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There is nothing like being young in the summer. I remember the summer after graduating high school like it was yesterday. I had a boyfriend, I was getting ready for college, and I had the whole summer to relax. I lived in Chicago, but I got away from the hustle and bustle of the big city as often as I could. My boyfriend Craig loved to take long drives in the country with me, and we would drive a few hours west of the city deep into the Illinois farmland.

I remember one day that summer much more vividly than the other days. It was July 16th, 1995, and we had taken a long drive west, past DeKalb and into a very rural area. It was a hot muggy day, with the temperature hovering near 90, even though it was almost dusk. Craig had been trying to convince me to make love outside all summer, and I was still refusing to try that. I was terrified of getting caught in the act. I was barely 18 years old, and my parents didn’t even know I had started having sex, although I’m sure they suspected it.

“Let’s go to Dairy Queen and get some ice cream,” Craig suggested as we entered the corporate limits of a town with a population in the low triple digits. We pulled into the parking lot and went inside the cool air-conditioned Dairy queen. I had a strawberry sundae with extra whipped cream, and Rick had a chocolate dipped soft serve cone. The ice cream cooled me off, and I sat down at the booth to enjoy the taste.

“So, Miranda. What do you say?” Craig asked.

“Um…about what?” I responded, even though I knew what he was asking about.

“It’s pretty isolated out here. Why don’t we find a place to have sex outdoors?”

“No, Craig! I’ve told you, I’m not going to do that. We can do it at your place or my place, but I’m scared that we will get caught if we do it outside.”

“C’mon, Miranda. We’re in the middle of nowhere, I’m sure we can find a secluded place.”

I was firmly against the idea of having sex outside. Although the idea sounded very erotic, I was terrified about getting in trouble. I had never even gotten a speeding ticket, and I didn’t want to risk getting into any kind of legal trouble.

“O.K. Hey, how is your Sundae, Miranda?” Craig asked.

“Mmm…it’s really good, try a bite!” I fed Craig a bite of my sundae, being sure to get some of the strawberry sauce on the spoon along with the ice cream and whipped cream. He let me have a taste of his chocolate dipped cone. A drop of ice cream dripped down onto my red tank top.

Craig’s offer to have sex outside had gotten me very turned on. I still didn’t plan on doing that, but I wanted to offer him a compromise so he wouldn’t be disappointed. I told him my idea as we walked out of the Dairy Queen and back into Craig’s white Ford Taurus.

“Craig, how about we find a secluded place and fool around inside the car?” I offered as he started the car.

“You would be comfortable having sex in my car?” He asked. I should have been more specific; I was way too paranoid to have sex in the car, but thought he might like to fool around with our clothes still on as foreplay. I wanted to turn him on and then go back to his place for sex later.

“No, not that. I’m sorry; I just don’t think that is a good idea. I meant we could make out. You can feel me up if you want to!”

“O.K., I can’t complain too much about that, Miranda. Although I still think you are being too paranoid. We are in the middle of nowhere, out in the country. I think it would be a great experience. Imagine feeling the air on our bare skin, Miranda. Imagine hearing the crickets chirping as we make love outdoors.”

“I’m sorry, Craig, no. Let’s find a secluded place to fool around in the car. If it seems safe, and I’m sure nobody is around, maybe I’ll give you a blowjob in the car.” I said that without even thinking about it. I figured that would get him to stop pressuring me to have sex outside.

“O.K., that sounds good!” he reacted. I put my hand in his lap as he drove. I could feel his erection through his shorts.

We drove through ten more miles of cornfields. It was starting to get dark outside. I reached into the back seat and found a map. “Hey, Craig, there’s a park nearby, turn left at the next intersection.”

“A park? Miranda, I thought you were scared of getting caught. A park is going to attract a lot of people on a hot summer evening. I was thinking about finding a field.”

“A field? We are just doing stuff in the car, Craig. We need to find a place to park.”

“I just think a park is too crowded. Let’s turn left here.” He turned onto a dirt road.

“Craig, this might be someone’s private property!” I yelled.

“You worry way too much. Hey, look, there’s another road!” Craig turned onto another dirt road. We were definitely on someone’s farm. I saw a big shed of some sort, and a lot of rusty farm equipment. On the left side of the road there was a corn field, and on the right side of the road was a big grassy clearing with the shed and farm equipment. Craig drove behind the shed.

