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Captured in Rio de Janeiro

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This story is the property of the author. It is not to be changed in any way, nor published or shown at other web sites without the permission of the author.

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Patty was very excited about her vacation. This would be her first real vacation since she had founded her company. Her close friend, Carla, who worked for Patty’s company as an officer, had recently transferred to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil as a part of her promotion package. Carla was fluent in Portuguese and was the right person for the job. They continued to correspond with each other via email and occasionally telephone, for business reasons and to keep their close friendship intact. Carla convinced Patty that she really needed a vacation, and to come to Brazil to vacation with her.

As a part of their ‘girl talk’, Patty had confided in Carla about domination games that she and her former boy friend had played out together. Carla too, enjoyed delicious thoughts about the domination lifestyle. Unknown to Patty, she had visited a Dominatrix a few times while in San Francisco. Carla had often considered talking to Patty about her domination interests, but the plans to transfer to Rio had dissuaded her from broaching the subject. Now that Patty was coming to Brazil to vacation with her, Carla decided to confide in Patty about her own domination interests. Since Patty was going to stay at Carla’s home, she hoped to rekindle Patty’s interests and the domination opportunities in Brazil.

Carla had learned from her Brazilian friends that there were several off beat nightclubs in Rio’s outskirts that featured sexual shows. These shows were put on for their public customers, but they also offered private shows for those that could afford them. Carla had become a ‘regular’ visitor to these public and private shows. Through friends she had made at these shows, she arranged to meet a Dominatrix. She had also arranged occasional sessions with the Domina, to continue delving deeper into her domination interests. Carla had arranged an itinerary for Patty’s vacation with daily sightseeing trips, and to enjoy the Brazilian night life in Rio in the evenings, including the featured sex shows.

The huge jetliner that carried Patty to Brazil, circled Rio de Janeiro in preparation to land. Patty could see the huge statue of Jesus overlooking the city as the plane descended to the airport. She walked through the airport to the baggage claim area where Carla was waiting for her. Carla wore a sun dress cut low enough to show the ample cleavage of her superb breasts, and short enough to reveal her lovely thighs. She was an average sized woman of five feet and four inches tall with dark hair that fell past her shoulders. Her waistline revealed that she worked out frequently and her braless breasts jiggled and swayed seductively as she walked. The two women hugged one another and exchanged kisses on their cheeks as they met. Patty towered over Carla as her five foot, nine inch frame stood on four inch heels dwarfing her friend.

They gathered Patty’s luggage and hired a skycap to carry the bags to Carla’s car. She drove a white Cadillac sedan with tinted windows that soon carried them to Carla’s home overlooking the city. Carla had a well appointed home and Patty easily settled into the guest room and changed into more casual clothes. Patty and Carla decided to stay home that first night to give Patty a chance to get over the jet lag. They had a light dinner and talked until it was nearly midnight before they retired to their bedrooms.

Carla awoke early to go to work and left Patty a note on where she would be and to make herself at home. Patty arose around ten o’clock am, made a light brunch then set about to place her clothes in the closet and dresser of her room. She ventured out on the deck behind the house to enjoy the view of Rio sprawled out below her. Carla’s note said that she would return around two in the afternoon and they would go sightseeing then have dinner out. Patty busied herself reading some sightseeing brochures and just laying out in the gorgeous warm Brazilian sun. Carla had told her that she could sun bathe nude if she cared to as no one could see into the back yard or deck.

Patty decided to heed Carla’s advice and was soon lying on a chaise lounge totally nude. She had dozed off and didn’t hear Carla come home. “Who’s the naked broad on my deck?” Carla called out as she walked out onto the deck. Patty awoke, grinned and mocked trying to cover up with her arms while Carla stripped down naked to join her sunbathing friend. They enjoyed the ‘rays’ for about an hour when Carla said, “Let’s go sightseeing tomorrow, Patty…I’m bushed. We’ll brown up a bit and then head to dinner, ok?”

