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Camping Trip

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I see you look at me from across the campfire, through the flames. I know that look.

It’s the look that says “fuck me.” I’ve seen it many times, but mostly at home, not out in the woods where we’re camping with six friends. I’ve seen it in the bedroom, of course, and in the car, and in the shower, but never when others are around.

It’s a look that says I want to be touched. Fondled. Ravaged.

Your gaze is so intense I wonder if you’ve forgotten about the others – three other couples – chatting and roasting marshmallows in the fire. I know I can barely hear them as I look back at you. I feel my dick start to stiffen, and wonder when we’ll decide to let the campfire die and go back to our tents. It’s only 10 o’clock; it could be a while. I fidget in my camp chair, trying to get comfortable with my hard-on pushing against my underwear. I’m resigned to torture in my groin.

But you save me from both the discomfort and the wait.

“David, I’m going to grab some more firewood. I saw some stacked over by the next campsite. Want to give me hand?” Your gaze hasn’t changed.

“Sure,” I say. I have to concentrate on getting out my chair casually. Without anyone around, I’d be out of it in a flash, my hands buried in your hair, pulling your mouth onto mine while I caressed and squeezed your ass.

“Let’s go,” you say. You don’t have to tell me twice.

“Don’t get lost,” Sean says with a smirk. I just look at him, embarrassed, but only for a second. We’re all grownups here, and all in relationships. Besides, you’re already moving away, past our tents. In as much as a hurry as I’m in, I walk slowly at first, taking in the view while the campfire light still illuminates your gorgeous body, especially your butt and legs in your tight shorts. I know under the hoodie you put on when the sun went down are heavy, full breasts. The thought makes me speed up.

I follow the beam from your flashlight, and I’m not surprised to see it’s well past where the firewood is stacked. You’re in a small area surrounded by bushes. Once you see me, you raise the flashlight so I can see your face. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but your gaze is even more intense than it was at the campfire. You’re biting your lip in that insouciant way that makes me crazy every time.

“I don’t want to wait until bedtime,” you say, shutting off the flashlight and setting it down somewhere.

“Me neith-” I start to say, but then your lips are on mine, soft but pressing urgently. I press back, putting my hands in your hair, pulling you even closer. I feel your crotch kaçak iddaa pressing into mine as you wrap your arms around my neck.

Your tongue is pressing, probing, and circling mine. The feeling is incredible. I slide my hands down your back to your butt, and squeeze as I try to pull you even closer. You bring your hands back along my shoulders and up onto my jaw on either side of our busy mouths.

I slide my hands back around to your front and begin to pull off your hoodie and T-shirt. I don’t want the kiss to end, but I need to have you. We do break our kiss long enough for you to pull them over your head and drop them to the ground, and undo your bra, where it joins the pile. I take my lips from yours and kiss your cheek and jaw, moving up to your earlobe, licking and sucking it. Your skin smells of strawberries and campfire smoke.

I feel your arms tighten around my neck again as I move down slowly, kissing your neck and collarbone, and eventually to your erect nipples. I take each one in my mouth, sucking and releasing, and moving my tongue around each one. I hear you groan, and I suck harder, taking my hands from your ass to squeeze your tits and rub the nipple with my thumb. Catching my breath, I back up a bit, using both hands to pinch your nipples. I love your large breasts. At home, I love to thrust my cock between them as you squeeze them together.

“Harder,” you say, and I pinch a little harder as I resume our sloppy kissing. I feel one of your hands leave my neck and come back in to contact with me on my crotch, as your rub my aching dick though my shorts. I moan and pinch even harder, causing you to repeat the moan into my mouth.

I can’t wait any longer for us to lose our clothes, bushes and Sean and everybody be damned. I unbutton your shorts and push them down roughly, hoping they are around your ankles. Your panties soon follow, and I cup your pussy in my hand, pushing hard against your clit and lips. I can feel you’re incredibly wet, and I wonder if the panties around your ankles are damp.

“David…” you moan.

I push harder and circle your clit with my thumb, loving the wet, soft sensation. I feel your legs start to give out, and help you lie down using my free arm. Luckily, we land on your clothes, and I feel your legs move as you kick your shorts and panties off your legs. I take off off my own T-shirt and hoodie and place them under your head. Lying beside you on the soft ground, I grab your ass cheeks and squeeze hard. With a break from my attention to your pussy, you unbutton my shorts and push them down, and grab kaçak bahis my rock-hard dick in your fist, moving up and down excruciatingly slowly. Your soft touch is like being tortured with a feather.