He silivri escort started to kiss the side of my neck, but I was still nervous. I got out of the car to scope the area out. The grass was long; it looked like it hadn’t been mowed for a month. I walked all the way around the shed. Across the dirt road there was a corn field; beyond that I saw a small farmhouse. Most of the lights were out. I looked at my watch; it was 9:30. I hoped that everyone was sleeping in the house. At least we would have privacy with the car parked behind the shed, I thought.

“O.K., this seems pretty safe.” I got back into the passenger seat of the car. I tilted the seat back all the way and lay down the best I could; it was hard to get comfortable.

“Miranda, you look so hot tonight!” Craig complimented me. I had on a tight red tank top, accentuating my above average 36C chest, and jean cutoff shorts. I hadn’t put on much make-up that day. My long red hair flowed down below my shoulders.

Craig got on top of me and started to kiss my lips. I eagerly kissed him back, exploring his mouth with my tongue. Our tongues danced together, and I started to pant as his kisses got me really turned on. I went crazy when he started to kiss my neck and collarbone; there is one spot right by my collarbone that sends me through the roof when it is kissed.

I reached under Craig’s white t-shirt and started to play with his nipples. I felt his erection grow as he started to move his hips against my body. Even though we were both fully dressed, we were going through the motions of sex with our bodies. I felt like we were living out the Meatloaf song, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.”

Craig kicked things up a notch when he put his hands under my tank top and fiddled around with my bra. He reached around my back to unclasp it. “It’s in the front, Craig!” I told him. He moved his hands around and tried to unclasp it. I lifted my tank top up to my neck to give him a better view. I had on a lacy black bra. He finally found the clasp and undid it, letting my breasts spill out. It felt really sexy when he started to feel me up, gently playing with my breasts. I lifted his shirt up above his head and helped him remove it.

“Oh, Craig, this is fun!” I exclaimed. My fear of getting caught had subsided a bit, and I was enjoying the moment. It felt great to have him fondle my tits. I kissed his bare chest as he gently tweaked my nipples, getting them hard and pointy. He touched me under my arms, which I found very pleasurable. I started to kiss him on the lips again.

I felt his hands start to lift my tank top off above my head. I protested for a minute, but he quickly talked me into it. My bra was already undone, and I threw it in the back seat. It felt good to be topless with Craig, but the semi-nudity was making me nervous about getting caught.

After about five minutes of heavy kissing, I shed my inhibitions. I started to feel safe, knowing that the car was out of view from the road. I unsnapped Craig’s shorts, and put my hand on his erection. He had a pair of white boxers on under his tan shorts, but I could feel his enormous erection through the cotton. I stroked him over the boxers, feeling his pre cum as it soaked the front of his boxers.

“Oh, Miranda. God you turn me on! This is so cool. There is nobody around for miles; it’s just the two of us. I want to fuck you so bad, honey!”

“Maybe we should go to your place.”

“I don’t think I can wait that long. That’s almost two hours away! C’mon, Miranda, this place is secluded enough. Let’s do it!”

“I think its safe enough, but it’s not comfortable enough to have sex in the car. I need room to move around when we make love!”

“No, not in the car. Right outside the car.”

He was still trying to convince me to have sex outside.

“No, Craig, not outside. I’m too scared to do it outside. How about I give you a blow-job?” I figured that the prospect of a blow-job would be enough to change the subject, but he was really obsessed with making love outside.

“Please?” he said in a funny voice. “Pretty please, with sugar on top?” he begged.

“No, Craig, not outside.” I put my hand inside his boxers, feeling his bare cock for the first time that night.

“O.K., I’ll drop the subject. What a shame…a hot summer night, a secluded location, two horny bodies, and no sex outside.” Craig jokingly whined.

Craig unzipped my shorts and put a hand on my black lacy panties. He put his other hand on my bare thigh. He knew that my thigh was my favorite spot to be touched besides my pussy, and he started to rub my thighs with both hands.

“I thought I was the one who was supposed to be pleasuring you, Craig!” I laughed as he massaged my thighs. I barely protested when he pulled my shorts all the way off. I was now wearing just my skimpy black panties and nothing else. My nervousness was quickly fading away as my horniness made me forget about my fears of being caught.

