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Christy Ch. 04

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Big Dicks

“Are we whores?”

Liz turned from the mirror where she was applying her makeup and stared at her roommate. “Are we whores? What do you mean?”

“Are we prostitutes?” Christy clarified as she checked out a black spandex outfit and a red latex dress. “I mean, we’re paid to be at the club. We’re paid to be sexy and hang around. No one ever said we had to have sex, but it’s kind of expected. Red or black?”

Liz laughed and returned to applying her makeup. “We fuck because we want to. We’re paid because it’s good for business to have some eye candy in the club. We’re not standing around in kammers down in the Wallen taking on anyone with fifty euros. So strictly speaking, we’re not prostitutes. I like the red one. It really shows off your sexy ass.”

“Ok,” Christy said putting the black outfit away. “I was just wondered. My Mom always said I turn out to be a no account whore if I didn’t apply myself. She used to terrify us with that talk. But you know, Lexie’s pretty cool. She’s got a nice place and she gets to travel a lot. Maybe being a dirty whore isn’t all that bad.”

“Your mother has issues,” Liz chuckled. She turned and looked at Christy who was struggling to zip up the tight latex dress. “You know, if you want to be a whore, we could rent Lexie and Sasha’s kammers some night. We could just take the guys we want and ignore the ones we don’t”

“That sounds like fun!” Christy giggled. “If the guy is really hot or really scary, we can insist on doing a two girl show!”

“Your Mama might be right about you after all,” Liz laughed.

“Hey Liz,” Christy continued. “Who pierced your nipples? I think I want to get mine done.”

“Remember that guy you fucked the first time we went to the club? Doc is actually a doctor. Anyway, he does piercings for girls sometimes. It’s usually done as part of some S&M scene. Doc’s kind of strange. You don’t usually find sadists who are and compassionate sweethearts at the same time.”

“Really?” Christy had a hard time picturing Doc as a sadist.

“It may be more that he picks up on women’s inner freak and facilitates what they already want,” Liz said. “When he pierced me, it was a part of a slave girl show we put on at the club. He had me all tied up and whipped me. He pierced my titties as part of that scene. It was certainly more dramatic than going to a tattoo parlor.”

A light rain was falling as the girls got out of the cab in front of the Bulldog. The Club was around the corner and down the street a way, but sometimes the cab drivers get a little strange when they make drops there. Sometimes they ask for trade, sometimes they try to charge a referral fee. It’s just less of a hassle to get out at the Bulldog, go in for a quick smoke and then walk over. The staff at the Bulldog were used to this and could guess what sort of night it was by the number of leather daddies and latex mommas who stopped in for a quick one.

Maurice the Mooch flounced over to the girls with his usual atomic sunburst smile in place. He handed Liz a pre-rolled spliff of Marley’s Ghost and said, “You ladies are hot tonight. When are you girls going to take your favorite barman shopping?”

“When you stop smoking half our joint,” Liz laughed.

“Then it ain’t never gonna happen,” he beamed. “You know I work on tips alone!”

“No Maurice,” Christy giggled as she exhaled a cloud of smoke. “You take home mad cash ‘cause you smoke the OP’s.”

“Oh darling,” Maurice sighed dramatically. “Other People’s smoke is the best kind of smoke.”

“Now Baby dolls,” Maurice said looking about as serious as it’s possible for Maurice to look. “What is going on at your little social club? I’ve seen the couples come and the couples go and so many delicious men. Something strange is happening at your little play pen.”

“I don’t know,” Liz said. “Wolter didn’t call us to tell us about anything special.”

“Well, something is up darling.” Maurice said as he hurried off to fetch some space cakes for a couple of Brits who’d clearly had too many already.

Floating on a mild buzz, Liz and Christy drifted down to the club. bursa üniversiteli escort The huge African doorman shook his head when he saw them approaching.

“What’s up, Oz?” Christy asked?

“The Mesilina Challenge,” he replied in a voice betraying traces of French, Senegalese and Dutch accents. “Melora and Millie have are settling who’s the biggest whore in Babylon once and for all. It’s a sporting event. Lot of spectators. Lot of men with cock in hand. Not a normal night at all. You girls gonna be fluffers?”

Liz wrinkled her nose and said, “Only if we feel like it.”

Inside, the club was packed. “I’ve never seen so many men in here!” Liz gasped. “It looks like a rock show at Arena!”

It did look like a rock concert. There were masses of sweaty men pressed around a makeshift stage. Jens slightly less than chalk colored skin shown like a beacon as she played MC, traffic cop and score keeper.

“Hey,” Liz said. “There’s Doc.”

The girls made there way over to the bar where Doc was chatting with another middle aged man. Doc’s companion looked like an aging rock star. He had a main of long graying hair tied back in a pony tail. He was wearing engineer boots, black jeans and a black t-shirt. Like Doc, he looked out of place by how casual he appeared in a sex club where most people are showing off.

“What’s up?” Christy said completely missing the pun.

