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Can You Repair My Washing Machine?

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We all have problems with our washing machines. Out of all household appliances it is the most vulnerable machine to go on the blink. Saying that, my old machine was ten years old before it gave up the ghost.

I let my fingers do the walking through the local town directory and came up with a young guy because his advertisement sounded honest and to the point and he professed to be cheap. The old saying, ‘You get nowt for nowt.’ was one which I did not take heed of.

Any way, Lex answered my cry for help.

‘I have called about your washing machine, Madam!’

‘Oh! Yes! Come in. It’s in the kitchen! Come this way.’

To a woman of 58, every young man is good looking. Lex was as ugly as sin, but to me he was my St Lancelot. When I knew he was coming, I had thrown off my old pinny, changed my dress to a daring button up the front red and white floral print. I was even wearing silk underwear and stockings and suspender belt! I hadn’t dressed up like this since the last time I went to the doctors for an internal! If I remember right I cleaned my teeth three times, just in case he looked in there too. We women are funny, are we not?

Well, when your hubby has been poorly for three years with some unknown incurable disease you don’t look after yourself the same. A visitor to my house – my sanctuary, was a Royal occasion for me. Amazingly throughout the years I had kept my figure. Still slipped easily into a size 12 dress, My 34c breasts were still quite shapely as I had never had any children to punish them. At 5ft.8inches tall I carried myself well and I had never been really ill-sick in my whole life. Although, before I married Randolph, I was known as the, Wild One!

Enough of that, I showed Lex through to the kitchen, spun round half way along the passage and caught him staring at my ass. “Good Lord! The lady still had it!” I thought dryly to myself. In the good old days gone by I might have had it! Those were the day when Rosemary used to get wolf whistles galore. That’s me folks. The lady was a tart too. I started to roll my bum along the passage, can you believe that? Hands up! Which of you ladies reading this would walk like a tart in front of a guy you had just met? Keep your hands up, I haven’t counted you all yet!

He pulled out the machine and I was mortified at the amount of muck behind it, even a pair of knickers I had lost several years back which I had accused my husband, Randolph for nicking them for his private use. We won’t go into that just now, but I did think he was a knickers nickerer for ages afterwards until one day he came back from the shops with a pack of six to shut me up. Wasn’t fussy for them, they were floral and I like self-coloured. They were too thick too. Made my pussy itch something awful!

Anyway, Lex picked them up and with a cheeky grin on his face.

‘These yours, Madam?’

‘Well! They are no one else’s.’

I threw them into the waste bin nonchalantly. I could always get them out again after he had gone. I made a cup of tea while he took the back off the machine. He chatted away about this and that and I decided he was a nice lad. Clean and honest. Of course I was lively and chatty back and I suddenly realised he was chatting me up! The more he teased me, the more he had me blushing. Rosemary, the old has-been! He was actually chatting me up, for what? He didn’t fancy me, did he?! It’s unbelievable! I could have swore my breasts were swelling! The way he was staring at them, he believed they were! My nipples felt like beach pebbles.

‘Finally, when he pulled his head of blonde hair and blue eyes out of the innards of the machine he said, ‘I am sorry madam, your machine is kaput! The main motor has gone. The drum bearings are worn out. The mounting bearings have illegal bahis worn out too. I could sell you a more up-to-date second hand machine with a years guarantee for less than the price to fix your machine. Plus the fact that this one is unfixable as they do not make this type any more and what spares there are available would cost you an arm and a pretty leg.’ he had me blushing again when his deep blues eyes travelled up and down from my house slippers up to my reddening bosoms.

‘What do I do then? My name is Rosemary, not Madam.’

‘Pleased to meet you, Rosemary. Mines Lex, not – Hey! You!. You can come down to my shop and see the machines I have to sell. If you come with me now! I can have the new machine installed by this evening and I could get this one dumped for you.’

‘Would you do that? I would be ever so grateful! Yes I will come with you. Just let me go to the loo first.’

I sat on the loo, feeling as excited as a school girl. Lex had been chatting me up and my knickers had actually got wet! I was going to change them and decided against it. Some men including my husband in his younger loving days loved my knickers crotch to be wet and smelly. Very often he would go down to bended knee and kiss me through them and gently inch them down over my thighs – which always made me petulantly pussy proud in an aggressive sort of way. Talking about Randolph, he was away just now in a hospice for a week to give me chance of a respite from looking after him 24/7as I was his registered carer.

