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Candida Comes Out

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2PM, Friday the 28th of June, that was the first time I saw her. The doorbell rang, at exactly the specified time. I was expecting her, now that my secretary had moved away. This new girl was a temp, sent by the agency, until I could find a permanent replacement. I opened the door, to see a lovely young lady, in her thirties I guessed, she was dressed what I would call sensible clothes for a secretary, and I spoke first.

“Ms Parry? Diane Parry?”

I could not help but notice that she kept her head lowered, almost as though eye contact was forbidden.

“Yes Sir, the agency sent me.” She replied.

I led her indoors to my study, explaining that I was a freelance writer, mainly for magazines and periodicals, and that my secretary had left suddenly, due to a family crisis. The work requirement was five afternoons a week, from 2 until 5, and apologised in advance for the backlog of work. I had been very lax recently, and my files were in complete disarray. Finally she looked at me, smiling shyly, before speaking softly to me.

“That is fine Sir, and as to the files, absolutely no problem, I will son have them in order,” and she set to work, while I sat at my desk, pondering my next article.

I watched her as she worked, about 5 feet 7 I guessed, beautiful black hair, with green eyes. Her make up adequate, not too lavish, she was indeed a beautiful woman, but I thought that she tended to try to look plain. I could not make up my mind, was it a natural thing, or had she recently been through some sort of trauma. I guessed that eventually I would find out, as, of course I did.

She finished at 5, bade me a pleasant “Goodnight Sir” and was gone.

I thought to myself that she was very pleasant, and efficient, and that I must call the agency and thank them. There was something else about her, a hidden secret maybe, it was just a feeling that I had. The way she automatically lowered her eyes, and her insistence on calling me Sir all the time. I wondered, was she a submissive, a natural, but unfulfilled submissive? Something inside kept telling me that this was the case. Such thoughts naturally made me think of my previous secretary, Melissa. Was it possible? Could I really be that lucky? To find one subbie to replace another, so quickly?

Ah the sweet Melissa, such a shame those family problems had meant them moving to another state. Melissa too had been quiet at first, but we gradually got to know each other, our likes, and our dislikes. We spoke of her family, her husband, and the children. Each conversation becoming more personal, as they do, I was almost her confessor at one stage. Eventually of course, we discussed sex, and what she termed her meagre supply, most weekends, Saturday night, if she was lucky. She told me they did oral, and different positions now and then, but that he was not at all adventurous. He would scoff and call her kinky if she wanted too much variation.

Finally she admitted to me what she wanted, to be dominated sexually, not necessarily with pain, and all that that entailed, but she did want to serve him, or a man, sexually. We would joke about it, and I would give her orders, to which she would curtsey, and say

“Of course my Master, anything you desire Sir,”

And we would both crack up over this. I must admit, some days it got very erotic, I would have a hard on, hidden from her, and I would be almost certain that Melissa’s pussy was soaked, I could almost see it in the look in her eyes. And then it happened.

One Monday afternoon, she complained how unfulfilled she had been that weekend. She had given him a blow job, Saturday night when the kids were asleep, stopping before he came, and then they had fucked, but only he had an orgasm, and then turned his back on her. She wanted more, asked for more, the next night too, but all he wanted to do was watch the sports on cable tv. Jokingly I said to her

“OK, why don’t I bend you over the desk, tie you up and take you, here and now?”

Laughing to her as I finished speaking. She turned and looked at me, her eyes seemed filled with lust, and her voice turned husky.

“Jesus H. Christ, I thought that you were never going to ask me.”

She stood, pushed her chair back, and hiked her skirt up over her ass, showing me the black thong that she was wearing. I moved to her, and slipped my fingers into the waistband.

“Yes Sir, that’s it Sir, fucking take me now, please.”

I pulled it from her quickly, holding the thong to my nose, breathing in her aroma. I placed my hand over her sex, she was soaking wet, my cock instantly rigid almost, and I could not get it out quick enough. No time for niceties, I spread her lips, as she reached back, opening her ass cheeks, and I rammed my cock in hard, and started fucking her with a vengeance.

