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Christmas Present

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The First Day of Christmas

Cindy knew that getting together with Jon over Christmas might be a challenge. Her family was going to be at her sister Laurie’s for Christmas. Lots more watching eyes than she normally had around during her visits there. That didn’t change her mind about doing it, just that it could be a challenge. She and Jon hadn’t been together for three weeks, and she wanted him.

They would be there for four days. It wasn’t a bad drive to Laurie’s place near Eagle. Usually it took just over two hours if weather and traffic were okay. That was why she had been able to go over so many times since she and Jon started their affair several months before. He lived across the street from her sister, so a weekend visit usually included as much time with Jon as she could safely arrange. This trip shouldn’t be too different, despite having her husband and kids around. Cindy would just have to find the right time and not get caught.

Cindy saw Jon’s text her within a few minutes of their arrival. He had seen them pull in and he wanted to get together.

“Good!” she thought, “he’s as anxious as I am!”

Her sister was fixing dinner, the kids were playing and Cindy knew she wouldn’t be missed if she disappeared for a few minutes. Things were hectic enough that she could slip away, but it would have to be quick. She knew there wasn’t enough time to do much, but maybe enough time to see Jon.

As soon as she could, Cindy texted Jon to meet her outside the garage. She told her husband that she was going to look in the car for a present she had left there. He offered to go look, but she suggested that he had a beer while she looked. After all, she told him, he had driven the whole way there.

Jon was waiting for her outside the garage, away from any of the windows. Despite being bundled for the cold, he kissed her as soon as he saw her. Cindy felt her knees go a little weak. It had been too long since they had been together. Jon’s hand slipped underneath her ski jacket, cupping her breast. She didn’t mind the sudden draft under her coat, if felt so good to feel his hand on her.

“We can’t do anything.”

“I know I just wanted to see you!”

“I am going to figure out how to get away tomorrow. The guys have said that they would go to the liquor store, so they’ll be gone for a few hours. I think Laurie will be busy too. I can make up some excuse about last minute shopping and come by your place. Are you going to be alone?”

“That would be great! I really miss you!”

Jon, hesitated, as ankara escort if not sure what to say next.

“It’s been too long.”

“I feel the same way,” Cindy kissed him and went back inside.

The next morning, Cindy initiated sex with her husband, guessing that if they had sex, he would be less likely to suspect things when she went to see Jon later in the day. She waited until after lunch, when her husband and brother-in-law left to run their errands. The kids were playing in her nieces rooms and her sister was working on something in the kitchen.

“Laurie, the girls are playing quietly, so I’m going to run out and pick up some things I forgot.”

“Okay, see you in a few…”

Cindy grabbed her coat and keys, checked her pocket for the tee shirt she needed, and went out to her car. She knew that if she parked around the corner, no one could see the car from the house. Cindy had done it enough that she knew she’d be okay. She unfastened her seat belt, pulled her little surprise out of her pocket and arranged it where she wanted it before zipping up her coat and getting out of the car. She walked back down the street to Jon’s place.

Cindy glanced quickly over her shoulder to make sure no one was watching her, then knocked on the door. Jon opened the door for her. Quickly stepping inside, she grinned at Jon. As Jon closed the door, Cindy pulled her coat open and dropped it to the floor.

Jon’s mouth opened in surprise. She was naked from the waist up. She had a red ribbon wrapped around her, with the ribbon covering her nipples and the bow carefully arranged between her breasts.

“Here’s your Christmas present!” “Do you want to unwrap it?”

Jon recovered enough to answer, “Looks to me like it came here unwrapped!”

Cindy said, “let me help,” and pulled the loose end of the ribbon. The bow came apart, the ribbon still resting on her full breasts.

Stepping toward her, Jon put his hand on her breast, pulling her close with his other arm. Jon kissed her, his tongue slipping into her mouth. He fondled her nipple as he kissed her. Cindy responded to his touch.

“Merry Christmas!”

“This is a great Christmas present!”

His touch had her nipples erect. Cindy could feel her excitement spreading from his touch.

“Oops!” he said, “I messed up the pretty bow, let me kiss it and make it better.”

He pushed his face between her naked breasts, then licked first one nipple then the other.

“That’s good,” she mumbled. “Let’s go into the bedroom so we can really enjoy this.”

Cindy escort ankara took his hand, leading Jon toward the bedroom. She knew the way.

Jon was stripping clothes off as they walked the few steps to the bedroom. Cindy waited until they were in the room to finish undressing, trying to make sure, her clothes were handy, just in case she needed them quickly.

