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Catherine Ch. 36

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I live for the moment when I hear that whimper in her throat at our very first deep kiss. Her breathing getting heavier, catching in her throat with each gentle caress, touch, stroke, of her sensitive places, I wait for those words she will not speak…, yet.

Catherine – Chapter 36

Prelude To A Lesson

Discovering early in our relationship her adventurous nature — her daring too, and me loving all the naughtiness of it with her being married. Her confessions to others — I call them her, “fuck buddies.” Her meetings with them, her telling me about them, or inadvertently listening in on her activity as it happens. Like that first time accidentally overhearing her with Nancy, followed by one on purpose with a, “fuck buddy.” And maybe others to follow? Each one of them has fueled my passion for her even more than I would have ever imagined. And while all those entanglements have kept things the way they have been; like today, both exciting and dangerous from the aspect of us getting caught. But unaware of the dark clouds forming on the horizon.

My phone; it’s Catherine. “Hello Me.”

“Hi, it’s me,” her voice on speaker.

“I would never have guessed; so, what’s up with, me?” Replying.

“Want to do lunch,” she asks.

“I’d love to but… I’m at home; if you remember I’ve been working nights.”

“Yes, I know, but I’m home too,” she says.

“And why are you home; everything okay?”

“Oh yes, I’m just taking some time off,” she replies. “Because, there’s this friend of mine in town who I’ll be taking out to dinner this evening, And after that, she and I plan to explore a few of those clubs like Gina and I had some very exciting times hanging out on Friday and Saturday nights. But this being Wednesday, at least one I know of will be a “Ladies Night Only.” She tells me.

“Ladies Night Only,” she said, male strippers on those nights to liven up the mid week doldrums. Like Sally and her girlfriends, their favorite night out too, and Sally coming home horny as hell. But she never told me what had turned her on so much about it; but I certainly loved it!

“She?” Catherine said. My first thought being Sandy from across the river; who else?

“She Catherine?” Asking her now.

“It’s Nancy, Bobby,” she replies, “Nancy is here for the same reason I was in San Antonio…, you remember San Antonio; right?”

“Oh yes Catherine.., I do remember San Antonio. So, any chance of a late night phone call with some more like San Antonieo this time too?”

“Damn you, Swaggart! I haven’t been on the phone with you for what.., a minute? And you’re already being piggish.” I get back.

“Well Catherine, you knew I would have asked; right? I mean, the kind of clubs you and Gina may have hung out in and maybe pick up some other college girl playmate to take back to your apartment; you know…, just thinking.”

“You know something too, Swaggart. I’m beginning to think… this was a bad idea calling you!” Her reply..

“Catherine… I’ve always been a bad idea,” telling her.

“No Swaggart! You have not… been, a bad idea!” The emphasis in that reply.

“But you have been one of the most exasperating, aggravating by turning my life upside down by needing and wanting you in my life and I don’t want you ever out of it; you hear me!”

Wow, that was the closest to what I already know to an admission.

“And now where are we going for lunch,” she asks, pulling me back.

“Ah…” Taking a moment to clear my head. “Well, being another unseasonably warm, nice day for this time of year so…, how about lunch in the park. I know a great place away from the wandering crowd,” telling her. “I can pick up some sandwiches and drinks at a local deli, then meet you at that place away from those wandering crowds. So Catherine, you do know where the entrance to the park is from your house; right? Asking her.

“Of course I do, but what about it?” She’s asked.

“Good! Now take that entrance and follow the ring road all the way around to the east side of the park where about halfway along that side you’ll see a sign, “For Emergency And Park Service Personnel Only.” Take that road, it’ll lead you to a parking lot that’s used as a staging area for fire and rescue, or to land a helicopter if needed. There’s another entrance to that same lot from the road that runs past my house that has a swing gated that’s locked closed. But it’s easy to get around when I do my runs through the park.” Telling her.

“Also that staging area Catherine, has developed a local reputation for…, lets say, some illicit back seat activity. Which… cough, cough, I’ve inadvertently witnessed when I go through there on some of my daylight my runs. The park rangers I know tell me they don’t usually bother patrolling it because the only way normally in, is from the park’s ring road. But they do make a sweep through it before the park’s closing time; getting lots of laughs, they’ve told me, at all the scrambling going on in the cars as people trying to put themselves back together enough to escape istanbul escort before the park closes; so they say.”

