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Campus Affairs Ch. 02

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Sabrina sat with Lindsay during the graduation ceremony, only barely holding it together as Jason crossed the stage and Lindsay flashed off pictures with the camera. So handsome! But the harder part of the day was still to come. Between both Jason and Lindsay insisting, Sabrina had agreed to meet Jason’s parents after the ceremony.

“I don’t see why it’s necessary,” Sabrina said as she wove through the throng of people outside the auditorium. “He’s had dozens of teachers. Why would he go out of the way to introduce me?”

“Mm, because you’re the only one who’s been fucking him for the past three years?” Lindsay said. “The point is they’re gonna find out someday soon, and it’s better that you don’t just, like, pop out of nowhere. They need to already know you’re a normal, nice person. And sexy. Yeah, I definitely think seeing how sexy you are will explain a lot down the line.”

“Ugh, fine!”

They found Jason in a little circle of family under a tree a little ways off. Sabrina’s heart pounded as they approached. The kiddo saw her coming and smiled encouragingly. Lindsay broke away and gave Jason a tight, rough hug.

“Congrats, Jase!” she said. “You looked good up there, dude!”

“He’s so handsome!” said a woman who Sabrina immediately knew was Jason’s mother, and her blood froze in her veins. She was a lovely woman, mostly because she looked exactly like a middle-aged female Jason. “Hey Lindsay, good to you see you. Are you coming to the party this evening?”

“Of course!”

“Mom,” Jason said, then to a friendly-looking man with a beard and glasses, “Dad, this is Dr. Michaels.

“Oh, great,” said the bearded man, holding out his hand. “Jason talks about you all the time. You’re his favorite.”

“Yes, hello,” Sabrina said, straining to smile, certain it must be coming across as ghoulish. She took the man’s hand. “Sabrina Michaels.”

“You do those parties every week with students, right?” said Jason’s mother, holding out her hand. How did Sabrina know that the mother was going to be the scary one?

“Um, yes,” Sabrina said. She took the woman’s hand and forced herself to look her in the eye, thinking, I’ve fucked your son a hundred million times.

“They’re not parties, Mom,” Jason said. “We eat and talk about books and music.”

“It’s the best,” Lindsay said, wrapping around Sabrina’s arm once more. “Sabrina is the best.”

“She really did a lot for me the whole time I was in school,” Jason said. Lindsay sniggered and Sabrina glared at her. “She was there for me every step of the way. I probably wouldn’t have graduated at all without her.”

“Well, then, why don’t you come to the celebration tonight?” Mr. McGinnis said.

“At least drop by for a little bit,” Mrs. McGinnis said.

Jason smiled at her, hopeful and imploring. But Sabrina couldn’t take her eyes off his mother.

My idea of a relaxing night at home is sitting on your son’s face and whacking his balls with a switch…

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I have a full plate tonight.”


The last salon the semester was always more raucous than usual. Dr. Michaels invited more than the usual quota of students and was lax about policing how much the age-appropriate students chose to imbibe. They started piling in early in the evening, bundled against a recent coldfront, sitting on an assortment of couches and chairs stuffed into Michaels’ dim living room. Latecomers had to settle for a patch of floor or, as the evening wore on and the empty wine bottles piled up, the lap of a fellow student. As always, Jason was already busy in the kitchen before anyone else arrived. Tonight’s offerings were marinated mozzarella cubes, spicy eggplant chili, fried polenta, and—in honor of the holidays—gingerbread cupcakes.

The evening began as it always did, with a handful of the freshmen reading aloud pieces they had been working on. A Spencerian sonnet about Jimi Hendrix, an essay about the author getting lost at the state fair and meeting a hobo, an atrocious but memorable short story about a family in the rural south eating dinner and discussing, in dialect, whether or not to reshod a dying horse. None of the characters had proper names (“To evoke, like, a timeless fairytale quality!”), and in the end it turned out they were all cannibals.

Adorable! Pathetic and adorable. Dr. Michaels put the freshmen first to make them feel welcome and give them an in with their older peers. Yet she also wanted those older peers to remember that they, too, once had more imagination than talent not so long ago. She strove to foster in everyone a spirit of support and collaboration rather than criticism and mockery. Anyone who did like to tease others for their efforts, especially the freshmen, tended to get banned from the salon, no matter how promising they were otherwise. What could she say? Michaels had a soft spot for first-years. It hadn’t been all that long since she had fallen madly in love with a freshman kiddo.

