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Christina Struts Her Stuff

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For several months, my new found love had been taking a fair amount of good-natured ribbing from his friends about the new lady in his life, me. From what Aaron said, as far as his buddies knew, I was nothing more than a twenty-something air-head aerobics instructor he had met at the Y, whose best qualification was that of being a fabulous lay. Little did they know, but this thirty-five year-old was actually the junior partner in one of the largest CPA firms in the area; who happened to find leading an exercise class three evenings a week to be the best way to keep-in-shape. To set them straight, Aaron and I planned a little party to “introduce” me.

The weather on this particular Saturday in late August could not have been more ideal: temperature in the low eighties; clear blue skies; plenty of sunshine and low humidity. As planned, I made my grand entrance by arriving at Aaron’s place about twenty minutes later than the rest of the guests, driving my little brother’s white Jeep Wrangler. As I turned into his driveway, I reached down and hiked-up the hem of my green print mini-dress (well past mid-thigh), to give his buddies sitting on the front porch, a perfectly unobstructed view of my well-toned, nicely-tanned legs.

It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud at all the lewd comments and catty whispers of Aaron’s good buds and their wives as I deliberately fumbled with the seatbelt.

Then to really set things off, I strutted-my-stuff over to my love and treated him to the warmest wet-kiss imaginable. The moment was priceless! Especially when Aaron’s best friend Paul got pounded for saying that I could fuck him silly anytime I wanted.

With our set-up complete – everyone convinced that I was the ultimate ball-of-fluff – it was time to turn the tables on Aaron’s unsuspecting friends. First, was poor old Paul.

“Paul, I’d like you to meet Christina Rice.” Aaron said.

“My pleasure.” he said.

I offered a handshake. Paul took my hand and held it, to his wife, Patti’s, obvious displeasure.

“Christina Rice.” he repeated, “That name’s; familiar.”

“It should be.” I said, in my sexiest voice, “We’ve got a date to see each other next week.”

Patti’s face flushed with anger.

Paul immediately released my hand.

“Relax Patti.” Aaron said, “Its not what you think.”

“That’s right.” I said, my tone turning to that of the professional woman my dear Aaron had come to know and love, “My firm has the contract to audit The Daily Times, and next Tuesday we will be reviewing the expense accounts of Paul’s investigative reporting group. . . .”

And so it went. First the come on; then the slam. It was priceless! Although several of the wives absolutely refused to believe how old I really was (even after I produced my drivers license as proof), my (ahem) quick wit and (obvious) intelligence easily won everyone over. 😉

Anyway, by the time the party began to break up, it was pretty much unanimous that I was the perfect match for Aaron – both intellectually, and otherwise. And in fact, a couple of his friends actually apologized for the comments they had made about me being nothing more than the ultimate plaything. But as for Paul, as he was leaving, he quietly whispered to me that I could still: “Fuck him silly anytime I wanted.” izmir escort bayan But then quickly added, “As long as Patti never finds out.” You should have seen him blush when I whispered back: “Be careful what you ask for. You might just get it!”

Oh well

* * * . By the time everything was cleaned up, and the last remnants of the party were put away, the most glorious sunset imaginable was beginning to unfold across the valley. Aaron and I moved out on to the deck to enjoy it. For a long while we just stood there hand-in-hand staring off into the distance.

“The perfect ending to a perfect day.” I said.

Aaron took me in his arms and stared into my eyes. “Who says the day’s over?”

I smiled my most wicked smile, then treated him to the most sensual wet-kiss imaginable. “I was hoping you weren’t planning to send me home all HOT . . . WET . . . and WANTING.”

Aaron’s hands drifted down to my butt. Slowly he worked the hem of my dress up to my waist. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck. Again I treated him to my most sensual wet-kiss. Teasingly, he traced the path followed by my bright-red thong-panties. I squeezed my thighs tightly together, denying him access to my pussy.

