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Charlotte Gets Half Her Man

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She dropped him while I stood by and watched, waited. I wanted him, all of him. He ignored me for the most part those few years they were together. There was a group of us that floated around him, I just happened to room with his best friend, Carrie. She’d drifted away from our group since then, moved to another town. I became less familiar because of it, more of a constant background character as they lived their lives around me. I waited for him.

She left him in my bedroom. It was his birthday party, somehow they ended up in my room, maybe he proposed to her…I never found out exactly. But she left the next morning, off to a new job and new city. I couldn’t talk to him, Carrie consoled him in our living room, I just sat by and listened.

I tried to talk to him as much as I could those next few months. We didn’t talk about anything that mattered at first, but eventually he gave in, and we became friends. We talked about his ex-girlfriend mostly, sometimes we went out. Usually, a group of us would go out.

He wanted me to grow my hair long when it was short. He hadn’t said it outright, just a general statement about what he desired in a female. I grew it down to my back while he dated other girls that year. I grew my hair long for him. He paid more attention when I lightened my hair, he liked it more blond than red. He came over for no reason sometimes. But we were out at a bar when our relationship really began–he wasn’t drunk yet, he left the guys to come over and sit with me and talk:

“What you doing over here, Charlotte?” Lauren had already abandoned me to flirt with her sometimes boyfriend, Matty.

“Waiting for you come talk to me, Timmy.” He smiled, he wasn’t easy.

“I want to drink so much tonight that I won’t be able to make out my feet from the floor.” I’d only seen him that drunk a couple times.

“I wish you wouldn’t.” I had a tough time figuring him out. He was leaning on my table, just staring at me. He reached up and played with a strand of my hair in his fingers.

“I like your hair long, Lotte.” My face flushed.

“Thanks, Timmy. Sit down and have a drink with me.” He sat and waived over a waitress we knew, ordered me something fruity. He was sweet, he never was mean even when he did ignore me. But I was nervous when I was with him and he wasn’t nervous around me at all. We had a few drinks and he said he had to go play pool in the back room. I found Lauren and we talked for the next hour, mostly about her and Matty though.

Tim reappeared with the other guys we usually went out with. He was drunk but not sloppy yet, they asked us if we wanted to do shots with them. Lauren said she’d only do one or two, I didn’t want to, but agreed anyway.

“Come here, Charlotte.” Tim handed me a shot, I put my purse down and picked up a lime. We did two in a row, he was asking the bartender for a third.

“Tim, I don’t want to drink anymore, I feel silly.” He studied me, said ‘Okay’ then did two more himself.

“Timmy, I don’t want you to get sick. Please, slow down.” He didn’t do the third.

“What you wanna do then, Lotte?” I was nervous, he was paying more attention to me than usual.

“We can go for a walk, it’s nice out tonight.” He said he would, I picked up my purse and walked back to the table with the rest of our friends. He told them we were gonna go; the guys smiled, Matty winked at him. I felt a little embarrassed by it. He grabbed my arm and guided me outside. I felt a little thrill at the way he held me. We went down to the river walk.

“You done drinking, Lotte?”


“Okay, me too.” He stood over me, almost a foot taller. I was two years younger, but we were in our twenties, so age didn’t really matter. He was going to kiss me, I could feel it, I was so excited. We’d gotten to this point a number of times before, but he’d usually hug me or just back off and smile. I really wanted him to just kiss me already.

“I miss Carrie, I wonder what she does now on Saturday nights? I’m glad you didn’t disappear with her.” I didn’t say anything. He stroked my cheek and finally kissed me sweet on the lips. I kissed him back with all my pent up desire, he put his tongue in my mouth. I pretty much melted with his arms around my waist. We made out for a good twenty minutes, my arms around his neck grew tired while he pressed me to him.

“Charlotte, wanna go home with me?” We were both borderline sloppy, but I didn’t think we were too drunk for the sex to not be meaningful. He called a cab, held my hand all the way back to his house. He stopped and looked at me when we walked into his house.

“Lotte, I want to sleep with you, but I can’t promise it’ll turn into anything more.” I didn’t care, it was exactly what I wanted, all of him.

“I know, Tim.” He kissed me needy, tore at my clothes; it was so exhilarating that I could care less that he was ruining my new blouse. It seemed like forever since I’d slept with a guy. Now I was with the guy I’d wanted for so long, naked on his living bahçelievler escort room floor. He didn’t even stop to turn the lights on. He took me on the rug, humped me, bit my breast. We were like two animals. I knew I’d have some yucky carpet burns and bruises after, but I was so charged, he felt so good on top of me that I didn’t give it a second thought.