“Sounds like perfect idea to me,” Patty agreed. They talked as they sunbathed for another hour, applying sun lotion every so often, to keep from burning in the warm sun. Carla seemed to become aroused a little as they helped one another Anadolu Yakası Sınırsız Escort with the lotion. Patty couldn’t help seeing that Carla had shaved her pubic hair completely. “When did you begin shaving your pubes, in addition to your legs, girl?” Patty asked, only half joking. Carla replied that there were several nude beaches in Rio and that many of the women shaved, including her, because of the skimpy bikinis they wore.

“You should try it, Patty,” Carla told her, “Whose going to know?” Patty laughed and shook her head, no.

Later, they dressed casually for dinner then drove to a seafood restaurant on the beach. The maitre d’ knew Carla and gave them a table out on the patio overlooking the ocean. They ordered lobster tails and a bottle of Chablis. As they dined, Patty could not help seeing that many of the women were topless in the restaurant wearing only their bikini bottoms as they ate. Out on the beach some women were indeed completely nude. Carla grinned at Patty and said. “I told you so.” Patty saw that there were all sorts of shapes out there, even some that didn’t look all that good naked, but they didn’t seem to care.

“Have you been going out with anyone steady?” Carla asked as they dined.

“Yes, but just for dinner and a show, nothing serious,” Patty told her.

“So you’re telling me that you haven’t been laid recently,” Carla observed playfully, “We ought to do something about that.”

“What are you, the love boat cruise director?” Patty countered jokingly as she sipped her wine.

“Yes, I am.” Carla told her that she was here to have a good time and nothing beats getting laid for having a good time. Patty nodded agreement as Carla continued, “You remember when you told me about the domination thing at your cabin with your old boyfriend?” Patty nodded. “Well, ever since you told me that I have developed an interest in that lifestyle. When I was still in San Francisco, I managed to visit a lady…no…a Dominatrix, actually, and played around a little myself. God it was delicious!” Patty was stunned.

“I never would have thought that you were into the domination thing, Carla.”

“I didn’t think I would be either, but I was fascinated by what I experienced. I went to visit her a few times, but then I came here.” Carla watched as Patty seemed mesmerized as she told her about her experiences with domination. “There are a lot of domination groups here in Rio and I have visited them occasionally. I’ve only been with one Dominatrix here a couple of times, but I’ve gone to the shows several times,” she confided.

“Shows…you mean they have domination shows here?”

“Yes, both public shows and some private ones too.” Carla went on to tell Patty that the public shows were kind of tame by comparison to the private shows. “At the private shows the submissives are usually dedicated subs that are into hard core BDSM. The Dominants leave real welts on them, some are into needles, bondage with ropes that bind them very tightly and sometimes the subs have been known to receive real injuries.”

“Are you into that too, Carla?” Patty asked, unbelievably.

“No, I’m into the lighter stuff, being restrained, spanked, forced sex acts and the like, but I am thinking about having my nipples pierced.” Patty shook her head in amazement she would never have guessed that Carla would be a closet submissive.

“So, Miss submissive,” Patty teased her, “where are these public shows you mentioned?”

“Do you want to go to one, Patty?”

“Sure…why not. It seems like the thing to do on vacation…who knows, we might even learn something.” Carla seemed to get really excited when she heard Patty’s reply. Pulling her chair closer to Patty she told her friend that there would be a show that evening at a club just past the Rio city limits. She excused herself to go call the club and make reservations. Patty was still surprised at how quickly Carla decided they should to go to the show. She was half kidding her when she told Carla that she would go to the sex show with her, but now she was committed. She sipped her wine and waited for Carla to return.

Carla returned excited, hurriedly finished her wine then signed the credit card receipt for the check. She said that the club would reserve a small table for them near the stage and they had to leave now if they were going to make the first public show. They hurried to the car and soon were headed out of Rio towards a small suburb on the coast. It was dusk when they arrived. They drove into the parking lot, gave the valet the keys and walked into the club.

It was obvious that the employees of the club knew Carla and they greeted her by name. They were seated at small table in front of the stage. Carla ordered a bottle of Blush and two glasses. Sipping their wine the two friends heard the opening music to begin the show. The actors all spoke Portuguese and Patty didn’t understand anything they said. However she didn’t need to understand the language Anadolu Yakası Suriyeli Escort to know what was happening on the stage. A fully dressed young woman was brought out onto the stage by two burley naked men who tied her between two posts on a round platform. She had been gagged back stage and could only groan or moan.

