes and constructive criticism, any suggestions as to storyline appreciated!

Special thanks to Kenji Sato for this editing help. Without him this would not have been possible!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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