I was moaning, loud, I’d never been a moaner. But his penis reached something new, drew all the tension out of me. I knew he was going to cum in me without protection. I was nervous but never intended to stop him. I hoped that I hadn’t missed any pills in the last few weeks. My breasts were crushed against his chest as he fucked me furiously, he sucked on my neck, tongue, held my hair in his hand. He was heat, my head and pussy both throbbed. He drove himself into me, I felt his scrotum against my ass, he came hard, exploded in me. I pulled him down to kiss, he wasn’t present. I wiggled around while he lay on me, seemingly spent, I hadn’t come yet.

“Let’s go up to my room, Lotte.” He kissed my cheek, stood up, helped me up on my wobbly legs. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck, massaged my ass in his hands. I felt his semen on my inner thigh, it had begun to run out of me and down my leg. He took my hand and lead me upstairs to his bed. He picked a shirt up off his floor and wiped the semen from my leg and puss.

“Get on your hands and knees, Lotte.” I thought he’d just do me doggie, I got up and presented my ass to him. He spread my ass and pussy, I shivered when I felt his breath against my naked lips. They were small, shaved, had to be pulled apart to see pink. His tongue worked his way into my used opening, flickered around my clit.

Then he did something I’d never experienced before, he ran his tongue up my perineum and into my crack. It was so taboo, I would have never expected a guy to do that to me. It felt so dirty and exciting when he flickered his tongue over my little pucker.

My breathing got heavier as he kissed my ass cheeks and ran his wet tongue down my sweaty crack and anus. I didn’t want him to stop, he began rubbing my lips and clit with his fingers while he ate my ass. I wondered what it tasted like, probably bitter, salty, some pussy from when we were fucking. I saw it coming from a mile away. He rubbed my clit harder when he first felt me start to convulse, dug his tongue a good inch into my asshole, swirled it around in there. I came so hard, fucking just about blacked out, my chin fell to the bed, ass still in his face.

“That was amazing, Tim.” My legs were still shaking as he got up to mount me from behind. He pushed himself into me and began to gently fuck me as I recovered from my orgasm, his pelvis hitting my ass cheeks, the bed knocking against the wall.

“Your pussy is tight, Lotte, I won’t last very long.” He began driving himself into me harder, reached around with his chest against my back to grope my tits. He squeezed my nipples a little too hard, I squeaked when he was too rough. He rutted into me at a fairly constant pace, I came when he moved a hand down to rub my clit into me.

I was a mess, he pulled me to the edge of the bed so he could stand and fuck me. I felt him wrap my hair around his hand, he drove into me even harder, deeper than he’d gotten on the living room rug in missionary. I wasn’t exactly comfortable with his hold on my hair, but I liked when he drew me to him for kisses. He spanked me with his other hand a few times, harder than I would have liked, but I was so turned on by his constant penetration that I could only think of coming again.

“Your ass is so sexy, Lotte.” He didn’t warn me, just wiggled a wet digit into my anus with his free hand. It was uncomfortable at first, but he didn’t go very deep, maybe two inches in. I did enjoy the fullness of it though, his dick filling my vagina and finger rubbing around the inside of my asshole.

All of a sudden he stopped, pulled out of me with his cock and finger. I whimpered, felt empty, moved back to find him to fill me again. I felt him tug me into a sitting position, he wasn’t exactly rough, just firm. I saw his glistening penis in front of my face, I knew what he wanted, opened my mouth as he guided himself in. The taste was new to me, pussy, my pussy. His dick was saturated by my vagina. I licked and sucked, tried to take him into my mouth but gagged with just a little more than the head in. He didn’t fuck my face or try to choke me, just pulled out from time to time and told me to suck his balls. That wasn’t as knew, I’d done that before.

Finally, he released my hair and pushed me onto my back. I spread my legs obediently, pulled them up to my sides, presented my sex to him. He lay on me, sucked one of my plump, pert tits, rubbed his straining erection over my oozing slit. My mouth tasted like my pussy and his dick, but he didn’t seem to mind, he kept attacking my lips with his.

I told him to put his bahçeşehir escort cock back in, between kisses. I thought he wanted to suck my tongue out of my mouth. I’d never felt so possessed by a man, I wanted to give him everything. He held my cheek and kissed me sweet, then placed his cock at my entrance and pushed in until his balls were against my ass. He rested for a moment, stared into me, then got up on his elbows and began fucking me harder than he had the whole night.