I şirinevler escort had closed my eyes and I was really enjoying the feeling of his hands on my body when I felt his mouth on my legs. I opened my eyes and saw him kiss his way up my legs to my thighs. Then he put his mouth right on my pussy through the black panties. I could feel his hot breath on my pussy through the thin layer of clothing. I was getting really turned on. I was hoping to receive a pussy licking; Craig knew how to please me orally, and I couldn’t wait to feel his tongue on my mouth.

“Oh, Craig. Mmm…that feels so good. I just wish we were on a bed; this car seat just isn’t comfortable for this kind of activity.” I was lying on my back with the seat all the way back, but my feet were on the dashboard. Craig was hunched over my lap, and his position looked very uncomfortable.

“Well, it would be more comfortable outside. I know you don’t want to, honey, but is it really any riskier than what we are already doing right now? I mean, look around. You are practically naked already, and it seems really secluded here.”

Craig had a good point. I was really turned on, and no one would see us behind the shed.

“O.K. I’ll do it. I can’t believe you talked me into this, Craig!”

“Relax; it’ll be an experience to remember.”

“I don’t want to sit on the grass. My clothing will get all dirty!” I said. This was my final objection to the idea, but Craig had an answer for that.

He got out of the car and opened the trunk. He looked so sexy standing there without his shirt on. His chest was covered in short black hair; he had just the right amount of chest hair. He worked out a few days a week; and his rippling muscles made my pussy moist. He pulled out a large red and white striped beach towel from the trunk.

“You planned this all out, didn’t you?” I jokingly accused him.

“Actually, I keep a towel in the trunk anyway in case we ever go to the beach” he replied.

Craig spread the towel on the ground. “To show you how safe we are out here, Miranda, I’m going to get completely naked right now.”

He took off his shoes and socks, and then dropped his shorts and boxers to the ground. He stood on the towel nude. I stared in awe at his cock. It was standing straight up, fully erect. I suddenly wanted it inside of my pussy, even though I had just been planning on having oral sex outside.

“Look around, Miranda. Nobody is around for miles!” Then Craig did something dumb. This turned out to be pivotal for what happened to us late that night. He ran around the shed, and streaked up and down the dirt road for a few minutes. I wasn’t worried at the time, since I was still behind the shed, but I should have realized that his streaking was a bad idea and called the plan off right then and there.

“Craig, you’re crazy!” I said as he jogged back to me. He was out of breath from his run, and his cock was dangling between his legs. I gave him a playful spank on his bare butt. “Get over on the towel, you big moron!” I took his hand and led him to the towel. I still had my panties on. I did a little erotic dance, swaying my hips as I looked him in the eyes and teasingly pulled the panties down a few inches. He stared at my crotch as I teased him, pulling them down but not off. Finally, I turned around and dropped them to the ground, letting him look at my bare ass. I turned around again and faced him. We embraced and kissed as we stood there stark naked. I felt a nice cool breeze on my bare skin. “I think we’re alone now!” I said as I kissed him. “Now put your arms around me as we tumble to the ground!” This was the late 1980s, and the remake of Tommy James’s “I Think we’re Alone Now” by Tiffany was constantly on the radio.

I ended up flat on my back. The towel felt soft and comfortable. I could feel the grass on my bare feet; this really turned me on, as it was a reminder that we were outside. I suddenly realized how exciting this fantasy was, and I understood why Craig had been so pushy about making it a reality. I looked up. The moon wasn’t all the way full, but it was close to being full. I saw huge oak trees above our heads, and tall grass all around the towel. I heard the quiet sounds of a nearby stream.

Craig positioned his body on top of mine and guided his cock into me. I felt the tip of his cock penetrate my pussy lips, and I spread my legs wide to let him slide all the way inside me. He was still for a moment once he was all the way inside me, giving my pussy a chance to adjust to the full feeling.

We started to make love in a nice steady rhythm. It felt so good having his cock gently slide in and out of my wet pussy. I felt his bare cock moving deep inside me, and he moved his hips in circles to hit different spots in my pussy. I wrapped my arms around his ass, helping him plunge deeper into me.

We kissed like lovers in heat as we started to increase the tempo of our movements. I pushed my hips şişli escort up to meet his harder thrusts, and I let him really screw me good. I wanted him to shoot out a load of hot come inside me. “Oh, Craig!” I moaned. He was hitting some good spots inside me.

“You like fucking outside, baby?” he asked me.

