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Changing Rooms Pt. 01

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Chris is my boyfriend and we were going out shopping. We went to a store and I found this wonderful velvet blue dress. There was no one around the changing rooms, Chris was the first to notice.

‘Babe,’ he said squeezing my ass secretly, ‘there’s no one around the changing rooms. Wanna show me some ass in that dress?’ He bit his lip as he looked down at my ass.

‘Ok babe, hold on. I wanna find a good swimsuit too’ I giggled and pulled his hand toward the swim suit area. And i was looking threw a few turquoise bikinis.

‘What about this one babe?’ I turned to find Chris holding a pair of thongs and a top that only covered my nipples.

‘I guess we can try them out in the changing rooms.’ I blushed as he put his hand on my waist and we walked towards the rooms.

‘Sorry Miss. Only 1 person per stall.’ The man said and gave me a card that said 2 on it. I looked towards Chris and he just nodded. So i went ahead to a stall that was far away from the exit and started stripping and got the dress on. It avrupa yakası escort bayan was an off shoulder so i took off my bra and it was really tight on me that you could see my boobs wanting to burst out. There was a zipper in the back that i couldnt reach, so i got an idea to bring him in.

‘Babe,’ i called from the changing room, ‘come help me with this zipper.’ He knocked on the door and i opened it slightly enough to have him slip in. He first gasped and stared at my reflection from the mirror. He grabbed my waist and pulled the zipper up. Then he pressed his crotch against me and i could feel him so hard. He raised his hands to my boobs and my nipples were hard and poking out. He squeezed them and started kissing my neck. It took all of me not to moan. I reached back and felt his dick so hard from beneath his pants.

I undid his pants and i started caressing his dick while he squeezed my boobs really hard. He stopped and unzipped my dress. I wiggled bahçeşehir escort bayan out of it and squatted infront of his 8 inch hard cock, already wet with precum. I licked the tip of the head and he shivered while he quietly groaned. I giggled and pushed 6 inches into my mouth and gagged loudly. I pulled out quickly and covered my mouth and blushed. He softly laughed and played with my hair.

After 5 mins and no one coming to check on us, i started sucking. He backed up to the side of the changing rooms and bit his lip. After he cummed a lot in my mouth, i managed to swallow it all and he just stood there in awe. I stood up and kissed him.

‘I have to swallow all the evidence babe.’ I whispered and smiled on his lips. He smiled back with pure love in his eyes. He pushed me against the other wall and shoved me down to the stool. He slipped my panties off and slipped one finger into my wet pussy. After thrusting a few times he pulled it out bakırköy escort bayan and sucked his fingers. He took his shirt off noticing my struggle to not moan and rolled it up and stuffed it in my mouth. He smirked at my shock then put his attention back to my glistening pussy.

He licked it once and looked into my eyes before saying, ‘Babe, you taste so sweet. I want you so bad.’ He bit his lip and i nodded his permission. His cock was still rock hard when he slipped it in me and pulled it out. He pulled my stool to the middle of the changing room and made me lay back. I put my hands onto his shoulders. He pushed his dick in and started thrusting. My boobs were following the movement until his hand grabbed my right boob and started playing with my clit.

He groaned softly and thrust a few really strong blows before he pulled out his dick and squirted all over my boobs and on my stomach. He leaned over me while holding my back. His dick was resting on my stomach and clit.

He panted and kissed me deeply with tongue before he whispered, ‘Babe, (pant pant) your so tight (pant pant).’ I giggled at his panting and we heard a knock on the door. I could feel his body tense against mine.

‘I guess this one is occupied too.’ We heard muttering from outside and we relaxed. I pulled his shirt out of my mouth as he pulled us upward. He put on his shirt and i got my purse to pull out a towel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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