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Bzzzt! Sean felt his cell phone vibrate in his shirt pocket. He had just pulled into a space in the Central Village Mall underground parking area. What incredible timing, he thought. Turning off the engine, he pulled the phone out and glanced at the lit up screen. The icon for “new text message” blinked at him from the menu bar. He smiled and thumbed through the commands until the message appeared.

R U hre yet?

He jerked his thumb over the keys and pressed, “Send.”

Jst prkd. Whr r u?

He sent the message and exited his car careful as always to lock it up. Before he could turn to the elevator bank his phone buzzed again.

Food ct lev 3 nr Cinnabon. He snickered and thumbed back quickly.

SINabon??? U Nwtygrl!

Her answer was swift.

U wish! ;-)~

He could not contain his chuckle as the elevator opened and he entered. Two women with strollers the size of SUVs stared at him as they exited. He rode up to level 3 and stepped out of the car. He was surprised at how quiet the mall seemed on a Tuesday morning. The place felt cavernous. Only a smattering of people was about. A few senior mall walkers showed off their power strides in polyester jogging suits, a couple more stroller moms. It was all very different from the weekend or holiday bustle that was the norm for him. Sean was usually in his studio painting at 11:30 am on any given weekday. Today? Well, today was a virgin experience for him. Ginger had suggested that he take off from working and meet her for lunch at the mall. He tried to convince her that a nice restaurant would be better but she insisted, and she insisted on meeting him there.

Bzzzt! He looked at his phone.

Whts keeping u?

I’m here. Don’t see u.

He turned slowly surveying the food court area but did not see her. Bzzt!

But I c u. Tag u r it! Hint-library time.

Barnes & Noble! He quickly headed for the down escalator. The bookstore was down a flight and on the far side of the mall from the food court. Frantically, he looked for her shiny brown hairdo or the wiggle of her compact butt all the while thumbing at his phone.

Tease! He pressed send. As he approached the bookstore entrance his phone vibrated.

:)~ Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah. The gmz afoot Sherlock.

Sean entered and headed straight for the mystery section. He saw a pert, petite figure turn down the aisle. He picked up his pace only to nearly knock over a perfect stranger.

“Oh, ah, excuse me,” he said, his face rapidly turning red.

“Not at all,” the attractive brunette answered, smiling at him with obvious interest. Not many men his age wandering the mall on a weekday morning. His blush deepened and the cell phone vibrated.

“Excuse me,” he said. The brunette smiled invitingly and headed down the aisle, giving him a brief glance before exiting. Bzzzt!

Careful Romeo. Stp acting like a CHILD. Heehee

Quickly, he reconnoitered and found the children’s books, an area with which he was unfamiliar. The place was lively with young mothers, nannies and toddlers crawling all over the rugged play area. Books were strewn from one end to the other and it was the noisiest place he had been since entering the mall, still, no sign of Ginger. His phone came to life at the exact instant the nearby elevator bell sounded.

U r not very good at this ru?

He looked over the railing of the mezzanine but could not see where the elevator let out. Heading for the stairs, the phone lit up again.

You Have New Picture Mail. Click Go/View to see now.

Sean flicked the control and stopped in his tracks when the image popped up. There was Ginger, face hidden by her hair in imitation of noir film actress, Veronica Lake. Her luscious curves, however, were on full display and decorated by a delectable red and black satin ensemble. The bra barely contained her 34 DD boobs and the red triangle of the g string did little to conceal the shape of her pussy lips.

Took this bout an hr ago at VS. U like?

He was getting better at texting on the run now.

Wht do u think?

He exited the bookstore and headed toward Victoria’s Secret but before he got close the phone alerted him again.

I sed I ws thr an hr ago, silly. On way to Macy’s now.

Macy’s! Where? Thinking fast and with a painful pressure in his groin, he realized that the big store was clear over on the opposite end of the mall, again. She’s really enjoying herself. Adjusting his pants as surreptitiously as he could, Sean high-tailed it across the mall again passing the mall walkers, mothers and nannies. He did his best to move quickly but also not bring notice to himself and the bulge in his pants.