“And how would you know all that?” She asks.

“Getting to know some of those park rangers from years of running that ring road Catherine. Which, I think I’ve told you, has been a kind of mental therapy. Because all I have to think about is one foot in front of the other.”

“Bobby…, I’ll see you in…, about an hour, okay; bye for now.” And she’s gone.

It has been a nice string of unseasonably mild weather; which is just fine with me; I really hate the cold. And today is another unseasonably warm day too,

And Catherine arrived wearing a royal blue, knee length, inch wide shoulder straps, wrap around dress, secured at the waist by a four inch knotted at the waist tie wrap of the same material as the dress, and she looks absolutely incredible in it! This dress, something you would expect to see at a party or club; which she said, is where she and Nancy will be checking out some later this evening. And the way this dress clings to her just cries out, look at this gorgeous woman beneath it! Damn, how I’ll envy Nancy tonight!

And all the time we’ve been eating our lunch Catherine’s been telling me more about Nancy and how they met; it was a business trip, similar to the one she was on the time my inadvertently over hearing her lesbian frolic with Nancy; it was that night she missed dropping my phone call. And where their mutual sexual interest, with Nancy being married too; “kindred spirits,” Catherine said. Developed into a friendship of more than just business associates.

But this dress and the way she’s allowed it to drape open showing lots of long beautiful, leggy Catherine. As well as that eye popping cleavage of a not so modest low cut neckline; which is showing off her very prominent nipple bumps. I don’t have to guess she is not wearing a bra.

Suddenly crumpling up the wrapper that held her sandwich, stuffing it into the bag it came with. Is followed by a long sip of her Diet Pepsi. “Dessert time Swaggart!” She says, placing the cup in the cup holder that came with our sandwiches.

“But Catherine, I haven’t finished my, — not that I really care; sandwich.” Having Catherine for dessert, anytime, like right now? Is way more satisfying than Black Forest ham and swiss with spicy brown mustard on Jewish rye bread.

And while still holding my partially eaten sandwich, she’s flipped the center console up out of the way and slides herself closer to where she’s right at unbuckling my belt, undoing my pants button, unzipping my fly, where she reaches in with some difficulty getting my already hardening cock out. Is followed by my sudden sharp breath intake when she lowers her beautiful mouth onto my dick, swirling her tongue over the head, licking up and down the shaft before she takes me deep into her mouth. Bringing out my sudden, OH MY GOD! Sucking in a deep gulp of air right along with it. The woman I swear was born with her amazing oral skills!

Always eager to do it, and oh the things she does with her mouth I thought only a snake swallowing its prey could do. And with her knowing just when I can’t hold it off any longer is when she stops just as I’m about to lose it. Anything more and I’m just along for a glorious orgasmic ride.

Suddenly sitting up, leaving my saliva covered dick cooling in the warm seasonably like spring air. And now it’s watching as she’s untying the sash holding her dress together and letting it fall away, teasingly showing off her naked body beneath it. And me, who was already turned in his seat to watch this treasure being unwrapped before me keeps my throbbing penis twitching in anticipation up and down. But now she reaches over to take my hand, wanting me to move in closer to her, where it’s slipping my left hand down between her spreading thighs to feel her wetness on my fingers through a very sheer string bikini panty. And with her hand behind my head pulling me to her the tongue fight is on to which one of us can tongue fuck the others mouth the deepest.

“I brought something along with me,” she says, when breaking off our short, but hard make out, Then reaching behind the seat to get the bag she put there along with her purse; plus along with that, it’s her asking me to get the towel from my bug-out bag that I always keep back there.

But just as I reach back for my bug out bag, I also see she’s un-tying the knotted string of the a black velvet bag she brought and where she takes out a long blue handled wand with a large egg shaped bulb on the end. Oh yes, I know what that is for!

“Looks like someone came prepared to be entertained,” haven’t you?

“Well,,, I know how much you’ve loved watching me masturbate,” she replied.

“Oh yes! That, plus everything else you do too!”

“Bob…,” she explains. “Sarah gave me this as a birthday present after I told her how much I loved it when she used hers on me; it does wonderful things to G-spots! You avcılar escort know where that is…, right?”

