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Cathy Gets Offered

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This story could go into any one of many categories; my choice was fetish because of the natural woman involved. I believe that exhibitionist/voyeur, group sex or lesbian categories are also possibilities, but the dominant theme is the natural woman.

That having been said, I hope that if you like stories dealing with any of the above subjects, you will enjoy this.


My wife looked over at me with a shocked expression on her face after the loud rap on the motel door made us both jump. I got up off the edge of the bed and headed slowly toward the door, smiling back at Cathy while my hand reached for the door knob, and she returned the smile. Cathy looked so pure and innocent that I felt a twinge of remorse. Her pale, freckled, and wholesome looking face was strained with stress and, I hoped, excitement. I know mine was.

The woman on the other side of the door nodded at me, and then looked beyond me to check out the rest of the room. When her eyes found Cathy standing by the corner of the bed, she seemed to relax and entered with no further hesitation, breezing past me like I was the doorman.

I was startled by the appearance of the woman, even though I had seen her picture and read her description. She was pretty much as she had advertised herself to be, but it was still a jolt to see her in the flesh. I walked back to my wife at the bedside, who looked intimidated already at the sight of the woman who approached her.

The black trenchcoat the woman wore made the situation even more unreal, and she looked more like a spy than anything else. Her short cropped black hair was swept back, giving her a severe and almost mannish appearance, and she was nearly my height, around six foot tall.

“She’s quite pretty,” the stern looking woman said as she looked at my wife, who had walked a few steps forward to greet her.

“Thank you,” I replied, feeling as nervous as my bride of six months felt, as I came around behind Cathy.

I could feel Cathy trembling as she stood before me, clad only in a flimsy floral nightgown. Standing behind Cathy so I could watch this drama unfolding, I held on to her arms, for support as well as to keep her from running away. Cathy had done everything I had ever asked her to do since we had first met 2 years ago, but this was definitely a step up the kinky ladder for her.

Now as the middle aged woman undressed Cathy with her eyes, my cock grew stiffer yet, nestled in the crack of my shy wife’s pert ass. I had contacted the woman through an adult website, and she had made the 75 mile trip to this motel gladly, once she had seen my wife’s picture. She had made it clear that she wanted no part of me, and that was fine as far as I was concerned. I only wanted to watch.

The woman, who wanted only to be referred to as Inga, was a head taller than Cathy and appeared to be solidly built. I offered to take her coat, but as I did, she simply shrugged the coat off of her and let it fall to the floor.

Cathy’s knees seemed to buckle as the coat came off, and for good reason. Inga was wearing very little underneath her outerwear; only a black and crimson corset that left very little to the imagination. Inga was the very opposite of the dainty creature that trembled before her, and while she wasn’t fat, she was very voluptuous. The dainty lace top strained to contain a pair of breasts that seemed to be every bit as large as she had promised in her e-mail.

I looked over Cathy’s shoulder to see what she thought, but her eyes seemed glued to the deep cleavage of the amazon-like woman who stood before us.

“What do think babe?” I asked softly, grinding my erection into her back. “They big enough for you?”

Breasts were the topic that had gotten us to this point. In watching some porn movies with my sweet Cathy, I had asked her if she had ever been with a woman.

“No, but I’ve thought about it,” was her reply. A couple more drinks and she admitted that she found busty women very appealing.

“Opposites attract,” was what she said that night, and there was no denying that Inga was very much that.

“You like what you see?” Inga asked, giving Cathy a smug smile.

“Yes,” I said as my eyes took in the curves on the woman, who was at least twice the age of my 20 year old wife, and while she was solidly built and a little thick waisted, she was not fat, just astonishingly full figured.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” Inga said, giving me a mild look of disapproval. “I don’t care what you think. I was talking to Cathy.”

“Well?” Inga said, her hand sliding down Cathy’s freckled cheek.

“You’re very… pretty,” Cathy said in a shaky voice, and I noticed that her eyes were fixated on the cavernous cleavage that was almost at her eye level.

“I’m glad you like me,” Inga said, brushing up against Cathy. “I like you too.”

Poor Cathy was trembling, the little wisp of a girl physically dwarfed by the amazon, and her fear excited me even further. Inga’s hands slid along the opening of Cathy’s afyon escort nightie, parting it to peek inside.

“So many freckles,” Inga said. “I’ve never seen so many freckles on a girl before. They make you look so cute – and young.”

“Take off her nightie,” Inga said to me, her eyes never leaving my wife. “I want to see all of her.”