Entering the big store on the first level, he looked around. He always enjoyed this floor. The perfume and make-up counters always seemed to have the best looking clerks and sales help. It was a voyeurs dream. He could look all he wanted to. All the women here were antalya escort totally absorbed in the serious business of make-up and perfume. As long as he kept moving, no one ever noticed him ogling. Bzzzt!

Stop being a peeping tom or have you given up?

Just slightly distracted. Was his quick answer.

Trying to make me jealous?

R u?

We’ll c.

Sean began a methodic search of the first level. It seemed unlikely that she would hang out here but he had to be sure. Men’s clothing was a ghost town and he did a very quick about face when a bored sales clerk saw commission potential and darted toward him. No time for that now. The other side of the main aisle held “Women’s sizes (read, Large) and Petite. Why do department stores torture these two categories by always placing them next to one another?

Ginger could have been in petite but a look from the main aisle proved that no one was shopping there today. The clerks stood at the register looking bored and tired. He headed to the escalator. Bzzzt!

You Have New Picture Mail. Click Go/View to see now.

This time the dressing room picture showed Ginger in a purple and black ensemble. Purple was her favorite color and rapidly becoming a favorite of Sean’s. The message attached to the pic read.

Tkn 5 min.ago.

Lingerie was on the third level. The escalator ride seemed an eternity and the cramped feeling in Sean’s pants now also felt damp. On the second escalator, he began to walk up the steps two and three at a time. The lingerie section was just to the right of the stairs. A quick look revealed the same empty space that seemed to permeate the mall that day. Thinking she must still be in the dressing room, he forced himself to slow his pace and act like a shopper. The single, middle aged clerk asked if she could help.

“Just browsing,” he answered.

She left him to it but the emptiness of the area and the fact that he was defiantly very visible shopping for lingerie, made her suspicious enough to keep an eye on his movements. The clerk circled as he slowed near the dressing area. He was hoping to catch sight or sound of Ginger but before he got too close, the clerk was eying him from across a rack of bras. He smiled and left the area. Bzzt!!

Silly, u think I was waiting 4 u? I’m jst TRIPPNG along here. Btr hurry. I may get bored and go home.

Tripping, tripping? Trip. Travel. LUGGAGE! The section was on the same level over on the far side and Sean headed deliberately straight for it. The luggage area was small and set off from the far right area of houswares and decorations. In fact, part of the room was a jumble as it appeared that it was being converted for upcoming holiday decorations. Bags were piled to one side of the general display and racks of ornaments and tree trimming material were just beginning to be filled. Otherwise, the place was deserted. Not even a clerk or floor worker. Lunchtime.

Sean noticed that this was also where the restrooms were located. A recessed alcove indicated Men to the left and Women to the right. Could She? Bzzt!

Before he could look at his phone he was startled by a male voice behind him.

“Sorry about your team.”

Turning he saw a man, a bit older than himself, in fact he was the clerk who almost accosted him at the men’s area.

“Excuse me?”

“Your team,” the clerk pointed to his own head and then at Sean. “Your hat. The Mets. Tough season.”

“Oh, uh yeah.” Sean answered.

“Better next year”, the clerk said.


“Uhh, yup, if everyone stays healthy, excuse me,” and Sean indicated his phone and ignored the man who shrugged and entered the Men’s room. Sean looked at his phone.

Whr r u?

He thumbed to the second message.

Had 2 p-Get your ass in here NOW!

Sean typed frantically.

Wht? Whr?

Ginger replied almost instantly.

The Ladies Room, dummy. Get in here.

R u sure?

Now, damn it!

Sean looked around. The whole area was deserted. The male clerk was still in the Men’s room. He took one more furtive glance and quickly slipped through the ladies room door. Another virgin experience.

The room was tiled in dull pink, no surprise. No one was in sight and the room was quite silent. There was a line of sinks to his left and four stalls to his right. The one furthest from him was, by virtue of its large door, obviously the handicap stall. Leaning down to look under the partition, he could see a pair of boots. Bzzzt! She had obviously prepared this message earlier.

Wht r u looking at. Who do you thnk is in here, the Wicked Witch of the West?

Then he heard her familiar giggle and saw the stall door open. “Quick,” she whispered and he pushed into the stall.

