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Chastity’s Lessons Ch. 05

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The next day Chastity was unable to make it out to see Jeremy, which made her sad, but she was a little afraid of him putting his big black cock into her poor little asshole, so she wasn’t that sad. In fact, she wondered if she would be able to find the courage to go out to his next lesson even when her father DID go out and leave her home alone.

She was surprised that evening, as she prepared for bed, when Jeremy walked into her room and closed the door.

“What are you doing?!” she hissed, “My father’s home!”

“I know,” he grinned at her, taking off his shirt — her heart thumped in her chest as she took in his broad, muscular dark chest with its wiry hair. It took little more than the sight of him, after she hadn’t had any sexual relief all day, for her loins to start moistening.

He stepped in front of her, tilting her chin up to look at him as she sat in front of her mirror in her nightgown, “But I couldn’t wait any longer.”

Then he kissed her, pulling her up out of the chair and holding her tightly in his arms. Chastity kissed him back, feeling deliciously naughty and excited that they were in her room. It felt strange to have her nightgown on in front of another man, even one that had seen her naked so many times, and that excited her as well. Jeremy’s hands bunched at the fabric, pulling it up to her waist and then over her head, only letting it interrupt the kiss for a moment. Then he picked her up, wrapping her legs around his waist, and they continued kissing as he carried her to the bed… Chastity could feel his dick pressing through his trousers into her splayed pussy.

Then he dropped her on her back, she felt the air jolted from her lungs as she lay sprawled before him on her bed. Jeremy grinned and undid his trousers, letting them fall to her floor, his huge black dick pointing straight at her. Chastity’s mouth watered, and she licked her lips as she looked at the cock that had been bringing her so much pleasure during her afternoons in the gardens.

Looking up at Jeremy she asked, “Can you… can we do it the normal way first? Just for a little bit?”

He laughed, and didn’t answer, but hopped up onto the bed with her and lowered his body on top of hers. Chastity felt her soft sheets rubbing against her back and ass as he pressed his cock to her open pussy and she moaned, the new surroundings making everything seem even more erotic. Jeremy began kissing and nuzzling at her breasts as he pushed into her body, biting down on her nipple as he forced more and more of his cock into her barely ready pussy. Because she was only damp, and not truly wet, his dick felt bigger then ever and Chastity moaned and moved her hips with his small thrusts, shuddering to feel her body stretching to accommodate his large cock.

Wrapping her ivory legs around his dark waist, Chastity tried to pull him deeper into her body, knowing that he was far too strong for her to actually have any effect. Jeremy moved at his own pace, moving a little deeper with every thrust, enjoying playing with her soft breasts and nipping at the pale skin. Sucking the upper curve of her breast into his mouth, he bit down a little and sucked hard as he pushed deeper into her body, knowing that he was leaving his mark even as he took her.

Chastity cried out, her back arching with the pleasure of his mouth on Onwin her breast, the slight pain from his teeth… then Jeremy’s dick bottomed out and she could feel their groins pressing together, rubbing against her clit. With a moan, she began to move her hips, shoving his dick in and out of her body while he stayed stationary above her, amused by her need for his black cock.

Then he released her breast from his mouth and wrapped his arms around her as he pulled out and then impaled her, drawing a small shriek from her lips. Chastity writhed underneath him, her hips moving to meet every thrust, her wanton pussy slick with fluid now so that he could slide easily in and out. Jeremy humped on top of her… but this wasn’t what he wanted. He could feel that Chastity was nearing orgasm, and he suddenly pulled off of her.

Letting out a small whine, Chastity reached for him and he shook his head, “Uh uh… turn over.”

She got a little paler with fear as she realized why he wanted her to turn over. Shaking a little, she turned over and got onto her hands and knees on her bed, they sank into the soft mattress a little and Jeremy grabbed two of her pillows from the head of the bed and put them under her body. She realized that if she fell forward — like she had the last time that they’d been in this position — that her ass would still be raised and presented to him.

Jeremy’s breathing was heavy with anticipation behind her, and she moaned with both fear and desire as he caressed her ass, pulling her cheeks apart with his thumbs and lowering his mouth to her only remaining virgin hole. His tongue caressed it, making her nerve endings tingle, and Chastity shivered and moaned, her blonde hair sweeping the bed in front of her as she shook her head.

Then he got up from the bed and got some cream from the nightstand, smiling at her he covered two of his fingers with the cream and got back on the bed behind her. Chastity felt one of his fingers pushing against her tight ass, and she sighed a little as it entered her body… this she was used to. It was a little bit of a stretch, but nothing uncomfortable anymore… then a second finger pushed in and she moaned a little, waving her ass at him. Even though it wasn’t the hole that was clamoring for attention, it felt good to have something moving in and out of her, stretching her in a different way. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.

After a few minutes of watching his dark fingers pushing in and out of her little asshole, Jeremy decided that she was ready enough. He considered adding a third finger, but for some reason it aroused him more that this be a little painful for her… besides, this way her ass would be even tighter.

Coating his dick in the same cream he’d used on his fingers, smiling at the way it left streaks of white across his dark cock, Jeremy lined himself up with her little asshole. It looked so small compared to the head of his cock.

He grinned.

Chastity gasped as he started to push in, his dick was so much bigger than his fingers had been… she could feel her poor asshole straining as it was forced to stretch around his girth, and she let out a low groan.

“Oh please… EEEK!” her plea cut off as his head popped in, and she let out a little gasping sob, her poor ass flexing around the thick shaft… that hurt. Onwin Giriş It felt both stretching and painful, like a cramp that wouldn’t go away. She let out another sobbing gasp as Jeremy pushed a little deeper, his hands steady on her hips… Chastity tried to move forward, away from his advancing cock, but he held her in place.