“Not yet.” I said, “There’s something I need to do first.”

“What could be so important?!”


Before Aaron knew what was happening, I had backed him into the house, and up against the dining room table. “Just relax; and enjoy.” Seductively, I tugged down the zipper of his jeans. I then slipped my hand inside and fisted his cock, pulling it free. Slowly, I settled to my knees. My grip tightened. Without warning, I began to jack him off. Then, once more without warning, I stopped. I pressed my lips past the head of his cock, and took him deep into my mouth. My tongue was everywhere. My teeth pressed against his shaft. Roughly, I raked his entire length. My lips danced over the head of his cock. With the palm of my hand, I pinned his shaft upward, against his belt buckle. Using only my tongue, I freed his now-heavy balls. One by one, I took them in my mouth and sucked. My tongue rolled them back and forth. Again, I fisted him. Keeping his balls in my mouth, I began jacking him off again. My hand was a blur. I released his balls, and began devouring his cock. Aaron was near the edge. I knew it. I curled my tongue around his cock and began bobbing up and down his shaft. It was more than he could take. His cock exploded, shooting his load to the back of my throat. Hungrily, I swallowed every drop.

“When you’ve recovered,” I said, licking the last of his cum from my lips, “I’ll be waiting upstairs . . .”

It took Aaron a good ten minutes to recover sufficiently to climb the stairs to the master bedroom. When he stepped inside, I was waiting – still dressed – stretched out in the middle of the bed, with the most erotic tracks playing in the background.

“Strip for me.” I said.

This was a first for Aaron, but after the great blow-job he’d just received, how could he possibly refuse? So strip he did. His act was nothing that would earn him a staring role in a male review, but his appreciative audience of one hung on his every move.

“Very nice.” I said, once my darling was completely naked, “Now its my turn.”

Aaron stood there escort izmir a bit perplexed as I slithered from the bed, and began my own performance; one that I’d been practicing all week. Admittedly, I was nervous. Too nervous, looking back. I hurried. In what seemed like an instant, I was wearing nothing but my heels. I was angry with myself. I’d planned this so well!

I quickly regained my composure.

I clasped my hands above my head and set my breasts swaying seductively. Aaron just stood there. Staring. Slowly, I danced over to him. I dropped my arms around his neck and treated him to another wild, wet kiss. Aaron slipped his arms around my waist, lifted me off my feet, carried me to the bed and ever so gently laid me down.

“Time to return the favor.” he said.

I scooted back onto the pillows. Aaron crawled between my legs and forced them slowly apart. I closed my eyes and let my mind wander, imagining all the perfectly randy thoughts that had to be running through Aaron’s head. His warm breath made my pussy tingle. I could feel my outer lips getting full; my juices seeping out. Gently, Aaron peeled my pussy lips apart. God was I ready. Suddenly, almost forcefully, Aaron pressed two fingers past my hungry pussy-lips and coated them with my honey. Slowly, he traced the folds of my outer lips upward to my hard little clit. Using only his fingertips, he stroked my clit, pushing back its hood. I tried to squirm away from his electrify touch, but had nowhere to go. All I could do was moan-out my delight.

With his two pre-cum coated fingers, Aaron held me open and proceeded to run his oh so talented tongue along the folds of my pussy’s lips. Hungrily, he pressed his mouth tight against me, and began to tongue-fuck my defenseless little pussy. His tongue was like a piston, moving in and out. Purposely, he avoided my hard little clit. It was agony! Instinctively, I took things in my own hand and began to frantically stroke my clit. Playfully, Aaron nipped at my fingers, until I reluctantly pulled them away.

“Oh god! Make me cum!” I pleaded

Aaron began to lick hard, pressing up against my clit. My legs began to shudder. He took my clit into his mouth and started to suck. It was incredible! The harder he sucked, the more my legs shook. I was lost in orgasmic bliss. My head was spinning. All I could hear was the echo of these primal sounds filling the air. I remember wondering: where are they coming from? Then I remember realizing: they’re cumming from me!