Ginger stood there in a grey cowl neck sweater that acted almost like a mine skirt. Underneath, she work tights, or pants or…Sean wasn’t sure but the material was black and skin tight kepez escort and had a wet look that caused his already hard cock to twitch. Instead of her usual contact lenses, she wore a pair of thick, black framed glasses that she knew he thought made her look sexy. Men! She was standing with her back to him, looking over her shoulder provocatively. Her ass jutted toward him. Despite her own opinion on the subject, she knew that Sean loved her ass.

He moved toward her and he wrapped his arms around her, his hard cock pressing up against her ass. His hands cupping the 34 DD boobs he loved so well. He could feel the outline of her bra though the thin jersey of her sweater. Her nipples remained protected by the thin layer of foam that made up the cup material. Why did she wear bras with even this thin layer of padding? He adored her breasts and knew she loved to have them manhandled during their lovemaking. Once he even brought her to orgasm by sucking and playing with only the “girls” as she playfully referred to them. He had never done that with any other lover. Ginger set him on fire every time.

She turned toward him and now their bodies aligned in a perfection that always amazed them. All the good parts just seemed to fit perfectly. Ginger gasped when she felt his cock push into her crotch and her open mouth was met by his as Sean kissed her deeply and with strength that made her shiver. Kissing was a particularly nice part of their lovemaking. Both of them reveled in exploring each other with their lips and tongues. Often this form of foreplay went on for quite a long time. But not today.

Ginger reached down and grabbed at his crotch. She managed to get her hand around most of his cock and squeezed firmly. She ached to get her fingers totally around her little play toy and started to scramble for the catch on his belt. Meanwhile, Sean was raking the skirt/sweater up with some difficulty looking for the top of those strange tights.

Ginger won the first round, unbuttoning and unzipping him before he found bare skin on her. Reaching in a pulling at his dick, she was rewarded with the warm feel of liquid.

“Got you a bit excited, did I?

Sean laughed and kissed her again. Moaning into her mouth as she took is slick wet cock in hand and started to stroke her fingers up and down. She felt some more precum leak out of the tip and she dragged her thumb across the tiny hole causing him to stiffen and jump.

“Please! Easy baby. You’ve been teasing me so long that I am ready to explode right now.”

“Shut up Sean. You’re not getting out of here until we are both well spent. I have it all under control.”

“What if someone comes in?”

“Too late now, darling. You should have thought of that before you came through the door. Besides, you are in no condition to be out in public right now.” She emphasized her point by squeezing his cock a bit harder rewarded by a moan from her lover.

Sean took control and turned her so that his cock was hard up against her ass now. The sweater was rucked to her waist and his wet, naked tool felt good up against the slick black material of tights. One hand continued to search for her bra under the sweater and the other managed to rip a hole in the front of her tights. From it he could feel the dampness of her arousal. This is something that drove Sean wild. A wet cunt made him frenetic and Ginger’s cunt flowed like a river when she was horny. He managed another finger into the hole, and another and then, with some force, he ripped the tights hard and opened a hole large enough for his hand to move freely over her cunt. Ginger gasped and another flush of love juice flowed onto his fingers.

He splayed the pussy folds open and found her clit and began a thrumming rhythm. He coupled this with a dive to the back of her neck with his lips where he latched on vampire-like and sucked and licked. She gasped as his fingers played with her pussy. She could hear the squishing as flicked her clit and spread her juices over the sensitive nub. She let let herself succumb to the wave of pleasure that shot through her in the form of a mini-orgasm and shook at the thought of more to come.

Ginger was not ready to relinquish her claim to today’s activities however. While Sean concentrated on her pussy, she managed to pull her sweater up and off her body, exposing the smooth black cups of her bra and the deep cleavage of her large boobs. Now even those foam cups could not hide the turgid nipples that were tenting the lycra. Still gasping, she then managed to regain a grip on Sean’s dick. Squeezing firmly, she startled him enough to elicit a gasp and to momentarily stop his ministrations to her cunt. She regretted this somewhat but there was method to her actions. A wicked smile spread on her face and placing her hands on his chest, she firmly pushed him back a few steps. Sean was having some difficulty controlling his breathing now. He went to grab her but she manavgat escort fended him off and stepped back again.