“The Empress of Rome challenged the Empress of Whores to see who could wear out the most men,” Doc said affecting a scholarly tone. “The question tonight is, who is the true heir of the Empress Mesilina.”

“Who’s winning?” Liz asked.

“Who cares?” the rock star said. “I hate gangbangs.”

The girls were taken by surprise. Doc laughed at their reaction. “Neils shoots and edits pornos in Denmark.”

“There’s only so much you can do with a gangbang,” he huffed. “After ten minutes, you’ve used up all your angles and you’ve seen your basic pop shots. How the hell am I supposed to edit that to make it exciting?”

“Oh, so it’s a professional thing! Liz said.

“That and I hate standing in lines.” Neils replied as he set down his lager. “I’m much more interested in things that are more creative.”

“Neils does a lot of fetish videos,” Doc explained.

“Give me a Japanese rope master any day!” Neils agreed. “Even doggie shoots are more of a challenge. Even Veronica Moser is more fun if you can get past the smell.”

“Veronica is the scat queen,” Doc said. “But enough of that. It’s pretty dead in here besides the challenge.”

“Do you want to be a fluffer?” Liz asked.

“If I’m going to suck cock, I want to taste cum,” Christy said. “I didn’t get all dressed up to be an acujack.”

“I’ve got an idea,” Liz said shaking off a fit of laughter. “Christy was asking about getting her nipples done. Are you in the mood to do a piercing tonight, Doc?”

Doc smiled and said, “What do you think Neils? Do you think we can some up with a scene for the lady?”

Neils smiled, “I think we can come up with something. Give us a few minutes to get creative.”

Neils and Doc went downstairs to survey the theme rooms. Liz and Christy marked time dancing to the throbbing techno beats on the bar. It wasn’t so much that the girls wanted to show off. They like showing off, but from on top of the bar, they could sort of see the contest playing out across the room. After twenty minutes, Neils came upstairs to fetch Liz. Five minutes later, she came back upstairs wearing a latex nurse’s uniform. “The Doctor will see you now.”

Liz led Christy down to the examination room. Fresh paper covered the exam table. The autoclave hummed away in the corner. “Please get undressed and get on the table,” Liz said with a clinical iciness. The Doctor will be with you shortly.”

Christy struggled out of her latex dress. The sweat on her skin felt icy in the chilly exam room. She hopped up on the exam table and waited. “It’s just like my gyno’s office back home,” Christy thought. “Antiseptic, cold, impersonal and they’re even escort bayan making me wait. If it weren’t for the bass throb coming through the walls, you wouldn’t know it wasn’t a doctor’s office.

Liz came back into room and set a tray of instruments on the stand next to the exam table. She was startled to see speculums and some other devices she couldn’t quite place. “Wait a minute,” she protested. “I thought I was going to get my nipples pierced?”

“You don’t expect the doctor to perform surgery without doing a complete exam first?” Liz deadpanned.

Before she could chicken out, Doc walked in wearing surgical scrubs followed by Neils who looked very manly in a candy striper’s uniform.

“So how is our patient,” Doc said

“A little nervous,” Christy replied honestly.

“Nothing to be nervous about,” Doc said. “This is a routine procedure. We’re just going to check you out a first. Just lie back on the table and put your feet in the stirrups.”

Christy did as she was told. Doc took her pulse, listened to her heart and breathing before going to the end of the table. He pulled on a pair of examination gloves and said, “Nurse Liz, please bring me the examination kit. Nurse Neils, would you take her temperature?”

Liz took the tray with the speculum and other devices to Doc. Neils came over to the front of the table, lifted his skirt and said, “Please put this under your tongue for three minutes, and no biting please.” Wanting to be a good patient, Christy took Neils cock in her mouth and ran her tongue over the head.

“Now, let’s had a look here,” Doc said. “Nice shave job; a bit of razor burn. Nurse Liz, will you schedule a training session for the patient on the proper pussy shaving technique?”

“Yes Doctor,” Liz said.

“Good,” Doc replied. “Now let’s take a look inside.”

Doc slid the speculum into Christy’s pussy. She was wet, so it didn’t need much lube. Christy felt the cold metal blades start to retract. She’d felt this before, of course, but this felt different. She knew how many clicks her gyno used to get a good view, but Doc kept going. It was starting to feel more uncomfortable than usual. Doc kept clicking. Now it was starting to hurt. She spit the cock out of her mouth. “You’re hurting me!” she whined.

“Patient registers pain at plus 6 level,” Doc said as Liz took notes. “Patient will have to undergo rigorous training before attempting fisting or other large insertions.”

“Fisting?” Christy asked.

Doc didn’t respond. He was sliding another speculum up her ass. Christy quickly made her discomfort known.

“Disappointing,” Doc said tsking. “Miss Christy, are you an anal virgin?


”Have you ever been fucked up the ass?”

“No,” Christy replied.

“I suggest you start,” Doc said. “Nurse Liz, prepare the patient for surgery. Nurse Neils, please collect the urine specimen.”

