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Carnival of Delights Pt. 01: Caught

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**This story contains scenes of non-consensual sexual acts, and sexual slavery. It is a twisted tale dedicated to those who have dark fantasies. Like previous stories it is not an accurate portrayal of BDSM or kink in any manner. Enjoy**

The car moved down the empty highway. Well not entirely empty, trees surrounded the road for miles promising no human interaction. For the group of college boys stuck in the car it was preferred. Solitude gave way to their playful nature.

It was Ezra behind the wheel with Aiden in the passenger while Dillon and Noah sat in the back. A group of men in their twenties driving to a cabin for the weekend could prove dangerous. In their school they were the head of the pack while their looks lead to hazardous egos. Normally it was any young woman that would need to be cautious for a horny group on the prowl. Noah’s soft features and light hair had often had those letting their guard down for a selfish lover not knowing pleasure was supposed to go both ways. Aiden’s athletic body paired with long tongue had many ignorant to the vulgar comments it would lash out. Dillon’s broad figure cloaked in luxury clothes had often blinded those to a dull mind and ignorant viewpoint, while Ezra… Ezra took pride in the role jock. His body showed off years on the rugby field while the face belonged to someone blessed with genetics. The black hair was paired with dazzling blue eyes and a jaw that could cut glass. Not only had he found himself running the school but he was alpha to all those around. Even the four in his car would all but bend over for him.

It was also perhaps such ego that led to ignorance with maintenance. Ezra was used to the world working for him so why wouldn’t his car? He ignored the engine light continuing to push foreword. The excited talk from his friends had also made for easy distraction.

“Looking at the guestlist and we have some promising candidates,” Aiden said with a grin.

“How many you aiming for?” Dillon asked.

“I’ve set my goal to five but I think seven is manageable.”

Ezra laughed looking to his friend, “You think you’ll be able to land seven of these girls? These aren’t our typical stock. You my friend….” Ezra scanned over the young man. “You get one of these girls to suck your cock you’re lucky.”

“Not all of us have the looks but it isn’t all about a pretty face.” Aiden joked letting his unnaturally long tongue stick out.

This had the others letting out a laugh and perverse jokes slip out. Objectification had become easy over the years. They themselves knew they earned looks and without any long standing relationships it was easy to slip into simple fantasies. The perverted conversation came to an end when the car let out a few unsavory noises causing Ezra to pull over.

Agitation was shared by all but the cold look from their leader had warned what starting an argument would lead to. The frustration increased as the young man continuously tried to get the car running with no success. The most they managed was fifteen feet in a screaming vehicle. With an angry curse, slam on the steering wheel Ezra looked to the others.

It was Noah who spoke up first. He cleared his throat trying to find a solution. “How far away are we? We could call someone and have them pick us up. Or maybe a tow truck?”

Aiden huffed out the answer, “We’re four hours away. I don’t think anyone is wanting to drive all the way here. And I don’t think a tow will take us that far.”

Silence hit the car as the group pondered how to reach their destination. If they were to head to the closest town it would be another forty-minute drive furthering their drip to their promising weekend. The nearest city was two hours away and there was doubt any trains or busses could take them to the lakeside cabins. It was accurate to say they were fucked.

The silent fury could only last so long and soon enough the boys were piling out of the car trying to resolve the issue in the fresh air. Getting into the snacks would at least allow them to ward off their hunger. The added boost of energy now had the boys pacing among the road. Dillon was kicking at the gravel on the edge when an idea came to him.

“We could hitchhike until we’re close enough then call someone or get an uber. It’s four of us so we know getting picked off by a psycho isn’t an option. Would provide a great story when we arrive as well. Bet dozens of girls will be begging to rub our shoulders and help us with our distress.” A sly grin was added at the last part.

Ezra could feel a hint of disappointment and resentment he hadn’t come up with the idea first. It was a good one and the grand entry would quickly set them aside from others. However one glaring flaw couldn’t be missed and it was fair to say his baby could compete with any fresh cunt out there.

“What about the car? I’m not ditching it on the side of the road.”

Another bout of silence. Ezra kept his gaze upon his friend finally shifting focus when the man shrugged istanbul travesti and lowered his head.