“Fuck YES,” she cried out, “take me hard, take my cunt and fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

This turned me on even more, I was pounding her, fucking like a demon. I grabbed a handful of her hair, and pulled it hard, as she screamed Anadolu Yakası Fetiş Escort out in pleasure, I cannot remember how long it lasted, but I do know her pussy gripped my cock, squeezing it, pulling on me. We came together, me bursting inside her pussy, as she flexed around me, flooding my cock. I collapsed on Melissa’s back, panting hard, as the aftershocks rippled through her, and her pussy just kept flexing on me. Then the realization of what I had just done hit me. I quickly withdrew, stuffing my cock back in my pants, and started to apologise.

She got up from the desk, and placed her hand over my mouth.

“Please, no apologies, it was wonderful, and, you have no idea how much I needed that.”

I removed her hand, and looked at her, saying nothing, in shock really.

“Truly Sir, it was awesome, and I cant wait for the next time.”

Well, as you have probably guessed by now, it just went on from there, and Melissa became my secret submissive. We would fuck twice a week, all afternoon, her wearing whatever I wished. I would tie her up even blindfold her sometimes. We bought toys, and would use food, and other things. She was, in her words, “Sir’s horny little bitch”, and never was a description more deserved. We never met outside of work, did not exchanged letters or e-mails, and it worked perfectly for two and a half years. But now she was gone, for good I knew, I just hoped that she could find another man, to keep her happy. But, that was all in the past now, she, and I had to move on.

Diane soon settled in, and gradually began to come out of her shell. Smiling more often, even the way she dressed changed, as she seemed to feel it was OK to be relaxed in my presence. One thing stayed the same though, she insisted in calling me Sir still, and would often keep her eyes lowered. I gathered from her, that she had been in a bad relationship, with a man who had been a control freak, and had only been divorced for 6 months. She was good at her job though, and had my files organised in no time at all, and she had excellent computer skills. I encouraged her to comment on my articles and features, which she did with relish, helping me with research as well.

Then came the Candida Royalle feature, a porn movie star, from a few years back. She had been one of the first female stars to start her own production company, making adult movies aimed at women, and very successful she was too. I was doing an article for Hustler, and Diane found me photographs of the lady, even going so far as to order a couple of her videos, which did surprise me. Needless to say, I watched them alone, and, I enjoyed them, Miss Royalle had a talent for showing the sensual side of sex, her movies were very erotic, as my cock soon attested too, but also contained good story lines, the characters were very believable.

On the morning after I had watched the videos, I thanked Diane again for hiring them, telling her that I found them enjoyable, and very sensual also. I was not sure how she would respond, indeed, I expected her to blush, but it did not happen.

“Yes I know Sir, I was lucky enough to watch one once, with a friend.”

Now she blushed, her face turning bright red, as she looked down at the floor.

“It is OK Diane, there is no need to blush, we are both adults here, and you know that I am doing the article on Candida. It might even be an idea for you to take them, watch them, and give me a woman’s opinion? In fact, that is a damn good idea, what do you think?”

“It is a good idea Sir, but unfortunately, my video is in need of repair, I have been meaning to get it done, or buy a new one. It’s just that these days I really don’t have anything to watch.”

I thought for a moment or two, and then I came up with an idea.

“I have an idea, I need to run the car down to the shop, one of my lights is playing games with me, it will take me an hour or so. Why not watch one while I am out, call it research if you like?”

“Oh Sir, that would not be right, you paying me to watch TV.”

“It is research, so no problem, now come, follow me to the lounge.”

Diane rose, and followed, sitting on the couch, as I set up the video, and pressed play. Smiling as I left the room,

“I will be back before you leave Diane, so no worries.”

She smiled softly at me, and then turned her attention to the TV screen.

I chuckled to myself as I drove the car away, there was nothing at all wrong with it, I was not going anywhere near the shop. I drove downtown, parking up, then buying a magazine, before spending an hour in a coffee shop, reading it. Returning at about twenty minutes to five, Diane was at her desk working, when I walked in.

Without looking directly at me, she told me that she had turned everything off, and returned the video to its case.

“Thank you Diane, and what did you think, are Femme Publications videos sympathetic to the female point of view?”

“Yes Sir, very much so,” she replied, keeping her Anadolu Yakası Gecelik Escort head down, and not looking at him.

“I am interested in your opinion Diane, very much so, now look at me, and tell me what you really thought please.”

Diane looked at me, her face bright red, unsure what to say, but calmed by my eyes looking into hers.