“Ahh, oooh…fucking Christ, Tim!” He pretty much pounded into me for the next 10-15 minutes without a real pause. He’d only slow the slightest before fucking me with a renewed energy. My toes curled, my muscles clenched and burned from the pounding he was giving me. I came once then twice, then came a few times on top of each other, it was ridiculous. When he came he lost all control, buried himself in me and groaned as he blasted my insides with his spunk. We sucked face until my lips felt as sore and bruised as my pussy. When he removed his penis I felt sad, like a part of me had just left.

“That was great, Lotte.” I agreed. It felt so heavenly to be wrapped up in his arms before we fell asleep in his bed.

The next morning was a little awkward. I woke up and waited for him to. When he got up he pulled me to him for a kiss, I didn’t know what to say. I loved him.

“You were great last night, Charlotte.” He lay over me, felt my body, kissed my neck. He was straining against me under the sheet, fully aroused.

“I loved it, Timmy.” He ran a finger up and down my slit. I was wet again in no time. He just pushed in with little effort, watched me as we fucked more gentle than the night before. I was sore but wasn’t going to pass up a chance to be one with him again. He came in me after a few minutes.

“Wanna go take a shower, Lotte?” I nodded, followed him into his bathroom. I felt more naked in the daylight getting into the shower with him. He seemed to study me closer. He soaped up my body, breasts, pussy, ass. I was entirely aroused by the time it was my turn to wash him. He had such a nice body, great chest and stomach, strong back, beautiful penis. He was hard, pretty much the whole time. He fucked me standing, my back pressed against the tiles. We had to wash each other again to get clean, the water was freezing by the time we stepped out.

I stood and he toweled me off, I was afraid of being without him. I tried to kiss him more, but he was trying to get dressed, would chuckle and tell me we had to get dressed.

“Lotte, I’ll drive you home.” I was sad we couldn’t have breakfast together or something, but he kissed me sweet when I got out of his car at my house, told me he’d call me. He called a few nights later.

“Hey, Lotte.”

“Hey, Tim.” I was nervous.

“I had a great time with you the other night.” I told him I did too.

“Can I come over and see you tonight?” I was excited, I said yes, hung up and got ready. I figured he’d take me out to dinner or something. When I opened the door I kind of jumped him, hugged him. He came in and sat down.

“You want something to drink?” I got him a beer, sat next to him on the couch, looked into his eyes. He didn’t say much.

“Timmy, you wanna watch a movie or go out or something?” He looked nervous.

“I actually came by to make sure we were cool, you know?” I nodded, but I wasn’t sure what he meant.

“Yeah, of course.” I leaned in and kissed him, he smiled but pulled back.

“Charlotte, I want to be honest with you. I’m still in love with Jana.” His ex-girlfriend. It sort of felt like someone dropped a lead weight on my chest when he said that. I just nodded.

“Are you gonna get back together with her?” He shook his head.

“I don’t think there’s any chance of that.” So, why can’t we be together?

“Are you seeing someone else?” He shook his head.

“I don’t want to lead you on, you know? I care about you, but I’m not ready to be in a relationship.”

“Okay.” He stroked my cheek and kissed me, I kissed him back. We ended up making out then having sex on the couch. I felt better when he left than when he came. It seemed like he was fighting being in a relationship with me, but would eventually give in.

The next weekend we were out drinking with a bunch of our friends. It was fun at first, but as the night wore on he paid less attention to me. I was fine with him flirting with other girls, but he was drinking too much.

“Timmy, please drink some water, you’ve had a bunch of shots in a row.” He smiled and told me he was fine. He walked away, I didn’t want to seem like I was acting like his girlfriend so I left him alone. I was bored so I told everyone I was leaving, he wasn’t around so I didn’t bother searching for him. When I was out on the street waiting for my cab he appeared, grabbed my arm and turned me to him.

“Hey, Lotte, where you going?”


“How come?”

“Got sick of bakırköy escort drinking.” He was glassy eyed, but he wasn’t an unattractive sloppy yet. I let him kiss me and fondle me for a few minutes.

“Come back inside, we’ll dance.”

“I’d rather just go home.” He kissed my ear.

“Can I come too?” He had pretty much ignored me the whole night.

“No, but you should go home and get some rest.” He held my waist underneath my sweater.