“Well the closest town is only forty minutes away. We could get a tow there and then hitchhike to the cabins. We’ll pick up the car from the auto shop on the way back.” Noah said.

It was perhaps the only plan that would see to it both his car and cock would be taken care of. He nodded.

“Alright, someone call a tow truck.”

Before the call could be made the boys watched an old white car moving down the highway. To their surprise it slowed to a halt not ten feet from them. They all took a step closer together watching as the car door opened and a man stepped out. He was friendly enough. There was a polite wave along with a smile. Nothing on the appearance stood out either. There were no grease stains or dirt stains hinting to images of grubby old men seen in films. The clothes had nothing striking about them and would only be described as office suitable and boring.

“Car trouble?” He asked approaching the group.

“Yeah, you wouldn’t by chance know the local tow company or anyone we could call?” Ezra asked taking a step forward.

“Lucky for you guys I live in town half hour away. Small town everyone knows each other. I can give a call right now.”

“Thanks a lot,” Ezra replied.

“You wouldn’t happen to know anyone going near Emperor Lake or toward that part?” Dillon chimed in before the man could dial his cell.

“Unfortunately just the tow.” The man replied with a grin.

Ezra exchanged an irked look hinting for the need for further silence. Dillon merely shrugged. The small argument that would have happened was stopped as they waited for the call to be made. The glimmer of hope went up as the man finished his conversation hanging up the phone.

“He’s on his way. He’ll be about forty minutes.”

“Thanks a lot,” Ezra remarked. “You’re really saving our skin. Would hate to be stranded out here.”

“Lonely road, you never know what kind of people you could meet.”

Arrogance and perhaps stupidity had the young men laughing at the joke. The man smiled at them pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. A calm silence had now come over the group. The boys had seemed to gain a bout of confidence and were relaxed by the side of the car. When the strange man pulled out a cigarette and took a step to the side hoping not to bug them they decided on what to take from the car and leave in the trunk. Again the stranger provided them with the answer by explaining they could bring everything in the car and decide what to leave at the auto shop. Now the only thing left to do was wait.

The forty minutes seem to run quickly as a large tow could been seen making its way down the road. Ezra smiled to his friends before approaching the strange man.

“Thanks a lot, saved our skin.”

“It’s no issue,” the man said with a grin. “Can’t think of too many people who’d feel comfortable stopping for a group of college boys.”

“Suppose we’re a scary group to some.” Ezra said with a laugh.

“Nah, just a little loud. I remember being that age and all the shit I’d get into.”

The pleasantries were leading to a conversation he simply didn’t care for. He faked a smile before turning to the parked tow and the two men inside. Their image was one he’d expect from a small town. Their uniforms were caked in oil and grease while their faces matched the disheveled overalls. One of the two scanned the group and Ezra felt an odd sensation shift through his stomach. Unease was always foreign to him. This man seem to have interest in Noah who took a step back when the looking grew too much.

“This it here?” The driver said pointing to the car.

Ezra nodded turning his back and moving to the vehicle. “It won’t go far and makes an awful lot of noise if it does move.”

With his back turned he couldn’t see those behind. Two of the men were stepping closer to Aiden Noah and Dillon while one was now moving to Ezra. Three against four would normally prove problematic but a large van wasn’t far behind the tow. In fact within the next thirty seconds it should be pulling up.

The movement was quick, the men had done this many times before. It was a hard punch to the ribs that had Ezra buckling. Now that the jock was on the ground there was a kick to his stomach to further disorientate. When the shock managed to wear off and reality set in he realized a large man was pulling his arm behind his back to restrain him. When the white van could be seen pulling closer Ezra began yelling.

“Round em’ up boys! Hard to get a catch em’ this good looking and in this quantity!” One of the men called as his grubby hands secured Noah.