“Are you teasing me?” I growl, but playfully.

“”Maybe,” you say cheekily. “What are you going to do about it?”

I stop squeezing your ass cheeks and slap them, soft and with a cupped hand at first, then harder, with a flat palm. With each smack, you give a little yelp or sigh and I feel you jerk me off a little faster.

“That’s better,” I say, as I stroke your cheeks softly, to contrast with the hard smacks on your skin. I try to do it as softly as you were stroking my dick. When I’ve finished soothing your bum, I move my hand back to your pussy, which is even wetter than before.

I put two fingers inside you as you keep stroking my cock. While I can’t see them, I know my fingers will be coated with your juices when I pull them out. For now, I thrust them in and out, in time with your strokes. After some time, I feel your hand above mine, as you rub your clit while I finger-fuck your pussy. Then I feel your hand leave you pull your body back and off my fingers. They feel so wet I’m sure they are dripping.

The next thing I feel is your hair on my thighs as you kneel over my cock, sliding your lips and tongue the whole length of the shaft before plunging your head down on it, Taking all of me in your wet mouth. I groan as you bob up and down, pausing once in a while to lick the shaft again. I reach out in the dark to find your tits, pussy, and ass, to squeeze and pinch and rub as you give me an aggressive blowjob. Once I think it can’t get any better, I feel you go down even further, forcing my entire member into your mouth and throat. I moan, and I worry I’ll cum before I can fuck you, I gently pull your head away and kiss you, relishing the wet feel of your lips.

“Lie back,” I say when our lips and tongues part. When you do, I slide down your body and stop when my head gets to your thighs. Forcing your legs apart, I lick up one thigh, across your mound, and down the other.

“Now you’re teasing,” you say. Luckily from where I am between your legs, you can’t reach my ass to smack it. Instead, you grab my hair and push my head down onto your soaking pussy. Loving the wetness and certain my lips are as wet as yours, I lick around your labia, stopping each time to suck greedily on your swollen clit. Your hands clench in my hair as complete each circuit, my tongue pressing hard. Absorbed in what I’m doing, I barely hear your moans. Your legs illegal bahis wrap around my back, pulling me down even further, forcing me to press even harder and bury my tongue in you, pushing in and out. Your legs quiver against my back, and your hands open and close in my hair as I tongue-fuck you.

Finally, I can’t take it any more. I need to have you, to fuck you. Pushing back, I separate your legs and move up until my dick is where my face was. I can’t resist one last tease, rubbing my dick on your clit, before I thrust it into you as deep as I can.

Your legs wrap back around me as I slam in and out of you. I can hear your heavy breathing and moans. I know your hands are on your tits, squeezing and rubbing your nipples as I had done earlier.

“Oh fuck, David, fuck me,” you gasp. I increase my pace, loving the feeling of filling your pussy and pounding as hard as I can. I love knowing this is how you want to be fucked – hard and fast, my groin slamming into mound with every thrust.

The delicious friction means I won’t last for long, especially since I’ve been hard since the campfire.

“Of fuck, you feel so good,” I grunt. “I love to fuck you!” The night is cool and I’m naked, but I can feel sweat on my forehead. I keep pumping, relishing the hot, wet sensation in my dick and your moans in my ears.

I wish I could see your face as your orgasm washes over you a while later, your whole body spasming under mine, your legs tightening like a vise around me.

“Oh fuck, fuuuuck!” you cry out.

Feeling your shudders and hearing you shout sends me over the edge. Breathing hard and overcome with ecstasy, I pull out of your pussy. You’re quick to grab my throbbing cock and guide me to your tits just before I explode. It feels like I spasm forever, coating your tits with my cum.

“Oh my God!” I exclaim. “Oh my God!”

“That was so good,” you say. I want to collapse, but you have other ideas, using my softening cock to spread my cum around your nipples. I can’t see it, but the thought of the slimy mess is exhilarating. I shudder each time the head of my cock rubs over your nipples. I’m sensitive from my orgasm, and the pleasure and discomfort are an intoxicating mixture.

Finally I feel you release me and I do collapse beside you, enjoying the afterglow and the feeling of your flushed, soft skin next to mine. We both sigh contentedly. I look up at the stars, dangerously close to falling asleep before we even start back to the others and our tent.

Finally, though, we stir and start collecting our clothes from underneath where we lay. I’ve just finishing putting my shirt back on when I hear you whisper “Damn!” under your breath.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, worried about someone coming.

“I can’t find the flashlight!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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