I heard myself cry out.

“Yes. Yes! Oh god yes!”

For what seemed like an hour, I kept cumming, as Aaron kept sucking. Finally, my orgasm began to subside. As it did, Aaron crawled up along side of me and pressed his lips to mine. Without thinking, I opened my mouth to invite another wet kiss. As soon as I did, Aaron fed me a small taste of my own cum. Eagerly, I drank it down.

“Ready for more?” Aaron asked.


“Then get those legs up!”

Obediently, I spread my legs wide, and raised them over my head. Aaron knelt before me and took hold of my ankles, spreading me even wider as he raised my ass off the bed. In one quick thrust he entered my tight little pussy. With wild abandon, he began to fuck me, and fuck me hard. There was no question, we were both like animals izmir escort in heat. All that mattered was getting off.

He took me hard and fast. His hips and balls slammed against my ass. With each thrust, the slapping sound of flesh hitting flesh filled the air.

Each thrust brought another cry of pleasure from my lips.

“Ungh. Ungh. Ungh!”

In one quick motion Aaron brought my legs together and hugged them tightly to his chest. My pussy squeezed tightly around his cock. It was fabulous! Slowly, my love began fucking me once again. This time with a rhythm designed to make us both last forever. It was incredible! With each thrust, Aaron nudged the head of his cock deeper into my pussy. I kept drawing my legs (and him) closer to my chest.

This new position was truly a test of Aaron’s flexibility. Bent forward at the waist; his weight still resting on his knees; mine against his thighs; Aaron’s ability to deliver his thrusts with any degree of force or speed was unquestionably limited.

“What’s the matter lover?” I teased, “In too deep?”

“You tell me.”

“Not deep enough.”

“Are you serious?”

“Absolutely! That beautiful cock of yours has a long way to go before it hits bottom.”

“We can’t have that, now can we?”

“Not if you want to make me cum like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Then get on your knees. I know the perfect way to fill up that sweet little pussy of yours.”

Since I knew exactly what Aaron had in mind, it didn’t take me very long to free myself from my lover’s hold and get into position for the deep-fuck I so desperately needed.

“Okay, babe.” Aaron said, “Put your weight on your forearms.”

I gave my butt a little wiggle and dropped down so that my right cheek was resting against the mattress. Aaron moved in behind and slipped his beautiful cock into hungry pussy. He then placed his hands on my shoulder blades and pressed down.

“Let me know if I go to deep.”

“Don’t worry. I will.”

Aaron drew all but the head of his cock from my pussy, then slowly pushed in until his thick pubes were pressed firmly against my tight butt cheeks.

“Yessss!” I hissed.

That was all Aaron needed to hear. Like a man possessed, he began fucking me for all he was worth. Each thrust was quick and deep. His thick, glorious cock stretched me to the limits and pushed me closer and closer to the edge with each deliciously-smooth stroke.

His heavy balls swayed side to side, and front to back, dancing off my thighs and mound. It was absolutely incredible! There I was: soaked in sweat; my supersensitive nipples rubbing the soft cotton of the bed-sheet with every fabulous bump and grind of my lover’s hips.

Aaron kept up his pace.



After what seemed a near eternity, he let out a low grunt and buried himself deep in my pussy.

That was all I needed. As soon as his white-hot cum hit the back of my pussy, I began to cum . . . and cum . . . and cum.

* * * The next morning I awoke to the most gentle spoons-fuck imaginable. Though I’m not sure how, Aaron had managed to roll me on my left side, push my right leg tight to my chest and slip his most wonderful cock in me from behind.

“Good morning my dear.” he said without missing a beat, “Hope I didn’t wake you.”

“Baby,” I said, “you can wake me like this anytime you like!”

Three months later we were married. And since that day, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve started my day with that fabulous wake-up call.

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