“Uh, uh,” she said. He looked a bit hurt. But her smile just widened. “Just watch, baby”

That smile. Sean knew that when she got that look on her face he usually could not imagine what was in store for him but he was never dissapointed. Seeing Ginger smile at him in the ladies restroom of Macy’s wearing nothing but a black bra and those shiny black tights with a hole torn in the crotch was almost enough to cause him to geyser. Almost…

His cock seemed to grow harder. Was it possible to get too hard? Precum dribbled out of the opening and drizzled down the shaft. He started to touch himself but was brought up short by Ginger’s command.

“No! Leave your hands where they are. I want to watch a bit.”

She licked her lips and enjoyed the sight of his cock becoming slick with his precum. Reaching over she traced her finger along the line of the goo and then rubbed the tip where the fluid originated. Sean moaned and she giggled.

Ahhh, that’s a nice baby. Mommy likes to hear that sound.”

Again she stepped back, wagging her now slick finger at him in warning to stay put. She then placed the finger in her mouth and made an exaggerated sucking sound. Then she bent over and picked up her sweater, shook it out and carefully hung it on the hook of the stall door after which she walked back to her lover and slapping his hands back proceeded to properly undo his pants and totally exposing his hard drippy manhood.

She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and began to stroke…slowly…deliberately…with her eyes never leaving his. Sean groaned. Ginger smiled and then releasing him she took both his hands and turned him and led him to the commode, carefully backing him down on the plastic seat. His cock stood hard and proud up from the slight split in the seat. Sean felt coolness on his balls.

Ginger stepped back once again and looking down at the hole in her tights grabbed the ragged material and forcefully ripped the opening wider. The sound of the shredding seemed to echo against the tiles and Sean’s cock twitched at the seeming violence of the action. Ginger was now breathing hard as well. She faced him with her crotch almost at his eye lever. Her neatly trimmed bush was fully visible. Her labia were engorged and puffy. He could also see that the tear had exposed the brown bud of her asshole and the entire area was wet with her cum juice. She stepped toward hem and positioned his cock at the entrance to her cunt and then slowly sat until his entire length disappeared into her womb. All this time her eyes bored into his and a ferocity that he had never experienced seemed to emanate from them. She didn’t move and he couldn’t move but suddenly he felt her cunt muscles stroking him. First it was just little flicks of pleasure then full blown up and down waves, not unlike fingers. His cock was massaged wonderfully and he tried to raise his hips to meet the feeling but Ginger’s position on his lap prevented this.

She leaned in and kissed him once, deeply. Then she sought a special spot on his neck. She knew it well and loved to play with it. Licking it with her tongue and sucking hard would always make Sean mewl like a kitten. Today, once she got that mewl, she bit him, hard.


That was all she needed to hear. Once he started calling her name during lovemaking, all bets were off. She rose up and rammed down the length of his rod. She did it again and again. Soon Sean was pushing against her and a rhythm began to build between them. Ginger’s cunt muscles were up to the task and grabbed at Sean’s cock, pulsing to the tempo as it increased. Sean was limited by his position as to how hard he could thrust but Ginger made up for it by bouncing hard and fast on the piston of his rod.

Now her eyes seemed totally black. She was in a world Sean had never seen and like a pagan goddes she chanted his name, “Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean…”

His thrusting became more urgent and labored and she met each one with equal fervor. Sweat streamed from both of them. Reaching under her bra cups Sean grabbed her tits and squeezed. He found the nipples and pinched. Ginger moaned. This was one of her favorite things. Sean had never known a woman to enjoy her boobs being manhandled like this. He mashed and twisted and pinched. She nearly screamed in pleasure. She lurched forward and latched onto that spot on his neck at the same time clenched her cunt as hard as possible. That did it for both of them.

GINGERRRRRRR! She could feel his cum exploding into her womb. In an instant her own orgasm shuddered through her.

OH, UHHH, AAAAAGHHHH! She buried her head deeper into his neck. Tears welled in her eyes and Sean could feel the intensity of the stifled scream as she shook. He also felt the heat of fluid release as her pussy flooding and mingling with his cum. He could hear it dripping into the bowl beneath him. A warmer feeling followed and they both realized that she had also lost control of her bladder. As the wave of orgasm subsided and the jarring flicks of aftershocks eased, they both began to giggle at this unexpected event.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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