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Church of Swallowing: Jenny

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If I had to tell the truth, I was completely sore from the fact that my arms and legs weren’t moved for two days. Hannah and Tracy abducted me two days after I was finished with Roxy and decided to torture me. The two days were a blur after they had bound me down and tortured and teased me. They fed me and watered me yes, but at the same time they also would get each other off, or suck me to the brink that I was about to explode then stop. Hannah would occasionally use my cock to masturbate her clit with, yeah, total torture. The times I did get sleep it was because of passing out from sheer exhaustion. I probably had the worst case of blue balls known to man.

The last thing I do remember clearly was what happened right before I got unbound. Tracy decided to be brave and straddled my cock, using it for her own pleasure, while Hannah squatted above my face, making me lick and tease her pussy lips with my tongue. Tracy was getting full use of my cock, bouncing up and down on it, while Hannah leaned down and flicked her tongue at where my cock was up in Tracy’s cunt.

“I should have done this along time ago,” Tracy said as her happily bounced, her large breasts going bouncing along with her. She worked her muscles tightly, and the added sensation of Hannah’s own moans vibrating through her tongue at the junction of our sexes just added to the pleasure.

After about 5 minutes of this torture, Hannah got off my face, and went behind Tracy, as I got to view the two of them making out while Hannah groped Tracy’s tits and pussy. Tracy’s eyes were closed as Hannah just gave me a wink while she kissed Tracy. Tracey started to work her muscles of her cunt over my cock even more; it was exquisite, as she let out a gasp when Hannah gave a full squeeze to both of her breasts. I let out a guttural groan and just threw my head back.

“I’m getting ready to cum,” Tracy said starting to ride my cock harder as she looked at me, “How much you want to bet if we let him cum it will hit the ceiling. The cleaning ladies will have a field day over that.

She started to pull up, but Hannah firmly placed her hands down on Tracy’s hips. Tracy looked back at Hannah for a moment.

“What are you doing…OH FUCK!” she yelled.

I fucking exploded. Her eyes looked like they were coming out of her socket when the first blast from my cock set off like a canon through her insides.

“OH GOD SHIT!” she cried out when the second one, not canon like, but maybe shotgun like, came through. At least it felt like a shotgun from my cock, it was almost painful when it came out, “I’m cumming!” she cried as my shots gave two more shotgun blasts before fading down to little rapid handheld automatic shots. I might not have had blue balls at this point, but my cock hurt and was almost numb from what was going on. Hannah was between our legs in a moment, starting to suck and lick at what was leaking out of our union.

“Oh fuck! You bitch I can’t believe you did that!” Tracy said with laughter in her voice, “It feels like he fucking coated my ovaries.”

“I thought he should have a special reward,” Hannah said smirking. Tracy just entangled her hand into Hannah’s red hair, “Eat it all bitch!” she laughed. Hannah did suck and lick out as much as she could where our juices were mutually flowing out, slurping canlı bahis and licking, before Tracy removed herself from my cock. They unbound me and my arms and legs were in pain, but the pain was nothing in comparison to watching Hannah eat the cum out of Tracy’s pussy after she cleaned my cock and balls

It was hours later when I finally regained feeling in my arms and legs. It was sped up by a long full body massage by Hannah. The two of us went into a whirlpool to help my muscles, and she sat in my lap, working my cock with her hand.

“Next week you need to do something for Sarah.” Hannah said. One thing about a masseuse, they know how to work there fingers. The effect she was doing with her fingers on my cock was as good as any blowjob I might have had. “What’s that?” I asked, just staying in the motion.

“She’s going to help a friend of hers with a fantasy, giving her a bit of a safety net of sorts, with all the disease and everything going on. Basically the woman wants to go off and have dirty back alley sex with a total stranger. She wants to be totally used.”

I just sat there numbly; mostly because I was feeling blood flow properly again to all of my extremities, which made what was in Hannah’s hand even more rigid, “You’ll just get a picture and a line, to which you will take her.”

How could complain with helping women with there fantasies, if they paid me I’d be a gigolo. Hannah slid down in the whirlpool and her head went under the water, enveloping my cock. She had jacked the base just right and gave just the right amount of suction and tongue. She really was the best when it came down to head. She was able to tease me for hours or set me off in seconds. This time she took the whole two minutes to cause me to drop another load into her mouth. It was plentiful enough that I felt her swallow repeatedly under the water. She lifted her head up from the water and caught her breath, her long red mane plastered over her face and back, “There, you’re all nice and relaxed now,” She stepped out of the whirlpool, “Her name is Jenny if you were wondering. The line is “a rosary tucked inside your lingerie.” Next week, 11:30 pm, at Motus Animi.

Hannah left. I relaxed in the whirlpool a bit more. When I finally got out there was a picture of another brunette woman. She had a pretty face, and a slightly devilish look in her eyes. She seemed a bit petite in the picture, it would be interesting to see what she might be able to handle.

Motus Animi was a jazz club that had all types, except for me. See one of the major types that showed up there were rich socialites of the older set that used it as a headquarters to get coke, or whatever the flavor of the month was. Sure they had good jazz and while anyone could get in, most were shooed away by the expensive overall prices that went along with the drug of choice.

I noticed her right away when I entered sitting next to the bar. She was wearing a dark green silk dress that shimmered when she moved. Her hair was down to her shoulders and had some thickness and wave to it. She was laughing at two guys that were distracting her left and right, while at the same time they fending off there unwanted touches. Annoyingly, one slipped something into her drink when she was looking at the other and I wasn’t sure that she bahis siteleri caught it. I thought I better not waste time as I walked over to her. She gave me a once over and looked at the two almost GQ looking guys.