Yet the freshmen soon Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort got drowned out by the more senior kids’ usual rants and debates—the meat of Thursday nights. Caleb arguing theater with Azalea, Rose giving her latest film recommendations, Jennifer and her Hemingway, Alessa and Cheryl alternating bickering with flirting as they discussed music, Jason showing off the work of some turn of the century photographer and boring even Dr. Michaels to tears. All the while the various other attendees did their best to chime in with their own opinions and quips while Dr. Michaels moderated and steered the whole conversation, resplendent in her giant leather chair near the kitchen where she could shout at Jason as needed.

The evening took a momentary dark turn when Lindsay volunteered to recite one of her recent poems. She usually sat squished into the leather chair next to Michaels, glommed around her arm, but stood up to declare, “What use is death when the cut cuts down into the soul? Even dead, to weep is your role.”

It only got worse from there. Damn Starla! How dare she do this to Sabrina’s sweet, trusting little Lindsay? That selfish, evil, old hippie! Goddamn Starla! The girl deserved better. Would have better. At least she wasn’t tangled up with that horrible Rachel girl anymore.

Just as everyone was getting too drunk, too exited, or both, Dr. Michaels clapped her hands and called an end to another successful evening. Jason had left an hour ago, pretending to have a queasy stomach while he was actually patiently sitting around his apartment, probably taking a few hits off a pipe while waiting for Michaels to call him back up for some alone time. All to maintain the illusion that he didn’t spend almost every night in Sabrina’s bed. The multitude started filing out of Dr. Michaels’ apartment, the bolder and drunker of them giving her sloppy hugs and affectionate declarations.

As usual, Lindsay volunteered to stay late and help clean up. Soon only she and Sabrina were left behind among the clutter of chairs, couches, and empty bottles.

“That was a good one,” Lindsay said.

“I think Blake has to go,” Sabrina said. “We all snickered a little at that cannibal reveal, but he was way too harsh.”

“He’s also, like, a total perv. The other day he said I was hot for a girl with no tits. Not his exact words, but still…”


They soon finished doing as much tidying as necessary. Jason would finish up later, the lil’ neatfreak. Sabrina settled onto one of the couches and opened her arms for Lindsay to cuddle up inside. The girl did, eagerly, burying her face against Sabrina’s neck. It was certainly more intimate than Sabrina had ever been with past girlfriends, but Lindsay was different. They were best friends, yes, but Lindsay was also a cute little girl who desperately looked up to her. Like a niece…maybe even a daughter, Sabrina had to admit.

Not that she thought about having children. No, not ever. Not ever ever…

“Are we gonna finally do something this weekend?” Lindsay asked. “Something fun, just the three of us? Not just video games. It’s been forever, and soon you’re all gonna leave me for Christmas, then you and Jase will go away on one of your little beach trips. Your special Lindsay-can’t-come trips.”

“Poor Lin,” Sabrina cooed. “Are you feeling neglected? Does everyone hate you?”

“They do!”

“Then we’ll just have to throw you a pity party this weekend. In the woods, with wine and roast chicken and cake. A pity picnic.”

Lindsay sighed. “That was a horrible poem, wasn’t it?” she said. “No, shut up, I know it was. I really have gone full goth, huh?”

“Yes, but there’s nothing wrong with that, sweetie,” Sabrina soothed. “You’re allowed. I spent a semester of high school wearing neckties everyday after my boyfriend madeout with his math tutor.”

“You did? Oh my gawd, what a dork…!”

Sabrina laughed and flicked Lindsay’s ear.

“You’re just going through a rough patch. Senior year is always the worst, but then it’s over and get you get to be a normal adult…which isn’t so great, but there’s a lot less homework.”

“Mmm,” Lindsay said, nuzzling close. “And what about you, Sabrina?”

“What about me?”

Lindsay sat up and leveled narrowed eyes at Sabrina. “Are you ready for Jason to be a normal adult? ‘Cause ask me, I think you’re freaking out a little.”

Sabrina closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose. Damn Lindsay and her insight! “He’s not allowed to be an adult, he’s my little boy! And besides…they already don’t like me.”

“That’s not true! You did fine!” Lindsay put on her stern face and poked Sabrina in the chest. “Though it would’ve been a lot better if you had come by the party that night. He’ll never say so, but Jason is mad at you about that. I am too.”

“I know! I was being a coward. I’ve spent a lot of time getting ready for the kind of judgment that’s coming my Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort way, and mostly I don’t care what anyone thinks. Mostly…”

“Well, get used to it. Jason is an adult now, even he’s only 21. You’re out of excuses and almost out of time. You had to keep everything a secret before, but now you’re just lying.”