“It hurts…” she moaned, and then let out a squeal as he slapped a pale ass cheek. That smarted, and took her attention away from her asshole, enough that she barely noticed as Jeremy forced another inch in.

“Quiet,” he told her, “Your Daddy’s home remember?”

Chastity leaned down, resting her weight on her elbows and her head on her hands, putting some sheets in her mouth to muffle her cries. She’d gotten so used to following Jeremy’s instructions that it didn’t even occur to her to protest this invasion of her most intimate area. Instead she just tried not to make too much noise as he pulled out a little and then gently pushed in.

Her whimpers were incredibly hot to Jeremy, knowing that she was taking this cock up her ass just to please him. Feeling a measure of care for her, because of this, he began massaging her ass cheeks, just holding himself inside of her and pulling in and out a little without going deeper to help her get used to it. It worked, and he could both feel and see her body relaxing a little… he took the opportunity to push further into her tight ass, groaning with lust at the way her muscles ripples over his cock, but she definitely seemed much less resistant.

With every passing minute Jeremy worked himself a little deeper between her sweet ivory cheeks, watching with glee as his dark cock disappeared into her body, taking her in the most base way possible… getting his own back for all the years putting up with her parent’s snide comments. And here he was, doing their daughter on her own bed, impaling her ass with his cock. He didn’t fool himself that Chastity was in love with him or anything like that, she was just a curious young girl with an attraction to him… and he enjoyed that. There was some caring between them, but nothing lasting, and he took it for what it was worth.

And right now, it was definitely worth it to see his dick slowly disappearing into that tight, elastic hole.

Groaning with self-restraint, Jeremy shoved deeper, feeling Chastity squeal and clench… he was so close to be totally buried in her sweet ass… he decided to get it over and done with for her instead of drawing it out even more. Pulling out halfway, he shoved all the way home, driving Chastity down on the bed before him. The pillows kept her ass in the air holding it pressed against his groin as her interior muscled massaged his cock, trying to push out the invader.

Chastity let out a little sob beneath him, his cock had almost started feeling good, the strange slick way it glided in and out of her backdoor… her nerve endings felt so sensitive and strange, she hadn’t even known they were there. It was almost pleasurable to be stretched… and now she was so wrapped up in both the pleasure and the pain that she wasn’t sure where one began and the other ended.

As Jeremy drew back and pushed forward, and began fucking her ass — more gently than he had been her pussy, but with steady and strong strokes — Chastity moaned Onwin Güncel Giriş into her sheets. It felt so dirty having him in her ass, so wrong… but at the same time strangely good… her pussy still burned with need, but his dick in her ass seemed to spread sensation through her entire lower region. She pushed back a little as he thrust forward, experimenting, and moaned with the pleasurable pain. Nothing had ever felt like this before, the strange sense of stretching and sliding, her ass clenching down and yet him still pushing through.

Leaning forward, Jeremy rested his weight on her, driving his hips so that he was totally sunk into her asshole, as he reached around and gripped her boobs, squeezing them tightly as he began to ream her. Chastity moaned some more, wiggling underneath him as he moved in and out of her deflowered ass, starting to really get into it.

“That’s it,” he murmured, nibbling on the back of her ear as his fingers found her nipples, starting a chain reaction that ended with pleasant sensations as her ass rippled around his cock, “Take it little white girl, take that big black cock in your ass.”

Chastity moaned and buck, embedding him further between her cheeks, starting to really get into the depravity and eroticism of the situation. She tried to get her knees back under her, pushing upwards, feeling her wayward orgasm starting to return, but different… a new sensation.

“Oh yes…” she moaned, shifting her ass as he slid in and out of her backdoor, her clit rubbing against the pillows under her hips as his balls slapped against her pussy, “Oh Jeremy fuck my ass… oh god that feels good… it’s so dirty…. Fuck my ass Jeremy, I want you to fuck my ass…”

The more she said it, the more she got into it. Closing her eyes, she gave herself over to the ass-fucking, pushing back as it got harder and harder, neither of them realizing how loud she was getting as Jeremy rode her from behind.

“Fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass,” it became a mantra, spilling from her lips with every thrust, the joy in her voice evident as he worked her closer and closer to fulfillment. It was a strange sensation, a quivering in her being, inside of her ass, feeling Jeremy pushing against something with every stroke, her thighs trembled as she got neared completion.

Gripping her breasts hard, Jeremy started really going at her ass, a hard and brutal tattoo into her darkest hole, feeling elation that he was going to cum inside her, fucking her throughout her entire orgasm. Chastity’s body started to tremble, and her back arched.

Throwing her head back she let out a cry of pure sensual rapture, “OH FUCK MY ASS JEREMY! FUCK IT HARD! OH GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD!”

At that moment, the door to her bedroom opened. With her eyes closed, wrapped in her orgasm and crying out encouragement to her lover, Chastity didn’t even notice.

Jeremy, however, looked, and grinned directly at Chastity’s father as he bucked one last time, his cock exploding into her tight ass, pumping its cream into her darkest hole. At the same time, Chastity cried out with passion, feeling him pulsing inside of her, “OH JEREMY I CAN FEEL IT! CREAM ME! PUT YOUR SWEET CREAM IN MY ASS!”

Letting out his own cry of completion, Jeremy felt the last spurts of his cum filling her tightness, elated that her father — the stern Alexander — was able to see his daughter begging for a black man to cream her ass. Alexander stood in shock in the doorway as Chastity collapsed underneath Jeremy, murmuring happily and wiggling her ass against him as he softened inside of her.

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