Cathy’s knees buckled slightly as my hands left her elbows and grabbed the garment, slowly opening it and letting Inga see what I saw every day, before pulling it off. Cathy was now naked.

“So cute,” Inga said as she ran her hands up and down Cathy’s freckled shoulders and arms. “And a real redhead as well.”

I was practically holding my wife up when Inga’s hand came down between Cathy’s legs, parting them slightly and running her hand over Cathy’s bush.

“Beautiful red hair,” Inga said. “So soft, and so much of it too. You have a very hairy pussy, dear. Very hairy indeed! A little treasure trail too.”

Inga must have slid a finger inside Cathy’s pussy, because Cathy gasped and fell back against me.

“Do you like what I’m doing to your hairy cunt?” Inga asked, and getting no answer turned her attention to me.

“Your little wife’s cunt is dripping wet,” she informed me, lifting up her hand to show me her index finger, which glistened from the moistness of Cathy’s pussy.

Slowly Inga put the finger in her mouth, spinning it in and out slowly, her eyes glazed as she tasted Cathy.

“Let’s see what else we have here,” Inga said in turning her attention upward. “You’ve got cute little titties here, and puffy nipples too.”

Inga’s hands cupped the teardrop shaped breasts, which fit nicely into the older woman’s palms. Inga squeezed and mashed them roughly, causing Cathy to gasp.

“Cathy doesn’t like it rough?” Inga said, grabbing her nipples and pinching them before pulling on them, lifting her tiny breasts up and stretching them out. “Your husband told me you liked it when your little titties got played with like this.”

I held Cathy’s arms tightly as Inga pulled on her tits hard, causing Cathy to whimper a little.

“You want me to stop?” Inga asked, twisting the nipples slowly, and Cathy managed to shake her head no.

“Didn’t think so,” Inga said, letting the tortured buds go after a few seconds. “What else have you got to show me?”

“Her armpits,” I finally replied, after Cathy remained silent.

Inga smiled, and as she did her hand came up to to Cathy’s shoulder, brushing the spray of hair that was peeking out from under Cathy’s arm despite it being against her side.

I tried to raise Cathy’s hands but she kept her arms down tightly at her sides.

“Why so shy?” Inga asked softly. “I’ve already seen your little titties and your hairy cunt.”

Inga was aware of Cathy’s body hair, and when we corresponded, the fact that Cathy did not shave her body hair not only didn’t disgust her, but in fact seemed to excite her. A whole lot like it did me.

I started to answer for Cathy but Inga cut me off abruptly.

“Let her tell me herself,” Inga commanded, and squeezed Cathy’s nipples tightly.

“They’re… not shaved. My armpits, I mean. They’re hairy.” Cathy finally said as what felt like a feeling of humiliation washed over her. Despite my support and constant affection I always showed to her natural body, she was still quite self-conscious of the fact that her unshaven state was not considered normal by much of society, and she rarely wore any clothing in public that would reveal her underarms.

“Mmmmm, I like that Cathy. I like that a lot. Your husband told me all about you, and how hairy your armpits are. I want to see,” Inga said. “Show me.”

I felt Cathy’s body seem to relax with Inga’s words, and I let go of her wrists as she slowly raised her arms, and I felt a little light-headed as I watched the scenario unfolding in front of me.

“Higher,” Inga commanded. “Lift your arms higher and clasp your hands behind your head. That’s it dear. I want to see how hairy they are.”

“Beautiful!” Inga said. “Your skin is so pale on the inside of your arms that it makes the hair practically glow. I can’t imagine why you would want to hide these beautiful armpits from me. So nice of you to leave them unshorn.”

Inga’s hands came up to Cathy’s armpits, and her fingers slid through the bushy hair that filled the deep hollows to overflowing. Inga toyed with the bright reddish-orange fur as she licked her lips.

“So rare these days to see such a natural treasure such as you,” Inga said, her pale complexion becoming a little more colorful as her hands explored my newlywed’s lithe torso. “Most girls these days keep themselves so plucked and waxed that they hardly look like women at all.”

“My husband…'” Cathy said as her body shivered from the sensation of Inga’s hands exploring her sensitive underarms. “He likes me to keep them hairy.”

“And hairy they are,” Inga said, now raking her fingernails agrı escort through the dense growth. “So much armpit hair on such a little thing too. You’d even be considered hairy if you were a man. What does your husband do to these hairy armpits?”