“OOH! Fuck, me, Craig” was my response. I was really getting into it. A leaf from the nearby oak tree flew into my hair. I felt the grass on my bare feet. Although it was still hot out, the night air was cooling things off a little; I felt a refreshing cool breeze on my naked skin.

I passionately kissed him. He was moving faster; I knew he would come soon. I felt his hand on my left breast; he kneaded and squeezed it, making my nipple rock hard. I was bucking my hips furiously, and I was moaning and groaning very loudly, taking advantage of the secluded location to really let my inhibitions free.

“Fuck me hard! Oh, give it to me. Oh, yeah, this feels so good!” Craig just pounded away at my pussy, grunting and moaning as he fucked me hard. My eyes were shut as I let him fuck me, but suddenly it felt very bright. Something was amiss here. I opened my eyes, and a cop was shining a bright flashlight directly at us!

Craig noticed it too. “Oh shit!” he said as he quickly pulled out of my pussy. The cop was standing three feet away from us! Neither of us had noticed his approach; we had been too caught up in the moment to hear his car or see him walk up to us.

Craig was off of me in an instant, and I saw his cock quickly shrink. I was mortified beyond belief. I covered my pussy with one hand and covered my breasts with my arm. The cop was about 6 feet tall, with a blonde crew cut. He looked like he was in his early 20s. His uniform was all tan, and his patch said “De Kalb County Sheriff.”

“Well, well, well! What have we here? Looks like I caught myself a pair of lovebirds!”

Neither Craig nor I said a word. My heart beat must have doubled. I was so embarrassed, and terrified of the consequences. My parents would kill me if they found out, and I had no idea how much trouble I was in.

“O.K., you two. Get up!”

Craig stood up. I was frozen like a deer in the headlights when the cop bellowed “You too, missy, get up!”

I finally complied with his order. He was still shining the flashlight directly at us. “Move your hands, doll; let me get a good look at ya!”

I felt so ashamed, standing there stark naked before the police officer. I lowered my head as I felt his stares up and down my nude body. He stared for what felt like an eternity before he spoke again.

“What’s you name?” he asked my boyfriend.

“Craig Olsen” he replied.

“Craig, get in the back of the squad car!” he boomed as he opened the back seat of his car. Craig’s legs were shaking as he followed the orders. “I heard reports of some maniac running around naked. Jesus, what an idiot you are.

“And who are you?” the officer asked me.

“Miranda Wells” I replied.

I was shaking with nervousness as he continued to eye my body. I covered my pussy with one hand and my breasts with my free arm.

“Put your hands behind your back!” he ordered me. I quickly complied. I was totally shocked when he put a pair of handcuffs on me. The steel felt cold on my wrists, and I realized I could no longer cover my nudity at all with my hands firmly cuffed behind my back.

He made me get into the back of the squad car next to Craig and then he quickly shut the door. Craig and I were sitting side by side in the back seat of the squad car. For some reason the cop never handcuffed Craig. Craig put his hand on my knee and said “It’s all right, baby. This can’t be a very serious offense; at the most we’ll get a ticket.”

“What about our parents?” I replied.

“We are both 18, so I don’t think they have a legal right to tell our parents anything.” Craig tried to reassure me.

I looked down. My knees were shaking in fear. I had never gotten into any trouble with the law; now I was naked, handcuffed, and locked into the back of a police car. I was terrified. The seat felt hot on my bare ass. The police officer walked around the front of the car and got into the drivers seat.

“What should I do with you two?” he asked rhetorically as he turned off the squawking scanner. Neither Craig nor I had any response to his question; we just sat there silently.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to take you into the station to write you up.” The officer informed us.

“What kind of trouble are we in?” Craig asked.

“That’s up to the judge to decide. I’m thinking we should be able to get some jail time for you two.”

“Jail time!” I screamed. “What we were doing didn’t harm anyone. How much jail time?” I screamed.

“30 days, plus fines and court costs” the officer answered.

“You can’t be serious!” Craig yelled.

“Oh yes I can! You two have been caught red-handed by an officer of the law having sex in public. I admit I don’t have all the legal mumbo jumbo right in front of me, but we don’t take public sex lightly around these parts. Well, let’s get this show on the road!”

The cop started the engine and the car started to move. I was naked in the back seat, handcuffed and humiliated, and we were heading out on the road towards the highway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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