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Chuck Fowler’s Next Adventure

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Dear Reader: If you haven’t already, I suggest you read Heidi’s other story from Paradise.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next morning it did not surprise Heidi to see that Chuck Fowler had picked up his press pass and shown up at the of the photo shoot.

It was also not necessary to introduce him to the crew or, most especially, to the models. By the time she spotted him, he seemed to have charmed everyone, and in the right order.

He made sure the Art Director was aware that he was a legitimate visitor and that the photographer was likewise informed and that any time they felt he was in the way, to let him know and he would do exactly as he was told. He also schmoozed with the crew and had all his bases covered before he began directing his attention to the models.

Shortly after a lunch break one of the models, Nanette Serafino, came up to Heidi and asked her, “What is that Fowler guy’s game? Is he for real?”

“Oh yeah, he’s for real. He’s a big time CEO of an insurance company. Why do you ask?”

“Well he asked if I’d like to have dinner with him tonight. He said you knew him, and I just wondered if there was anything else I should know about him.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, I don’t know is he a pervert, or gay or anything like that?”

“I don’t think he’s a perv and I’m absolutely sure he’s not gay.”

Nanette smiled at her and said, “So you think he’ll expect a desert course after dinner.”

“Sure, but he won’t force himself on you and my guess is you’ll enjoy it. And I can assure you the dinner will be great.”

“Okay, well thanks for the info.”

“No problem. Enjoy.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just before they wrapped up the shoot for the day, a second model, Margie Renaud, approached Heidi and asked her pretty much the same questions as Nanette had asked her.

As it happened, Mr. Fowler had asked Margie to dinner, as well. He did this and let both of them know what he had done. He didn’t want any surprises. Heidi was curious as to why he had chosen to do this: Did he want a ménage à trios or was he just trying to increase the odds of his getting laid.

In any case, they all met at the appointed time in the lobby of their hotel and were driven to dinner in Mr. Fowler’s Mercedes limo.

As Heidi had promised, dinner was exquisite. The restaurant was described by Chuck as ‘Country French’, food was simple, but beautifully prepared and paired with just the right wine. All of it was ordered by their host and when they finished the car magically appears to drive them back to the hotel.

“Well, would you young ladies like to join me in my room for nightcap?”

“Margie responded, “I think I’ll pass. I’m no good the next day if I don’t get a good night’s sleep.”

“I understand. How about you, Nanette?”

“Not without Margie”, she said. “Come on, Mar it’s early.”

“Oh, what the hell, okay.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The ride in the elevator to the hotel’s top floor was a bit awkward, as no one knew exactly what was going to transpire. But when they realized that there were only four rooms on the entire floor, they knew his would be large (the room, that is) what they didn’t anticipate was the level of luxury. Just as Heidi had been the previous night, they were impressed.

Both of them were drawn to the view outside the window. Lights were beginning to come on in the fading daylight. Pointing to a spot on the curving arc of the shoreline, excitedly. Margie said, “Look that’s where we were shooting this afternoon. This is fabulous, Chuck!”

“Well… it ain’t much, but it’s what we do. Would you girls like a snifter of Brandy?”

“That sounds great.”, Margie said canlı bahis and Nanette agreed.

He poured cognac from a bottle of Courvoisier and handed one to each of them, then took one for himself. “Here’s to a beautiful evening.”

“And here’s to the evening, but it isn’t over yet.”, Margie observed.” Chuck chose not to remark on what she had in mind, but just took a sip of his cognac. They sat down in a circle of chairs and. sitting across from them, Chuck couldn’t help but admire their smoothly tanned legs and lithe young bodies. He felt a pressure begin to develop in his pants and he wondered if there was any way he could gracefully shift positions to relieve his discomfort.

It was Margie that said, “So Chuck, have you ever tried a three-way before?”

“A what… I mean uh…”

Nanette couldn’t help but snicker at how uncomfortable this unflappable smoothie had become.

“A three-way. You know, screw two women at the same time. Don’t be embarrassed. I’ll bet every red-blooded guy has fantasized about it at some time or another.”

“Well I suppose I have thought about…”

“Of course you have. Now you’ve got a chance to live the dream. There are some details we ought to work out in advance.”