Cathy kept her head down, not answering until Inga suddenly grabbed a little of her armpit hair and pulled it outward.

“Does he play with your armpit hair like this?” Inga said, raking her deep red fingernails through the lush spray, causing Cathy’s entire body to shiver.

“Yes,” Cathy’s voice quivered, either from nervousness or excitement. Probably from a combination of the two.

“What else does he do?” Inga asked.

“He – he – he kisses them,” Cathy finally said. “Kisses and uh… licks them.”

“Oh!,” Inga said. “Do you like it when he licks these hairy armpits of yours?”

“I guess so,” Cathy said.

“You guess?”

“Uh – yes. I do like it,” Cathy admitted, withering under Inga’s stare.

“Does it feel like this?” Inga asked, before the older woman bent down and buried her face in Cathy’s armpit.

I leaned over to get a better view of Inga as she kissed the inside of Cathy’s bicep before nibbling her way down into Cathy’s armpit, her tongue sliding in a serpentine manner through the jungle. Cathy wiggled as Inga bathed her underarm with affection, much like she would do when I would perform that very thing.

“Do you lick your husbands pits?” Inga asked.

“Yes,” Cathy said.

“Lick mine,” Inga said. “See if you like to lick mine.”

Inga raised her arms, putting her hands behind her head. To my dismay, Inga’s armpits were shaved, with only the faint shadow of a small patch of stubble in the center of her underarms, which sparkled with a light glaze of perspiration.

“Go ahead babe,” I whispered into Cathy’s ear as she hesitated briefly before leaning forward.

I had a bird’s eye view as Inga coaxed Cathy’s head under her arm, and I watched intently as Cathy’s tongue came out and began to lick Inga’s armpit, causing the older woman to moan softly as her eyes rolled back in her head. I could smell the sweet aroma stirred up by Cathy’s licking as Inga squirmed with pleasure, and I had to back away from rubbing my dick against Cathy’s ass, or else I was going to cum for sure.

“Your tongue feels so nice and soothing against the stubble. Too bad I shaved them,” Inga said as she released Cathy from her grip. “I wouldn’t be as hairy as you are, though. So what else does your husband like to do to your pits?”

“He… puts his dick under my arm and… fucks my armpit,” Cathy said.

“Glad I don’t have to watch that,” Inga said roughly, reaching over and wiping the trickles of sweat from Cathy’s sides as it poured down from her armpit forests. “If I had a cock, I would do that too though,” Inga admitted.

“So your husband tells me that you’ve never been with a woman before,” Inga continued, and Cathy nodded in response. “He said that you both talked about it all the time.”

“Yes – a couple of times,” Cathy managed to say.

“Why don’t you take this thing off for me then?” Inga suggested, as I lowered Cathy’s arms.

Cathy seemed unsure as to what to do, until she noticed the long row of tiny buttons that started at the top and went all the way down.

“It’s gonna take some time,” Inga said with a smile. “Hope it’s worth it to you.

The pounding sound was deafening, but I couldn’t tell whether it was from my heart beating or from my wife’s, as Cathy slowly undid the buttons. Her trembling fingers only added to the excitement, as Inga’s breasts lurched out from their support a little more with each button undone.

When the last button came free, the garment seemed to fly off of Inga, as her breasts lurched out and down. And what breasts they were! Her massive jugs eased down to her stomach as the support came free. They weren’t sticking up and out like some silicone queen; breasts the size and weight of Inga’s simply couldn’t, but Inga’s breasts were natural and real, and their size was breathtaking.

“Incredible,” I whispered, not so much to Cathy as to myself, and the smug look on Inga’s face told me that she had heard me. I imagined that she had heard that from a lot of people as they first got a look at her tits, and she clearly reveled in the admiration.

“Touch them,” Inga said, or demanded, and when Cathy was slow to respond, the older woman reached over and took Cathy’s wrists and brought them to her bosom.

The sight of Cathy’s little freckled hands trying to cup those big tits had my cock dripping in my briefs, and I feared that if I moved at all I would have an orgasm right there.

Inga’s nipples were long thick pegs, and they were centered in crimson aureolas that were the circumference of drink coasters. Cathy’s hands ran over the nipples, which made them seem to get ever larger.

“What do you think of my tits, Cathy?” Inga asked, relishing the look of awe that must have been covering akdere escort my petite bride’s face.