In seconds, Jon was lying on the bed, on his back, with Cindy kneeling between his legs. Her head bobbed up and down, sucking him. Cindy enjoyed teasing him with her tongue. She knew how he would react, and he wouldn’t come before she did. Sucking his cock only turned her on even more. She ached with need.

Cindy didn’t think that it mattered to Jon that she that she had fucked her husband that morning. It wasn’t as if he could expect her to be exclusive with him, she was married. She wasn’t going to avoid having sex with her husband, it might make his more suspicious. So, while either the marriage or the affair lasted she expected to be having sex with both men. If that meant that Jon often had her second, that was just the way it was going to have to be. She had to be careful. Besides Cindy enjoyed having two guys in the same day.

Cindy was ready to mount Jon, to feel his cock filling her. She shifted so that she was straddling Jon’s hips, holding his cock with one hand as she positioned the swollen head against her opening. She was already so wet that she knew she could take his entire length. Slowly she started to lower herself onto his cock, enjoying the feeling as his cock penetrated her. Suddenly Jon thrust his hips upward, entering her. Cindy fell forward onto Jon’s chest. Jon immediately was thrusting his cock in and out of her. Cindy gasped.

Jon wildly lunged from underneath. He had a hand on each breast, cupping them, stimulating her nipples. Cindy was moving up and down on Jon’s cock. She only had to ride Jon until she came. Jon moved one hand between her legs, fingering her clit, holding his cock inside Cindy, as she moved herself against his shaft and fingers. That did it for Cindy.

“There! Oh! Oh, oh, oh there!”

Cindy collapsed on Jon’s chest. She had to catch her breath.

“Good?” he asked.

“Oh wow! Better than good!”

“Climb off, I want you on your hands and knees.”

Cindy climbed off positioning herself on her hands and knees. She barely managed to get into position, her legs were still shaking.

Jon knelt behind her, spreading her lips open. He slipped two fingers inside her, feeling for her G-spot.

“You ankara escort bayan are really wet!”

“Yeah, I guess you make me wet!”

Cindy could guess why she was so wet. She didn’t say anything.

Jon’s fingers moved in and out of her, smearing her juices around to lubricate her already glistening pussy lips. He slipped two fingers back inside her. Cindy shuddered as Jon touched that most sensitive area inside her. She felt she might come again right then. Jon pulled his fingers out so that he could put the head of his hard cock against her opening.

Jon slowly pushed his cock into her. For a few seconds he held it deeply inside her, then he started thrusting in and out. Quickly Jon was pumping as rapidly as he could, his balls slapping against her clit. Cindy felt her excitement surge. Jon only had to do what he was doing and she would climax again.

Cindy arched her back, pushing her hips back against Jon. He pumped once, twice more. On the third thrust Cindy climaxed, thrashing wildly underneath him.

“Oh God! I’m coming!”

Jon continued to ride her from behind, thrusting his cock in and out, penetrating deeply. Cindy moaned, her breath coming in short, frenzied gasps. Jon kept riding her, thrusting, pumping, driving his hard cock in and out of her.

Cindy was barely aware that Jon was breathing just as rapidly as she was. She felt she might come again if he kept doing what he was doing.

Just then Jon thrust so hard inside her that she barely could keep her position. He grunted and thrust again, and again. The impulse against her clit and pussy made her gasp. She felt Jon lunge, then the flood of his hot, white cum gushing inside her. As Jon shuddered with his last orgasmic convulsions, Cindy came again. She bucked, writhing in sexual ecstasy.

Spent, they both lay tangled on the bed. Cindy on her side, Jon’s arm underneath her’s, gently resting against her breast, holding her hand. Jon’s cock quickly diminished to normal, flaccid, covered in cum and juices. A slow stream of semen trickled across Cindy’s thigh, staining the sheets. They were both so spent, they almost were asleep.

Suddenly Cindy realized that she had been gone far too long. Too bad, she usually could get Jon up more than this.

“I’d better get back. I’ve been gone too long. Someone might be wondering what’s taking me so long.”

She got out of bed, grabbed her panties off the floor and went into the bathroom. In a few minutes, she was ready to leave, glad that she had stuffed a tee shirt in her coat pocket before she had left to come see Jon.

“Well, have a good Christmas,” she said as she kissed him good bye.

“You too, and thanks for the present. It was the best present I ever had!”

Cindy laughed, kissed him again and headed home.

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