“Oh, shut up!” Sabrina said with a smile. “I’m the adult here! Stop lecturing me! In fact, get out of here! I’m going to spend the night with someone who appreciates me!”

Lindsay laughed and slid off Sabrina, nearly smashing her toes with her big, strappy goth boots. “What’s it gonna be tonight? Officer Michaels? Dr. Michaels, MD? Empress Axian? Oh, oh, do Empress Axian! My little side project needs new material…”

“None of your business!” Sabrina said, walking Lindsay to the door. “And no more sex comics about me!”

“But they’re so tasteful!”

Sabrina fussed with the girl’s hair and stroked her cheek. “Are you okay to drive, Lin?”

She seemed okay, if a little pink in the face. Drunk Lindsay was horny Lindsay, and she hadn’t tried to make out with Sabrina at all tonight, or even been more handsy than normal.

“Oh, I’m fine. I know the drill—if I get behind the wheel and don’t feel okay I’ll come back and sleep at Jason’s.”

“That’s right. Good girl. Don’t be so down on yourself, you’re a fine poet. We’ll have some fun this weekend, sweetie, I promise.”

They hugged and kissed and Sabrina sent the girl on her way.

Despite Lindsay’s hopes, Sabrina was in the mood for something simple tonight. Classic, like from the early days of her relationship with Jason. So she got cleaned up, changed into her trusty lavender silk robe, spritzed herself with Rose Lemon perfume, and—rather than text Jason like a sane person as she normally did—stood in the middle of the living room and pounded her bare heel on the floor three times. Jason’s little economy apartment was directly below her own larger unit. It was an extreme convenience, and the whole reason they had met in the first place, before Jason was even her student. The pounding was the old signal Sabrina had used to summon him, and using it now indicated the kind of protocol she expected.

A knock came at her door twenty-six seconds later and Dr. Michaels waited a few more before opening. Jason, her pretty pet boy, winked to indicate he hadn’t been seen before slipping inside and quickly stripping naked. Pets weren’t allowed clothes. Jason fell to his knees and kneeled, kissing the tops of Michaels’ toes.

“Hello, Ma’am. Thank you for calling on me to serve you.”

Michaels proffered both of her hands, and Jason took each in his own and kissed her two palms in turn. Immediately after each kiss, Michaels slapped Jason across the face. Ah, that never stopped feeling good!

Dr. Michaels took a clump of Jason’s long, shaggy hair in her fist and dragged him on hands and knees over to one of the couches. She flopped down, letting her robe open a bit to expose her chest, and lifted one of her legs. “Do my feet, boy!”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Jason set to work rubbing her ankles and marching his thumbs up and down her arches. Sabrina moaned, and scraped at his chest with the nails of the opposite foot. Soon rubbing was joined by the kissing of heels, the sucking of toes. And when her feet felt adequately relaxed, Michaels parted her robe around the waist and yanked the boy up by the back of the head to eat her, groaning at the first touch of his tongue against her wet sex. He was so good, such a natural a talent, such an innate thirst for pussy. Dr. Michaels yanked at Jason’s hair and slapped him to spur him along.

Soon Michaels pushed her pet onto his back on the floor and slid off the couch to straddle his face and force his tongue even harder against her crotch. His face was red with slaps and slicked with sweat and her own wetness. Dr. Michaels growled and pulled Jason’s head deep into her, crushing him between her thighs as she shook and shuttered and came hard against his mouth.

When the spasms in her muscles subsided, Dr. Michaels released Jason’s face and sat back on his chest. “What do you say, fucktoy?” she said, lightly backhanding his sticky cheek.

“Thank you, Ma’am!” the boy panted.

“You like it? How do I taste?”

“Delicious, Ma’am. Please, give me more!”

Michaels laughed and stood up. “You haven’t earned it, you pitiful little shit. Up!” She tapped Jason under the chin with her foot. “Up!”

The kid obeyed, keeping his eyes downcast and his hands clasped behind his back. Michaels took a chair from the corner, a sturdy wooden thing, and plunked it in the middle of the living room. She snapped and pointed at it, and Jason sat as Michaels fetched some things from where she had stashed them on atop a coffee table. She tied Jason’s hands behind his back with several loops of twine from a spool, then bound each ankle to the legs of the chair.

“That Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort should do…” Michaels said, regarding the naked young boy bound in her living room. Everything about him was divinely pathetic, especially the hard, chubby cock standing up at attention and dribbling lube in its want. “Lovely. Except…well, you could use a little accessorizing, kiddo.”