“I need you tonight, Lotte. You’re so sexy, I didn’t want to lead you on…wanted to kiss you since I saw you walk in.”

“You don’t make any sense, Tim.” He rubbed my lower back, I was melting a little.

“Can I go home with you, Charlotte? I need you, you take good care of me.” I let him get in the cab with me. He had his hands on me all the way home and into my bedroom. I didn’t want to make a stand and demand that he make some sort of commitment to me, I was still pretty buzzed and incredibly horny.

He flipped my skirt up, spun me around and pulled my thong down. He buried his nose in my ass and planted his mouth over my pussy. I came after about a minute of that, swiveled my hips around his face. He came up for air, juice running down his chin. He devoured my mouth, worked two fingers into my cunt while I pulled his shirt off.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out, Lotte.” He pushed me back on the bed, pulled his pants down and lay over me.

“Timmy, you can’t keep cumming in me, you have to wear a condom.” He suckled my breast and neck, stroked my cheek.

“I’ll take care of you if you get pregnant, Lotte. We’ll have a baby.” I was incredibly aroused and frightened. What would he do if I really got pregnant–would he make a good daddy, want to marry me? He fucked me, came in me twice, wanted to put it in my butt but I pushed him off before he really got in.

“I didn’t really want to put it in your bum, Lotte, just wanted to see if you’d let me.” I pouted, he was holding me and kissing me so sweet. I couldn’t figure out why he’d be such a jerk one minute and a good guy the next.

“I let you try, it hurt and I don’t want to do it again.” He said we wouldn’t.

“I want to see you with another girl, Lotte. I’ve been hanging out with this girl, Tori, she’s always talking about threesomes, it’d be so sexy sharing you with her.”

“Who’s that?” He told me she was a stripper he met through Matty’s sister, said they went out a few times.

“You slept with her?” I was getting sick to my stomach.

“Only a few times, she’s not half as good or sexy as you. She has fake breasts, doesn’t care about anything but money–just a really dumb girl.” I pushed him away, told him to get out of my bed. He said he was sorry, pulled me on top of him. I cried into his neck while he stroked my naked back and whispered that I was special to him. He was treating me like a bitch, but I couldn’t help that I loved him.


Carrie had come home to throw me a birthday party. It was exciting, everyone came over, we were just waiting for Timmy. He’d taken me out to dinner the night before, he seemed like he wanted to get serious. My excitement died when he arrived with the stripper he’d told me he’d been seeing. She did have fake tits, they were a little bigger than mine, but clearly silicone or whatever.

“Happy Birthday, Charlotte.” He hugged me, the stripper touched my arm, I wanted to vomit. She wasn’t dressed overtly stripper-ish, but if I hadn’t already known her occupation I think I could of guessed from her ridiculous heels and cheap skirt. She talked a lot, everyone was interested in her stripper stories, I wasn’t amused, felt neglected at my own party. At least Carrie knew what was happening, she dragged Tim aside for like a half-hour and when he came out he wanted to talk to me.

“Hey, Lotte, let’s go in your room. I wanna give you your present.” I thought about telling him to fuck off home with his little stripper friend. He was dressed nice, smiling as we sat on my bed. He pulled out a wrapped rectangle from his pocket, handed it to me.

“What’d you get me, Timmy?” He shrugged. I opened it, a jewelry box, and inside was a pretty necklace.

“I picked it out for you.” It was a thoughtful, meaningful gift. I hugged him and kissed his cheek. He helped me clasp my new necklace, sneakily kissed the back of my neck. He was supposed to be mine.

“Timmy, I don’t want her at my party.” He was quiet for a bit.

“She’s not important to me, you are.”

“Why’d you bring her then?”

“I’ll take her home, spend the night with you.” I went back down stairs, he left with the stripper.


I was half-asleep on my couch when he came back, everyone but Carrie had gone, she was in her old bedroom probably passed out. He knelt in front of me, rubbed my bare arm.

“Hey, Lotte, want me to take you to your bed?” I nodded. He picked me up and carried me upstairs and put me in my bed. I grabbed his neck and pulled him in with me, kissed him hard on the mouth.

“Timmy, why don’t you want to be with me?” He was breathing heavy, inches from me.

“I can’t keep away from you… I’ve been trying my hardest to get you to hate me, Lotte.” Tears began welling in my eyes.


“Because I’m not good enough for you. I can’t get over Jana, can’t be the guy you deserve.” I hugged him to me and cried.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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