The jock struggled hard. His body continuously thrashed against his attacker in attempt to throw him off. The grip on his arm was too painful and threatened to break if more pressure was applied. His wild eyes scanned the scene taking in the horror before him. A large man was holding Noah and pushing istanbul travestileri him to the white van. His friend’s screams increased in pitch as the door opened and more men shot out. Having Noah being forced into the vehicle and having his hands quickly taped pushed a ravenous energy from the rest. Dillon began to kick and buck successfully throwing off his attacker. Ezra tried to pull himself free when Dillon received a punch to the face giving him a bloody nose. Aiden went to go help Dillon by throwing himself into the group of men. More punches, hits and yells of fury. Now both Dillon and Aiden had been successfully restrained and ushered towards to the van.

“HELP!” It was the only words that could escape the jock’s mouth.

Ezra was used to winning. He was used to being the best and used to everyone submitting to his physical and mental strength. He was a puppy in the hands of these men. Another was now on him helping to get him into the vehicle. A third also approached and he had tape. Ezra began kicking and writhing. His strong body thrashed against the men causing laughter and comments. Now his hands were being tied together.

“There ya go big boy.” And with that last comment Ezra was tossed into the van.

The lonely road had promised isolation for the crime. The four young men promised a high reward. The man who made the call shared a grin with his friends before climbing back into his car. The one who drove the tow got back into his own vehicle and the rest used the van. The vehicles started up and moved down the road. Given the tow truck, it was easy to remove evidence of the young men. Within fifteen minutes not a soul could be spotted for miles.

Ezra kept his blue eyes on the men around. There were four surrounding them, six if he included those in front. Each one was stationed by a captive ready to restrain if need be. He looked to his friends to see what they were thinking. It seemed Aiden shared the same thought process. He was pulling on his bindings while searching for anything that could lead to escape. Dillon was panting heavily probably trying to ward off a fit. He was unfortunately situated between his captor’s legs creating two heavy weights helping to keep him in place. It was Noah’s reaction that sparked both heartbreak and frustration. The young man was balling his eyes out. His body was shaking like a leaf and he seemed to be begging for mercy in between sobs.

“Looks like I picked out the sweet one,” Noah’s attacker whispered gently stroking the young man’s cheek.

A newfound panic rang throughout the van as the strange man proceeded to lean over and kiss Noah’s neck. Both Dillon and Ezra pulled trying to get to a fight. Aiden seemed frozen in shock while Noah squealed under the affection.

Noah closed his eyes as a hand grabbed his jaw roughly forcing him to remain still. Now that disgusting pig was pressing into him, licking and sucking on his neck while feeling his body. Those filthy hands were now on his torso feeling his abs, now his chest. The fingers roamed and danced until they found his nipple. His screams increased bringing further excitement from his attacker. Two hands grabbed his face forcing him to face the mechanic. The greasy beard and hair shone at him. The man smiled revealing a few missing teeth and the most revolting breath humanly possible. The mechanic then leaned in and Noah was forced to have his first kiss with a man.

Ezra could see Noah physically gag as the man forced a fat tongue inside. His friend’s legs kicked on the ground and he desperately pulled trying to get away. The kiss continued causing cheering throughout the van. When it broke it seemed Dillon found his voice.

“My parents have money. They can pay whatever you want. Please, this is a mistake. Let us go.”

“You watched my friend go at yours like a horny kid on prom night. You think your money is what we’re looking for?”

A few tears rolled down Dillon’s face. The laughter that followed seemed to strike a nerve within the young man.

“You fucking psychos let us go! I swear to god I’ll fucking rip you fags in two!”

“Nasty temper on this one.” Ezra’s captor chuckled.

The man holding Dillon gave no correction but shared a sick smile. He ran his hand down the young man’s spine laughing when Dillon pulled away.

“I’d save your energy if I were you. You kids ain’t going anywhere except where we’re taking you. You can cry, holler and scream all you like but nothing’s changing what’s happening. We have a long drive ahead of us and you four have an even longer weekend. Best close your eyes, it’ll be the only sleep you get.”

Hope was wavering for the young men in the van. There was no escape in sight and the promise of their biggest fears. With each mile they drove the men got closer, kissing rubbing and sucking upon the sweet flesh. With each mile they went Ezra could feel his anger increase. He was always used to winning. He could find a way to win this.