“Well Sir, it is a little embarrassing, but err, I found it very arousing.”

With that she quickly averted her gaze from mine.

“Oh Diane, that is nothing to be ashamed of, do you not think I was aroused, when I watched both last night? If you think about it, that is the sole reason they are produced, other wise they would be pointless.”

I waited for her to look up, knowing that she was still aroused; she kept moving her thighs a little. I just knew that her pussy was wet, probably a little puffy also. She looked at me again, and started to speak, seemingly a little more relaxed now.

She looked into my eyes, as she spoke,

” I liked the way he controlled her, taking her to peak after peak, then easing back, not letting her orgasm until he was ready. And then when she did, wow, it was awesome, the beauty of their relationship came across so well, and I thought it was very well made Sir. I love her name also, Candida, exotic, and mysterious, a hint of candy, sweet and sticky, oh, I am being silly now, I am sorry Sir”

She again lowered her eyes; I spoke quietly, as I moved my chair, to sit next to her. I placed my fingertip under her chin, lifting it, and spoke to her in a quiet gentle voice.

“Tell me Diane, are you a submissive?”

Diane took a sharp intake of breath, and closed her eyes for a few seconds before replying.

“Yes Sir, I think that I am, since my husband came out, and went to live with the interior decorator, I have tried to find myself, see where I failed. Trying to understand how I did not know he was gay, I was so confused, so lost.”

“And did you find yourself?”

I used the Internet, to fill my lonely nights, exploring things, anything at first, then I discovered what I believe they call “the lifestyle”.”

I nodded at her, and she continued.

“I started to read about BDSM, the whole sub/Dom thing, I felt comfortable with it. My husband had never been very, how shall I say, adventurous man in bed, more a wham bam thank you ma`am for him. Now I know why of course, but I knew that I wanted more. I read a lot, I even joined a couple of sites, entering chat rooms, trying to learn Sir.”

“Have you ever had a Dom at all, real life, or on line?”

She shook her head, eyes lowered again.

Do you masturbate?”

Head down, she nodded in agreement.

“Well Diane, so do I, so does everyone, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Do you really think I could have watched two porn movies last night, without getting off? Tell me, do you have a sub name, or have you one that maybe appeals to you, for these chat rooms that you go to?”

” I am shydi, but I don’t like it really, I may change it soon.”

” Do you know that I am Dom?”

She lowered her eyes at this

“Yes Sir, I knew on the first day, you have an aura about you, I can’t explain why, but I just knew.”

“So you want a new name, then I shall christen you, from this moment on, you will be candida, even here at your work. I will call you candida, does that please you candida?”

She smiled, Yes Sir, very much, thank you Sir.”

It was then that I noticed the time

“Oh my, it is ten past the hour candida, I have kept you far too long today, go now, and I will see you tomorrow.”

I did not get up from his chair, or even move, until she had gone, the raging hard on almost painful now. I had been so close to ordering her to get on to her knees and pleasure me, but it was too soon. I needed to nurture her, make her want it. But that did not alter the fact he was now horny, and needed sex, wild and exciting sex at that. I thought about calling Jake, who owned “Smokey Joe’s”, a strip club on the edge of town, but called direct instead, booking a private show, with the star performer, whom I had used previously. I quickly showered and shaved, before leaving for the club, and picking up the billfold, for that I would definitely need.

They knew that I was a friend of the owner at the club, and I received the due respect when I arrived. I was shown to the room, where half a dozen bottles of Budweiser stood on a table, next to the chair, about 6 feet away from the dancing pole. After the manager left me alone, I locked the door, opened a beer, and took my seat. The side door opened, and in she walked “Sinderella” although I knew her as Amy. She smiled at me, as she went to stand by the pole. She was wearing a simple peasant girl dress, the hem all tattered and torn, in keeping with her character. The pounding beat started, as Sinderella grasped the pole, writhing against it, her head thrown back, looking at me. She slid her crotch up and down Anadolu Yakası Genç Escort the pole, with one hand on her tit, squeezing it. She held the pole, spinning around it, then hung upside down from it, her spangled G-string glittering in the light.