Michaels shook a little plastic bag full of black binder clips in front of her pet’s face before dropping it into his lap. She then started loosening the silk sash of her robe.

“This will be the only good look you get, so savor it.”

Dr. Michaels’ robe fell open, exposing her full body for only a moment before Michaels covered Jason’s eyes with the sash, knotting it behind his head. Yet just the glimpse was enough to make the pet’s prick throb a slap against his stomach.

“Now, where was I?” Michaels said, picking up the bag of clips.

She plucked out two of the smaller ones, the kind of vicious little things that Jason had used to hold his longer projects together over the years. She pinched one open and rubbed its plastic edge all over one of Jason’s hard little nipples before letting it go to clamp shut over the pink flesh with a squishy snap. The pet yelped and writhed, biting his lip. Before he had stopped whimpering, Michaels took the second clip and snapped it onto his other nipple. Jason yelled and strained against his bindings. Michaels smiled, wide and cruel, massaging her exposed pussy.

“No, no, that will never do,” she said. “Silly me, I got them backwards!”

Without warning, Michaels grabbed both clips at once and ripped them off the boy’s nipples. Jason screamed and nearly toppled the chair. He bent his head and panted, a line of drool dribbling down over his lap. Michaels pumped herself and nearly came. With slow, meticulous brutality, Michaels reattached the clips—clamp, shriek, clamp, shriek. Michaels’ cheeks grew hotter with every little scream and shutter from her pet.

Michaels sidled closer and took Jason’s cock, stroking it a few times. She gripped the shaft hard and rubbed the tip up and down the edges of her slick slit.

“Wait a sec,” she said, backing away. Jason groaned in with disappointment and desperation. “There’s leftovers here. Big ones.” Michaels’ pinched the boy’s cheeks hard. “Open! Tongue out!”

The pet obeyed, and Dr. Michaels took his tongue between her fingertips, tugging it out far and snapping a hefty binder clip as near the base as she could. As the boy gurgled, Michaels sank to her knees and pulled on Jason’s scrotum. Quickly, without warning, she snapped a final clip over the boy’s balls, eliciting tears that stained her sash over Jason’s eyes in addition to a scream that finally inspired a small orgasm from Dr. Michaels.

“There,” Michaels said, clawing at her own breast and shucking her robe entirely. “Now you’re pretty.”

Dr. Michaels turned around, grabbed Jason’s prick, and guided it into her as she sat on him. She shivered and sighed with satisfaction and began a rolling grind of her hips. Jason moaned, the noise raspy from the clip on his tongue. Michaels reached back to pull on Jason’s hair as she began to bounce harder, her other hand groping her heaving breasts. Jason stabbed so deep into her in this position and Michaels began yelping with every slam of her ass onto the kid’s lap. Jason groaned and gurgled, tugging at the twine, desperate but unable to touch her. Michaels felt the hot, eager energies mounting in her pussy and yanked Jason’s head against her shoulder.

“Come for me, kiddo!” she gasped. “Do it now!”

Jason bucked his own hips and in a few seconds yelled and shuddered against Michaels’ back. The sensations set Michaels over the edge herself, and she ground down hard against Jason’s lap as her body was rocked with climax. Once she had caught her breath, Dr. Michaels stood up on slightly shaky legs and slipped her robe back over her shoulders.

“Nicely done,” she said, patting the pet’s head. “Now let me help you with those.”

Michaels took the clips on the boy’s nipples in her fingers, settled her foot on the seat between his legs, and kicked the chair over backwards. The clips yanked off of Jason’s nipples and stayed in Michaels hands as the boy slammed on his back with an agonized wail.

Dr. Michaels laughed. “Well, don’t you look cozy down there! You should be very comfortable until morning. Good night, Jason.”

Michaels switched off the lights in the living room and headed for the bedroom. She would only leave him for five minutes or so while she cleaned herself up a bit in the bathroom, but that would be long enough for him to worry that she was serious. It was fun to give the kid a good scare every now and then. Indeed, Jason audibly sighed with relief when Michaels padded back in and knelt to untie the sash from his eyes.

“Hope you didn’t bite your tongue, kiddo,” Sabrina said as pinched open the big clip.

“You’re lucky I didn’t bite it off!” Jason said once his tongue was moistened. But he smiled and leaned up to peck her chin.

Sabrina took the clip from his balls as well before hauling the chair back upright and setting about snipping Jason free with a pair of scissors. She gave each of his abused nipples a peck, then kissed the boy deep for a long while.

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