The van travesti istanbul moved for close to five hours before coming to a stop. The boys found the same attitude as when they were first captured. They received rough shoves, punches and taunts. As the attitude could be construed as similar the environment couldn’t. They could smell popcorn and hot frying oil. Trees surrounded them along with a fence. It was the Ferris wheel in the distance that caught them by surprise. Riddled with confusion and terror the four were escorted into a large wooden cabin.

Ezra stood in line with the others. The building looked as twisted as the men. There was shackles on the walls, a rusty cage in the corner closest to them, sturdy tables as well as large cabinets containing god knows what. Their kidnappers stood behind them and by the door ensuring no one could escape. It was now had the comments been exchanged among the men and the torments had stopped. Ezra finally felt his panic meet his friends. They were talking of money, games and depraved acts.

“I think one of em is going to end up in the raffle.”

“Mm, bet yah it’s going to be this pretty one,” Noah’s captor purred.

“Nah, they have too many like him. This one though, never seen one with such a perfect body and face. Sure someone will love looking into them baby blues.”

Ezra felt his lip curl as a hand moved over his broad back. When it traveled to the small of his back he lunged toward the man. He was quick and the two were on the ground, but the restraints removed his best asset. Soon there was another rough punch to the gut followed by a slap to the face. It wasn’t long until the others were helping haul him up. Finally, their attitude had failed to prove amusing. The one who grabbed him pulled out a large blade and moved to Aiden.

“I’ll gut this fucker like a pig. They wanted two so if you guys continue this fun attitude only two of you will be leaving this cabin.”

He pondered the threat. Realistically he would sacrifice anyone to save his skin but he was still bound and there was no reason they wouldn’t kill him second. He shamefully nodded his head in submission ignoring the looks of his friends.

“Alright, any minute now one of the organizers is going to come in. Think we’re nasty? Anything you do to him he’ll return tenfold. When he comes in it will be decided where your deserved spots will be. If you guys are lucky then you may very well leave at the end of all this.”

“And what is all this?” Aiden managed to slip out.

There were a series of cruel smiles along with a ring of applause. Ezra’s captor then pointed to the door as it swung open and a man entered. The man came in wearing black dress pants, a white button up top, gold sparkling vest, top hat, and cane. The four boys couldn’t help but take a step back as he approached. The man then let out a whistle.

“Nice stock.”

“Thought you’d appreciate em this pretty. Not sure about the others but this one has a set of lungs on him,” Noah’s attacker said with a grin.

The man in gold let out another toothy smile. He paced among the boys looking them over. He paused before Dillon pointing his cane to the trickle of blood.

“What happened here?”

“They weren’t as nice as we wanted.”

“Spin him around.”

Ezra watched as Dillon’s ass was given a sharp spank causing him to jump forward. The man then smiled pointing to a large table within the room.

“Nice little crapper on him. He’ll do nicely in the box.”

It was then had a knife been taken out and Dillon was stripped from the waist down. Now tears were welling up into his eyes. The young man was then corralled towards the table where he started to sputter and beg.

“Please, we can get you money.”

“On the table.” The correction was a harsh snap that had the young man on the table.

Ezra felt his unease grow as he watched Dillon being strapped onto the table with his ankles bound in place. There was a rip and scream as the tape was removed and the young man was shackled in place. Now immobilized the man in gold moved back to the lineup. He stopped in front of Aiden looking over the young man.

Aiden’s body tensed and his eyes moved to a knife as the man took a step closer. He found himself flinching as the man in gold reached over to touch him. The hands were roaming his body then feeling his behind. The one feeling him seemed to be stuck in thought.

“Not as pretty as the other two, could do well in wack-a-mole.”

“Or the wall of tongues,” Ezra’s captor chimed in.

This comment seemed to spark interest as Aiden now had his jaw held tightly. The grip became painful and he felt his mouth being retched open. He was nervous the man was going to spit into it. The command did not help his distress.

“Stick out your tongue.”

With his eyes tightly closed his stuck out his tongue. He shuddered in disgust when the men started clapping and cheering at the sight. He quickly shut his mouth turning away in shame.

“Easy decision, wall of tongues.”

It was now had Aiden been corralled into a corner of the room where shackles could be seen extending from the ceiling and he was locked in place. The man in gold then turned back pacing between Noah and Ezra.

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