Sinderella moved from the pole, and stood facing me, her legs parted, as she pulled off her dress, and tossed it aside, her tanned body glistening, as did her miniscule bra, that hardly covered her 38s. She pressed her tits together, with her upper arms, and shook them in my face, before stepping back a little. Holding her top with one hand, she reached behind her back, unfastening it. Then, smiling, and licking her lips, she slowly uncovered them, bouncing them in her palms. I grinned at her, nodding once, Sinderella moved to me, and holding her left tit, offered it to my mouth, moaning softly as I licked the nipple. The left one followed this; she stood there, tweaking her nipples, as I watched.

Pulling out my billfold, I dropped a 50 onto the table, she grinned at me, and then opened my pants, and lifted my hard cock from my shorts. Wrapping it in her tits, she watched, as I poured some beer on them, and it. She started to titty fuck me, licking at the head of my cock, tasting both the beer and myself. Easing away slightly, she wrapped her fingers around the shaft, stroking up and down, as her mouth covered the head, and she sucked, her tongue dancing over my cock. I moaned softly, as she released it, and stood before me. Her hands moved to the waistband on her thong, and she slipped her thumbs inside, and then turned around, her back to me. Bending very low, she slowly slipped them off, I watched as the material clung to her wet pussy, delighting in the view, as the thong sprang free. She peered at me through her legs, as I removed another 50, and dropped it on the table. She turned and stood, legs parted, shuffling towards me, watching, as I held my beer bottle by the base, on my knee. Pointing straight up.

Sinderella straddled my leg, and holding her pussy open with one hand, lowered her body. I was guiding the bottle, watching as the neck slipped between the lips, she held it there, as I fucked her slowly with the beer bottle. Hearing her pussy squelching around it, as she moaned quietly, both hands on her tits, pulling and twisting her nipples. I pulled the bottle from her, looking into her eyes, as I brought the neck to my mouth, first licking, then sucking, as she had done to my cock just a little earlier. Still looking at her, I put the bottle down, and showed her a 100 from my billfold, dropping it by the two fifties. She shifted slightly, straddling both legs now, as she grasped my cock. Slowly lowering her torso, her cunt now dripping on me, needing to be fucked.

My hands were under her hips, as I thrust upwards. Trying to bury my cock in her. She slid down over it, right to the base, her muscle gripping my shaft, and then started to fuck me, riding my hard cock, as I bit on her tits, pulling her nipples, biting hard and stretching them. I pulled my head back from her tits, looked at her, and shouted


Sinderella cried out as she came, flooding her cunt, feeling it flexing against my cock, getting even tighter as she rode me. I grabbed at her ass cheeks spreading them, and sliding a finger deep into her ass, she was almost out of control. I slid a second finger in as she screamed; I waited, watching her face, until her eyes opened, when I nodded once at her. She reluctantly stood up, letting my cock free from her sex; she stopped, and I slid three fingers into her pussy. Scooping out her cum. It was only after this that she turned around, bent over, and spread her ass for me, crying out in pleasure, as my fingers entered, lubricating her ass, spreading her nectar. Inside and out.

I slapped her ass once, that was her signal, and she moved as I stood up, and then got down onto her knees, her head and arms on the seat of the chair. I kicked off my pants and shorts, and moved behind her, crouching over her, as I guided my cock into her ass. Slowly, but continuously, until I was in up to the hilt. Taking hold of her ass cheeks, I started to fuck her, hard now, pounding my fat cock into her tight little back passage. My nails digging in, as the thrusts increased, faster and faster. I grabbed Cinderella’s hair, pulling her head back hard, on the edge of orgasm. I knew that I was going to cum, pulled out quickly, and pulling at her hair again, she turned her head as best she could. Streams of hot sticky cum erupted from my cock, splashing her face, her hair, as her mouth opened. I moved to her, ramming my cock into her throat, where she sucked and licked, trying to get every drop from me.

I shuddered once, then again, as I looked at her, and then released her. She smiled, and came to me, kissing me, letting me taste my snowball. We kissed twice more, then she picked up the money, and her clothes, and left by the same door she had entered from. I watched her go, then got dressed, took one last swig of my beer, and left the club.

Upon arriving home, I had a light meal, and then decided to relax in front of the TV, but it held no interest for me, all that I could think of was candida. Should I call her, and see how she was? How would she respond I wondered? Well, there was only one way to find out, I picked up the phone, and dialled her number.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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