“They’re so… big,” Cathy said haltingly. “I’ve never…”

“I’ll take her now,” Inga said, dismissing me with a nod of the head, and I moved away from my Cathy, leaving her with the woman as I went over to the corner.

The agreement I had made with Inga was that I would sit over in the corner while she had her way with Cathy. I was not to say anything and was to remain seated the entire time. I couldn’t take any pictures or videos either, and while I supposed it would have been easy enough to have a camera going without anyone noticing, I did everything the way Inga asked.

I think the real reason I didn’t was that I never thought this would really happen. I had figured that this Inga wasn’t really a woman, but some guy screwing around on the internet. If it was a woman, I half expected her to not show up. If she did show up, I figured her to be a far cry from the picture she had shared with us.

Most of all; the main reason I did not expect to be in this position was that I never expected Cathy to go through with this. All through the last ten minutes, I thought Cathy was going to bolt. Just run into the bathroom in fear or something, and I wouldn’t have blamed her at all. Inga was scary and physicially imposing.

Cathy hadn’t run. She had stayed, and now she was being led over to the bed by this woman who was old enough to be her mother. Inga didn’t look like her mother, however, and now Inga was going to do things to her that her mother never even dreamed of.

As for me, I was scared too. I had wanted this so much, but now I felt like I had thrown my beloved to a wolf, much like a sacrificial lamb. I felt guilty, and to my shame I also felt aroused. Aroused to such a level that I cannot put it into words.

I went toward the chair in the corner, and I felt a coolness in my crotch as I walked. Looking down, I saw a massive wet spot in the front of my slacks, as my drooling erection gave my excitement away.

Pulling my slacks off and letting my briefs down before sitting, my cock sprang wildly around in front of me. Inga glanced over and gave me a upraised eyebrow at the sight of my swollen manhood, along with a smirk to let me know she was aware of who had caused it.

Now Inga and Cathy were facing each other next to the bed. Cathy looked over at me, and the look on her face reminded me of the way she looked before going for root canal surgery. I gave her a nod and a grim smile while trying to hide my erection from her.

Inga reached over and cupped Cathy’s face in her hands, bringing her face down to meet hers. Their lips met, and it was a kiss that was no peck on the cheek, but a wet open mouthed passionate coupling that made me gasp, especially at the sight of Cathy not only going along with it, but eagerly responding.

Inga was a head taller than little Cathy, but her breasts were so large that their tits were at the same height, and I watched their breasts mash together as they kissed, Inga’s massive torpedoes crushing Cathy’s tiny cones. When the kiss ended, Inga looked down and began rubbing her nipples against Cathy’s, and my wife’s plump and puffy nipples never looked bigger or more stimulated.

To my surprise, Inga reached over and lifted Cathy’s slender arm up over her head and then kissed the pale inside of Cathy’s arm. From the elbow and working down, Inga’s lips and tongue worked down the inside of Cathy’s bicep before nuzzling into Cathy’s armpit once again.

I was gripping the arms of the chair so hard my hands hurt as I watched this amazing sight. To see a woman doing this to my wife was like a fantasy come true. I had never imagined that there would be someone else who could find such pleasure in the delight’s of Cathy’s armpits, but there in front of me, Inga was frantically licking and kissing Cathy’s armpit, her face buried in the dense tuft of hair.

Cathy’s head was rocking back on her shoulders, her eyes rolling back in her head, and she was moaning much in the same way she did when I was the one lavishing similar affection to her very sensitive pits.

“Omigod!” Cathy moaned and her body convulsed in Inga’s arms.

I came. Mouth wide open, still with the arms of the chair in a death grip, I felt my orgasm surge inside me. I was in such a daze I could only glance down helplessly as my cock spurted cum all over the motel carpeting. I resumed looking at Cathy and Inga while feeling my withering cock dribble cum onto my calves.

Cathy was being eased down onto the bed now, and Inga was taking off her own panties. Her ass was full yet firm, and she had a neat triangle of black hair between her legs. I watched Cathy watching Inga, and as Inga climbed up on the bed and over to Cathy, her jugs swung lazily as she moved.

Inga went up to hover over Cathy, those huge tits dangling abover Cathy’s face. Cathy reached up and grabbed Inga’s left breast with both hands, bringing it to her mouth. Inga’s thick nipple disappeared inside Cathy’s mouth, and she suckled on the stub before licking the aureola, her kneading fingers wrapped around the giant teat.

“Mmmm… that’s real nice baby,” Inga cooed softly. “Suck it hard as you want.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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