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Cheating with Linda

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Fooling around with friends or relatives of your wife or girlfriend is never smart, but all too often these are women that you have frequent contact with, they get a little too comfortable with you, even flirtatious, assuming that you are, safe. I remember once visiting my wife’s sister and brother in law, and she came out prior to going to bed in a revealing shorty night gown and plain white cotton panties. I’d never been sexually attracted to her, but, as she bent over to get a book from a low book shelf I had an instant boner. Nothing ever came of that, but it illustrates how easy it can be for other women who are close to your wife to forget that you are a male.

In college, one of my more serious girl friends was going to college in a large Northern city. We were talking on the phone and she asked me if I would stop by and visit a friend of hers who was really depressed over some issue with her boyfriend; I’m not sure it was anything serious. He was away at ROTC summer camp, she couldn’t talk to him and was just feeling blue. Looking back, I don’t know what my then girlfriend was thinking.

Linda was a hottie, I hadn’t seen my girl friend in over a month and was at that age when all I ever thought about was getting laid…well that’s all I ever think about 35 years later!

Linda was home from college, having a different academic schedule than my girl friend. I called her; she invited me over to her parents’ house—what could possibly happen? Her folks had a rec room in the basement and were not the type to just barge in. Plus, they certainly couldn’t have thought anything was going on. Linda was engaged, I was dating her best friend, they knew their daughter was a little down, no big deal.

Linda was physically as different from etiler escort my girl friend as any woman could be. I was dating a tall, long legged brunette with a full rear, small tits, hair to her waist and an innocent and cute, if not beautiful face. Linda was shorter, probably five three, blond, a very compact and evenly proportioned body, very pretty with a maturity in her eyes that belied her age. She was also flirtatious from the moment I arrived.

We were talking about, of all things, how a guy knows a girl is ready to be kissed. I told her I had always been able to just sense it, and in my experience had never been rebuffed. She was kidding me about my sixth sense, almost daring me. Without a thought I kissed her, and my sixth sense, once again had served me well.

We were quickly in a passionate embrace, ending up on the floor in front of the sofa. She had my pants off in seconds, I relieved her of her panties just as quickly. I was on the floor, my head up under her skirt; she was on top; I had my tongue buried in her sweet little muff, marveling at how tight and firm her 19 year old little butt was. Meanwhile, she was licking and nibbling all around my cock, finally taking me in her mouth. This classic 69 did not last very long; I came in her mouth in seconds, continuing my oral efforts and she came seconds later. We retrieved our garments and sat back on the sofa.

“Did we just have sex?” She queried with a devilish smile.

“Well, yes and no.” I replied. “Look we were both horny as hell, it probably shouldn’t have happened, but it was really nice, wasn’t it?”

We kissed again, and I savored the taste of my own fluid in her warm, wet little mouth. We rationalized that no foul had occurred. I asked gebze escort her if she wanted to come over for dinner some night, we chatted some more and then it was time for me to get going as I had an early work day the next morning. I could say I didn’t know what I expected, but that would be a lie…I definitely knew I wanted to nail Linda.

To make a long story short, she came over for dinner, as flirtatious as ever and I ate that tight little muff on the kitchen counter. She then told me to sit on the counter and proceeded to give me a world class blow job.

Somehow, during dinner we came to the absurd conclusion that as long as we didn’t actually fuck, maybe we weren’t really cheating…right. We started making out again. She suggested that she’d like me to watch her play with her pussy while I jerked off. I suggested we do it completely naked and she agreed. It was hot. I shot my load on her tits and then relieved her sweet little cunt of the incredibly sweet nectar her fingers had produced. It was starting to become addictive, and we began to get together almost every day, becoming bolder with each encounter.

Next time, we got naked almost immediately. She held her legs tightly together and let me fuck her between her firm thighs, cumming on her pussy at the last minute. Another time I just fucked her ass cheeks, jerking my spunk on her back. I fucked her 36 Ds and she took my load in her mouth. I rimmed her brown eye and she finger fucked my butt while sucking me off. Another time she tongued my butt while languorously jerking me off with her soft little hands. But we weren’t really fucking…

Linda wasn’t really into anal, but one night she let me put just the head of my cock into her anal canal and shoot göztepe escort a load inside her rectum at the climax of one of our ‘not-fucking’ encounters. One night she came up with the rationalization that I could stick my dick in her pussy, but as long as I didn’t cum inside her, it would be okay.

That lasted for about three days, when one night as were we’re dry fucking, she blurted out, “This is crazy, just fuck me, cum inside me.” And I did as I was told.

We had crossed the line, and for the next few weeks fucked like bunnies every chance we got. Bluntly, she was a much better fuck then my girl friend. She moved, she’d take the initiative, she genuinely enjoyed sucking cock. She talked dirty. She wasn’t afraid to tell me what she needed. All this came to an end when her fiancée returned from summer camp and my girl friend came home for vacation.

I thought I was home free, although, in truth, the interlude with Linda was making me reevaluate my sex life with my girl friend. Linda avoided me like the plague, and the once occasional double dates we had enjoyed ceased. The tryst with Linda had also encouraged me to get a little more adventurous with my girl friend, but the response was disappointing…she just didn’t have Linda’s slut tendencies and never would. I was getting bored and more distant, and seriously considered breaking up with her, but she beat me to the punch.

Linda never told her boy friend about our escapades, but she did, after several months, tell her best friend, and that pretty well took care of that relationship. The word got around their collective circle of friends; all of their mutual girl friends rallied around the two girls, and I was the ass hole that couldn’t get a date to save me among their group. It was if, I had not only cheated, but forced Linda into the whole thing, which was patently bullshit.

All of these girls had gone to a very exclusive girl’s prep school together and they were the hottest girls in town—and they shunned me like a leper from that day on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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