“Details? Like what.”

“Well, if we don’t choreograph it to some extent it can get pretty confusing. What do you think Nan? Daisy Chain or Pyramid?”

“I think I prefer Pyramid, myself.”

“Me too. Pyramid it is.”

“What are you girls talking about?”

“A game plan, position assignments. You’ll see. Now I think we need a little warm up. Unzip me,please.” She stood up, kicked off her shoes and turned her back to him. He walked over toward her, grateful to stand up and get some relief for his growing hardon. He unzipped the back of her dress, she let it fall to the floor and stood there in just a pair of white lace thong panties. “Do you need help, Nan?”

“Yes, please.”

Chuck helped her out of her clothes, but this time there weren’t even panties, just a well trimmed patch of brown hair.

“Come here Chuck,” Margie said.

He did as he was told and Margie wasted no time. She unbuckled his pants and slid them down to his ankles. He slipped his loafers off and managed to peel off his socks without stumbling. There he stood, incongruously, still in his bulging boxers, looking dapper, from the waist up, in his dark blue blazer and his light blue oxford cloth button down shirt.

She laughed at the sight of him and said, “Okay I think you can handle it from here.”

He took off his jacket and tossed it on a nearby chair. It was unlike him to throw his clothes around, but he was in a bit of a hurry to find out how this was going to unfold. He was also a little flustered at the way he had lost control of the situation, and of himself.

She didn’t really help matters when she came over, pulled down his shorts and caused his rock hard cock to spring free. He managed to finish undressing and she pulled him into an embrace, his cock pressing against her belly.

He reached down, grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pressed her tighter against him. It was then that he felt Nanette’s breasts press against his back and one hand look for his ball sac. The sensation was startling. As he and Margie kissed deeply Nanette, from behind him, wrapped one leg around his and began rubbing her cunt against him.

When Margie and Chuck broke their kiss, the three of them all stumbled back to the bedroom and Chuck’s king sized bed.

Margie seemed still to be in charge. She took a pillow, put it near the middle of the bed and instructed Chuck to lie down on his back. Margie had the bahis siteleri ‘pole position’ and eased herself into position, hovering over his rigid cock. She reached back and guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy. Then she lowered herself, slowly, with a gasp, onto his member.

“Oh yeah, that’s what mama wants.”

At the same time Margie put a knee next to Chuck’s head and swung her leg over him, straddling his face, facing Nanette. She lowered herself on to his face and there wasn’t much doubt what was expected of him.

He didn’t disappoint. He strained his head up and began licking and pushing his tongue as deep into her pussy as he possibly could.

Nanette squealed with delight and put her full weight down on his face. At the same time she reached over and squeezed Margie’s breast and began tweaking her nipple. Then Nanette surprised herself when she leaned forward and kissed Margie full on the lips, while reaching down and rubbing Margie’s clit.

Chuck continued to eat Nanette’s pussy and when he sucked on her clit it sent her over the top. Now it was her turn to cum. She screamed and he felt her excitement run down into his ears and onto the bed.

Margie moved herself on his cock in a circular motion and he moaned into Nanette’s snatch. She rode up and down, feeling him move in and out of her pussy Margie sensed he was close to cumming and when she quickened the pace he shouted a muffled scream of satisfaction as he stiffened and then relaxed. In his anxious haste to get on with the proceedings he had neglected to slip on a condom and his cum, and hers, ran down the inside of her thighs.

“Mmmngmph”, he said.

Nanette laughed, swung her leg off him and gave him some air. Then she leaned over him and said, “Give me a big sloppy kiss, you big ol’ stud, you.” With that she bent down and, sucked his tongue out of his mouth and licked his lips. “Mmm, I taste pretty good, if I do say so myself.”

When they had recovered sufficiently, Nanette went padding off toward the bathroom.

“Hey, Margie come here and look at this.”

“What is it?”

“Just look at the size of this shower!!”

It was both spacious and luxurious, with multiple shower heads ponting in all directions.

“This too good. We’ve got to all shower together. I’ll go get Mr. Fowler,” Nanette said,”Hey Chuck, come here.”

Fowler appeared in the doorway.