Patty was fascinated by the size of the men’s flaccid cocks. She estimated them at about five inches long, very thick with ample foreskins covering their cockheads. They literally ripped and cut the clothes from the young woman and stepped back so the audience could she that she wore a lacy see through bra with a matching thong panty. The platform would slowly revolve so that the audience could view the girl from any angle. Patty estimated that the girl was in her late teens or early twenties and she appeared frightened about what was to happen to her.

The men stood as two topless women walked out on the stage and kneeled in front of the men to fondle their cocks. Their cocks began to rise as the women played with them and then took them in their mouths to lick and suck them into magnificent hardons. The men’s rigid cocks stood upright and Patty gauged them to be at least eight inches long and about two inches thick. One of the men stood in front of the young woman and the other behind her. The posts began to rise lifting the woman until her panties were level with the men’s cocks. She blinked her eyes as she shook her head ‘no’ with a terrified look on her face.

Patty leaned towards Carla and asked if the girl was part of the show or had she been plucked from the streets and forced to perform. Carla said she didn’t know for sure, but sometimes they did abduct women and bring them here against their will. In either event the girl would be paid handsomely for her participation and let go after the evenings’ performance. Patty breathed deeply as she felt a twitch at her pussy as it began to get damp. Carla was breathing a bit hard too and so were the other patrons in the club, Patty noticed. Several large TV screens came on to show several angles on what was being done to the hapless girl.

The two topless women on the stage removed their bikini panties and then literally cut the bound girl’s bra and panties from her with a sharp knife. The girl’s ample breasts stood firm and proud while her panties were cut away from her body. As soon as the girl was naked, the two women began to lick and suck her nipples and finger her pussy and asscheeks. The girl was terrified, but began to respond to the attentions of the two women. Her pussy moistened and she moaned with pleasure as they continued to attend to her pussy and asscheeks. The platform continued to rotate and the patrons saw that both women had penetrated the girls’ asshole and pussy with their fingers.

The woman at her pussy placed her thumb on the girls’ clitoris and began to rub it lightly as the girl thrashed and swayed with obvious enjoyment, even though she was still frightened. The woman behind her began to insert another finger into her rosebud and used her fingers to stretch the girls’ sphincter. She moaned in discomfort as a third finger entered her asshole, but did not seem to be in real pain. Soon her juices were oozing heavily from her pussy the woman behind her gathered her slick liquid to spread it all over the girl’s asshole and asscrack. While the women worked on the girls’

orifices, the two naked men began to suckle at her nipples. By now it was obvious to everyone in the club that the girl was extremely turned on as she moaned aloud in spite of her gag.

The lights in the club were turned off and only the performers on stage were bathed in the bright spotlights. The bound girl could no longer see the audience through the bright glare, but she was totally visible to the patrons. Stepping back, the woman behind her reached out to grasp the naked man nearest to her by his huge cock and pulled him toward the girl. She drenched her hand with her own juices and liberally lubed his cock. Placing the huge cockhead at the girls’ asshole, she stepped out of the way so the audience could witness the penetration into her ass. The man in front of the girl spread her cuntlips wide apart with his fingers as he too placed his cockhead into her pussy.

They raised the girl up a little the she was slightly lowered so that the huge cocks were slowly sliding into her pussy and asshole simultaneously. She groaned into her gag as she tried to scream, but the gag prevented her from making any loud noise. Slowly the huge cocks were entering the young woman while the two women held the girls’ legs apart to accommodate the men’s pricks. When the huge cocks were firmly seated within her, the girl was lowered to be fully impaled on the two pricks. The two naked women began to lick and suck her nipples again, while the girl moaned in both pleasure at her pussy and some pain in her ass. After a few minutes of getting fucked in both orifices, the pain subsided and she tried Anadolu Yakası İranlı Escort to thrust at the cocks that impaled her.