Lex was standing at the bottom of the stairs when I came down and he brazenly looked up the skirt of my dress. I actually felt myself blushing again! A woman of fifty-eight blushing! He was lining me up! The very thought was making me feel randy. I was almost old enough to be his Granny!

Randolph has told me many times to go out on the town and get myself a man and that he wouldn’t mind me bringing him home. He said he was aware of my needs. I had never taken him up on his offer.

I got into the van with him after he had cleared the seat of the remains of a meal and a girly magazine off it. I felt flattered.

‘Sorry, Rosemary, I don’t usually carry passengers.’

‘Obviously not! Not real ones anyway.’

He chuckled and replied, ‘You would give them birds in there a run for their money with legs like you have, Rosemary!’

‘Do you talk to your Granny the way you talk to me, Lex?’

‘If she looked like you I would.’

I picked the magazine off the floor from between my legs and flicked through its pages. It was full of nudes in all kinds of vulgar poses. Some shaved others with quite large forests of pubic hair. I felt my nipples getting erect and my loins taking on heat. It reminded me of my college days when girls were girls with girls at night, sharing rooms and beds behind locked doors. I used to keep mine shaved, then.

‘Have you ever posed to have your picture taken?

‘Like this? No! Never! I wouldn’t have dared!’

‘You could be the most beautiful granny!’

‘I have never had children, Lex.’

‘Well, you know what I mean, I think you are a honey.’

‘Where are you going, Lex? Are you thinking what I think you are thinking? You want to get into my knickers?’

‘Why not? I think we would both enjoy it. When did your husband give you a length of his boner last?’

I went to rebuke him for his impudence and shut my mouth again without uttering a word. He was propositioning me and I suddenly realised I was wanting what he was so blatantly offering. My eyes were on the bulge in his trousers. I had never looked at another man like that before. There was an electricity between us and it was not static. I think he read that I was game and he was right. I was fidgeting on my illegal bahis siteleri vulva. It had been over three years. I might be brain dead, but I was not pussy dead. I still had my fantasies. I still had my needs. I still yearned for a man’s cock inside me. Why not Lex’s?

We turned off the road and drove down a short lane and he stopped at some gates and he got out and opened them. He got back in and drove the van into a yard and parked and went back and shut the gates. He showed me into a building which wasn’t a shop, it was a workshop! It felt a bit weird, a bit co-spiritual. A cold shiver ran up and down my back and my anus retracted spasm-like. A girl could shout and scream in this place and not be heard. I knew without a shadow of doubt that in this place I was going to lose my three-year-old virginity. I wanted it to happen there and then. For him to push me up against the doors and lift me up onto his cock.

Instead he marched me down a line of machines, telling me the price of each, the age and what they could do. All I was thinking was what he could do, to me!

I asked him, ‘Do they work, Lex?’

‘No water supply here, Rosemary. I have a display model in my office, it is for sale, would you like to see that? It is more cosy in there.’

‘I think I would like that.’ The look I gave him told him that it was going to be all his nicest days he had spent on earth rolled into one.

We moved into the office and it was surprisingly comfortable there were a desk, easy chairs, a sofa with cushions. A drinks cabinet and the machine itself was butted against a wooden structure on the same level as the top of the machine. It was upholstered with a pillow-like cushion on it.

Lex displayed the machine in detail and finally finished with, ‘It is also a marvellous sex aid, Rosemary.’

I knew what was coming, but I still managed to squeak, ‘How come?’

‘It’s a fuck-machine, Rosemary. Would you like me to demonstrate it to you?’

Before I could reply He went to a drawer in the adjoining structure and took out a bath towel which he spread over the machine and he flicked a switch. He then programmed the machine and he swung round and lifted me up in his arms and he placed me bum down onto the machine. Then he ran his hands up my thighs underneath my dress and held me tightly down to the machine which suddenly went into a high spin cycle! Then he reached over into the drawer and took out a vibrator and he switched it on and fed it in between my legs under my already wet pussy lips.