“Catherine, I do know where yours is!” Telling her, trying to envision her girlfriend Sarah masturbating Catherine with a bulbous ended vibrator. Yeah, one of these days I have to meet Sarah! A prophetic meeting to come at a time and place I would never have thought of.

But now it’s helping Catherine arrange the towel as she’s lifting her butt so I can slide the towel under her at the same time she’s pulling her dress out from underneath her butt. Then hooking her fingers into the string around her waist she’s slipping that sheer string bikini nothing down her long legs and off; casually tossing them on the dashboard in front of her.

To my kinky thought, maybe I should take them off there and hold them to my face, inhaling her erotic womanly scent. And hoping she’ll tell me later tonight whose hands were in them or took them off her; yeah I know…,”.

That towel I keep in my bug out bag, is part of the kit of things I keep in it just in case that phone call comes that we’ve been activated and have to report as soon as possible at a designated place in uniform ready to go. So far though, it’s missed being one like that. So with her remembering the first time we did something like this, where she left a wet spot on the seat — although no vibrator that hime. Just me masturbating and finger fucking her to a very hard and creamy orgasm; so the reason for the towel under her ass now.

All though that wet stain, still slightly visible on the seat, even after several attempts at removing it. Where I’ve teased her about it always being there as a sweet reminder of the fun we had that day. Also joking with her, that if I ever decide to sell the truck, I could casually inform the prospective buyer why the stain, and how it got there; teasing her with it might increase the truck’s value; to her dirty look and her, “You Pervert” she called me.

But now with her right foot, minus its high heel shoe, resting on the truck’s padded dash, she positions the bulbous headed vibrator between her wide spread thighs, working the bulbed end in, over and out of her pussy. And yes her mouth several times too, tasting herself while getting the bulb wetter with her saliva, before she works the bulb all the way into her pussy. It’s then she slides the switch to on and is instantly followed by her sudden sharp gasping breath intake as the egg starts doing its magic at vibrating her clit and G-spot up inside her pussy.

Then with me leaning into her, teasing and tugging at a very stiff raspberry nipple on her left breast with my mouth. At the same time my left hand is busy teasing that other hard raspberry nipple between thumb and forefinger. All of it now bringing on those deep guttural groans from her beautiful open mouth.

My hand, teasing her nipple, has made its way down over her twitching stomach, coming to rest at the top of her pubic mound, where I can feel the vibrations from the egg working its magic inside her pussy. Triggering those uncontrollable contractions of her stomach muscles brought on by the intense sensations from that vibrating egg up inside her pussy. And with her left hand behind my head she’s forcing my mouth down harder onto her breast. My life doesn’t get much better than this! The only thing that would make it better would be with me replacing the vibrator with my tongue and lips working over her creaming cunt..

But all of this can’t last much longer before that teasing egg; helped along with my suckling on that raspberry nipple; to push her over the edge. And no sooner than that thought went through my head it’s the intensity of her orgasm lifting her up off the seat, her neck muscles straining, keeping her from screaming out what her body is trying to force out of her lungs. The woman is, and can be quite vocal; her orgasms are epic

So there’s no mistaking it when the crisis becomes overwhelming. And her ability to have multiple orgasms has amazed me over and over, completely blowing me away! She wasn’t making it up when she told me about her, “Energizer Bunny,” nickname. She’s a pure symphony of sight and sound; exciting to watch, and for me, the enjoyment of knowing I’ve been a part of writing more of her music.

Dropping heavily back into the seat, breathing like she just finished a marathon workout, it’s her hands frantically working to get the teasing egg out of her pussy where I want to replace that vibrator with my cock!

But instead it’s pulling her to me, where I bury my face in her cleavage with the sweet sexy scent of her body wash as I struggle to hold back all the words I want to say out loud to her. But then it’s her, “Bobby…, as she’s pushes my head away with her, “Damn how I want to fuck you right here and now!” Just before she crushes her beautiful mouth onto mine once again. It’s the very thought I had about her. But as I’m about to say, let’s do it! Her tongue is back into my mouth which has the words stifled in my throat.