“Chuck, we both think it would be a great idea to all shower together. Do you know how this thing works?”

“Of course, let me show you.” He showed them a touch screen on one wall of the shower. “You can select a water temperature. I usually start at about 100 degrees.” He set it at 100. “Then you decide how many shower heads you want to use and then whether you want music, and what kind and how loud. I usually pick classical at a low volume. Then you just press start and in less than 10 seconds the water is up to temperature. I’m going think you probably want all the shower heads to get the maximum experience.” After he had set the parameters, he pushed ‘START’ and the shower sprang to life.

The girls stepped in first and behaved like a couple of kids. “Come on in, Chuck, the water’s fine.”

He joined them, and taking bars of soap from a dish mounted on the back wall they began to lather up.

Margie stood in front of one of the lower heads, facing it and spread her legs.

“You can control individual heads too,” Chuck said. He set the one in front of Margie to ‘PULSATE’.

“Oh my Gawd. That’s amazing.” She reached down and began stroking her clit. She closed her eyes and started grinding her hips.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming,” she screamed.” bahis şirketleri And cum she did.

Nanette tried it next with the same breathtaking result.

Chuck stood in awe of his luck. Here were two of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, frolicking, bare-ass naked in the shower with him. It could not be, but he thought he felt the first twinges of an erection coming on.

The girls noticed too.

Margie moved behind him, pressed her body against his, soaped him up and began stroking his half-hard cock.

“What do you bet I can get him to shoot his wad again?”

This CEO of a good-sized insurance company, used to being very much in charge of every situation, he had never felt less in charge. And he loved it.

Nanette ‘accidentally’ dropped her soap and when she bent over to pick it up gave Chuck a magnificent view of her equally magnificent pussy. He pulled away from Margie and took one step over to Nanette and slipped a finger in her cunt. She gave him even more access by putting one foot up on one of the built-in seats in a corner of the shower. His other hand reached around and grabbed a handful of breast. As he kneaded her breasts and rolled a nipple between his finger and thumb, he pushed his finger deeper into her cunt, then curled it up and moved it in a circular motion.

“Oh yes!! That feels soooo good.”

She gasped as he removed his finger, but he quickly replaced it with his now fully erect cock.

Chuck began pounding her hard, pulling her hips toward himself and then pawing at her breasts again. She arched her back and began pushing back against his thrusts. She moaned her approval as she felt his long, slender cock penetrate deep. She clenched her pussy against his cock as she cried out with the first of several orgasms.

The stimulation was having its effect on him, as well. “I’m going to cum,” he squeaked.

“Not yet. I’ve got another treat for you.” With that she pulled away from him, turned around and dropped to her knees. He watched, amazed, as she took his cock in her mouth and began sucking hard.

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed as he pushed against her sucking and continued to behave in a way that would have shocked his board of directors or any of the office staff that knew him at all.

He fucked her face and watched, in fascination, as her cheeks moved in and out. He also felt his load rising in his balls and he warned her again that he was about to cum.

She kept on sucking while acknowledging his warning, with a vigorous affirmative nod. With a grunt he shot the entire contents of his balls into her mouth. She reacted by grabbing him by the back of his legs and keeping her mouth tightly sealed around his cock. She managed to swallow most of his cum, but some dribbled down her chin and on to her chest.

She looked up at him and grinned. “Did you enjoy that, Chuck?”

“I’ll say I did!” He sounded like a kid on Christmas morning. He helped her to her feet and they kissed. He was curious what his own cum tasted like and he was a little disappointed, except for a little saltiness it didn’t really taste like anything at all.

After they had toweled off, the girls got dressed and were ready to leave when he asked Margie: “Would you mind if I kept your panties as a souvenir?”

“Why don’t I just send you a nice fresh pair?”

“Oh, what would be the point of that? It’s not that I’m a cross-dresser or anything, I just want an olfactory reminder of a great evening.”

Marjorie managed to slip them off and handed them to him. He buried his nose in them and took a deep breath.”

Nanette said, “I’ll dig through my dirty laundry and see what I can come up with.”

Chuck laughed.” If it wouldn’t be too much trouble.”

Later that day, when he returned from his meeting with his actuaries he found a pair of panties on the floor, outside his door.

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