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Celebrating Four Months Together

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Four months to the day.

I still remember our first kiss. The first time I pressed my lips against hers and tasted her sweet succulent mouth. I remember our first date, our first dance, the first time we lied in the sand as the waves crashed against our feet.

I really wanted to do something special for Nicole. So I told her I had to work today with the intention of sneaking up on her and suprising her. That was a stupid idea. She was really upset that we wouldn’t be spending all of our special day together. So she went to sleep last night foregoing our usual bed time play.

I woke up rock hard, throbbing and leaking. I just wanted to jam my cock inside her so badly. She must have felt it wedged between her ass cheeks as I cuddled her.

“Happy anniversary baby,” I said giving her a kiss.

“Don’t you need to go to work?” she asked as she left the bed.

Yes, great idea indeed. I got ready for the imaginary day of work I planned for myself as Nicole was eating breakfast. I placed a card with money inside on the table in front of her.

“Go and do some shopping cutie,” I said as she enthusiastically opened the card.

“Thanks baby,” she replied giving me a huge kiss.

I left the house and hid in the bushes. It was about an hour before Nicole finally left. She jumped in the car with a huge smile and drove off. I then brushed off all the leaves and headed back inside.

Now I had to wait for Nicole to come back from shopping. I left her a generous sum of money so she was going to be a while. So what was I going to do? Even if she did finish early she knew that I didn’t usually finish work until late in the afternoon. Perhaps she would wait until the afternoon to return home. I was starting to regret my idea but knew I had to follow it through if I was to give her a day to remember.

I purposely placed the next part of the novel I was writing on the bench. She had been waiting a few days for the next chapter and I knew she would be excited to see it. I wrote a small note on it explaining that I had popped in for a bit to fetch some CDs for work and left out part of the story for her to read. I then sat by the window waiting for Nicole to return.

It wasn’t long before I started to get bored so almanbahis I watched an afternoon movie. About mid way through the movie I heard the sound of a key unlocking a door. It was Nicole. I very quickly left the room and hid under the table that I sat the story on.

Nicole didn’t read the story straight away. She went into the bathroom to have a quick shower and change into something more comfortable. How I wanted to pounce on her in the shower and fuck her until we were both sweating and panting heavily. Although I knew I had to wait.

Eventually she left the bathroom and made her way to where I was hiding. I watched Nicole’s sexy legs make their way to the table. She sat down in front of me and began to read the story. I could see straight up the short skirt she was wearing. She had a nice pair of purple panties that I could see occasionally as she changed the way she sat, from crossing her legs, to opening them, to crossing them again.

My cock almost tore a hole in my jeans trying to free itself but I knew I had to wait patiently for at least another minute to give the surprise I had worked so hard for – pun intended.

Not being able to contain my urges anymore I gently and slowly extended my finger and ran it very lightly against her shin. She kicked her leg as a reflex and nearly gave my game away. Luckily enough I was able to avoid it.

Once again I ran my finger down her shin, this time a little bit harder. She uncrossed her legs and looked under the table. Upon realising what was going on she gave me a playful kick.

I grabbed her foot and sucked her toes one by one, massaging her foot as I did this. I made exaggerated sucking sounds to let her know that I was also feeling pleasure by the taste of her skin in my mouth. I then moved onto the other foot and did the same. Nicole was starting to moan quietly with pleasure as I massaged, sucked and kissed all part of her feet.

I slowly kissed up her shins and the inside of her calves, leaving the occasional love bite as I worked my way up her legs. Using my hands I massaged her thighs as I continued to kiss her shins and calves.

Nicole spread her legs wider in anticipation and I could already smell the sweet aroma of her pussy through her panties. Part almanbahis giriş of me wanted to tear them off and fuck her madly, but I knew I had to do this right.

I kissed slowly up her thighs as I massaged them with my hands up higher. As I got to the top of them Nicole grabbed my head and started rubbing it against her panties. I lifted my head higher and started to kiss her belly button madly.

She played with my hair hard but not hard enough to hurt me as I kissed in and around her sweet belly button. She slid her chair back so I could move out from under the table. I slid forward and continued to kiss her belly button like it was her mouth. Varying between long kisses, short pecks, and using my tongue a lot.

I lifted up her top and started kissing up her stomach. She took her top off and also her bra. I gave her breasts a massage with my hands as I continued to kiss her stomach. She started caressing my face and hair as she moaned with pleasure.

I gradually worked my mouth up to her breasts and started to suck on the left one. I ran my tongue around her nipples in circles before paying attention the the right one. Her nipples were already hard before I got there but I still paid them a lot of attention. I kissed her perky breasts all over, squeezing as much in my mouth as would fit. I would then run my tongue all over them, take a breath, and do the same for the other one.

I then started to kiss my way slowly to Nicole’s stomach. As I did this she pushed the chair to the side and laid down on the carpet. I kissed my way down to her belly, and then to the top of her pelvis.

I lifted up her skirt and bit onto her panties and tried to loosen them with my teeth. She lifted her ass to make it easier and I slid them down past her warm moist pussy and to the top of her thighs. I then removed them with my hands and sat in front of her as I pulled them past her feet and tossed them cheekily aside.

She took off her skirt and threw it aside before parting her legs in anticipation as I moved head first past her shins, past her thighs, and in front of her sexy pussy. The aroma was very inviting as I started to lick up the juices she had made for me. I gave her pussy several licks in an upward direction before I almanbahis yeni giriş started to kiss it gently. I varied the kisses from long pashes to small pecks. I made sure all parts of her pussy was being pleasured.

As I kissed her pussy I made sure I used a lot of tongue action and swallowed up all the juices she was making. I then ran my tongue in circles around her clit before running my mouth up and down her slit again.

I pressed the tip of my tongue against the entrance of her pussy and gently inserted it. I pressed it in a little bit at a time until it was part way in. I then started to tongue fuck her at a nice and slow pace. Nicole started moaning heavily as she thrusted back. I used one hand for support and the other to rub her clit.

She gripped my head firmly and rubbed her hands all over my hair and face. I could tell she wanted my throbbing hard cock inside her, and the juices that were brewing up in my balls.

I sat back and unbuttoned my jeans. I then took them off and saw her eyes light up as my cock sprung out. She licked her lips in excitement. I kicked off my pants and boxers and then moved between her legs.

I laid on top of her gently and started kissing her gently. In the middle of a long kiss I pressed the tip of my cock against her pussy. She sucked my face as she tried to hold back a gasp. I inserted my cock a little bit more with each thrust as I settled into a moderate rhythm.

I reached down one of my hands and rubbed her clit as I fucked her. The other hand I used to caress her hair, face and breasts. I kissed her neck between long kisses as she gasped for air to let out moans and squeals of pleasure and excitement.

We started to make sloshing sounds as I picked up the pace. I slammed my cock in as far as it will go with each thrust, feeling my balls slam against her ass.

I fucked her faster and faster, still rubbing her clit at a gentle and slow pace. Nicole began to clench tight and I knew she was going to explode. I also got the feeling that my cock was about to erupt.

I pushed my cock in as far as it would go and exploded jet after jet of thick warm cum deep inside her pussy. She climaxed all over my cock mid way through my orgasm.

I then collapsed on her chest and kissed her breasts gently as we both panted heavily.

“Happy anniversary,” I said between kisses.

“Happy anniversary to you too sexy,” she replied.

Twice today I had spent hiding in a bush. That was the better one.

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