I moaned out loud and held onto him as the added sensations made me cum and cum and cum again. I had never felt anything like this in my whole sexual life. His hands moved to my breasts and he was scissor pinching my nipples between his fingers. I sought his lips and tongue and kissed him passionately. Then he pulled my hand towards him and placed his long hard penis into my hand. I moaned afresh and quickly budged myself to the edge of the machine and I pulled the crotch of my knickers aside and guided his cock into my hot fuck-ready pussy. I screamed into his mouth as he thrust it fully inside my juicy cunt. The love play which had begun in my own house was finally over. I would have killed for his cock! I can’t ever remember any man making me this horny before! It could have been the three years abstinence or it may have been that particular moment in both of our lives.

‘Oh! Yes! You dirty filthy man! Fuck me! ram it up me, hard, harder! Go on! I’m your whore! Your slut! Fuck me! I am all the bits of pussy in your dirty magazine! I taught them all how to be common sluts! Oh! I am cummming!’

To my surprise he stopped and pulled it out! He put his hands up under my dress and pulled my knickers off. The vibrations of canlı bahis siteleri the machine was still making me cum. He also removed the vibrator. I wanted to scream at him. My asshole was having muscular contractions all the time. It was if I had a cock in my bum. That had happened to me once! It was behind a dance hall when the guy I was necking with told me he didn’t have a condom. Rashly, because he had got me that hot, I told him to put it in my bum. I did not know it would hurt that bad! One does not tell you these things, do they? It got to be better. Out of this world – when he raked my clitoris with his fingers – making me cum buckets.

My husband never once tried to take me that way, even though I secretly wanted it. He fingered my bum a few times and once when we got home from a party he got down behind me pulled down my knickers and rimmed my ass with his tongue. When I told him what he had done the next day he told me I was lying, that he would never do that sort of thing. I told him it was okay and that I had fully expected him to go further. He asked me what I meant and when I told him I had expected him to take me that way. He went mental! That was the last time he touched my ass. It made me think things about him. Taboo things. That, maybe, he was bi-sexual. That he did not want to mix business with pleasure.

He even stopped licking my pussy because I would move over him and present my asshole to his tongue. It was just something I wanted to do when he got me overly heated.

Lex went down on me. After all those years, a man was licking my pussy and then he pulled me further over the edge of the machine and he went for my bum, big style. He fingered my ass cheeks wide apart and his tongue tried to push into my anus. God! Was he going to do it to me that way as well?

He pulled away and asked, ‘Can I have your bum, Rosemary. I have got to fuck you in this delicious asshole of yours!’

‘Oh! Yes! Yes, Lex! I want that too! I was just thinking back to the last time that was done to me. It was long before I was married. I wanted my husband to do it, but he never did! Put your prick into my ass!’

He went back to the drawer and came back with a jar of some kind of cream and he started to finger it into my asshole and I rotated my hips onto his fingers. I was a hundred percent up for what he was doing. I lay back on the pillow looking at him. This young man who was about to fuck this old lady in the ass. All the time I was wriggling my bum suggestively. I was even more turned on when I watched him layering the cream onto his hard, long cock.

My anus contracted again as he wanked himself to full hardness and then he pressured it against my sphincter. I lifted up my legs, bent them and put my feet up onto his shoulders and screamed again, with pain this time as his cock was driven into my ass. There was concern on his face and he started to take it out.

‘No! Lex! Do it! Fuck me! I want to feel it all inside me. I am enjoying every second of this.’

He rammed his full eight inches fully into my bowels and I moaned passionately and thrust my hips up to meet it. It was painful, but pain, I wanted desperately to feel. It had been so long since I had been fucked.

The machine was fitted and paid for. You guessed it, I bought the machine he had fucked me on. Yes, I do use the machine for other purposes than washing clothes. The weekly shopping bills do now include batteries. My skin blemishes are clearing up. I get my machine checked monthly by Lex. I even supply the cushions and lubrication. It was and still is, money well spent.

I told Randolph about Lex when he saw how happy I was going around the house, laughing and singing. He knew I was getting it. He wants to see us doing it, on the bed beside him! You think I am kinky? I can see why, if he is bi-sexual as I have suspected, maybe he wants to see Lex’s cock in action. I have not had the guts to broach the subject with Lex yet.

Feedback: The after sales service is superb!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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