Neils took Doc’s place between Christy’s legs. She felt weird because the speculum was still in and Neils was staring at her cervix.

“I’m going to give you a little bit of preparation and then you can give me your urine sample whenever you’re ready,” Neils said. Christy then felt him kissing her thighs. He kissed and licked his was around her gaping pussy. He then began to tickle her clit with his tongue. Christy moaned slightly as the sensation swept over her. A strange feeling struck her a Neils tongue probed at her exposed pee hole!

“Umm, I’m ready for that urine sample any time,” Neils said.

“But you’re eating me!” Christy replied.

“Of course,” Neils said. “How else am I going to be able to sample your urine?

Neils went back to sucking pussy. Christy swore he was trying to suck he pee hole like a straw. Finally, she let loose. She was shocked by how strong her stream was. She hadn’t felt that full, but here she was, peeing a fountain straight in Neils mouth! If anything, Neils’ oral ministrations intensified. She felt his tongue playing with her piss stream. She felt his fingers vigorously massaging her clit. She peed and felt herself escort bursa cumming. She arched her back and pushed off in the stirrups. She massed her pissing cunt against Neils face and he kept licking and sucking. She humped his face until her the cumming dwindled away like her piss fountain.

Christy slumped back on the exam table feeling sweaty and satisfied. Neils removed the speculum, stood with his dress soaked and said. “The urine sample is normal. Coffee, beer, diet Coke with a trace of cigarette and cannabis. Stream strong. Pleasant aftertaste.”

Christy broke up in a fit of giggles. Doc told Neils to change into a dry uniform and prepare the anesthetic. Liz came over and painted Christy’s nipples with betadine. She then set a tray with needles, forceps, corks and jewelry beside the exam table.

“We’re about to start the operation,” Doc intoned in a very clinical manner. “Nurse Liz will be assisting; Nurse Neils will be our anesthesiologist.” At this point, Neils returns wearing a surgical cap, mask, scrubs top and no pants. His hard cock bounced with each step.

“We are ready to begin.”

Neils stepped up to the table again. He slid his cock into Christy’s well lubed pussy and began slowly stroking. The long, slow stokes sent shudders through Christy’s body. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensations flowing through her body.

“There and there,” she heard Doc say. She felt soft taps on each nipple. She opened her eyes half way just in time to see him putting away a Sharpie pen. Christy closed her eyes again. She felt Neils slowly building tempo. She felt her body reacting. She felt another orgasm brewing.

“Owie!” Christy jumped. She grabbed the edge of the table with each hand as the forceps pinched her right nipple. The pain shot through her body and got mixed with the pleasure from Neils fucking. Neils stroked at a very slow, deliberate pace now. He didn’t want to send shock waves through Christy’s flesh. She felt another pinch and pressure on her nipple as the needle passed through. Another motion and the needle was replaced by a ring.

Neils started fucking her hard again. Her nipple throbbed in time to Neils thrusts. Pain throbbing from her titty; pleasure flowing from her cunt. Two sensations mixing it up in her brain and all along her nervous system. Neils stroking showed again. She felt the sharp pain of the Forceps clamping onto her left nipple. The sensation traveled straight to her clit. The burning of the needle passing through flesh a second time set things off. She started to shake, her cunt grabbed at Neils cock and squeezed. She grabbed the table and tried to hold still as an orgasmic title wave poured through her system. She felt the cool stainless steel in her hot flesh. She felt her nerves singing with electric joy. She felt cum splashing her cervix as Neils reached his climax. She felt waves of fluid pouring out of her cunt and didn’t care.

Finally, she the convulsions subsided. Her fingers ached from grabbing the table so hard. Her breathing slowed and she felt Neils kiss her toes. That made her giggle again.

“I’d say that was a successful operation,” Doc laughed. “We just need to closed those rings and you’re all set.”

Doc busied himself with setting the captive beads in the rings. Neils was looking at her with a strange expression.

“We haven’t met before, he said. “ I wouldn’t forget someone like you. But I got the strangest feeling when you were cumming just now. The way you scrunched up your face, the way your pussy clamped on my cock, the way you peed when you came. It all felt so familiar. It’s like fucking Déjà vu.”

“Too many space cakes, Neils,” Doc chided. “You’re having flash back.”

“And you don’t remember the special fucks of your life?” Neils shot back and laughed.

“But you’ve had so many,” Doc replied.

“Yeah, porn cinematographer and stud,” Neils chucked. “That’s me.

Liz washed Christy off with warm water and helped her get dressed. A form fitting latex dress isn’t the best thing to wear when you get your nipples pierced. Neils and Doc changed back into street clothes and cleaned up the room. The throb of techno still filtered down from above.

”Shall we see who’s in the lead?” Neils said as the headed up the stairs. He looked hard at Christy again before they headed upstairs. “I can’t get over the feeling that I’ve fucked you before. It’s so strange.”

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