“Excuse me a moment,” I said leaning down whispering, “You look like a woman that has a rosary tucked inside your lingerie,” she gasped. I slid my hand down her arm and took her wrist, pulling her lightly off the chair, “Excuse us gentlemen, we have business to take care of.”

She smiled a bit as she followed. She was petite, possibly a little over 5 foot. I was actually afraid I was going to break her. We slipped through the crowd and out the back exit, allowing another couple to re-enter, the woman wiping her lips and nose a bit.

“So why did you take me here?” she queried, I didn’t say anything and pulled her into me. I reached down and hiked up her dress, squeezing her tight butt with my hands, “Because I felt like taking what I wanted.”

“What if it isn’t yours to take?” she questioned.

“It’s either mine to take, or the two men in there will be using you for a drugged up sex puppet,” I simply said, smashing my mouth against her and slamming her against the wall. She gasped as my body pressed into hers, she groaned as I slid my ands up her body and pulled down the top of her dress to reveal the top of a corset, pert boobs, and a crucifix on a golden chain lodged between her breasts.

“It’s not a rosary,” she smirked, “But you came close enough,” I popped her tits over the top of the corset and squeezed her nipples. Jenny wasn’t wasting time either as she undid my belt and unzipped my pants, reaching her hands in as I mauled her smallish tits with my fingers and mouth. She stroked my cock to a proper hardness. I simply grabbed her ass and lifted her off the ground, bringing her down and impaling her on my cock.

“Oh shit!” she cried out.

“Oh shit!” I echoed. I didn’t expect the tightness around my cock as I pulled her roughly down onto it. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as I proceeded to pull my cock most of the way out and slam it back in. Every thrust came an “Ah!” or an “Oh Jesus.”

“I honestly didn’t take you for a dirty whore.” I said to her as I licked her face, then bit at the nape of her neck. She wrapped her legs around my back and pounded back as much as she could, “No, you thought I couldn’t take it like a dirty whore,” she countered and gave me the energy right back, “Fucking use me, Jesus Christ I’m cumming.” Her body seizured in my arms and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go back inside because this was getting her going as her juices were flowing down my balls and down my legs. This was getting her hot. I moved her over to what was a large electrical box and planted her down on it. I took my cock out of her pussy and flipped her over. Her feet were slightly dangling down, but it was level enough for me to plow her from behind.

“Fuck me!” she cried out, and I gave it to her, hard and fast. Kicked and pounded the metal box and worked her ass to my cock as much as she could. She had a hard time getting leverage. I grabbed her ass, lifted it in the air, and took advantage of it, causing her to slide up and down the box.

“Oh shit! Jesus fucking Christ!” she cried out, her dress crumbled around her bahis şirketleri hips, “I’m cumming again!” I put my hand to the small of her back and grabbed her hair, and pulled it back roughly, as the vice of her pussy did all it could to milk the cum out of my cock. It let up finally and I just proceeded to plow her roughly, her only response was heavy breathing and to mew and purr like a kitten. I noticed that the purring and mewing was downtime, cause when she was revving up she started with the moaning and the cursing and the calling out Jesus’s name. I let her cum a second time before pulling out.

“On your knees and clean my cock,” I said, “I’m not going to go and pop off in your belly and wind up having a bastard running around.”

She did just that, getting on her knees and sucking my cock in her mouth. I had to question if Hannah actually knew the skills that Jenny possessed, unless she was just really sex starved. He’d have to ask Hannah more about that later. She gave excellent suction and took me down into her throat, making purposeful gagging noises as if to prove a point that she could deep throat. When she pulled back, I took my cock and smacked it against her face, before I grabbed Jenny’s hair and pushed her head down on my cock again, letting out a low groan as I felt her swallow around the head of it. She took my hips and pushed her head away from my cock.

“I’m not going to let you go off and cum down my throat.”

“Oh really, would you rather me cum on your face,” I said grabbing my cock and jacking it at her, “so anyone can see what a dirty slut you are.”

“No, the plan is to see if you can actually aim that thing at my mouth, so I can taste it, cum on my face would just be a bonus.”

That triggered me, and I don’t know if she got her eye closed in time. I was able to re-aim and land some in her mouth, and then purposely missed to hit up her upper lip and chin, and she laughed through the whole thing. She pooled up cum on her face and put it into her mouth, and made a show of swallowing everything she put into her mouth. “Yum, cum on my tongue” she said with a grin on her face, “I honestly could suck cock for hours, the fucking you gave me was a bonus. Any chance you want to take me up on that cock sucking knowledge?”

I looked down at her, stockings a bit torn from being on the concrete, dress all a mess around her waist and hips. Her makeup smudged due to sweat and cum. I really did. I wanted to hail a cab, have my way with her in the cab, take her to my place, have my way with her again, possibly breaking a good chunk of my furniture, and let her just have at my cock. What did I do instead? I pulled up my pants and rebuckled the belt, “Sorry lady, I got what I wanted.”

She just smirked, “Maybe I’ll have Sarah arrange round two.”

I gave her a quizzical look, I had a role to play, so I lied, “Who’s Sarah?”

“Ha ha, very funny,” She said.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, I don’t get the names of sluts and whores, and since I’m not paying you, that makes you a slut.” I said with a shrug. The look of horror was etched on her face and I remembered that image as I turned around and walked out of the ally.

I waited nearby out of sight. A few minutes later she came out, having mostly fixed herself up, and talking on her phone in an urgent voice. She hailed a cab and got in. It would have sucked if I left here there for some drug dealer to take advantage of, that off my mind, I hailed my own cab and left. Her and Sarah would work it out.

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