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Celebration Ch. 02

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She continues to drive and observe us as we make out in the back seat. After a few moments, she tells me that we have arrived at our destination, and I tell you that we must get dressed again. She parks in the hotel garage and waits for us to get decent. When we are ready, she opens the door and we enter the hotel, skipping the registration desk and following her to the elevators.

As we wait for the elevator, you stand behind me, pressing your newly excited cock firmly against me. Taking a half step forward, I discreetly reach my hand around behind me to rub it gently, teasingly. This makes you grunt slightly and move to press yourself against me again, wanting more satisfying contact with my body. You snake your hand up under my dress in an attempt to squeeze my ass, but before you can get very far, the elevator door opens and a large party of people begins to exit.

When they are gone, the three of us enter the elevator and she presses the button for the top floor. As the elevator zooms up to the top level of the hotel, you watch in amazement as I turn to our driver and kiss her again, pressing her sensuous body between mine and the wall of the elevator. She and I are lost in each other, quite aroused, and you can already smell our scents mingling in the small space we occupy.

Suddenly, the door opens and we are jolted from our embrace. We quickly exit the elevator and she leads us to the suite I have reserved.

She opens the door and Eskort when we are inside, hangs the Privacy sign on the door and sets the deadbolt.

There is sensual music softly playing, and there are candles and champagne waiting. I tell you that I want you to sit on the couch in the seating area. You do, and I sit in one of the chairs next to the couch.

The limo driver then comes to me and kisses me again. She has removed her cap and jacket, and you can see for the first time that she is bra less, her dark nipples showing beneath her white shirt. She looks at me and I nod.

She comes to you and sits to straddle your lap on the couch.

I tell you that you may not touch her just yet. She begins to move her hips to the music, grinding her pantiless pussy against the overwhelmingly excited cock in your pants. You are sitting in stunned silence as she lifts her skirt, letting you watch as she uses her fingers to rub her clit and stimulate her vagina. She puts her wet fingers to your mouth, letting you taste her once again.

You struggle to keep your hands at your sides and your hips involuntarily thrust repeatedly upward toward her waiting snatch.

You can feel her juices soaking the crotch of your pants as she continues to drive you mad this way.

I stand now, and move behind her.

I ask you if you are ready to see her naked now. You answer yes, and reach up to unbutton her blouse. I remind you that you are not to touch her and you return your hands to your sides.

As she continues to ride you this way, I take a handful of her hair and pull her head back, kissing her hotly as our tongues intertwine. Then I release her head and reach under her arms and around to the front. I slowly unbutton her blouse for you, taking my time to reveal her spectacular tits to you. I pull the blouse from her body and bend to suck her nipples, biting them just hard enough to make her gasp softly and grind into you more wantonly.

I tell her that I want to remove her skirt now, and she stands on the couch with her feet on either side of your legs.

Doing this pins your hands between her feet and your thighs, and you watch hungrily as I unzip the back of the skirt. It falls from her, revealing her smooth pussy literally “right in front of your eyes”.

I tell her that it is her turn to experience what you can do with your mouth, and she lowers herself onto your face.

Her knees rest on the back of the couch as you work to pleasure her honey pot. She uses her fingers to open her twat for you and grinds it firmly around and up and down over your face.

During all this, I have begun to rim her, using my tongue and fingers to pleasure her tight, sensitive anus. Our attentions are well rewarded when her moaning turns to a scream of pure ecstasy. I reach up to help support her quaking body as she surrenders to an incredible orgasm.

As she finishes, she steps down from the couch and sits beside you on the couch. I have undressed now, and step up to take her place on the couch. As you begin to lick my juices, you feel her hands at your zipper. The relief you feel at finally having your aching cock released from your pants is unreal. After all this time, her touch is electric, making your dick practically jump into her hands.

You moan and mutter into my pussy as she takes you in her steaming mouth and begins to expertly perform fellatio on you.

Looking down, I can see her red head sexily bobbing up and down on your dick. I tell her to make sure she sucks your balls too, and I feel your body quiver as she does this to you. Watching you both, and the feeling of your tongue on my cunt is too much for me, and I hiss loudly to you that I am cumming and I buck my hips against your slick face as my orgasm explodes over me.

When I am finished, I get off the couch and move down to kneel beside her in front of you. She releases you from her mouth, and I take her place. Then, she joins me as we both run our tongues and lips over every inch of your lovely cock and balls. In a few minutes, we are both rewarded as you grunt lustfully and spew your hot cum over both our faces.

Happy, relaxed, and spent for the moment, you watch as her and I kiss again, savoring the taste of you on each other.

Now, I tell you it’s your turn to sit in one of the chairs, and she and I get on the couch and continue to explore each other. You can hardly wait to see what (or who) cums next……

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