Roughly şirinevler escort pushing me away, breaking the kiss, her head is right back in my lap, taking my straining hard on back into her beautiful mouth, sucking me like she’s trying suck the life right out of me, and she almost is. But it’s way past the point where I can’t hold it off any longer as she holds the head of my cock in her mouth where it feels like those hard pulsing spasms will never stop as she continues nursing on me, teasing the remaining droplets of cum from the head of my cock with tip of her tongue. Then popping the head in and out of her tight, pursed lips. Her blow jobs are soul stealing!

Always surprising her at the intensity and volume, but never losing any of it as she hungrily takes it; her throat working in time to my spasming cock gripped tight in her hands. When at last releasing me from her beautiful mouth — to a couple of short coughs, some swallowing movement in her throat. “My god,” she says, “you surprise me every time I do this to you!” She’s telling me just before she’s shoving her tongue into my mouth to the erotic tate of me on it.

Relaxing in the glow of what we just did, Catherine lying heavily against me, “What’s so funny,” asking her, at her sudden spasm of giggling.

“When I came up off the seat I couldn’t help seeing out the door window. Bobby, there was a man and a woman standing next to a car that had parked beside us; it wasn’t there before Bobby — they had the biggest grin on their faces!”

“Maybe you should have asked them to join us,” telling her.

“I swear Swaggart, YOU are such a pig, she calls me. Gets both us laughing with her almost climbing into my lap, to a long hard make out session of mouth mauling, tongue filled kisses! I can imagine how much fun she must have had in those three way combinations of Sandy and Richard.

I definitely know how much fun it was with Alex and Jennifer. There’s something to say about fooling around on leather sofas where the first of the clothing begins to melt away. Then it’s where inhibitions disappear in a dimly lit bedroom. And not just watching your wife cowgirl riding the cock of another man at the same time you’re doggy fucking his wife right next to what your wife is doing on top her husband. Thoughts from another time; but my activity with them still goes on .

But at last, and very reluctantly we break from this over heated moment, where it’s helping Catherine with getting her dress put back together, along with my comment about it not being a wrinkled mess.

“Bobby, it’s the material,” she explains. “You can roll it up in a ball, stomp on it and it will still look like it just came off the rack.” She’s telling me, as I’m watching her slipping those, almost nothing, panties back on, “I guess you’re not putting a bra on?” Not really a question.

“No I’m not,” she replies. “I had a passing thought of going back to my house for a quick shower though. But then, I have the wrap that goes with this dress in my car along with some other things, like a strapless bra, so my nipple bumps won’t be showing through the dress the way they are now while sitting in a nice restaurant.

“So then, she says, ” I’ll just leave from here and go right to Nancy’s hotel and see if she would like to help me with getting that shower… especially after I tell her about what we just did. Where I may or may not put undies on before going to dinner, And if I do, I can always put them in my purse before hitting the clubs.” She follows up telling me that.

“Oh My God… you’re killing me girl!” Followed by this other thought; leaving them as bread crumbs somewhere along the night.

“You know Swaggart,” she says to me. “I remember when you were telling me about that time Sally came home without her panties on. Where she told you she must have left them in the back seat of some girl’s car. Well…, it wouldn’t be the first time for me too you know! My, “friends across the river;” as you used to refer to them — oh yes, some weekend club nights with them too.”

“You’re really killing me now, girl! It’s cold blooded murder.” Has both of us laughing. And me knowing it’s probably true.

“But you should know,” she’s saying. “After a few glasses of wine, Nancy or me could be tempted away by some sexy stranger that catches the other’s eye. I’ll tell you in all honesty, it has happened; quickies in a ladies room stall. And this too Swaggart, the sexiest women in those clubs are the married ones,” she says, winking at me. “And I can speak from experience of other married women hitting on me.”

Slowly turning my head from side to side as I watch her readjusting her dress, thinking, yes; I can bet it has!

Pulling my head back to the here and now, it was a good idea, as I’m folding it up — putting the towel under her butt because it does have a pretty good wet spot. Where I’m always amazed how incredibly wet Catherine gets!

But now, and with everything put back together, and for whatever reason, she’s brought up a conversation we had a week or so ago. Where she was telling me about how long she’s been taking that women’s self-defense course they offer at her gym. Where I politely listened to her telling me how good she’s become. And me, I wish I hadn’t, reminded her of my bouts with Sargent Rei; she’s seen the bruises on my body.

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