Patty watched in fascination as she watched the girl being fucked while both her breasts were being suckled at the same time. She could feel her wet panties sticking to her pussy as she shifted in her chair trying to avoid her juices from wetting her dress. Looking at Carla, mesmerized by the scene on stage, she could barely see in the dim light that Carla had her hand under her skirt and was rubbing herself. Quickly looking about at the other patrons, Patty could see motion under the tables and she knew the entire audience, both the men and the women were playing with themselves. ‘I’m not going to succumb to playing with myself,’ Patty thought to herself.

The men continued to fuck the young woman, front and back, as the two older women were unrelentingly suckling her lovely breasts. One of the women reached to untie the young girl’s gag and she responded with several deep moans of unrelenting pleasure. She rocked her pelvis in rhythm with to two alternating cocks being thrust in and out of her. A close up of her face on the huge TV screens revealed immense pleasure as she experienced unadulterated ecstasy. The young woman closed her eyes and her mouth dropped open as she experienced an intense orgasm. Her juices spewed over the men’s cocks and balls, drenching them with her nectar.

Patty’s eyes and attention were glued on the young women in the throes of the lust and passion being visited upon her. Seated behind the platform on the stage sat another woman dressed in the shiny black leather costume one would expect a Dominatrix to wear. Her long boots came up to her thighs; her torso was covered with a leather bustier with openings that revealed her large nearly perfect breasts and hard erect protruding nipples. Long dark tresses of her hair flowed over her shoulders and down her back. She held a soft leather flogger in one hand and a glass of white wine in the other as she directed the scene being played out before her. She nodded her head and the men and women ravishing the young girl continued until she had cum twice more.

Carla leaned towards Patty and whispered in her ear. “Don’t you wish that girl was you?” Patty nodded agreement as her eyes remained riveted on the stage. The Dominatrix signaled the men with her flogger and both of them quickened their pace. The young girls’ eyes opened wide and she cried out in ecstasy when the man behind her drove his cock deep into her ass. The audience was astonished that he pulled out of her asshole hurriedly, to blast several volleys of his warm, thick cum all over her asscheeks and into the crack of her ass. As soon as his cock was drained of cum, he stepped off the platform to kneel next to the Dominatrix. She smiled and patted his head as he kneeled.

The other man drove his hard cock deep into her now red and puffy pussy as he exploded inside the young girl’s pussy. He held it there as the contorted expression on his face showed that he was in the throes of cumming hard. His groans of pleasure and relief confirmed his orgasm. The TV close up of his balls showed them drawn up against his body to pulse as he emptied his balls into the girls’ cunt. The young woman cried out and came again when she felt the thick, white and creamy sperm splatter against the inner folds of her pussy. The man held his cock inside her until the girl ‘suffered’ through several mini after-cums. Then she went limp in her bonds and let her head hang down as she gasped for air.

The TV screen showed a close up as one of the older women reached under the girl to seal her cuntlips around the cock while her ‘lover’ withdrew his huge prick from her pussy. As the huge cock slipped out of the girl’s cunt she groaned in disappointment when her pussy felt empty. The older woman kept the lips of her pussy tightly together so that none of the semen, nor her juices, could flow out of her pussy. The man that had just ravished the young woman looked at her, smiled and nodded as he took his place kneeling beside his Mistress.

The Dominatrix stood and directed the two women to tend to the bound and ravished girl, but to leave her bound and naked between the posts that held her. She was handed a leash that trailed back behind her chair near the back of the stage by one of the men. Taking the leash in hand, she pulled on it and the anguished cry of a man sounded from behind the chair. A form stood up and Mistress pulled him to the front of the stage. The audience gasped aloud when the saw that the man’s s wrists were handcuffed behind his back and the leash was connected to male chastity belt device that imprisoned his cock and balls.

The Dominatrix asked for quiet then spoke to the audience. “Dear guests, I am Mistress Endora, your hostess, and this man is the husband of our featured performer, the woman who is naked and bound between the posts on stage. His cock and balls are held captive by a male chastity ‘belt’ to prevent him from attaining a hardon, and from cumming. He just witnessed his wife being consensually ‘serviced’ by four of my sex slaves. Normally a husband would object strenuously if his spouse was bound and ‘taken’, as she was, but both of them volunteered to participate in the show tonight. Neither of them knew in advance what form that participation would take.

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